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  1. Is the polymer of the WE G36c gbbr better looking than that of the JG 36c or about the same quality?
  2. I can thoroughly recommend this Chinese retailer. I recently received a WE G17 in OD. Price was excellent and VAT was only £6 though HMRC charged me another eight quid for handling fee. Still cheaper than buying in the UK. And in any case the model I bought is not available here. Just under a two week wait and well worth it. The gun arrived very well packaged and properly lubed (my other two WE G series guns bought in the UK were bone dry on arrival) and the seller had kindly included a surprise free gift: a rather fetching thumb grip attachment. All my enquiries by email were replied to in record time. The KY Airsoft service and support was truly excellent. I will shortly be putting in another order. Highly recommended.
  3. It's a new gun, purchased from Eagle 6. I suppose I could give it a try, but a buffer seems a better alternative.
  4. I've heard that Lego rubber tires are a good fit. Apparently they are available in large, medium and small sizes. The TM recoil rod is 7mm in diameter. Call it 8mm. Which of the Lego tires is the right sort of size. I need one with 7-8mm inner diameter. I don't want to short stroke my Hicapa. The recoil spring is not applying enough pressure so the recoil rod rattles when I move the gun. Just want to tighten things up and stop the rattle. One tire and a thin steel washer will probably do it. Two tires at most.
  5. It isn't always realistic for older players to concentrate on the objective. I have fallen twice in my last four games.😁 I usually have to make do with giving support to those rushing forward. Not a problem for me.
  6. Thanks. 5.11 has a decent reputation. I don't know what make the other one is.
  7. https://www.cadetdirect.com/webbing-carriage/webbing-vests-pouches/cadet-assault-vests/molle-modular-vest-multicam https://www.nightgearstore.com/en-UK/511-Tactical-VTAC-LBE-Molle-Vest/48145548ng.htm?colour=FD+Earth I prefer the look of the 5.11, and my gut reaction is that it is also better quality.
  8. Are the grips different only in appearance, or is the quality of the GBB grip superior? If I might make so bold.
  9. Thanks for the reply. There are two kinds of mesh: the interwoven lengths of steel wire type, and the steel sheets with holes cut in them type. Would anyone care to comment on which type they think give better protection?
  10. I have to wear glasses for airsoft and have had to use mesh for protection.. I know most say that mesh masks and goggles are not safe for airsoft, but I undestand the Hero Shark ones are very reliable, particularly if you go for the ones with circular holes and make do with slightly reduced visibility. I note that they can be repaired, but I wonder how often this would be necessary in CQB games receiving shots occasionally as close as 5m, but more likely 10-15m with a 350fps limit for 2.0 bbs. I get the impression they would stand up well over a prolonged period. Again I'm talking about the ones with circular holes. Does any body know if it is possible to wear glasses inside the mesh goggles? Is there enough room? My Bolle X1000NR goggles have been useless, and I am making do with my own generic Chinese mesh full face mask of that type that are usually for hire at airsoft sites. I know these are not very safe, but I have at least got my glasses behind them if a bb splinters. But I don't trust the mesh itself to last very long or give good enough protection. I have only two options left now if I want to see clearly in skirmishes: contact lenses or a better mesh mask. I have discounted goggle fans since they don't always work, and there is no guarantee that even with contact lenses my Bolles wouldn't fog up. I sweat profusely so fogging is always a problem with polycarbonate lenses.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up for me. I'll bear it in mind in future. I never fill my mags to capacity anyway. Never more than 25 in my hicapa, or 20 in my Glock. So inserting an empty mag into a gun with the slide not locked back is not a problem? Am I right?
  12. I remember hearing somewhere that you should lock back the slide before inserting a new mag. Came as a bit of a surprise. Has anyone else heard of this? I assume this advice has something to do with protecting the mag lips or nozzle. But is it really necessary? If you remove a mag which still has bbs in it, and then want to replace it, pulling back the slide will only shove another bb into the chamber, so you'll have two bbs going down the barrel. Surely it's OK to put a full mag into an empty gun and then cock the slide. Or am I wrong?
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