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  1. Think my easiest option is to just buy a cyma complete and drop it in. I believe there only around £70
  2. None at all, motor pushes bevel against shell No it's the correct side for bevel to be that way, it's the side without wiring
  3. So I got my new shell and having exactly the same issue. The bearing are seated perfectly, not risen and still no room between bevel and pinion VID_20210729_130919.mp4 My guess now is a new motor cage
  4. It's as far in and seated as it will go, almost as is the bushing groves on shell aren't deep enough either, also noticed the sector gear is being the shell on oneside, looked at bushing is fine but shell is milled at slight angle. I've ordered a new gearbox shell now.
  5. I've ordered a modify torus v3 shell. I'll update this post if needed when it arrives. Thanks for all the help adolf Wouldn't make a difference as the bevel will still be too close to pinion
  6. Going to try a new shell then if that fails I will try to sink the bushings. Thanks for your help
  7. I think the gearbox is just a lemon, I've noticed wear marks when the shell where the sector bushing isn't sitting flat, next question is the lonex or modify shell the best
  8. VID_20210727_141129.mp4 Tried many different sets, standard, she, rocket all the same
  9. Meant 0.05mm I'll get a vid up in next hour
  10. Hi all, my specna v3 gearbox is causing headaches. Basically when I shim I shim bevel to pinion method, but when I tried I can't even get a 0.5mm shim under the bevel as when motor is installed it is all ready biting on the pinion. I've tried different bushings( low profile) and still the same. Is it a case of getting a new shell?
  11. Hi again having issues with my sr25. Basically it's locked to semi and I'd I do a slow trigger pull it will double fire, if I'm quick with the trigger (mechanical) it shoots fine. I feel that the trigger shuttle is engaging the contacts to soon before the cut off lever kicks it off, causing the connection to remain for too long. I'd this the case ? Any way to rectify it?
  12. How much will 144a gas lower it to ruffly?
  13. Hi all, I'm new to gas guns and needed some help in lowering my pistol (well dmr'd aap-01) fps. It currently shoots between 470-500fps, I ideally need. It between 430-450 on 0.2g bbs, does any one have any advice
  14. Now this sounds like it will work. Also I do alot of aeg tech work and new to gbb, is there a way to reduce fps as it's shooting between 470/500fps on 0.2g since I installed the maple leaf
  15. Can't do that as there is a separate ring inside the handguard that goes first, wasn't sure if there was a metal outer barrel available
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