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    I'd urge you not to decide anything until you've played through your UKARA waiting period. Use that time to see if you can blag a go with other players' guns - folk are usually keen to show off and discuss their toys. You're going to get a big rush of adrenaline from your first few games, but whether it's worth dropping serious money on what is, at the end of the day, a ludicrously expensive toy gun will depend on your long term enjoyment and commitment. If you're considering spending that much on a gun, I'd suggest just buying a range of face protection and then seeing what suits. I prefer clear goggles, but I've been unable to stop them steaming up, so I have to use mesh. Sad times. I wouldn't play without mesh lower face protection - a close range hit to your face will pretty quickly demonstrate why. A OneTigris mask is next on my list. I use an eBay special £15 Molle vest which came with a variety of pouches. Backless for (literal rather than tacti-) coolness, and what can I say, it carries everything that I want to carry and I can strap on everything that I want to strap on. You don't need to spend more, or even that much, for functionality. But spending more isn't wrong, if it gives you pleasure. There are no wrong answers, really. We're playing a game for pleasure. If you're happy with your choices, then they're the right choices.
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    Welcome to the endless money pit of airsoft! TM 416 is a great choice, no reason to upgrade it straight away. Take it to a few games, see how it performs as standard and then decide if anything needs to be changed. If it isn't broke, don't fix it! Gear wise, you get what you pay for. Your essentials should be your eye protection and boots. These are the two items that I believe you should invest in. Get something with nice ankle support for boots! In terms of other gear such as tactical vests, plate carriers, etc... there are a ridiculous amount of brands out there. Warrior Assault Systems, although pricey, is designed for real world usage so it'll last you forever in airsoft. FLYYE is another excellent brand, specifically for airsoft. If you don't want to spend much, Viper and Condor and 8fields may be worth a look. British Army surplus gear is also a fantastic option. Cheap, plentiful and definitely good enough for airsoft. However, none of this stuff is really essential. Just need the aforementioned boots and eye protection, as well as some way of carrying your magazines about. Everything after that is just luxury really! A mesh lower face mask will keep your teeth in your mouth so that is another recommendation. A simple beanie, boonie or baseball cap will be fine for your head. Before buying gear though, assess your gameplay and see what needs you have to accomadate, much like your gun situation. If you run around a lot, etc then maybe a lightweight setup is the best for you, for example, rather than buying something that resembles a juggernaut suit.
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    But a decent gun and don't mess with it! Decent 0.28g BBs will be the best accuracy and range upgrade you ever buy, so start there. Magnified sights are more trouble than they're worth at Airsoft ranges. You want the wide field of view and light gathering capabilities of the MK 1 eyeball. A decent red dot will serve you well.
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    Impact grenades

    +1 for TRMR. It's a brilliantly practical design. No pin to lose, easy to load, arm and (critically, IMHO) make safe if you don't throw it, and very reliable detonation. The tri-shot base is ace, although it does push it towards very nearly the price of two Dynatex impacts. But you get three bangs.
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    Impact grenades

    I'd suggest a TRMR. Then if you have the cash I'd get the multi shot base to go with it. It's still good out the box but the multi shot willl give you three goes without reloading versus reloading after each throw with the standard version. I've used mine in mud and it still goes off most the time. On harder surfaces and walls it always goes off. Very simple to setup, use, strip & clean.
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    Sniper - part of a team?

    I was interested to see Novritsch pointing out that in the Austrian army at least, snipers carry and are expected to use a Steyr AUG as their primary, and the bolt action is only used when the situation demands it. If I were to go sniper, I reckon I'd want to run something like an MP5K + a Well MB-02 shorty sniper.
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    Do the real steel method. Plug the barrel with something that you can take out later, close the dust cover, put on your boots, go outside and put the gun on the ground. Spray paint in the vague direction of the gun from 10-30cm. Then repeatedly kick the gun carefully until it lays on its other side so your hands won't get paint on them, repeat. Wait a little, shake the dirt off and remove the plug from the barrel. Done. Then just use it. For some final extra detail, spray some black paint on the muzzle end, being careful not spraying inside the barrel. This will give the bestest real seteel-est look and I'm not even kidding. Well, it's about what look you are after. This looks great RS (I know it's not paint) These look like gun skins from a video game:
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    Hi all! First off, I'll introduce myself. I'm Nick, from Cambridgeshire, always been interested in starting Airsofting or Paintballing, and have finally decided to take the plunge! Obviously, after completing 3 events over a span of 2 months, I'll be able to purchase the gun, now, the fun stuff.. I've been browsing the internet vastly over choices of weapons and gear, accessories, attachments and all the like. I'm looking to go hard straight into this and probably purchase a TM HK416D DEVGRU Custom, as the M4 (variants included) are my desired style of weapon. First question is, if any of you have the HK416D, do you rate the weapon highly, and is it standard out of the box, and or modified, and if it is, what is the best modifications to put onto this gun, to make it more accurate etc.. With sights, I'm wanting something like an ACOG 2x/4x with a doctor sight (or another possible option, if it's possible, to side mount a RDS, with a standard 2x/4x Optic on the top rail). Any suggestions would be great, with the option of a "budget" and also slightly more expensive ones, sub £200? Any suggestions on head protection? What do most people prefer to use, goggles and a cap only or, mesh protected lower half masks etc? Not sure what I'd like and if the lower half masks are comfortable or not? Vests and all the other items like vests, is there brands that are to stay from, or are they all reputable, and just personal preference? Which brand of BBs are the best, and is it best to stick with 0.2g BBs or slightly higher and then reduce your FPS, as obviously, a slightly higher gram of BB will penetrate foliage etc better, right? Any other tips and information on Airsoft in general, will be awesome. Thank you for taking your time in reading this, and replying, if you do so! Cheers! Nick.
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    Depends where you travel, army surplus store in Cambridge has a few vests and bits
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    DOGTAG Airsoft - Holmbush Farm, Horsham

    https://www.facebook.com/airsoftdogtag/ 01293 852314 just phone them or message them on Facebook, it isn't hard.
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    Yet again, thank you for the reports about a spammer.
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    Ares Amoeba vs HPA

    Ok, thanks for the answer.. I am a scuba diver, so I always have a filled tank at home, I can use that one as a filling station. I'll go for a hp aluminum tank then, 2x 48x3000 should be plenty (if a 13ci gives me around 1k shots, a 48ci should be enough for the day, 2x48ci should last me a really long time then) and shop at a local store for tanks + reg.. A 48ci alu tank here goes for 60€, a regulator + line (40ish inches) goes for 130.. So I'm left with getting the jack from amped + their custom igl for 400ish $ shipping included.. That should be around 600/650€ for the engine, 2 tanks and the other bits and bobs.. Is it a reasonable price?
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    Have a read of all the pinned (sticky) posts in each section, they contain lots of useful information for a new player. The search tool has a 3 character minimum length, choose a search term and and read through the results. For example "HK416"
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    I just ordered 3 real steel parts for the Kriss Vector from the US, which are: - Vector CRB Barrel Shroud (got the last one in stock!) - Vector rail system - Vector to M4 stock adapter Fairly costly considering they're genuine but I'm over the moon as I've wanted these for ages, it is just a PITA to order gun parts from the US usually. Only problem now is that I don't even have a Vector to put them on. Time to search! Do I go Krytac for a gen 2 Vector, or do I get another KWA?
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    Just bought myself a Krytac Vector, all being well should be with me by Friday
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    New scope. BSA 1X-4X illuminated and the clearest sight picture on any of my magnified optics. But most importantly its sexy as fuuuuuuuuuuuck.
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    It's an ATN mk350 night vision scope, will be useful as my local site do a few night games
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    That's an air pistol not an Airsoft pistol?
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    ParcelForce damaged RIF which was insured

    You can not purchased enhanced cover for an low power air rifle, its quite clearly stated on Parcel Force website https://www.parcelforce.com/help-and-advice/sending/prohibitions-and-restrictions To quote Parcel Force " 1. These items must be sent on an express48 service only 2. These items must be sent via the Post Office only, and presented at the counter 3. Enhanced compensation cover is not available " They may of let you purchased it at the Post Office, but I doubt if you claimed you would of got anywhere. So you wasted money. I'm 32 years old, and been airsofting since the age of 16 years old. There was a time when restrictions on sending airsoft replicas was none existent. Just like there never used to be any restrictions on purchasing airsoft replicas. As you can imagine I've bought and sold loads of guns in 16 years in the sport.
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    Gun picture thread

    Just finished my mk14 project
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    Gas powered G36 for £110?

    I'll post here since there's no point opening a new thread for this. The gun arrived today! UPS left it next to the front door....for 3 hours...cheers. Also Taiwangun sent me FDE instead of black for some reason. I'm not too fussed because my Krytac is FDE, and my KWA G36 is black so at least I can tell the difference by colour alone Build Quality. First impressions before I opened it up I was pretty happy! It's got less rattles than I was expecting, but you can still see the moulding seams which is unsurprising given the price point. I'd say the stock is actually better quality than my KWA G36, it clicks in place more firmly both folding in and clicking it back in place. The butt stock is nicer too - my KWA is just plastic but the Army Armament has a rubberised stock plate, which is a nice touch. However I can see why people suggest you change the charging lever too, It's pretty much useless plastic. The magazines so far are kinda ok, heavy...there was a little leak but that's just because the O-rings were a bit dry I think. Once I'd lubed em up a bit they didn't leak. I can't speak for the gas capacity but from what I've seen it can take about 100-120 shots, depending on the weather obvs. Shooting (Before I opened it up). I put a magazine through it and holy moly it's loud, however I'm not used to GBB's so bare that in mind. Nice recoil too. I haven't chrono'd it yet but I didn't particularly care how fast it was shooting before I'd tried lowering it. One thing I noticed at this point is the fire select is pretty gammy, half the time I didn't know if it was on semi or safe. It seemed to sort itself out after I shot it a bit but It's still a bit weird. Opening it up. I took it apart which was SO easy, which I guess is pretty normal for GBB's and the G36 in particular. If you want a proper look at the internals I'd suggest looking at the video I posted above, which would give you a better idea than I could. As the video suggests, the recoil spring is garbage. Mine was bent in two places and super weak. Luckily I'd ordered a stronger one beforehand so I swapped that in pretty easily, and I stuck in a LFS (Low Flow System?) ring, I put the black one in which is the -10% fps apparently, haven't chrono'd yet so might need to go lower. It comes with -10%, -15% and -20% rings. The gun is advertised as 390 so (390-39=351) it MIGHT be ok, if it's cold...which it is...always. Not much else to say about it really. Shooting (Round 2). I learnt that lowering the FPS of a GBBR increases the kick. Noticeably in my opinion. That's about it, it shot which is good considering the last time I opened something up it was a AEP and I broke it (not irreparably broken). That's pretty much it before I chrono it and play with it on saturday. If I missed anything ask away.
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    Sitting Duck

    What are you driving?

    anything as long as it goes..... I really wanted to get me one of these bad boys in my youthful years though: Ahhhh god bless good ol' Viz
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    I'd like to start off this thread by saying that the pistols, rifles and shotguns that I recommend are, and always will be, from my own experience of using them and by popular opinion from regular users on here, other forums and other reputable sources. This thread will also be updated over time. The amount of threads I keep seeing about this subject literally popping up every other week is getting a tad bit annoying, so, I figured I'd create this thread to save people from repeating themselves. So, you're a new player looking for a decent gun hmm? You have a set budget for a gun that will be suitable for skirmishing and won't break anytime soon. If you have a budget of £20 - £60, these guns will do just fine. Primarily gas and spring. - Any Double Eagle/AGM single-shot shotgun: These things have good range with .25g BB's and don't shoot above site limits, for around £30 you can't go wrong. Bison shotguns are a good option if you prefer a different look. - Any Double Eagle tri-shot shotgun: Like the single-shot shotguns, these also have good range but cost slightly more (around £50.) Do not purchase the Marui tri-shots new because, personally, the quality is on par with the Double Eagle tri-shots, not worth above £100. Cyma make metal tri-shot shotguns with folding stocks, full stocks, stockless and all metal or polymer for under or a bit over £100 depending on the model. G&P shotguns are outdated and overpriced, avoid. - ASG, KJWorks, HFC MK23: Absolutely the best gas pistol for under £70, very efficient, accurate and cheap to buy. The included 'silencer' will increase the FPS, try to find the Marui silencer to make it deadly silent. - Cyma AEP's: Like the MK23, these AEPs are excellent for the money, reliable gearboxes, some upgrade options out there on sites such as Eagle6 and Firesupport, magazines are very cheap, LiPo kits are also available and are a worthy upgrade. - HFC gas pistols: These are OK for around £30, average accuracy and gas efficiency, plastics used aren't great BUT the pistols are rugged enough for skirmishing, but they won't stand up to long-term use, consider saving up for the MK23. If you have a budget of £60 - £100, this is an ok budget for a gun. - KJWorks P226, Glocks, M9s and 1911s: These guns are absolutely solid, will last a long time if taken care of. Good kick, average gas efficiency due to metal construction, fully Marui compatible. These are capable of using Co2, but is strongly advised due to inconsistent FPS. Magazines are poor quality and WILL leak during your ownership, replacing them with Marui magazines is advised. The paint that is used is very easily chipped. - WE Glocks, P226, M9s, XDMs and PX4's: Like KJWorks pistols, these pistols are very solid performers and are reliable, average gas efficiency and good range. Avoid purchasing second hand, these pistols are usually very well used in their lifetime, check the condition of the pistol before considering purchasing. The Glocks are slightly fatter than the real thing, so as such, they do not fit most plasic holsters, either trim the holster or purchase an adjustable cloth holster. The paint on the pistols is slightly better than the KJWorks, but will still easily be scratched off. - ASG Dan Wesson revolvers: These guns are reliable, but have no hop up, so they lack range. Only capable of holding 6 rounds, these are not suitable for skirmishing due to the lack of range and the inconsistent FPS. Good, realistic backyard plinkers for collectors. - JG Skorpion, Mac 10: These are very reliable and rugged AEP's, clones of the Marui so plenty of upgrade options and magazines online from sites such as Eagle6. You will be outgunned by regular AEG's such as Combat Machines however due to the small gearbox and weak motor. Will make a decent side arm if using a high-capacity magazine. - Well R4 & R2: Decent AEP's, on par with JG. Clones of the Marui, so upgrade options are available. The plastic Well use for the AEPs are very poor, and will shatter under heavy use. The R4's magazine release will snap if used a lot, so take care. Please consider the JG over the Well if possible. If you have a set budget from £100 - £200, the options are essentially endless. This is the budget you need for a good reliable gun. Spring guns aren't included on this list as you'll end up spending more than you'll realise when you end up upgrading them. AEGS: - Any: G&G Combat Machines/GC16, Cyma AK's/Mp5's/M14's, JG G36/AUG/AK's/G3s, ICS M4's/Mp5's(Sportline)/AK's/G33/Sigs/Mx5's, Classic Army Mp5's/M4's/AK's/P90, SRC G36's, ASG Sten-gun/MP40/MP44/AUGs(JG)/M14(Cyma), APS AK's, King Arms P90 and D-Boys KAC/AK's. Pistols: - Any: Tokyo Marui gbb pistols! Their Hi-capas, Glocks, M9's and 1911's have the most after market parts. KWA/KSC pistols are also very good, the Glocks are extremely robust apart from the full auto versions due to their weak fire selector. Marui pistols will work fine on propane/green gas, though I wouldn't recommend using propane/green gas in them on warm days, stick to HFC gas instead. KWA/KSC gbb's have inferior hop up designs, as the 'nub' that is used to apply pressure is just a tiny ball bearing, whereas in the Marui pistols, they use VSR buckings and regular nubs. "Why aren't sniper rifles/DMR's included?" . Spring guns aren't included on this list as you'll end up spending more than you realise when you start upgrading them to 'outperform everyone on the field'. DMR's are just AEG's; put an oversized scope on an unweildy rifle and you've got a DMR. If you have a set budget above £200 to £300, any AEG will do. Consider Krytac AEG's as they're very well shimmed and have excellent air compression. If you like realism, try gas blowback rifles such as WE/GHK/KJWorks, the WE's will definitely require upgrading for long-term use, also consider HPA use for consistency (or Tippman M4's). If you don't like the idea of buying gas but still want the realism, consider the Marui recoil shock series or CTW's. Hope this helps!
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    Upgrading hop-up in WE Glocks

    http://www.a-airsoft.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=279 http://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/maple-leaf-pistol-hop-up-adjustment-wheel-for-marui-and-we.html http://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/Maple-Leaf-I-Key-For-Marui-WE-pistols.html http://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/Maple-Leaf-Decepticon-Hop-Rubber-70-Degree.html
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