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  1. Hello, this thread is basically to provide a log of what I'm doing for an MP5 project, and to see if anybody has any tips, or information about part compatibility. I recently acquired a boneyard G3 which was included with a bunch of other stuff, and decided to try and restore the gun to working order. From first inspection, I could see the G3 had the stock snapped, the RIS rail held on by a single screw (therefore was really wobbly), the receiver had the front part which holds the barrel snapped off, causing the barrel to bend to the left severely, and the lower receiver had a smal
  2. I use NiMH for the majority of my guns, and the performance from the LiPo is without a doubt superior, but NiMH is perfectly acceptable to use provided it is working well. There is a considerable difference in rate of fire and trigger response between NiMH and LiPo, but it doesn't mean the NiMH should be not used. It might be worth testing the NiMH when fully charged to see if it performs well enough for you to be happy with it, as if it isn't good enough then there then you may as well get rid I have a few NiMH which for some unknown reason fully discharge in less than 20 shots, h
  3. Final Update: Part arrived about 12 hours ago, and after teaching myself to solder (admittedly not well), the MP5 has now been fixed (although the pesky anti reversal latch came out of place 3 times during gearbox assembly without me noticing until testing), just currently without a MOSFET, but thanks a lot for all of the advice, great to have one of my best guns working again.
  4. I'm unsure as to which would be best, because I'm not having the best luck finding G3 parts that are in stock, and as I still don't know for sure which make it is I do not know what it is currently compatible with. I really like the looks of a G3, but if it would be way too difficult and expensive to source parts, then I would have to go in another direction.
  5. Hey all, Me and a friend recently acquired what we believe to be a Classic Army (EDIT: It appears to perhaps be a JG model but I am still unsure) G3 SG1 amongst a bundle of working equipment for a low price. The reason it was so cheap, is that the gun is full of (mostly) external issues, such as: Stock has snapped where the plastic main section meets the metal which holds it to the receiver (Would need replacing) Lower receiver has had where the magazine catch retaining pin is held snap on one side (Presumably would need to be replaced too) Upper receiver right hand sid
  6. It’s the A5 so a V2 gearbox, don’t worry, thought I’d mentioned that already but I was sure to double check that they were for the correct gearbox.
  7. Ok thanks, ordered that and I'm hoping it works, and I didn't think about the fact that the warfet would be unlikely to fit, so I'll keep looking.
  8. So I eventually got around to taking the gearbox apart a couple of weeks ago, and found that the trigger contacts were covered in all sorts of what is presumably carbon or something like that, but the metal looked like it had slightly worn away. I reassembled the gearbox, and tested it after cleaning the carbon and checking that everything else doesn't look to be broken. Unfortunately the same problem occurs of the trigger needing to be pulled back all the way, so I'm assuming this is the result of the metal being worn down. Now I can understand the basic mechanical functions of a
  9. Thanks that has done the trick, relieved it was such an easy fix.
  10. Hello all, more gun problems unfortunately.... A couple of weeks ago a group of us went to a game, and in the lead up my mate's M249 had been functioning perfectly, but when we got to the game, we put the battery in (9.6V 1600mAh NiMH), and the gun would not fire. We tested with all of our batteries, before ruling these out as the problem. When the trigger is pulled, there is no sound from the gun except for the 'click' sound which is made when the trigger is pulled. The wires get warm extremely quickly, and no electrical sound is made from any part of the gun. We had an id
  11. Hi all, I've had the Tokyo Marui MP5 High Cycle for a few years now, but around 2 years ago before I had a break from airsoft the gun started to have some issues which I have no clue how to fix, due to my lack of technical knowledge/experience with airsoft guns. The problem is that when pulling the trigger nothing happens, until I then apply quite a lot more force which pulls the trigger back to the very limit to which it can move and only then does it fire. This makes it entirely useless for taking to games as I can't reliably fire the gun. I think the problem has something to do
  12. Is this what you need? - http://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/1344/s/tokyo-marui-mp7a1-charge-handle-for-mp7a1-gbb-series/
  13. Personal preference, I don't mind that it costs more, because I'd rather have a rifle I like than one that was cheaper that I don't like as much despite spending less.
  14. All I'm asking is are CYMA internals good, because the barrel on the others aren't long enough and I don't want to swap that out, and I'm really not a fan of polymer bodies. So are CYMA internals any good?
  15. Other than the polymer receivers it's great, but polymer bodies are a deal breaker for me as I tend to drop them.
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