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  1. Trust me I won't be buying them again. For the price aswell is very disappointing
  2. Even with the stock barrel and hop they were jamming in hop. Same in my g&g gr16
  3. Hi all, just writing to see if anyone else has issues with the rzr .28g feeding through hop. Initially I thought my hop wasn't seated correctly so ordered new one and still bb jamming just past lip. I'm running a 6.2mm zci inner barrel with specna arms rotary hop and prommy purple bucking. If I take the barrel + hop out of gun and seat a BB in hop up and blow, they will not come out, where as my asg .32g release with ease. Anyone else encountered this?
  4. Hi all. I have a specna arms SA b03 V2 and wanted to do a lone survivor build. Internally I'm competent but when it comes to externals I'm not so. My current handguard is mounted via 2 Allen key bolts and wondered would guard with barrel nut be compatible. If so where could I pick one up. Thanks
  5. I think externally they are, the platinum edition has upgraded internals and motor.
  6. I thought the same, comes with 13:1 gears , high torque motor, full metal rack etc. Really want an sr but most are out of my price point that have MOSFETs, etu's etc. I wanted an sr base model that I could hopefully pop an m120 in lock to semi and ready to go dmr. Do you think this would be best value for money option? All ready have springs and lipid no so additional costs
  7. Hey all, just wondering as I'm thinking of taking the plunge and getting this cyma sr. Does anyone know what MOSFET it comes with as can't find any info online and wether it can take an 11.1lipo
  8. I've heard back and they claim it can and that this is its main task.
  9. Quick question, I apologise in advance if this is a stupid question. Recently rebuilt my specna edge and trying to improve trigger response slightly, so Far I’ve installed new cylinder head, nozzle and piston head. Installed a 6.02 barrel and new hop. Gun is shooting lovely at 348fps. The current motor is a standard spec a 1800rpm, I was wondering could I put a g&g ifrit 2500rpm motor in to increase trigger response slightly without changing gears.
  10. Hi, would a gate x-asr handle an 11.1 lipo? I only use semi auto.
  11. Hi all, currently wanting to dmr my specna arms sa-e14. I was thinking an m120 spring as local sights limit is 420fps on .2. do you think the box is strong enough or will other upgrades be nessasary? Many thanks
  12. Yes, couldn't be happier
  13. Took it out Sunday and chronoed at 345/347. Thanks for the reply
  14. Hi to all, I have a specna sa-e13 and just sorted compression issue out and is now firing at 349-353. I removed the spring and cut 1 1/2 loops off and smoothed and flattened end so it sits right. Ruffly how much fps should I drop as I cannot chrono now untill game day. My local site is 350fps on aegs. And I'm hoping to be just under 340/345 now. I quite new to this so if it's a stupid question I apologise in advance.
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