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  1. Always regret not buying one of their non blowback Steyr GBs years ago when I had the chance. Always loved the look of that gun.
  2. If it goes on for the rest of the year sales of rifs are going to take a hit anyway. This will be made worse by people losing UKARA and then when it starts again, having to wait two months to requalify.
  3. If this goes on for months I wonder if a lot of people are going to lose their UKARA numbers. Or will the list be frozen? Not terribly important in a time of crisis, but I was just curious.
  4. Thanks. Not really what I was looking for.
  5. Does anybody know if there are any practical pistol clubs in the north west? I haven't been able to find any.
  6. I agree. For a mere two or three bbs fewer, I would say the 4.3 mags are a better option. The only way to make the 5.1 mags look OK is to half cover them with a custom magwell. Not really a solution if you don't like magwells. I'm a bit surprised to hear you say that. I thought there were several known weak points in the TM Glock. With the hi capa, as with all TMs it seems to be just the plastic slide. The Gold Match is a great pistol by all accounts but I would get the regular 5.1. When funds allow buy an on offer Staccato slide, 120% recoil spring and enhanced nozzle from Mike Cribbs for only £77 and you'll have a great gun. Or just order the gun from him and ask him to fit the parts for you. I should point out that I do not know Mike personally, have no connection with him or his business, other than as a past customer, and benefit in no way whatsoever from recommending his services. I have two hi capas - one he modified for me, and one I bought the parts for and modified myself. I have eight pistols including four WE Glocks and two stock plastic TMs, all of which I love, but these two are the best. I do love Glocks, but for me, hi capas feel better in my hand. And have better triggers.
  7. emilianoksa

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    I've just checked his website and prices appear to have been reduced.
  8. Well, I'm just an overgrown kid. I was into airguns for many years, but spring, compressed air and CO2 (horrible stuff) just don't do it for me any more. And 4.5mm lead pellets and steel bbs are fiddly and can be dangerous. I love electric gear boxes, green gas and plastic 6mm bbs. These make it possible to use guns that look, and sometimes work, like the real thing. I can't skirmish any more for medical reasons, but I still love airsoft.
  9. Heavy slide, low temperature. Typical problem with gbb pistols. Use it in the warmer months and get a TM for when it's cold.
  10. ...... or just compulsive buyers with an insatiable appetite for toys?😊 Don't get me wrong. This is not a dig at anybody. I am more guilty than most. I see something, and suddenly what I have doesn't satisfy me any more. I have to have something else. And guns that I never liked the look of ( the Aug series or an FN P90) begin to grow on me, and then I simply must have one. Even if it's made of plastic.🤣
  11. Tnanks Stew. Partly display but I will use it on paper targets quite a bit. Is it much more easily damaged than the black finish?
  12. I hear the finish on the frame flakes off very easily. Is this true? Or is it just a problem when using a holster? If so what can be done about it? I dont skirmish so dont use a holster. I want to put a silver custom metal slide on a tm hi capa and the stainless would seem the obvious choice of donor gun.
  13. Thank you very much for taking the time to write all that as well as providing links.
  14. I want to take plastic off parts of the inside of a couple of polymer pistol holsters. May seem like a silly question but I have never dremeled plastic before. I'm thinking a stone attachment might quickly clog up with plastic, and that a silicone paper wheel would be better. I know it's a case of go slow and carefully or I'll take off too much. Or should I just do it manually?
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