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  1. Evening Adenis.


    I've messaged you a question concerning something.


    (Yep. A HUGE amount of info right there. ^_^)


    The message will explain. 


    Hope to hear back soon. Will give it a couple of days and assess then.






  2. Tabitha

    TM GLOCK 26 with G19/G27 threaded barrel?

    Ok, NOW I'm doubting my own sanity! 🤔 Will do! I have to take care of some things here tonight, (Feed me. Feed moggy. Meds. Bills. Bunny. Etc) but will message as usual. Just fitted a new G26 frame, extended mag release, created and fitted some custom fit Talon Grips. Designed and created my own as the cost for decent grip texture grips is nuts. Lol. No blueprints online for the TM G26 model versions so created those myself also. Alot of sore eyes work, 😵. Rest time for a little bit. Hope all is ok with you. Thunder and rain here at the moment so moggy is above a radiator by a window keeping an eye on things outside. 😺
  3. Tabitha

    TM GLOCK 26 with G19/G27 threaded barrel?

    Good info as always! Thanks. P.s- You are selling a pair of short M4 picatiny rails right now. If I can locate a short outer barrel 4" 'shorty' i think it's called, cheap all as hell then I'll hopefully message you later to purchase one of them. Again, thanks for the great advice! Tom and Mia
  4. Tabitha

    TM GLOCK 26 with G19/G27 threaded barrel?

    Great! Thank you @rocketdogbert. I've registered with them to be told when it will arrive back in stock, so that's progress at least ^_^. Might you happen to know if a G19 or G27 barrel might work in my G26? I know it is an odd question but then I am an odd person. 😁
  5. Hi guys, Short and sweet as I'm REALLY not well. I have a Tokyo Marui Glock 26 GBB pistol that I adore. I want a G26 barrel that is threaded. No such luck. I'm seeing multiple reference points that talk about my G26 shell with a G27 and also the same but with a G19 Barrel. In short . . Help! Thanks guys
  6. Tabitha

    DIY Target Holder & BB Catcher

    Have just started uploading some photos I took whilst working on my Katanas, for those that said they had an interest in how the skillset of wrapping a Tsuka (Handle) with traditional silk or leather Ito cord to achieve the famous cross pattern can in turn be applied to customizing an airsoft piece of gear / equipment. You could even apply the style of Ito to your firearm, be it handle, forward grip, even holstering equipment. As always, you don't have to say anything positive if you don't like what you see, you can criticise anything you wish, just do it without bringing my mother into it. LOL.
  7. Tabitha

    DIY Target Holder & BB Catcher

    Ok, so it's nearly 2:30am and I'm going to have to sleep as soon as I can (over exhaustion / tiring can really cause a problem illness wise. I grow fur, start howling, randomly pooping in places in my room. Nasty!) https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ That will take you to the two folders I've got uploaded to now. It's still uploading more images and videos for Project: N7 so keep an eye on it. There are 5 or six vids I think. Feel free to comment on the pics and such, but go easy if you think they're crap. Criticise, sure, but don't ram an Punt gun up my arse and pull the trigger. Lol. Ok. Sleeping now.
  8. Tabitha

    DIY Target Holder & BB Catcher

    Ok Prisce. Thanks for the help with the optimum method to allow you guys to see some of my pics & videos. It's FLIKR and they are uploading now. Direct link address to follow . . .
  9. Tabitha

    DIY Target Holder & BB Catcher

    Been a non standard day today. My nephew has been with me since 7am due to heavy snowfall. Sorry I haven't been able to get things put up for you to see. Will look at the file sharing sites you've suggested and do it asap.
  10. Tabitha

    DIY Target Holder & BB Catcher

    Ok, it's gone 1am and I'm shattered. I've put together some photos and videos of my projects and looked at the new file size . . . I can email 20mbs at a time . . . My file size is 1.48GBs. I need sleep but have sent a few pics to you Immortal. Will have to think how to get it all uploaded for you all, that even wish to, see what I've put together. Maybe a new FB account with the items uploaded for you to see? Hurting now. Will sleep and worry about things Tomorrow. Tom and Mia
  11. Tabitha

    DIY Target Holder & BB Catcher

    I'm putting together some photos and videos of my Sabers, but also, as is/was my starting 'ability', my work on my Katanas. For ease of timeframe, I'll phrase the order of things like this; As part of my Japanese studies I worked with/on both Katanas and Wakazashis from ground up, from wood and metal through to fully operational pieces. Saya, Tsuka, Tsuba, etc. Then came the idea of building from wires, metal, Pico sound board, speaker, etc, a fully functioning and leather wrapped and styled Lightsaber. Having just the list of parts I'd need I double checked them with some actual industry friends whom build and sell custom Sabers as a business. Bought a soldering iron, the parts and basically soldered, built and then leather wrapped some lightsabers that I had jotted down in a notebook. I initially started taking the photos of the work and book as I knew most wouldn't believe that I'd designed and built from scratch the Sabers. Lol. Then came my airsoft things, which is where you guys came in. I've always been a guns and swords kid from day one. Big disappointment to my family but have always imagined things. My own little world as you'll see from the photos and such. Once it's together I'll say and email the things out to anyone if they wish to see out of interest/curiosity. Good hunting guys.
  12. Tabitha

    DIY Target Holder & BB Catcher

    LOL!! This is what happens when I am in pain, I don't check the spell checkers' auto correct. I should have typed, Purple of Mace Windu, NOT Windy. Lol.
  13. Tabitha

    DIY Target Holder & BB Catcher

    Sorry guys. I left my phone on my table by accident whilst I was asleep from some meds. Not ignoring anyone. Lol. Ok, sorry if these are out of reply order: LOZART & AK2M4 - Sorry, I should of said. All of my Sabers are set up for full contact combat. It's not impossible to break the blade or the hilts' internal electronics but if it's being used in a real self defense/fight then you'll break bone and see skull LONG before the blade breaks. Not mentioning that the hilt (that's everything that isn't the blade) is CNC'd aircraft grade aluminium. Very thick walls. You would genuinely need an industrial press or bender to change its shape. The weakest point would be either the Tri-Cree led unit or the board inside. One hilt has a 'Lightside' chip which means it makes the sounds of the Jedi Sabers and flash-on-Clash of the same. The other has the dark side Sounds. Both have the hum and slight flicker when its on. Start up and power down sounds. You wave it around and have the vvvrrrmmm sound, you come into contact with something and the unit will make the sounds that you hear when the screen sabers clash. You will also have the blade flicker using a series of colours as if it really were focused arcing of plasma. (What a plasma cutter being used and you'll see pure blinding white light with a few other ones reacting to the pure, raw energy of a plasma beam. Well due to the LED set and an arse load of programming, you get the real look of plasma strike and not just some flickering torch light.) The term 'Hero', when talking about something like a prop or item from movies/tv means the item is as exact in build quality, materials used and close up scrutiny as the real thing. It just basically means if you had the real world item and the prop side by side, you couldn't tell the difference, no matter how close or long a camera or human looks at it. IMMORTAL - Lol! Yes mate, of course you can. The video file size is WAY more than I can put up on here, but if you PM your email address then I'll send over either one I've already got or do a fresh one for you. If you feel uncertain about my seeing your email address then I'll figure out another way for you to see and hear the soul shaking majesty of A Fully Armed And Opperational Battle Station!! . . . I mean Lightsaber. They have names too. You can't not give your lightsaber a given name, beyond just its project name. (For the file i create for each one with photos and videos I take when building, soldering, wrapping with leather, etc) CARBr6 - Yep, but my sabers have more changeable colour options than red, green and red. You have pure Return of the Jedi Vader red, deep Luke Blue, a lighter Ice blue, the light green from Empire, Purple of Windy and Yellow/gold of Jedi temple guardians. You can choose which colour you wish before activating it. Also a silent option. Hope that covers everyone.
  14. Tabitha

    DIY Target Holder & BB Catcher

    Ok. Here's the two best that I can give you. One is a company call JQ Sabers. I know the owners. I buy all my pieces from them as they know everything there is to know. (jqsabers.com). They'e in Monmouthshire. The other is in Ledbury and called TS CREATIONS. The owner is a good friend again and can customise your Saber in any way you wish. I'll try and pop up some pictures of my ones. I'm limited on file space but here's one of mine.
  15. Tabitha

    BURGLARY at Contact Front Airsoft

    Depends whether it gets smuggled across the Welsh and Scottish boarders orally or anally. If it goes orally then you stand a decent chance of seeing it coming. If they go down the anal smuggling route then you will need to keep your witts about you. One good fart could sound the horn on the whereabouts of these brass bummed bums!