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  1. MasterGouken

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Yup and as it's all metal it weights 2 kilos, hardly practical but it's great fun
  2. MasterGouken

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    New wood grips, mag bumpers and nineball inlet valves for this daft thing. Maybe I should get @GearTech to give it a cool paint job?
  3. MasterGouken

    Custom inner barrels

    Thanks, I've sent them a message.
  4. MasterGouken

    Custom inner barrels

    I have searched for my answer already with no luck. Does anywhere in the UK make custom inner barrels? I have a 10" desert eagle, the standard inner barrel is 135mm and I would like a 235mm one but these don't exist (Not sure why when TM do make a 10" desert eagle). I have checked in case any other barrels will fit but as the desert eagle one is unique I've struck out there. Any info greatly appreciated
  5. MasterGouken

    Lonex Gearbox Receiver Compatibility

    They fit in g&p receivers without issue
  6. MasterGouken

    Systema PTW Hop up broken

    Might sound daft but have you removed the charging handle as that can get in the way? My ptw hop units just slide out with zero effort. It's also possible the barrel key has dislodged and is jamming against the outer barrels inner surface.
  7. MasterGouken

    life 9.9v batteries?

    I've used them before and they seem pretty good, as you said they're a good middle ground between 7.4 and 11.1v lipos. You should use them in conjunction with a mosfet obviously. The main difference seems to be that if they're damaged they don't explode, just release a harmless gas (from what I've read anyway). You should still take care of them as you would lipo batteries. Also they may be a little bit more expensive than lipos and won't be available in as many sizes.
  8. MasterGouken

    ATN Aries MK350 Guardian night vision scope

    Now sold, thanks.
  9. MasterGouken

    ATN Aries MK350 Guardian night vision scope

    Long overdue bump. Any takers at £170?
  10. MasterGouken

    ATN Aries MK350 Guardian night vision scope

  11. Hello mate 

    Not sure if you know but i have sent you a message about some items you have for sale, if you could check it and get back to me id really appreciate it.


  12. MasterGouken

    ATN Aries MK350 Guardian night vision scope

  13. MasterGouken

    Commenting on threads via android

    It's the Samsung browser. I'm using chrome on my phone right now and it's not happening. Thanks for looking into it anyway proffrink.
  14. MasterGouken

    Commenting on threads via android

    I'm using a Samsung s7 edge and the Samsung browser. Will try a different one and report back.
  15. MasterGouken

    Been offered a Systema PTW MAX 12 for my vector...

    They don't sell for what they used to go for, the value has plummeted due to things like TM recoils appearing on the market. They're ok performance wise but need to have had all the mods done to get decent money for them. Proprietary mags and expensive to upgrade but will take some real steel parts and dimensions are more realistic