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  1. Thanks alot for the reply, I may aswell leave it where it is then.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering is there much difference in range? I know a good hop and barrel are the main things, but I have a specna arms which I dmr'd with zci 6.02 363mm with a lonex hop and maple leaf, all seals are near on perfect and chronos 400fps +/-2fps on 0.2g and shoots 0.4g accurately to 250ft (torso size, distance is based on Google maps). I also have another specna which has a 407mm madbull barrel (which was bought for the dmr but got better effective range from the 363mm zci in this gun) and standard specna hop with maple leaf bucking chronoing at 330fps, hitting 225ft accurately (torso size again on 0.3g). Would taking the dmr up to 420fps on a 0.2g make a difference to effective range or wouldn't it be worth the hassle of trying to increase fps by 20. P. S all distances are measured with Google maps
  3. I totally agree, also financially, you have the postage costs, parts costs, labor etc... All for a £200 toy gun. I'd rather have days of headaches and get that satisfaction. It's running brilliant now, couldn't ask for more.
  4. Gets very frustrating at times but I love it at the same time
  5. I'm talking milimeters, but it made all the difference
  6. Problem solved. Not sure how to explain it but it was nozzle, basically the one I changed it for was exact same height but where they taper from widest part to thinnest part was different. The new one didn't have a long enough wider part, thus not making a complete seal. Thanks everyone for your time. Now chronoing 346/348 over 10 shots on 0.2g.
  7. Thanks alot for your time. Ive put it all back to stock. Too late to test now as kids asleep. I'll report back in the morning with my findings.
  8. Really appreciate you took the time to write that. How would I check if it's blowing from bucking lips? I can test the mag moving hop forward by placing a bb in hop chamber and firing whilst holding hop back against gearbox through mag well. but not sure how to check bucking lips. The nozzle is from a specna edge, I'd say exactly same measurements but I don't have a digital measuring device to be that accurate
  9. Negative is the best, been watching his vids since he started. I use very small amount of halfords spray silicone grease. The thing that I find most odd is the consistency of the fps. If there was air leaks etc I would be seeing a wide variance in fps( I assume)
  10. I'll check later, just very odd to have such a consistent fps.
  11. I'll be doing that tonight when I get home and try to upload some pics.
  12. Last I fiddled with it was this morning with a non ported Cylinder and the 407mm barrel and still the same. Ive tried shs m110 which in my dmr gives me 420fps and yet in this build still only 320
  13. Yes, also tried shs m110 and still won't budge past 320, it's strange as consistency is near perfect 318/320
  14. Hi, currently working on a new build. It's a specna sa-go1 (E&C v2 gearbox). I've tried most things and still can't get it past 320fps even with guarder sp100 and near perfect gearbox seal, full metal rack, double oring nozzle etc, running a 407 madbull python with specna rotary hop, maple 60°bucking with omega nub. I originally thought it may be nozzle to hop leaking so tried my prowin with zci out of my dmr and still no difference. I literally have no ideas left, I've tried ported and non ported cylinders aswell.
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