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  1. Order from WGC has "arrived" but unsure if I'm supposed to go and pick it up from the parcel force depot or if its being delivered? Received email from WGC saying its ready for pick up. image.png.1441eed610d864b98824716639530aa2.png

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    2. Rogerborg


      Sorry to hear that. Was the order over £135?

    3. ak2m4


      Parcel Force's custom payment system is a little slow, they generally wait till they have the package then they send out a letter with the 16 digit code in which you can then pay online - this can add an extra 5 days onto the shipping time.  What you can do is phone them up when you see the package at the local depot and then ask for the reference code and pay.  Why they don't just give you this information is beyond me.

    4. JamesAirsofterAgent


      @RogerborgYeah it sadly was £178, had to pay £35 to customs. 


      @ak2m4Luckily rang them Saturday to ask why it had said revised custom charge, and paid over phone on Saturday. Lucky, as I still havent acc received the letter so I would still be clueless / magazine-less otherwise

  2. Has anyone had much experience ordering from WGC recently? Theyve the only place thats got the mags I need instock at a reasonable price (£38 vs £68 in UK retailer), have checked and even with shipping it is still considerably cheaper. 

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    2. Impulse


      I placed an order with them for a Cyma m14 rail and a pair of desert marpat trousers and they took about 2 weeks to come through. No issues at all.

    3. novioman


      I have used them several times, absolutely no problems with my orders. 

    4. TheFull9


      You've not said you factored in VAT and the £12 or so import fee?

  3. Just realised he said £250 not £220. He'll do shipping for free. Dya reckon still worth it?
  4. Got you thanks for the info, will double check about feedback
  5. Looking at buying a RIF second hand, reported as skirmished twice. Pics dont seem to show any defects. Does that sound about right price wise? Seller says he will also throw in some old Brit webbing & smock for 100
  6. Got the GBB pistol out of storage today, but when I shoot some of the mags I get a face full of gas / lube. Doesnt happen with all mags, only some. Is it because I over lubed something before storing it? The pistol itself is heavily used and about 5 years old

    1. gavinkempsell


      Was it stored with gas in it?

    2. matas17


      how old are the mags? if they are old make sure that all orings are in good condition.

    3. JamesAirsofterAgent


      @gavinkempsellthe mags all were stored with gas in

      @matas17mags range from 2-5 y/o, will have a looksy at the oil rings cheers

  7. Unsure of 1, but re/ 2 friends and I all use the baofeng UV5R and the ear piece it comes with. No programming required just pick a channel and go. Also has a handy lock key so when youre sliding around you don't end up on someone elses channel. For MTP outfits, literally any car boot will have loads going cheap, same for virtually any milsurp store. Just had a quick look at G&G CM16's which is what we all got as our starting rifles and holy fuck theyve increased in price.
  8. Anyone have experience with ordering from EVIKE Europe? Went through to make an order but couldnt spot anywhere to put a UKARA so the grinches at customes dont destroy me rif

    1. sjhirst



      I ordered from them a while back and put my ukara in the address. They didnt see it, and did email me asking for it. was all ok from then in.

  9. Any ideas as to how to stop these fogging up? Anti fog spray and shaving foam doesn't seem to do the trick



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    2. Rogerborg


      Yup, i-force dual panes nearly work for me, depending on venue, weather, exertion and anti-fog gloop, but really, fan ventilation fixes everything.

    3. Speedbird_666


      Used to use fogtech DX - which was ok-ish until one day it completely failed (high heat/humidity), and I couldn't see a damned thing most of the gameday.


      Fans are the way to go - especially as I wear glasses inside a set of goggles. I wouldn't go back to wipes/sprays. Near as dammit zero fogging even on 30deg game days. Amazeballs.





    4. Dan Robinson

      Dan Robinson

      Either fans again, or I have MuckOff for the regular glasses we have - there is a definite knack to applying these lotions properly.

  10. Has anyone been to Spartan CQB recently? Hoping to head down with some friends this weekend, didnt realise the price had gone up so much :')

  11. Thats awesome, what make is it and how are you finding it?
  12. How much did the bayonet set you back & dont suppose you know if theyre selling anymore? The shop section on their website gives me an error. Just got myself one of these as a rebuild for just over £350, shoots 335 on .28s so it looks like I'll be needing to learn the ways of shooting from afar and also learn how far 30m is for the minimum engagement distance. I've only got the one mag at the moment, can't really see myself needing more than 2?
  13. Does anyone have much experience / thoughts on the VFC M733? https://www.highpressureairsoft.co.uk/vfc-m733-gbbr-rifle-cybergun-colt-licensed

    1. 1st commando

      1st commando

      it's one of the new generation VFC GBB rifles . They shoot great and are stunning in feel and looks 

  14. So I'm looking to get a new M4 (me poor old Cm16 has seen many better days) but I have spent a few days scouring patrol base and zero one but there are just too many and I feel like drowning in specna arms. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? With the ideal criteria being solid accuracy and range (I've grown sad watching my bbs harmlessly drop after 20m for the other guy to turn around and spurt a laser beam into me), AEG, and anything below £400. Or alternatively, try and upgrade the CM16? I'm positively special when it comes to techy stuff (not in a good way) and have previously broken it while following instructions from patrol base over the phone lol. If I was to go down this route what would people recommend upgrading to help with that accuracy and range issue? RPM / trigger response time I really don't care about very much I just want to be able to have the bbs go a bit straighter & further lol Thanks [In my defence re/ it being an M4, all the kit & mags I have are based around the m4 and FAL and cant afford to change that now lol]
  15. https://www.facebook.com/groups/659916730874713/ Is this the group? Admittedly new to the adult world but surely bad mouthing a company / person saying they're criminal but refusing to elaborate doesn't exactly help? Maybe its because I've got more skin in the game given the purchases, but if you wouldnt touch them with a barge pole surely its reason enough to say why... --- Edit --- Had a look around online and found what it is I expect you were referring to about one of the directors and now I understand why you didn't want to put it on a public forum. Like I said still learning lol
  16. Has anyone had experience with the S&T/ SW k98k? Version one, seen one selling for £80 with two mags and I am incredibly tempted

    1. EvilMonkee


      Yeh they are fine, just don't expect fireworks for a £100 gun.  £80 with 2 mags seems a decent deal.

    2. JamesAirsofterAgent
    3. JinxDuh


      I absolutely LOVE mine, BUT... When I got it, it was a Chinese import and it was chronoing at 100 - 110 fps. There's an upgrade kit for them which is about £100 iirc? However I just cut down a sniper length spring, stuck it in and it chrono's at 305 (Average) with some decent range and a smooth bolt pull. £80 is an absolute steal!

  17. A little history pls, have booked a milsim weekend and just bought a fal from them oh dear.... Awesome thank you I for sure would love to tag along. Dyou know if anzac impressions are allowed at the games kr is it on US?
  18. Who was it that organised this? Am booked in for frontline events games coming up but these guys sound amazing and I'd love to see what stuff they do as well
  19. If they didnt hate the English so much I'd love to see them live 🤣 Beautiful song
  20. Is this the one? https://www.wgcshop.com/products/vfc-vg60blt050-set Thanks
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