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  1. Tabitha

    Sling, grip

    I have just PM'd you. 😼
  2. 🤣🤣 In the small picture that sits on the forum for sale list, I swear I thought you were selling Grey cotton combat Y fronts! I nearly spilt my tea!
  3. I messaged you last night asking to purchase this magazine. I hope it's still available.
  4. Good morning. Please excuse my sneezes. I think I'm coming down with a case of Ebola, or maybe a cold. *SNEEZE!* If they're still available, I'd like to put my name in for consideration on the Red dot sight and the Glock picatinny rail. I'm Tabi by the way. You might have heard of me . . 🤣
  5. Good. Glad you've got others interested. 👍
  6. What do you think the chances of this stock being compatible with my M4 build? (CYMA CM506 M4 CQB RIS AEG) I think very slim but definitely worth my asking just incase.
  7. Spooky! A good friend of mine has helped me with MY TM G17 after I upgraded mine to Guarder slide, frame, springs, sights, etc etc. It is up to you of course, but if you'd prefer to keep it instead selling then I can take a look at the rear chassis, hammer mechanism and trigger functions. I've had mine in individual parts over the last 2 weeks so everything is still terrifyingly fresh in regards to disassembly, reassembly and just how the internals SHOULD look. I immediately have a couple of thoughts of what to look at concerning the fault you've described. I will say immediately though that I can not purchase it from you as I do not have an exemption. I would solely be looking at it and fixing, if I can, any issues that stand out. I wouldn't charge anything to take a look/fix anything, if I could, if you wanted me to. If you'd rather the sale then I totally understand and hope you get one quickly . . which you should do . . she's the perfect gun to use for parts and fixing. 😸 Tabi (Tom)
  8. Tabitha

    We meu

    Incase you wanted to keep it, I have a couple of MEUs and the PLUNGER SPRING, as well as the SLIDE STOP PLUNGER and SAFETY CATCH PLUNGER are three of the parts that I've purchased a couple of times, as such, I know where they are stocked and NOT costly. Say if you decide to keep the sidearm and wish the details. I've included a picture of one of my MEUS that have had the plunges and spring fitted/replaced.
  9. Curious . . I know/assume the grips aren't real wood, but the frame of the piece, is that all metal? Thanks Tabi.
  10. Didn't want you to be shafted on price by someone who might not care about doing so. . . I wasn't going to jump in and throw my £55 at you and run for the hills . . honest! . . 😈 . . *evil laughter*
  11. ** DO YOU MEAN TO SELL AT THAT PRICE? ** This might be a mistake on my part, if so, I'm sorry, but you're advertising your rifle for £55.00. Make sure you meant to list at that price! Tom.
  12. Christ Rocket! You're arming your pets too!?! 😳 God help the poor bloody postman whom thinks it's only the family dogs' bite he need be worried about. Look out Pat! Fido's packing an Uzi and is STILL pi×× about being neutered! 🤣😹 Yup Asomodai, • Kitties happiness & safety. • My testicles. • Good quality toilet / Good quality bed. • Ability to sneeze without breaking wind and following through. • Glocks. • Good quality shower • Well maintained sidearm of choice. My priorities change somewhat day-by-day, but this is MY list. 😹🤣
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