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  1. matas17

    TM Hi capa 5.1

    I wonder if a change of bb follower on other 2 mags would fix the issue?
  2. matas17

    TM Hi capa 5.1

    Slide lock is original tm. The mag on a left is TM, middle one is WE and AW on a right. All 3 mags work with the pistol and push slide back well but seems like AW and We won't lock the slide.
  3. matas17

    TM Hi capa 5.1

    So i built myself a TM hi capa 5.1 and i was wondering is there a way to make slide lock back with other brand mags. I have WE 5.1 mag and Armorer works 5.1 mag but neither of those lock the slide back when mag is empty.
  4. I've changed a spring from stock spring to M95 and currently sitting on 317-321 fps with 0.2g bbs
  5. I've noticed increased range with higher fps
  6. Just 275 seems bit low for me as I always have my rifles shoot around 320-325fps on 0.2g bbs.
  7. At the moment i just want to boost the fps as its shooting 275fps with 0.2g bbs. Can you tell what I should change to boost the fps.
  8. So i traded my arp9 for TM NGRS m4 and i was wondering what internal parts of an AEG are compatible with TM NGRS m4. As I am looking into what parts are compatible and cant find a complete list. If anyone would be able to list parts or tell me whats compatible I would be greatful. Thanks
  9. Anyone know where i can get SR25 mag pouches in this style or similair?


  10. matas17

    g&g SR25

    ill either sand it or take it to my dads job where they have CnC machine used to airplanes and get those few mm off the nozzle. Stock GR25 nozzle is horrible quality in my opinion. it leaks like no tomorrow without o-ring.
  11. matas17

    g&g SR25

    bought scar h air nozzle and prommy flat hob bucking and nub. I have electric sander that will get my down to needed length for a nozzle then ill check rest of the air leaks if there is any. So far i replaced Cylinder head's oring since it seemed weak and didnt provide much since i was able to push cylinder head back into the cylinder with my fingers. I used some silicone grease on air nozzle and that seemed to stop some air leaking out but i reckon once that air nozzle is installed my fps should jump up by alteast 10 i hope.
  12. matas17

    g&g SR25

    I never tried to make Rhop barrel myself, since i wouldnt know where to start and feel like i would mess things up. What if i buy one of those flat hop nubs and flat hop bucking and install it in my gr25?
  13. matas17

    g&g SR25

    I heard that to have effective rhop gun has to shoot above 350fps.
  14. matas17

    g&g SR25

    what if i buy something like aftermarket scar-h air nozzle which is 38.4mm length and i sand it down to length and install it in my gr25
  15. matas17

    g&g SR25

    Well FPS limit in Ireland is 328 with 0.2g and at the moment gun is shooting 298-303 fps the only problem i found with it is the air nozzle. it leaks like crazy and cant keep air without oring inside. Would you know if there is any aftermarket air nozzles which is aprox 37mm length and that would work with g&g gr25?
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