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    VFC mp7 AEG
    3d printed MPX
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    I've had this for a while now but never got to use it more then a handful of times (less then 5 times) Comes with x5 Classic army 120rd midcaps(brand new) and x2 jg hicap mags (can also include original handguard & stock) Internal upgrades: Gate Titan V3 Advanced 16:1 gears Steel tooth piston(EBB is disabled) Aluminium piston head Cylinder head Cylinder High Torque motor ZCI 300mm 6.02 tight bore barrel Maple Leaf Macaron 60 hop rubber & Maple leaf Omega nub Externals: JG3000 FAL Buffer Tube Stock Adaptor CNC'd from solid 6082 Aluminium Alloy King Arms FAL handguard(brand new) Cyma M series stock


    - GB

  2. Anyone know where to get SA58/FAL mlok handguard, been trying to find one for days now.

    1. Druid799


      To be honest bud you’ve more chance of find 3kgs of rocking horse shit for sale than one of those .😢

  3. How come this Bolloksitsmeee spammed entire forums and nothing is done about him so far?

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    2. Rogerborg


      As with weapon dogs: it's not the gun, it's the owner.


      Wankerguns are extensions and expressions of the personality behind the trigger.  I'm sure there must be some exceptions, and one day I'll meet one, riding a flying unicorn.

    3. matas17


      Not gone lie but he sounds like some 18 year old wanna be airsoft youtuber type.

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      from one of the vids he posted on the technical issues he was having he sounded older, not that age is a guarantee of maturity.....

  4. Has anyone ever put tracer unit inside Angrygun surefire socom mini 556 suppressor before and if some which tracer fits?

  5. Thanks everyone for replies, Ill look into all these options right now.
  6. So I have my boots for a while and I honestly can't remember the brand as they are your typical hiking boots. But recently I noticed they are not as a grippy as I would like them to be especially when running on wet surfaces. So my question is does anyone have recommendations for a decent pair of boots within a budget of lets say £150, that would be comfortable and if possible at least be water resistant.
  7. funny guy :D, but on serious note any suggestions.
  8. So let me start of with the fact that I love my warrior dcs but I also have an issue. So I typically have my dcs little bit tight but not too tight around my body so it doesn't wiggle but the issue stems from the fact that most of the time sides of my dcs always dig into my waist when i lean to the left or right even when standing up or crouched and after a while it starts to become uncomfortable. Anyone else has ran into this sort of an issue and what were your solutions to solve it?
  9. Good Evening all,
    has anyone noticed how sometimes pts epm mags for tm ngrs m4 sometimes fall out due to recoil or is it just me. I replaced spring on mags catch but wondering if I need new mag catch now or something.

    1. Emergencychimps


      try inserting your mags slowly and watching the mag catch, does it actually move? Are you sure it's actually been locked into place? If not or not fully, check inside the mag well, it's likely something is in there (Wedged bb etc) that is prevent the mag going all the way in.  When I had this issue it was down to mags not actually catching.


      Also if you have changed the mag release to an ambi one, are you sure you aren't just activating it accidently while moving around. you go to use it and the movement of the rif encourages the mag to fall out. 



    2. Jacob Wright

      Jacob Wright

      Can’t say I’ve had this problem with mine, have got 6 EPM’s and they’ve always worked without issue!

    3. matas17


      @EmergencychimpsOh trust me mags lock most of  the time but sometimes i noticed the randomly fall out without me even pressing mag release button. One thing I've noticed is that pts epm mags have a lot of movement side to side inside magwell once they are inserted in and locked in with mag catch. So what I'm thinking is I might maybe get some velcro and stick it in on one of the sides inside magwell to reduce the wobble. Maybe that's why the mags fall out randomly while shooting.

      And funny thing is standard tm ngrs mags work perfectly never fall or and have minimal wiggle(side to side) but epm's have a lot more.

  10. Lots of tinkering later and I got red dot on my 1911


  11. AXL velcro adapters are out of stock sadly and can't find any warrior one's anywhere
  12. to be honest i can go as high as £150 if quality is there.
  13. I love my warrior dcs and would much rather stick with it, but have hard time finding good quality molle panels or anything that would work well. If you can could you give me some links or what not to help me out here.
  14. Hello everyone, I am wondering how do you guys run 2 different setups with one plate carrier. At the moment I have Warrior DCS plate carrier and want to run 2 different aeg setups ups on it. One would be for MP7 AEG and another one set for TM NGRS m4. I keep wondering if I want to buy something like Warrior Recon plate carrier or just buy molle panels and change them whenever I run different aeg. What would you suggest?
  15. Bought broken vfc mp7 aeg and after few weeks of waiting for trigger micro switch i got it back to working condition with perun ab++ mosfet, bullgear cnc tappet plate and gear clip and entire aeg rewired to work with mosfet apart of mag cut off feature which  was removed due to known feeding issues. Rest of the aeg works as intended at 285fps on 0.25g bbs.

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    2. matas17


      @Rogerborgany wiring that was left in the gun was basically removed. Those VFC mosfets are known to burn out like this one did so i removed all of the wiring and replaced broken trigger micro switch with new one and soldered in Perun ab++ which works much better. Also that hop unit wiring and the small spring inside hop unit together with that small chip were removed. I pretty much fixed all known feeding, fps or reliabity issues with the aeg and it works much better then i expected.

    3. Rogerborg


      I wonder why VFC spacked it up so badly in the first place?


      It's a gun that we all wanted to love, but it feels like they did everything they could to overcomplicate it to the point where failure was inevitable.

    4. matas17


      @Rogerborgthey love to overdo things as always. For example the main board that trigger micro switch, and hop unit bb detect feature connects to is attached by 1 screw to the gearbox shell, that 1 screw is all that gives any kind of rigidity to the board and honestly its a bad design as i barely bent mine and it broke off. They must of had few or tens of mp7's pass qc test so they continued on manufacturing but somewhere along the line something went wrong. At least they hop design actually lifts bb's up to max of  45+ metres from what i tested with such a short barrel. But I might replace it in a future together with bucking and nub. But from all the work I've done to the mp7 it's now reliable and can easily use 11.1v lipo with programmable mosfet which comes in handy, since I mainly use semi and 2rd burst on my aeg's.

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