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  1. Finished Rebuilding the MP5 with a QD shell - will finally be testing and rating the huge box of spare springs this weekend.

    1. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      urgh, i need to do that at some point.


      it's got to the point where i feel like buying a scorpion just to streamline the process.....

    2. Zarrin


      I mean it's a necessary "investment" right 😜

  2. Yeah my brother and I were recently discussing the 'start together but then never see each other for the rest of the round' factor. We're gonna try pick up a set of walkies and headsets next time we go out - see if that can help pull us back together after one of us gets hit and bugs out back to spawn.
  3. I try and sync up with either my brother or one of my old team mates, but sometimes I just get the itch and no ones available so i'll just rock up on my own. Come to think of it I used to do Epsom tunnels pretty much exclusively solo, but would always make friends whenever I went - usually quite a friendly bunch there. Not been since they re-opened though, but now my brother has the CQB itch he wants in next time too.. not that Epsom is the most traditional CQB experience; at least they have changed the rules to semi only now.
  4. G36 lowers / have a little cam system that syncs up the ambi fire selectors, if you move either side while holding the other side still they go out of sync - it's easy enough to re-sync them but the teeth on the little gears attached to either side of the selector need to join the central cam gears at exactly the same point, so it's a symmetrical sync up. So, If one side (specifically the one with the dowel that slots into the groove on the selector plate) is not synced correctly, you might not be allowing the selector plate enough travel to fully go into auto. I would definitely check this first seeing as you don't even need to fully disassemble the gun - just remove the lower from the upper and then pull the gearbox out of the lower.
  5. 50 is as soft as they go in that range actually and that should be the appropriate level for that fps level. One thing you could try is experimenting with different nub options.. the two that come to mind are: - an original ML omega if you have one handy. - but before that I would try a little cut square of eraser/rubber in the nubs place; no need to round out the contact half of it either, just allow a flat contact patch which will push the base of the bucking slightly further down on to the BB than an omega, which might mean you could use a little less hop for the same result and get that fps up a bit.
  6. Good diagram up top explaining the trigger spring dude - when I first reassembled mine and encountered issues, I think i had the bottom prong sitting in front of the trigger as opposed to down the middle where @Rogerborg has the arrow pointed. I took it apart again, reassembled as above and it solved the stuck trigger issue. As indicated above, this bit is by default really fiddly and it's actually far easier to position it incorrectly than it is to get it right.
  7. It seems the online shop component of their business is https://www.mpa-airsoft.co.uk/ so i'll add that to the UK list 👍
  8. As @AlphaBear and @Musica said, the Mandolorian was pretty awesome - great blend of nostalgia and something new in the SW universe. My core complaint is the episode runtime in the first season being rather short, resulting in a few episodes feeling a bit rushed - I'm hoping following the success of the first season they will assign a budget and production capacity that would allow season 2 episodes to be a bit longer, fleshed out and therefore have the ability to more effectively character build. Rumor has has it we may see certain clone wars characters who have never been seen in live action before appear in the second season - cant wait to see if this is the case, apparently Temuera Morrison has been cast, potentially to play more than one character. 😁
  9. Freakin good job dude - that's no mean feet.
  10. Another consideration is whether or not a stock hop rubber is going to hop a heavier BB - depending on the brand and model of your pistol, you may find it struggles to give a heavier BB enough spin; i've seen quite a few stock pistols from various brands protrude zero rubber/bump until you are on full hop which then only gives enough to rise a 0.2/0.25 if that is the case you may want to invest in a better hop rubber like an ML autobot. You can also sometimes remedy the above issue by taking the barrel chamber apart and examining / modding the hop arm - though a better rubber is gonna give you better groupings and range tbh.
  11. Yeah i've said the same thing before myself (as someone who has played the sport for quite some time, fluctuating between 42 waist and potato fitness to 32 waist and fit as a fiddle) - being in shape makes such a difference on game days, and what's more the sport becomes way more enjoyable; not only because of your endurance levels through the day, but for everything involved in the sport.. running back and forth from spawn after getting hit is a great example, it's a killer when you are out of shape and can even put you off for the day, but get that fitness up and you just take those little things in your stride.. rush back to the front and still be rearing to go.
  12. Ah, aint it the truth - I'm finding my fitness is returning faster than I'm dropping the pounds though. Having said that I am just about down a belt buckle ... I'm back working in the city and I'm running 1.7 miles each way back and forth between London Bridge and Old st, so 3.4 miles running everyday and that is definitely helping for sure. In the weekend i'm doing little up hill runs around the North Downs, definitely seeing a big difference from when I started.
  13. ah yes... those nasty sharp stick pits with crap all over... very dangerous, have been lucky enough not to fall into one on a game-day! Bear traps too, they are bad... and mouse traps... bad for your fingers; number one cause for delayed trigger response. 🙄
  14. I agree with @Adolf Hamster when it comes to RDS in airsoft it's down to what you like the look of. Since it's an AK i'd recommend the C-more reflex, as it looks a bit like a Ruski Kobra reflex. Mind, the copies seem to have shot up in price since I got mine. FYI they are polymer bodied. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tactical-C-More-Style-Railway-Red-Dot-Sight-for-20mm-Picatinny-Weaver-Rail/153921045560?hash=item23d668c438:g:ekMAAOSwYoFesozX
  15. I thought you were pulling my leg to begin with - looked like a clothes and fashion shop from the front page. But if you search 'Airsoft' they have quite a few things. Though i sort of get the impression that this is probably a market place site like Aliexpress.. not a direct shop-front itself?
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