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  1. Lots of tinkering later and I got red dot on my 1911


  2. AXL velcro adapters are out of stock sadly and can't find any warrior one's anywhere
  3. to be honest i can go as high as £150 if quality is there.
  4. I love my warrior dcs and would much rather stick with it, but have hard time finding good quality molle panels or anything that would work well. If you can could you give me some links or what not to help me out here.
  5. Hello everyone, I am wondering how do you guys run 2 different setups with one plate carrier. At the moment I have Warrior DCS plate carrier and want to run 2 different aeg setups ups on it. One would be for MP7 AEG and another one set for TM NGRS m4. I keep wondering if I want to buy something like Warrior Recon plate carrier or just buy molle panels and change them whenever I run different aeg. What would you suggest?
  6. Bought broken vfc mp7 aeg and after few weeks of waiting for trigger micro switch i got it back to working condition with perun ab++ mosfet, bullgear cnc tappet plate and gear clip and entire aeg rewired to work with mosfet apart of mag cut off feature which  was removed due to known feeding issues. Rest of the aeg works as intended at 285fps on 0.25g bbs.

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    2. matas17


      @Rogerborgany wiring that was left in the gun was basically removed. Those VFC mosfets are known to burn out like this one did so i removed all of the wiring and replaced broken trigger micro switch with new one and soldered in Perun ab++ which works much better. Also that hop unit wiring and the small spring inside hop unit together with that small chip were removed. I pretty much fixed all known feeding, fps or reliabity issues with the aeg and it works much better then i expected.

    3. Rogerborg


      I wonder why VFC spacked it up so badly in the first place?


      It's a gun that we all wanted to love, but it feels like they did everything they could to overcomplicate it to the point where failure was inevitable.

    4. matas17


      @Rogerborgthey love to overdo things as always. For example the main board that trigger micro switch, and hop unit bb detect feature connects to is attached by 1 screw to the gearbox shell, that 1 screw is all that gives any kind of rigidity to the board and honestly its a bad design as i barely bent mine and it broke off. They must of had few or tens of mp7's pass qc test so they continued on manufacturing but somewhere along the line something went wrong. At least they hop design actually lifts bb's up to max of  45+ metres from what i tested with such a short barrel. But I might replace it in a future together with bucking and nub. But from all the work I've done to the mp7 it's now reliable and can easily use 11.1v lipo with programmable mosfet which comes in handy, since I mainly use semi and 2rd burst on my aeg's.

  7. Anyone know where to get SA-58 quad rail like OSW model has or similair length.

    1. Lozart
    2. matas17


      @Lozartalready seen that and its longer then sa58 barrel is, so it wont work. I contacted that shop in the past asking for details and found out its much longer then i could fit

    3. matas17


      @Lozartwish i could find m4 stock adapter for it there is one from Czech republic but doesn't ship to uk sadly.

  8. matas17

    TM NGRS m4

    Gun comes with all accessories as shown Dbal, surefire rep light PTS stock and pistol grip Eotech XPS3 & Eotech Magnifier replica's with full trademarks MK18 11inch rail Laylax 11'' outer barrel Laylax Mur upper receiver Laylax Frame trigger lock pin New Buffer tube 6 Mags(brand new maple super feed springs installed) Cerakoted Parts Include: Upper & Lower receiver with trademarks Cerakoted in black 11'' mk18 rail Mag Catch Charging Handle Fire Selector bolt catch & forward assist Dust cover Castle Nut Front Sight Trigger Guard Internals: Angry Gun heavy recoil kit (Rare to get hands on) NGRS Gate titan Advanced SHS HT motor New Prometheus Piston Laylax(Prometheus) Piston head Lonex Air nozzle Laylax(Prometheus) cylinder & Cylinder head Laylax(Prometheus) 300mm 6.03 tbb Maple Leaf Macaron bucking and Maple Leaf Omega nub Modify Bushings
  9. matas17



    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    Looking for JG3000/SA58 new or used or any other brand for a good price. Doesn't matter if it shoots or not.


    - GB

  10. matas17

    IWI X-95

    Mate they have plastic gearbox. it's not worth it
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    TM ngrs M4 upgraded Price: £600 with all accessories & £500 without FPS: 320 on 0.20g bbs Eotech EXPS3 full trademarks PEQ 15 & Surefire repro light M-lok hand stop MK16 13.5 inch rail Geissele Trademarks Brand New Laylax Mur upper receiver Laylax Frame trigger lock pin 6 Mags Internals: NGRS Gate titan Advanced HT motor New Prometheus Piston Laylax(Prometheus) Piston head Lonex Air nozzle Laylax(Prometheus) cylinder & Cylinder head Maple Leaf Macaron bucking and Maple Leaf Omega nub Modify Bushings.


  12. Did anyone bought anything from gunfire recently, I'm wondering how much did customs charge you?

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    2. matas17


      I am looking into getting SA58/JG 3000 and I cannot find one either used or new anywhere in UK in stock. I asked on forums, Discord groups, etc. So this is why I am asking about gunfire as they have it in stock and have replied to my email saying they ship to UK but I just wonder how much will Custom's charge me for importing it.

    3. rj1986


      Generally add in 20% and that will cover you. (plus the parcel force bumming fee)

    4. ak2m4


      @matas17 generally you pay VAT 20% plus import duty which is 3-5% depending on what customs classify the item as, some say toy, some sporting goods.  You pay tax and duty on the shipping fee as well.  Then you also pay a courier handling charge which is anything from £8 to £15.

  13. is this the colour version or no?
  14. Anyone know anything about JG Sa58 what version of gearbox it uses or their mag compatibility.

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    2. Druid799


      Funny you should say that I've recently fallen out of love with my TM recoils as well (bar my 74su) and had a hard-on for old school AK’s . In the past 8/9mths ? I’ve bought 4 and fitted as much real wood and genuine AK parts to all of them as I can find .

    3. matas17


      @Druid799How is it out of a box, I wonder what the internals are and if for example pistol is plastic and doesn't have steel teeth, etc. Also how is trigger response, fire rate and the range on it?

    4. Druid799


      To be honest nothing jumps out from memory (sold it last yr)as being good or bad about it . Just remember it being bloody good fun ! 😁

  15. @AsomodaiDid you somehow manage to get trigger pull shorter?
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