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  1. Played my first ever game two weeks ago and knew it was for me. This is my first gun, a Javelin M4 RIS.
  2. Heres my overall collection. These are the ones I'm putting my combat shirt for airsofting There are two more I want to add to this set: a Chris Kyle patch and an XS aka Nora West Allen logo patch. These are for BJJ. I want to put them on my jacket but a lot of dojos have a strict no patches policy. So as a compromise I may put them on my gi pants for nogi training. The only ones I'm missing is an Iron Maidenized Brazilian flag with Eddie in place of the planet and a West Ham United patch.
  3. MMA & BJJ and Krav Maga. Outside of martial arts telly shows and films, particularly Star Wars. Here me at this years SW Celebration
  4. Dayum son this is brilliant! It looks like a mandalorian's helmet.
  5. Not mine but would love to copy it when I get a gun. Now if they make a West Ham one I will be all set.
  6. Just started it; two episodes in and I dig it! Before I got into Airsoft I wasn't keen on giving it a go, until I got hooked on the sport, but now I'm all in. Out of all the Punishers Thomas Jane is still the tops.
  7. Way Of The Gun, if not just for the shootout at the end.
  8. I don't have any pets but this is my buddy's dog, who I absolutely adore.
  9. Holy snikes maybe the poor chap should have worn a bandana or beanie under his helmet? It may have helped(Incident happens at the 2:16 mark)?
  10. Wow thanks for the 411. Note to self do not by bio BB's, period.
  11. Ok so the only difference between bio bb's and regular bb's is bio's breakdown, slightly, faster? Don't see what the big hooplas about?
  12. Absoluetly, and I believe its preferred pronouns are snap, crackle, and pop. Afterall pronouns do matter.
  13. Newbie question, do players wear helmets because they look cool or for protection? Would a hat help if someone got shot in the back of the head?
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