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  1. Yeah they have a decent rep - already up there in the EU list actually 👍
  2. Yup - even though I linked that new ICS vid, ^ this is the way i would go 👍
  3. Don't want to part you with too much of your hard earned cash, but I mean... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmHFjMKnAK4
  4. So this is my defence for this as I certainly qualify... like I said for the most part I collect the guns that I like from movies and games n stuff... most of mine represent a certain era, conflict in history or go well with certain kit. - M733 - Because: BHD/Heat/Blood diamond - goes really well with 80s and 90s gear and webbing which I have quite a bit of. - M16/m203 - Because: Predator/BHD/Bravo 2 Zero - one of my favorite looking combat setups of all time. - M16VN - Because of all the various VN flicks - classic looking RIF. - M4A1 SOPMOD - triangle front sight, knights quad rail, acog, peq2 battery box, basic LE stock - almost classic at this point, typical US 2000s kit. And then these two less justified but I like um all the same... - MK18 mod 0 ; originally built as an M933 - this is sort of my all around primary, If I don't have enough time to think or plan a cool setup for a game I'll grab this - it's also a bit of a transformer gun as I have a long inner barrel and hop unit set aside to use with my QD suppressor or barrel extension - hot swap it within seconds if need be. - SPR MK12 Mod 0 - this is the oddball tbh which I probably dont really need, but I like all the same - good to have an AR DMR I suppose - currently in need of work! I mean it certainly helps to have a good number of your collection all taking the same mags - I have a box of MAG shorties for the VN but they look quite good in the SPR too. Having said that, do I wish my collection was a little more diversified? .. Yeah maybe sometimes I do, but it does make everything a lot simpler!
  5. I have a sort of quota or list of guns that I either own or want, which in all honesty is probably based on my film and computer game preferences of the last 20 years, so I would say there is probably a limit to the number of RIFs I will ever own... ofc if money was no object and I had an entire rec room to dress up Burt Gummer style, well then that would be a different story 😜. I think i have bought 2 guns which have been over the 300 quid mark: my CA M15A4 which was my first decent AEG and my G&G GKM (akm) which I only bought as I wanted a quick replacement for my stolen AK47. I've built quite a few of my AEGs from scratch using parts bought off eBay and the various forums - I always try and budget as much as possible, it's rare for one of my builds to go over 200; typically 100-150ish. Having said that it's been many years since I did an AEG build and the price of components has certainly changed; gone are the days when you could pick up a Dboys metal receiver, new for 30-35 quid. Some builds in the long run work out fairly pricey I suppose because I'll start with a cheapish base gun like a JG or CYMA and then either over time or in a single project upgrade the parts; I've often ended up completely re doing internals and buying a CA or G&P body to finish up. Funny thing is some of them hardly have any stock components left.. The MP5 started off life as a JG SD5, it's now in an A3 config with a torch grip, CA body, some other bits and pieces - GB shell cracked a couple years back so that's now gone too. The only remaining parts are probably the gears, AR latch and COL, the rear sight block, body pins... and that's about it. If I am correct the gun probably cost 100 quid when I got it from action hobbies 15 or so years ago, the parts I've put into it, probably another 100 quids worth. Now, it does actually work great, solid build, very smooth GB, accurate and consistent, only ever failure it had was the Systema Magnum pinion gear turning to mush (RIP Tom Andrews from EAG who replaced that pinion for me.. he had to angle grind the little git off)... anyway I'm wondering what I could have got for 200 quid at the time instead - a second hand ICS or CA I guess, but you cant put a price on all the lessons learned and the technical knowledge you gain on a project gun like that. I have another similar project lined up for the future involving a JG G3A3, CA body and perhaps a CA A4 sliding stock - would love an LCT but I don't think I can justify the price tag! After thought - come to think of it the Magnum motor would have driven the price up on the MP5 another 50-60 quid, in the end it's probably a 250 quid gun.
  6. Looks like this eBayer is having a significant clear out... not gonna be shifting much at those prices, one or two items seem reasonable (only just), but he's having a laugh for the most part. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/blondie233 Very little detail on the items, almost no mention of makes on the bits that really need it - cannot imagine he'll shift even 10-20% of that lot. A couple items have best offer but you just know this guy is gonna be banging off his counter offers at 50 pence under 'buy it now' His Bulldog molle rig is only 5-10 quid more brand new (minus the sweat, dirt and use) Got loads of stock looking unbranded inner barrels, GBB and AEG for 16 quid a pop He's trying to shift stock un-branded motors for 23-25 quid. (To give an idea of what people pay for motors on eBay.. I watched a Rocket short 16TPA go on auction for £11 + 2.50 postage this afternoon - now kinda wishing snatched it up for my g36 overhaul)
  7. That slide release mechanism is the same one that is used on the SIG P226/8/9 series - once you get the knack of it, it's easy enough. You just have to know to line that slightly circled cutout in the slide up with the lever when reassembling.
  8. Yeah, if anything a more sluggish cycling rate is gonna help you avoid that kind of pre-engagement. As people have said above, the batt really should not have any effect on fps, once that last tooth disengages from the piston it's all kinetic and pneumatic energy; voltage isn't a factor. have you tried hot swapping back and forth between your 7.4 and one of the 8.4/9.6 while taking fps readings all the way through?
  9. Yeah i'm definitely leaning that way myself, that config has the squared off front of the newer sigs with the sleek curves in the grip of the older models - best of both worlds.
  10. Agreed, a yoke / harness goes a long way. It also means you don't have to tighten the belt all that much as the weight and position is maintained by your shoulders.
  11. Alice or PLCE webbing might be a decent option, very adjustable and can often be found on eBay for a reasonable price. You don't even have to run the Alice style pouches, you can rig your molle loops up (sometimes needs securing with zip ties or string to stop any vertical movement of the pouches on the belt - easily done). https://www.surplusandoutdoors.com/shop/webbing/olive-webbing-and-accessories/olive-green-plce-webbing-set-1138639.html?pid=1380535&gclid=Cj0KCQjw2PP1BRCiARIsAEqv-pTzD_yBeOYEc-7TwgBsYlZb7my-ohdp20SYPu8kdLwbTfB3SOEgTXkaAm4NEALw_wcB https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/British-Army-Woodland-DPM-PLCE-Webbing-GRADE-1/264726748113?hash=item3da2f19bd1:g:1G4AAOSwyd1euDBV https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-M56-Webbing-Rig-6-Piece-Army-Military-Surplus-ALICE-Vietnam-Load/123538942349?hash=item1cc37ea98d:g:f2kAAOSwvcFcD87P
  12. Yeah dark earth might make it look a little like the P320... or P250 again. I do like olive paint schemes tbh, everything looks good in olive... you gotta be a sucker to splash out on an LCT G3 and get the black furniture 😛 You might be right about the suppressor, however I run the 229 on Guarder power up when green fails me, I reckon it should compensate - will have to see. All 4 configs fit in my existing paddle holster, even with the suppressor attached (though I had to remove a mm or so of material from the sides of the base of the holster).
  13. I picked up an upper, lower and an extra 4 mags for an F228 (P228) on eBay the other day. I now have 8 mags total... can't wait to run these as primary next time I go to either GLG in Brum or Epsom tunnels. I already had the F299R (P229 with a rail lower). But these two are essentially the same GBB with different aesthetics. The cool thing is now I can setup my pistol into 4 different configs: A is classic P228, B is P229 with rail (already had this). C and D have the lowers and slides swapped. Which config do people like - I quite like the 228 slide on the rail lower (D), has a squared off look a bit like a P250. I reckon the suppressor looks quite nice on it too. Gonna put a 220mm crazy jet with a green Maple leaf in while running the suppressor - now I just have to decide on which config I want to do that with.. decisions, decisions I may also spray the P228 slide silver so it would sort of look like Jack Bauer's carry from S1/2 of 24, though I think his slide may have been stainless, not certain.
  14. This is the way... Because... not sure the old CS skin designers quite grasped what a red dot sight is... perhaps a red laser pointed at the operator 😜
  15. Yeah the M5 is always a pricey bit of kit - you would be better off getting that CYMA 072 and installing an old school front sight post - they are usually dead cheap n all. Depending on how much barrel there is under that suppressor, you might need a 20" outer barrel too though. Btw TG actually have the 072 for quite a bit less: https://www.taiwangun.com/en/electric/cm-072-cyma-2?from=listing&campaign-id=19 Edit* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsyXxc40xZk If you check this out here from time stamp 1:45 you'll see it does appear to be a normalish 20" barrel, however there is a QD lug/bolt up against the gas block, I would imagine it is removable, however it's hard to be sure.
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