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  1. Good morning guys. I've hit a wall concerning Mt locating of 3 internal parts for the TM DETONICS. I've included with this request an image of the official blown-apart diagram for the TM DET' with the TM part numbers and the individual parts highlighted for ease of identification. I can't locate any listing for the parts, be it official sellers, companies in the UK and globally, the manufacturers sites, etc. I've gone through the actual private Guarder online companys sites' parts database but still nothing. The only way that I can obtain the i
  2. She's a superb looking example of the Guarder upgraded TM DE. You can see that it's been looked after well. I have the base model and have looked at the full metal upgrade for mine. I wish I could be the buyer of yours but sadly I don't have an exception so I can only look but not touch 😸 I hope you get a fast and easy sale. Tabi
  3. Tabitha

    Assorted bits

    I've messaged you about making a payment for a listed item(s). 😸
  4. Hi guys and girls. I'll try an keep this brief. This coming Saturday (13th Feb) is going to be my birthday. It's not a standard age though. It's a very big, significant one and it's not joyous for me. (Born in 1981) Because of this, I want to put together a sidearm that means something very personal to me. A Sig Sauer P226. I own a real steel SIG SP2022 chambered in 9mm. I wasn't able to receive a P226 at the time but I was able to request and purchase my 2022. What I'm looking to do is take one of Guarders' P226 metal frame and slide pairs and then use a TM
  5. If it were the version that could take an under mounted light then I'd be straight in with a YES PLEASE!!. 😸 I wish you luck in a good sale. Tabi
  6. Trying to find just what the heck that thing was all about, if it was a Eastern European comedy skit or a Ukrainian jack ass type deal or what, but, the dodgy midget playing with his dolls in the second pic looks disturbingly like my naked runner. Same kind of nut bag look. Still looking but it's 7am and I haven't slept yet (had surgery on Monday) so will go hunting again after meds and sleep. lol. Not the same but 'of the same flavor' I think . . 😱
  7. . . . *cough* . . Marathon . . *cough* . . For some reason I didn't get beeped automatically to let me know that anyone had replied to my pondering . . let alone THIS many people!, so sorry that it looks like I've just dropped a naked midget in boots with a roadflare up his jax'ee on you guys and done a runner. I'm looking g for the name of the show, the clip WITH pictures, etc, or anything I can. I know it was up in the Sky numbers, maybe VICE or DMAX or BLAZE, BET:BlackEntTV, Hi-Impact TV, YANGA . . They're all weird as fook at 3am, lol.
  8. Something has been running through my mind for about a month since I saw a picture late at night from a Russian TV show / advert / news story? Basically, what I saw was what appeared to be a 15 x 15 man skirmish in a large internal and external demolished factory / hospital lab complex / series of large buildings like a campus. They were all kitted out in light camo gear and had decent looking equipment in terms of firepower. Now . . there isn't any other way for me to describe what went down but to just say it . . One of the teams had a male midget, almost
  9. Tabitha

    Nuprol NX300 torch

    Thank you. I've just sent the payment via PayPal. Gratefully Tom.
  10. Tabitha

    Best airsoft gadget ever

    🤔 . . . CONGRATULATIONS!! 🎊🎉🥳 🏆 *hands over trophy* 🏆 This is BY FAR! the coolest thing I've ever seen.
  11. A question for anyone that knows about building from a frame upwards, or for anyone that’s just plain smarter than I am. I have a new metal Guarder Desert Warrior 4.3 frame and slide. ( To help, I found my frame and slide on one of our UK airsoft company sites. This is what I have.) https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/guarder-aluminium-slide--frame-marui-desert-warrior-43-tan I thought that I had a good selection of spare parts from various TM 1911 MEU takedowns that I can use already but sadly only 2 of the spare parts I have actually fit. (A trigger and some Pachmayr grips, lol!!
  12. I apologise for adding to this particular conversstion topic thread. I normally don't comment on matters involving non-domestic company shipping / sales policies as I don't normally have any specific information that other, more experienced members, wouldn't normally have and would have already contributed, but on this occasion, on this specific date, I do. As of just over 12 hours ago, the, until 24hrs ago, previously separate governed entity state, City of Hong Kong, has just come under a new security ruling that, amongst other security/policing/legal oversights, (including as of
  13. I misread the title . . I thought it said; Do People Take Muslims too seriously 😳 That was scary!
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