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  1. Hi all, currently finishing an ak build up and am having barrel trouble. The ak hop clip doesn't hold barrel tightly and can still be turned. I've tried a madbull barrel with lonex hop and still get alot of movement. Can I do the top dead centre method or is there an easier way.
  2. Hi all currently building a dmr and when I split the specna gearbox I noticed none of the bearings sit flush with the shell. I have tried standard bushings(shs and modify) and all sit to high so can't shim. Is the best option to buy a new shell or drill the bushing hole slightly deeper
  3. Hi currently working on my specna arms ak and read somewhere about cylinder volume has to be the right size for installed barrel or you will loose fps. My question is this v3 gearbox has a standard non ported cylinder which came with a 455mm barrel (stock), all v2 gearboxes I've worked on have had the same cylinder but come with 363mm barrels. I'm upgrading the hop to a lonex with prommy purple just unsure on barrel length.
  4. Hi all, I'm pretty competent when it comes to v2 boxes but recently bought an ak from specna that has a v3 box in it. Problem is I had to change sector gear as somehow 2 teeth broke from the underside( not the side that engages the piston). Once fitted I noticed the back of the trigger catches on the sector gear. Any advice would be appreciated..
  5. Turns out my specna just didn't like maple leaf buckings, the lips were too big, stuck a prommy purple in and no problems
  6. Seems I have found the issue. I believe the heat of the bbs passing through the soft maple leaf bucking on a long full auto cycle is warming causing it to create too much friction, thus jamming the bbs. All works fine on short full auto bursts. Maybe I'll try a harder bucking.
  7. Hi all currently increased the rof and trigger response on my spena arms g01 with 16:1 shs gears and high torque motor. I had already changed piston, piston head, cylinder and air nozzle. Problem is the gun shoots flawlessly in semi( even with rapid trigger pulls) but when in full auto the bbs are coming out maybe 7/8 then a few jam and it clears itself. Chronoed @ 340fps on 0.2g, 25rps and very consistent with a +-2fps. Not sure what the issue could be.
  8. Hi all, currently have a sa b03 which has been dmr'd. Problem is it dry fires randomly, could shoot 10 perfect shots then 11th won't come out, then 12th fires normal. Using Geoff's 0.4g bb. Everything is seated correctly. Just strange that it fires then for one shot (could be after 15) stops firing untill then next one. I've tried all mags and still happens
  9. Thanks alot for the reply, I may aswell leave it where it is then.
  10. Hi all, I was wondering is there much difference in range? I know a good hop and barrel are the main things, but I have a specna arms which I dmr'd with zci 6.02 363mm with a lonex hop and maple leaf, all seals are near on perfect and chronos 400fps +/-2fps on 0.2g and shoots 0.4g accurately to 250ft (torso size, distance is based on Google maps). I also have another specna which has a 407mm madbull barrel (which was bought for the dmr but got better effective range from the 363mm zci in this gun) and standard specna hop with maple leaf bucking chronoing at 330fps, hitting 225ft accurately (to
  11. I totally agree, also financially, you have the postage costs, parts costs, labor etc... All for a £200 toy gun. I'd rather have days of headaches and get that satisfaction. It's running brilliant now, couldn't ask for more.
  12. Gets very frustrating at times but I love it at the same time
  13. I'm talking milimeters, but it made all the difference
  14. Problem solved. Not sure how to explain it but it was nozzle, basically the one I changed it for was exact same height but where they taper from widest part to thinnest part was different. The new one didn't have a long enough wider part, thus not making a complete seal. Thanks everyone for your time. Now chronoing 346/348 over 10 shots on 0.2g.
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