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  1. emilianoksa

    CM16 Raider 2.0, Good Starter & Futureproof?

    A lot of Americans say the Classic Army Skirmish, ICS Peleador and Tipmann Commando are a better choice, but I am not convinced. I wouldn't buy Classic Army or Tipmann and I'm not sold on the ICS polymer over the G&G. The Combat Machine gets quite a bit of bad press from some American airsofters. They say the motor is no good and the gear box is frail etc. I think they are just biased against the brand. It is still the best seller at its price point and there must be a reason. How can it be frail when so many owners have had their Combat Machines running reliably for years? Maybe the unreliability is due to Americans putting 11.1 lipos in them. They seem to put 11.1s in everything. Power and rps seems to be everything over there, but UK cqb gamers like me only ever use semi-auto and we have a low power limit for full auto guns.
  2. emilianoksa


    Thanks for the tip.
  3. emilianoksa

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    I see some Dytac parts are quite popular. I've got one of their front vertical hand guards myself. I just wondered if their guns had much of a following.
  4. emilianoksa


    Thanks for the replies. Even a cheap mass produced gun like the WE Glock might not be improved with higher quality parts. I was watching this video by a bloke who upgraded to a Ra-Tech inner barrel and hop up unit, and then changed back because the performance of the stock gun was better. I had been thinking about shelling out the forty quid for one of these for my own Glock, but now I am wondering. Which do you think is more crucial to accuracy: the barrel or the hop up unit? My G&G has a cheap aluminium barrel but it shoots well. I've heard the stock G&G hop rubber is pretty good.
  5. emilianoksa


    Anybody ever find that a gun with upgraded parts shot worse than it did stock?
  6. emilianoksa

    G&G M92

    They also do a 1911. Difficult to find user reviews though. They look good and are probably OK, but are they TM based, and will parts be readily available?
  7. emilianoksa

    Cheaper tactical gear

  8. emilianoksa

    Cheaper tactical gear

    I have been looking at some MFH and Pentagon assault vests on the web. I think MFH is a German company and Pentagon is either German or Polish. They seem to be very reasonably priced (especially MFH) and I wondered how people would rate them in terms of materials and stitching. Will they bear pistol mag pouches without sagging? Are they good enough for once a month airsoft use, or is it better to save up for the likes of Tactical Tailor or 5.11? Are they better made than Viper or Miltech or about the same quality? We all like nice stuff, but I am just an occasional airsofter and don't feel I can justify the cost of the real gear.
  9. emilianoksa

    The frames on TM Glocks

    Yes, I have a WE and the polymer frame is what the TM's should be. Can't decide whether to put in a RA-TECH Maple Leaf hop up unit and inner barrel set, or just put the money towards a TM. Accuracy isn't bad but the hop rubber struggles to lift the bbs, and the gun shoots low at this time of year.
  10. . Sorry. Forgot about that.
  11. emilianoksa

    The frames on TM Glocks

    I have a couple of TMs and the plastic feels reasonable enough to me. My Beretta M9A1 is quite impressive. Are you saying that this is a problem mainly with TM Glocks. The slide looks OK for plastic, but they haven't come close to capturing the finish of the frame, have they? They certainly aren't as realistic as say the HK USP 9. I know there is only so much you can do with abs, but most of the Maruis are acceptable. The Glock however looks sort of cheap and fragile. Thanks for the reply, by the way.
  12. Why should lack of an UKARA number be a problem for bringing in his stuff? They were acquired legally in Italy, and it is not an offence to own rifs in the UK. You don't need a defence to own rifs. You need a defence only to buy them from British retailers. If I stop skirmishing does it mean I no longer have a right to keep my rifs? Of course not. Are you coming before the end of March Federico? It might make a difference if you are.
  13. emilianoksa

    The frames on TM Glocks

    I have never seen or held a TM Glock. Do the lower frames on these look very shiny in the flesh, or is this just an impression exaggerated by photographs?
  14. emilianoksa

    Good reliable gas gun

    TM are the most reliable gas pistols. The others may look more realistic but will fail long before a TM does. . I used to prefer metal too. Now I like plastic more. Aluminium slides are nice but you don't get those on a stock gun - just cheap alloy with a finish that soon begins to show wear.
  15. emilianoksa

    Anyone used this Pistol?

    I suppose CO2 will do that to a gun eventually. But 18 months isn't a very long time. The materials aren't strong enough to deal with the pressure.