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    US & UK Spec Ops, Mercenary, East Block, Blacked out SWAT/Spec ops
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  1. Yep good practice this for sure.
  2. hmm, Is that updated policy since Brexit then? I used them once a number of years ago.. but that was then and now is now. I suppose it goes without saying it may be worth contacting any EU shops and clarifying their up to date shipping policies before placing orders.
  3. Yeah I'm looking forward to check out the 2003 CW too, I've never seen it and was always put off a little by the animation style - apparently it's not considered canon at the moment. Mandalorian season 2 was terrific, I enjoyed the first season too, but the second was just freakin on a next level - I had literally been waiting for episode 6 of the second season my entire life 😎
  4. Yeah, just been googling and YTing it, and while it looks pretty neat in GTs pics, somehow it doesn't look all that special out the box - honestly if you wanna go something in the same vein I'd just go MP5.
  5. Oh yeah, I was so focused on the up close details in the second pic I must have glossed over all that info.. I have to say I'm not typically interested in anything that is not specifically modeled off of something real-steel. However that looks very cool !
  6. What is the base gun here? Looks like an MP5/MPX/AR mashup?
  7. Yeah I can imagine it sounding pretty "clack clack".. when we really wanna "slap slap" 😎 Another solution would be that chunk of metal but then gluing a rubber O-ring onto the front of the cocking tube - that might be the best of both worlds solution tbh. Sorry this 'what am bestest gun' thread turned into a tech shenanigans trouble shoot real fast 😅
  8. Honestly, I think a solid flat metal surface would eventually cause the bolt tube to start disintegrating where it usually does at the front - what might work is a few coils of AEG spring in there at the end.
  9. Yes this is a fact I have actually remedied this on both the MP5A2 and MP5K, took the front sights off and stuffed a piece of high density EVA foam up the front of the tube protruding just up to the point that it cushions the impact when the bolt flies home. The result means it doesn't break, however the sound is not quite as good, as you don't get the impact of the metal doweling of the charging handle hitting the front of the tube walls full force. The action is still satisfying enough though.
  10. Hehe, me too, i use one of those little sample honey jars
  11. Ah, in all fairness I should have checked in with ak2m4 as I do like his shop and services, It's just that I have never seen an actual airsoft shop just sell the slim ones alone so did not dig very much, it's always the multi spec packs! Good on him though for actually selling something the community wants! - oh well in another 10 years I'll pick up a pack from him 😅
  12. Strangely enough all 3 MP5s I have owned ended up with broken charging handles, cant figure out why for the life of me 🧐
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