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  1. I've found that at my nearest site (cqb courthouse) this is how my friends and I tend to play. Agree with pretty much everything said, but I don't think I've ever had problems with me or others not taking hits. Weirdly, sometimes I find myself calling hit in some situations even though I haven't been shot but because I thought they must have got me by now. Personally, I think 2 shots at a time is reasonable as stated above, sometimes people won't 'register' the first be it adrenaline/plate carriers etc, and sometimes I'll see people wearing so much I don't think they would actually notice if they got hit there other than by sound. As stated previously, with the 'trade offs' its a lot easier to just both take it, go back to respawn and carry on instead of stand and argue.
  2. Anyone heading over to Bristol courthouse airsoft Thursday? Friends and I are going for a first time there. Any advice?

    1. Olm99


      Take a tracer and/or a torch! Make sure you have good eye pro and face mask, when i went they went for the heads mainly. It is agreat site! 

  3. Finally started shooting the CM16 just to test it today but I've a few problems:

    Out of the box, it shoots really low and left. I adjusted the rear sights a bit and tried messing around with the hopup (which goes the opposite way to the instructions supplied it seems) but its still pretty inaccurate at a little less than 10m. Any advice?

    Also I probably put around 100ish rounds through it, should I put the battery on charge again before tomorrow?


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    2. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      not necessarily, odds are it would likely have been blasted out the barrel in bits.


      i wouldn't advise running those bb's any more if they can't take the pressure of a mag spring then god knows what they're doing when they hit the target.

    3. JamesAirsofterAgent


      I believe it was SPARTAN BIO bb's I have left over from a site I went to where you have to use only their bbs. I've used all of them up now and I probably only be back there once or twice more before I sell my kit on. Right now I'm using NUPROL .20s from Bristol Airsoft (they only sold the tracer varient) however once these are used up I will look at getting some ASG Blasters or Devils (I can't remember the full name) but probably the latter due to a recent thread about exploding on mesh. 


      Thanks for the reassuring words, I thought my airsoft days were over there and then, however it has made me realise that I should probabl invest in a spare something or other as right now I only have 1 of each thing. (1 rifle, 1 mag 1 battery etc)

    4. StayOnTarget


      Yep welcome to airsoft where one of everything is not enough and neither is tow or three for that matter(just kidding) defo get some more mags and a back up battery though,if your watching the pennies and haven't got any camo look at helikon trousers very hard wearing pretty cheap and on the leg pockets the insides have elastic loops in them that you can use as mag pouches(rifle not pistol)👍 oh have a look on BZtactical I get mys BBs from there been using Tippman .25 .28 .30 good price and zero issues🖖

  4. He could hold the key as to @Montys whereabouts...
  5. 6 years after first trying, I finally own an airsoft rifle!!!!!!

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    2. Nick G

      Nick G

      Six years ? that's some serious self control ! unless you've been in a coma since 2013 😀

    3. JamesAirsofterAgent


      It wasn't exactly my choice, I had to wait to be allowed one. Had I been allowed immediately, I would be heavily in debt by now.

      Just hoping it arrives by Sunday

    4. StayOnTarget


      Well mate I hope it comes Sunday too you deserve it hope it something nice let us know what you got

      All the best to you


  6. My friend bought seconds before this arrived but I think he'll be fine with the battery. With regards to the fit, I guess we'll find out and I'll pray. Yeah sorry about that we're trying to find the cheapest on everything. I have to wait to convince my dad tomorrow but thanks for the help none the less. I think everything is about the same anyway just different sites. - Only change was https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07GVBFLP3/ref=sspa_dk_hqp_detail_aax_0?psc=1
  7. Sorry for all the posts This is the finalized list fore Charger https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07GVBFLP3/ref=sspa_dk_hqp_detail_aax_0?psc=1 Battery https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00IHY5CP4/ref=asc_df_B00IHY5CP457858482/?tag=googshopuk-21&creative=22146&creativeASIN=B00IHY5CP4&linkCode=df0&hvadid=218046489762&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10963079464817466328&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045659&hvtargid=pla-406702009177 Glasses https://www.specs4sports.co.uk/evader-1-over-glasses-otg-goggles-1872-p.asp https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/bolle-safety-tracker-platinum-smoked-airsoft-safety-glasses Mask https://www.amazon.co.uk/OneTigris-Tactical-Protective-Paintball-Adjustable-x/dp/B01KDWEB3G?th=1
  8. For goggles: https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/bolle-safety-tracker-platinum-smoked-airsoft-safety-glasses Read on here there's are quite a good pair and 'F' rated But if anyone thinks these won't cut it, please speak out I don't want to lose an eye with this.
  9. About to go ahead and buy the battery, charger, and gun any final words of advice? https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-1450mah-25c-continuous-discharge-cranestock-lipo-battery.html-Two of those Or https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-2600mah-25c-continuous-discharge-cranestock-lipo-battery.html - One of those https://www.componentshop.co.uk/1000ma-1500ma-li-po-li-fe-charger-for-2s-3s-lipo-life-battery-packs-complete-with-psu.html -Charger https://www.amazon.co.uk/OneTigris-Tactical-Protective-Paintball-Adjustable-x/dp/B01KDWEB3G?th=1 -Lower mask
  10. Struggling to find somewhere with Nunchuck batteries in stock, such as this one http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/2600-mAh-7-4v-25c-Nunchuck-LiPo-Battery-Pack_A10WK6.aspx#.XC5Ka1z7S00. This thread seems to have a lot of advice with battery types and seems like cranestock batteries work fine? So does that mean I'm ok to go without nunchuck and just get the cranestock ones? Perhaps get two of these: https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-1450mah-25c-continuous-discharge-cranestock-lipo-battery.html As the thread creator did for that link. I'll probably get the same charger (one recommended by frizzle etc) however, as the ones recommended through that thread are out of stock. It seems that I need a mini-tamiya connection thing for the batteries to work with the raider L.
  11. https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/4381/s/nuprol-power-2600mah-7-4v-20c-lipo-nunchuck-type/ Something like this perhaps?
  12. So battery wise I found this: https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-2600mah-25c-continuous-discharge-cranestock-lipo-battery.html - about 10 pounds more but it has more charge on it and would definitely last all day by the sounds of things. If not, I'll go for the one frizzle posted https://www.componentshop.co.uk/7-4v-1300mah-25c-continuous-discharge-cranestock-lipo-battery.html Does anyone know if these definitely fit in the crane stock of the raider L? As said above, spare mags and rig I wont be getting in order to save money. I'll just carry a bottle of spare bbs as someone on here used to and that worked pretty well with just the one 450 round mag. With regards to the 'deans' connectors I need to do more research on that, after exam season. Do I need these in order to use a LiPo battery? I didn't realise I could actually use a LiPo on the CM16 as I thought it only took NiMh. On the link for the battery, there are options for Deans, mini deans and a tamiya? Charger wise, the plan of one charger between us sounds good: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/imax-b6-50w-5a-charger-discharger-1-6-cells-genuine.html?___store=en_us 2-tone. Unrelated to the quote, but I'll only be using it for about a year before enlisting so hence the cost and upgrades I'm keeping to a minimum as I don't want to overspend without it seeing the use to make it cost effective.
  13. Item Link Price Starter Kit https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=5281 £159.95 Rifles https://swasairsoft.co.uk/shop-online/gg-combat-machine-aeg-cm16-raider-l £124.99 + £5.99 (£130.98) https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=5774 + 450 round magazine £132.95 + free delivery Charger https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/asg-intelligent-auto-stop-nicd-nimh-battery-charger £9.99 + £4.95 (£14.95) Battery https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=6074 £19.95 + free delivery Glasses https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?cPath=287_363&products_id=5302 £9.99 Mask https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=3181 - Same as Ducks £12.95 Extra magazine https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=6101 £23.50 + free delivery Webbing https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?cPath=288&products_id=8413 £34.95 + free delivery Total --- Hi all, We're trying to cut down the overall cost as much as possible. The red colours indicate what we see essential to going. If you can find anything cheaper anywhere or can point us in the right direction for getting this more efficient etc don't hesitate. Thanks, James.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIZivcZzqmY Thought some might find this interesting
  15. Stopped airsoft a while ago, but using this fitness plan to train to join the Royal Marines (god there's so much fucking running), has been tweaked a little by members of RM to suit the selection process but you could find some of it useful: Remember supplements also have a lot of bad parts about them and really you only need a good diet. P&B refer to two different cicruits, with one using weights and sprinting etc and one purely sit ups, push ups and pull ups. Day Morning #1 Morning #2 Afternoon #1 Monday Arms Weights Running tempo 30 min Circuit P Tuesday Core Weights Swimming 30 min Circuit B Wednesday Running - Bleep test Or Intervals Running - Bleep test Thursday Leg Weights Rest Circuit P Friday Arms Weights Swimming 30 min Circuit B Saturday Running 8-10 Miles Or 60 mins Chest Weights Sunday Rest Rest Rest
  16. Morning all, A few friends and I are doing a 40-mile hike in order to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK. Our target is £600, but this is only a small target, and by no means a limit. We would like to raise much more than that, and thus I am appealing to you all for your help in raising as much as possible. The hike itself will take place 23rd August - 25th August, with two of us completing the entire hike with checkpoints for others who would like to join for sections but are unable to complete the entire 40 miles. It would mean a lot to all of us, and Cancer Research if you could donate even a tiny amount, as it will all help to the end goal of preserving every life, and finally beating cancer for good. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/joe-james2018 Thanks, James
  17. Also if you haven't already, read up about the SOE, plenty of female operatives. The resistance also had many female combatants. The idea that women only helped during World War 2 at home, is outworn and really not 'fact'. Check out some forgotten voices book on the war also, plenty of accounts in there detailing this subject. Most women who entered service (three quarters) were volunteers, and based on the actions of many female SOE, resistance and anti aircraft battery operators I'm sure that, had women been allowed, they would've made an even greater impact.
  18. Phew wasnt sure if you were a Nazi for a sec
  19. I mean I'm just glad the Axis powers didn't succeed
  20. "While we march the reds know no peace" Spoiler:
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxpXLTcQ6aE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t5ZTvZBRiY Not sure why they don't come up with the youtube video here, not sure if I did it right on the new forum lol.
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    2. Fattyhunter


      I got my plate carrier from 8 fields via patrol base, I was very impressed with the build quality for the price would defo recommend.

      I am looking at one of their gun cases based on build quality and price.

    3. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Hunter, I have an 8Fields padded rifle case and can confirm it is a good buy. TaiwanGun is better tho, just a bit extra in shipping.

    4. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Actually just further to the above if you mean case like hard case, then those are made by SRC, and I had one of them as well and can tell you are both good. Found the larger size case a bit inconvenient though and preferred the fabric bag which's why I bought a padded TG one, to try and get best of both worlds.

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