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  1. Tabitha

    We meu

    Incase you wanted to keep it, I have a couple of MEUs and the PLUNGER SPRING, as well as the SLIDE STOP PLUNGER and SAFETY CATCH PLUNGER are three of the parts that I've purchased a couple of times, as such, I know where they are stocked and NOT costly. Say if you decide to keep the sidearm and wish the details. I've included a picture of one of my MEUS that have had the plunges and spring fitted/replaced.
  2. Curious . . I know/assume the grips aren't real wood, but the frame of the piece, is that all metal? Thanks Tabi.
  3. Didn't want you to be shafted on price by someone who might not care about doing so. . . I wasn't going to jump in and throw my £55 at you and run for the hills . . honest! . . 😈 . . *evil laughter*
  4. ** DO YOU MEAN TO SELL AT THAT PRICE? ** This might be a mistake on my part, if so, I'm sorry, but you're advertising your rifle for £55.00. Make sure you meant to list at that price! Tom.
  5. Christ Rocket! You're arming your pets too!?! 😳 God help the poor bloody postman whom thinks it's only the family dogs' bite he need be worried about. Look out Pat! Fido's packing an Uzi and is STILL pi×× about being neutered! 🤣😹 Yup Asomodai, • Kitties happiness & safety. • My testicles. • Good quality toilet / Good quality bed. • Ability to sneeze without breaking wind and following through. • Glocks. • Good quality shower • Well maintained sidearm of choice. My priorities change somewhat day-by-day, but this is MY list. 😹🤣
  6. Brilliant! It's on my small list of Glocks to view! Cheers! 😸
  7. I'll keep that in mind. Always good to look and see what the different models look like. Lots of ideas for custom upgrades! 😸
  8. Groovy. Thanks guys. That confirms that I'm at least looking at the right section of TM's range. 😸
  9. I'd like to just ask, if it even makes a difference, other than visually/aesthetically, is there a particular generation of model 17 that I should be looking towards? Gen. 3, Gen. 4, Gen. 5? I apologise if that question is a daft one. Things being what they are, I can't afford, funds wise, to rush in and loose what little money I have on the wrong purchase due to my not being 100% right on what I'm looking for. 😸 Time for Morphine and some rest. Tom.
  10. Cheers! This was my thinking straight away. I wanted to make sure first though. Only left hospital on Tuesday afternoon so still feeling very unsure of things, myself included! I'm still falling asleep through out the day, repeatedly, due to exhaustion and fatigue, so I'm only half awake at most times. 😁
  11. Good evening, I have an immediate choice/idea that comes to mind, namely the TOKYO MARUI GLOCK 17 GBB pistol, but I am not dumb enough to not utilize the groups knowledge, so, here's my question; Which make, model, Gen., of Glock pistol is the most customizable, simplest, NOT stupidly expensive to upgrade over time? When I talk of upgrading, I'm talking about upgrading to a metal slide, outer barrel, (Guarder kit as an example), inner parts like magazine release, slide stop lever, slide lock, etc. I own a TM G26 with upgraded ( metal slide, outer barrel, internal springs, Guarder parts basically ), slide lock, slide stop lever, safety slide switch, (located under the frame), magazine eject, magazine. As always, you guys talk and I will listen. It doesn't have to be a model 17, I'm only assuming that with the comanality of the model that many upgrsde options would exist. Thanks guys Tabi ⚠️UPDATE:- SATURDAY 21st SEPT.⚠️ Thank you ALL for your suggestions / recommendations, for full sized Glocks. I am DEFINITELY still interested in everyone's thoughts and recommendations, please still/post send them. Something has happened to put my Glock purchase on hold, for a little bit. In a nutshell, yesterday I formally signed some legal paperwork to officially adopt and care for two beautiful kitties, from my local Cats Protection Sanctuary. The very few people that are aware of my background will know that I am a "Cat Person", lol. Beyond the comical stereotype of being a cat person, it is true to say that their wellbeing is MASSIVELY above almost all other personal priorities. So it was simply a choice between buying a new pistol, or give my two new family members the lives they deserve. Guess which I chose, immediately, 😹 Why did I just explain all of that? Because I don't wish anyone to feel I have wasted their time asking for their suggestions. Not my intention. My purchase of a Glock is simply paused for now, not scrapped. Thank you for your help guys. 😸 Tom. P.S - Fluffy (Grey) and Munchkin (Midnight black) . . Their existing names, subject to be changed, once I've spoken to them and asked what their wishes are on the matter. 😹🤣
  12. Right at this moment in time, I'm in hospital and have been for the last month. Having an issue with my blood not working quiet right. (Haven't been able to walk for roughly 2 months). Getting better though. I am just tired alot. Getting a defense with my current condition would be very difficult and in all honesty, I don't know that my condition is temporary. Hope it is, but here's hoping \^_^/
  13. Brilliant!! Thank you Rocket! 👌
  14. Afternoon. I'm typing this from my hospital bed, so please excuse any poorly worded sentences. A simple question who's answer has alluded me. I own a TM Glock 26 GBB pistol and wanted to use a full size Glock Magazine in him (G17, etc). I've seen and read about magazines being able to be used in the G26. I already have a magazine spacer to pop on a longer magazine to allow the space between magazine base and hand grip base. I've tried to find a list of compatible magazines for my TM G26 but it's not straight forward or consistent. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys.
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