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  1. I apologise for adding to this particular conversstion topic thread. I normally don't comment on matters involving non-domestic company shipping / sales policies as I don't normally have any specific information that other, more experienced members, wouldn't normally have and would have already contributed, but on this occasion, on this specific date, I do. As of just over 12 hours ago, the, until 24hrs ago, previously separate governed entity state, City of Hong Kong, has just come under a new security ruling that, amongst other security/policing/legal oversights, (including as of 12hrs ago, international sales and customs using businesses), are now subject to the laws and regulations of the ruling party of mainland China. The domestic news, here in England I mean, are primarily focusing on the parts of the changes involving the Communist Party's ability to arrest, charge and imprison any resident of Hong Kong that they deem have/might have at some point in the past AND possibly in the future, a 'negative impact' to themselves, but the newly created and modified laws mean that all companies based in and around the Hong Kong area that EXPORT goods of a higher value are now required to follow set regulations of the ruling party of the mainland. I don't know how this will effect your goods coming out of China but the company itself, if based in Hong Kong, just got a serious delay to the paperwork processing at customs for outwards headed goods. I'll phrase this carefully . . . All f×××ing hell has just been dropped on both the people residing in Hong Kong and the businesses operating out of it. I'm sorry if all of that seems very odd in comparison to my usual postings. There isn't any joviality in this one posting from me this time.
  2. I misread the title . . I thought it said; Do People Take Muslims too seriously 😳 That was scary!
  3. Welcome. 😺 Feel free to ask any questions you wish about any topic related to Airsoft/legal ownership/history, etc. There aren't any 'dumb/silly/weird' questions so please just ask it. You won't get a rude reply. The obvious first thing has already been said by the previous posting members and that's that the first and top thing to look at is SAFETY KIT. If you wish, treat airsoft the same way as you would owning a motorbike. Yes, you can buy a seriously powerful bike/gun, but you need to also make sure that your safety equipment is the best that you can afford. At some point, you're going to get hit in and around the face and body. That's a fact whether you intend to go and shoot with others or if you will only ever be shooting targets at home. BB's bounce and ricochet, even off of flimsy cardboard, paper or fabric. Eye protection for you and others is an absolute. (In biking terms, your helmet is your absolute equivalent. You might be the best rider on the road but you can be damned sure that the worst driver is heading your way. Their stupidity WILL get you hurt.) If you are unsure about what you need or where to get it then you only need ask. The equipment isn't expensive and you'll always have several people willing to help you work to whatever budget you have. We're gamers like you, not sales people. Lol. Have fun and welcome once more. 😺 Tabi.
  4. Hey!! What the hell you guys doing!? 🤬 I've not given anyone permission to use my allotted allowence of 'Crazy Weird Thread Comments'!! I paid for a 3 month lease on making pointless verbal diahrea thread entries WITH sole entry upload rights and my 3 months isn't up until June 30th! I want restitution! I want justice! I want A GIRLFRIEND!!! God I'm so lonely . . 😫 . . I haven't seen a pair of (o)(o)'s in decades . . 😭😭😭 Those are 🦉 eyes you sickos!! 🤨
  5. But . . But . . £450! . . Do you know how much Pick & Mix I could buy with that!? *Daydreams of cola bottles* 🤣
  6. Wow. That better be a serious pistol! (Looks it! John Wick?)
  7. Tabitha

    Storage clearing

    Afternoon. I'm afraid that I am going to close my offer and purchase from a different seller. I ran out of time sadly. I wish you well in your sale. Tom.
  8. Tabitha

    Storage clearing

    Good evening. Please can you confirm that you are seeing both Snakes' and mines' questions above. It is simply just to let us move onto other sellers if you aren't. Cheers 😸 (That isn't asked in a sarcastic or rude/annoyed manner. No hidden subtext, honest, lol. The world is crazy right now, LOL!)
  9. Tabitha

    Storage clearing

    Good morning. I'm interested in the metal M4 upper and lower on the left side, middle. I am not able to collect, (I actually can't walk, literally, at the moment), so would like to ask what the total cost for the upper & lower plus the postage would be please. Hopefully I'm not too late. Gratefully Tom.
  10. I'll buy it! PM you now. 😸
  11. Tabitha

    G&G F2000

    Is it possible for even a rough price?
  12. Tabitha

    Sling, grip

    I have just PM'd you. 😼
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