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  1. I'll get straight to it. I have an Army Armament R28 Kimber Warrior and have both an upgraded Guarder 150% guide rod spring and Guarder 150% mainspring on their way for it. My issues are the following 3 locations/functions/actions being VERY SOFT, LIGHT, NOT SOLID FEELING. [I'll add pictures to illustrate exactly what I'm referencing] i) The thumb safety feels like wet cardboard. No strength to it. ii) The hammer is so light and easy to engage. iii) The trigger is wobbly and has no resistance to it. HOW CAN I MAKE THESE MORE RESISTING? Replace Sear spring for a guarder upgrade version? Any help is welcomed!
  2. That is an amazing piece of kit. I wish you luck on getting a clean, quick sale.
  3. Cheers ^_^. The springs are all Guarder 150% upgrades, the frame and slide are the official metal upgrades. The whole pistol, internals and external, are all brand new. That said, my taking her apart again and trying the suggested things is a great suggestion. It couldn't hurt. I was wondering about the Seer spring? Is it an idea to look at bending that a little more to increase the spring-back force?
  4. Evening guys. I hope this will be an easy question to answer. I've put together an 1911 A1, the one you see below in the picture. My issue is, the thumb safety, which is both sides, the hammer pull from flat to cocked and lastly the trigger, it wobbles. I need to 'TIGHTEN' them all up. Right now, they're far far too soft. Instead of a feeling like metal on metal strength/resistance, right now the safety is like flicking a soft switch. The hammer is easy to cock, not much to move it. It's not loose or flappy, it is just able to be cocked using your little finger. The trigger is slightly wobbly up and down. Any suggestions on making the safety, hammer and trigger more solid. BEEFIER! Thanks guys. Tom.
  5. Gorgeous!! I wish you luck on the sale. 😺 Tom
  6. Good morning. I'll get to the point from the get-go as I usually end up writing a mini novel. I am going to be putting together my own, from the ground up, pistol as my 'project' piece. I have an Army Force Kimber metal slide and body coming. It is an upgrade for a Tokyo Mario M1911 (Kimber) GBB. Now . . Here's where I need to be absolutely sure about the parts. The internal and external parts for this TM Kimber M1911 are different, depending on where I look. Some sites and people are saying that as it's based on a TM M1911, that the parts from a TM Hi-Cap 5.1 pistol are all 100% comparable. Simple drop and go switch over from the 5.1 and into this pistol. Other sources are saying that it is NOT the Hi-Cap parts that fit. I have 3 Springfield 1911 A1 MEU's and have taken all down to 100% parts and back together again. I know what I'm doing with a 1911 and as such know the fun that comes from WE 1911, TM 1911, KJ 1911, etc etc having slightly different parts and fits and THAT'S why I need to do this right and get the right info from the start. One sight says a double stack magazine is used and another one says it's a single stack. To that end; Which TM pistols' parts list am I looking to use to order from please? Hi-Cap 5.1, a Warrior?, a TM R28? I'm not being lazy by asking, I only want to do this right. Thanks for any help / advice you can give Tabi.
  7. I hope you DO get the sale, I genuinely do. I was just surprised to see that figure. Well, surprised, shocked, gobsmacked, all the same. I wish you luck. Tabi.
  8. Good evening. I have a TM Glock 26 like yourself. I've made some improvements to mine as you can see in the photos I've DM'd you. My question is about the magazine extension. Please, where did it come from? I've been looking for exactly that but to no avail. Thank you for your help.  Gratefully  Tom.
  9. Not a question, more member-to-member support. You've got an amazing rifle there. Just reading the specs on it had me googling the sale price of human kidneys on the Welsh black market. I hope you get the sale price you want and quickly. It's worth it. (Incidentally, human adult kidney, booze / drug free, no damage, about £1200 - £1300. Quick sale price, £650 - £690. 😂)
  10. Thanks for the ok at what I was thinking. I had a good feeling about what it might look like. I was returning home from my doctors' office when I posted about the adaptor. Shortly after I posted my request, as I got back home, I took a phonecall on my home line that has left me nauseous and cold. For now i have stopped everything. I owed you the explanation after you taking the trouble to help with my question. Tom and Mia
  11. Good evening. Straight to the point. I have a WE 1911 MEU with an internal threaded barrel of 11mm. I could fit a little 11mm to 14mm converter but I'm not looking, not really, for suppressor. I'm more interested in a gas Compensator because, well, I am. Below you will see the Compensator that I'm asking about. As best as you can see, will this likely fit my WE 1911 meu? Thanks 😺 Tabi
  12. Evening Adenis.


    I've messaged you a question concerning something.


    (Yep. A HUGE amount of info right there. ^_^)


    The message will explain. 


    Hope to hear back soon. Will give it a couple of days and assess then.






  13. Ok, NOW I'm doubting my own sanity! 🤔 Will do! I have to take care of some things here tonight, (Feed me. Feed moggy. Meds. Bills. Bunny. Etc) but will message as usual. Just fitted a new G26 frame, extended mag release, created and fitted some custom fit Talon Grips. Designed and created my own as the cost for decent grip texture grips is nuts. Lol. No blueprints online for the TM G26 model versions so created those myself also. Alot of sore eyes work, 😵. Rest time for a little bit. Hope all is ok with you. Thunder and rain here at the moment so moggy is above a radiator by a window keeping an eye on things outside. 😺
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