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    G&P Mk14, VFC 416D tan, VFC AKS-74, CA CA25, CA M727, CA M16A2, VFC S17, G&P M14,MEU,VFC Mk18&Scar
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    EI MBAV RG, EI RRV RG, US Palm Rack V2 RG, Gentex TC-2000, some spooky stuff
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    deep in the forest
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  1. Ethon

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    My Mk16 just arrived, will add a peq, tango down rail panels & frontgrip asap. It's a vfc btw. Feels wonderful, performance could be better but I'm on it.
  2. Ethon

    Gun picture thread

    G&P Mk12 Mod 1 (I know, Mod 0 gasblock ) much lighter than my mk14 ebr
  3. Ethon

    Gun picture thread

    VFC Sr16 E3 Slab Side Upper SR635 Madbull DD Ris 12" S&T M203
  4. Ethon

    Gun picture thread

    My all time favourite, 2008 vfc aks-74
  5. Ethon

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    just bought an ares stoner lmg
  6. Ethon

    Gun picture thread

    my new g&p m16a2 (and my old classic army)
  7. Ethon

    TM 1911 MEU Rail

    This rail is crap, you need to glue it on to the frame to make it sit safe. I would go for the cnc version by angry gun or some rs 1911 parts
  8. Ethon

    AEG's with long inner barrels

    Cyma M14, as simple as that
  9. Ethon

    1-4x optics

    I would not recommend an acog. Every m3 scope ist better even if they doesn t look that good on a m4. NC star vism short dots, or short dots in general (no sutter) are by far the best optics. Eotech or aimpoint clones with magnifier would make a good alternative.
  10. Ethon

    Gun picture thread

    Just finished my mk14 project