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  1. Quick question for everyone how do you send your airsoft guns within the UK? I am looking to send my Hi capa to England from Northern Ireland

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    2. Druid799


      Ive never put anything on my parcels only time any one finds out anything is if the postie asks then I say it’s one of those toy BB guns , never had a problem.

    3. ziCk_


      Got parcel from NI the other day with ParcelForce48, no issues whatsoever. Sender didn't write anything on it.

    4. snuff


      PF sports equipment.Never write on the outside but if the post office asks.

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for offers on this custom Hi-capa or a swap for a gbb smg mp7 or mp9 with atleast few mags used to be Tm hi-capa 5.1 but majority of parts were changed. Pm if interested Airsoft Masterpiece STI DVC Limited Slide & Frame AW hi capa grip CowCow Blowback housing AIP high speed loading nozzle Maple Leaf hop unit/ 6.01 inner barrel set 120% recoil spring Guarder recoil spring guide Guarder spring guide plug Comes with x2 mags


    - GB

  3. Anyone has this part anywhere. Looking specifically for the black part. I'm not looking to spend £20 when i only need one part.

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    2. matas17


      @ShamalI rather pay little bit less since i don't have a job atm and income is limited.

    3. Shamal


      Ok.hope someone can help.👍

    4. Asomodai


      You wont be able to get them separate brand new. unless you go for the upgrade part which is more expensive. 


      You can get them from WGCShop for £17 shipped. 



  4. So my item got seized by UK customs, is there some sort of a phone number i can call them to sort this out or some way to contact them. I tried both phone numbers on a letter but none worked.


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    2. matas17


      @Cr0-Magnonbeen on a phone for 40min with HMRC and they are contacting customs on my behalf to get that sorted and I also gone send out the notice of claim to them tomorrow.

    3. Rogerborg


      Something to be absolutely clear on: until the goods are in your hands, they are the property and the responsibility of the seller. That's not your rail that's been seized, it's theirs.  It's been seized because of their decision to mis-declare it. It's their responsibility, not yours, to get it into your hands.


      So I'd get on to them and tell them you'll be needing them to do that, or to refund you in full and immediately.


      When they inevitably refuse and lie to you about it being your problem, or simply ignore you, then initiate a chargeback via your payment processor.  No need to get into the details with them, just "ordered, not received, seller is refusing to resolve, money back please".  Consumer forums have information on how to do a chargeback, including on debit cards, not just credit cards.


      Do this in parallel.  It's better for you to have the rail and your money, than neither.


      This is not your fault, it's theirs.

    4. matas17


      @Rogerborg sent out letter to Border Force with request to get my rail and atm in talks with a seller to get my money back. Funny how the seller is so unprofessional and said "Customs is not my problem" like wtf but he declared it wrong not me.

  5. Anyone has extended moe stock butt pad and is willing to sell it

  6. Anyone has TM NGRS m4 upper receiver for sale?

  7. I'm not in a, hurry for it. I'll wait bit longer and if I don't receive it then I'll cancel it. Since they say it was shipped day after I ordered.
  8. Ordered few bits from them and now I've been waiting for over a week now. The tracking number they gave me is not working so I have no idea where my package is at the moment.
  9. Anyone ever noticed how Z-tac Headset's keep turning off after a while even with a brand new battery?
    Also wanted to ask about Earmor M32 Mod 3 headset if it's any good?

    1. GeorgePlaysAirsoft


      My z-tac sordins (and many others) are a bit shit. Mine turn off with a slight bump/knock. I can't comment on earmor but at the same time I've read enough not to bother and instead going with a set of howard leight impact sport with audio running from a shoulder mic. I have heard better things  (but not a great deal) about the FMA RAC helmet-mounted headset, but that is nearly £100. 

    2. Lozart


      I have a set of earmors and they're fine. For helmet mounting ditch the ones that come with it and get a set of FMA FARA mounts (or splash the cash and get the actual Unity ones).

  10. matas17

    S&T tar21


    • For sale
    • Used

    S&T Tar 21 Comes with longer outer/inner barrel, currently have shorter outer/inner barrel installed 13:1 shs gears Steel tooth piston New Piston head High Torque motor Maple leaf Macaron 60 bucking Fab Defence Podium tripod Angry Gun mlok handguard £230


  11. Sorry for not marking the groove, was on a phone when i pulled up the photo.
  12. The bolt aka fake bolt attaches onto the rod which sits on a side of the gearbox. You can pull out the rod by removing upper receiver and you will see this rod with a spring on it remove it and slide fake bolt onto it and install it back on. Rod sits in the groove above the cylinder just incase you need to know
  13. So I've been running my ztac headset mounted on my fast helmet for over a year now and recently i noticed that it turns itself off after like 5-10minutes during the game. I was using few days ago during night game with brand new battery and noticed that it kept turning off. Did anyone ever ran into similair issue or found a way to solve it. I have checked the battery contacts inside the headset and the seem good no corrosion or anything at all.
  14. Advice to everyone. Do not update your Gate Titan's software to latest version, your gun won't work after if you do so..

    1. Cr0-Magnon


      Yeah, found this out the hard way last night. Know what the deal is? The update was just saying "recognizing" and seemed to go back to standard V2 gearbox as default (rather than NGRS). Now it's completely dead. 

    2. matas17


      @Cr0-Magnon contact Gate on facebook or by email to sort that out. But mine worked when i downloaded "Gate Control Station" not "Gate Control Station for TITAN with GBU" but the first download and then i installed beta software for titan. But gate sent me some beta software via email for me to be able to sort that out but that might work for you.

  15. matas17

    Kwa erg

    depends which gen you are looking at, KWA RM4 ERG has internal spring that can be removed via buffer tube. I don't know about other models so cant comment on that sorry.
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