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  1. Battle belt advice?

    I checked the size chart for the Flyye belt and was rather surprised by the latitude in their measurements: Size: S (83cm - 127cm waistline) Size: M (96cm - 134cm waistline) Size: L (104cm - 163cm waistline) Not sure what to make of those numbers. Obviously the molle belt must come with an inner belt and the lengths refer to the inner belt. This doesn't give you any idea of the length of the padded molle section. I prefer the molle sectiont to come right around to the front, not end at the hips on each side. I don't know if you are still about Sacarathe but if you are could you tell me if the Flyye belts have long or short padded molle areas. What size of belt did you get. I had decided on a Condor because their molle section tends to be longer than many of the others. But if the Flyye is also long I might change my mind.
  2. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    Yes, I noticed that. I think. Thanks again for your advice.
  3. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    My wife has just looked at the Gorka picture and said it looks like beige and dark olive to her. I suppose black with a tinge of green is dark olive aka olive drab. So olive drab would appear to go with tan after all.
  4. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    My God! I can't even recognise black when I'm looking at it. Thanks for your advice. Is khaki near enough to tan. Different manufacturers offer different colour variations. I assume tan, khaki and coyote are pretty much variations of the same colour. Similar to flat dark earth?
  5. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    The one I like is the two colour version - the lighter tone is the base colour and the darker tone consists of bars going across the uniform. This one in fact: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/98305204350385971/ Could you tell me what these two colours are please?
  6. Selling an AEG

    Don't know about airsoft, but I am familiar with standard pricing for used airguns. The general rule is 66% of new price if the gun is in mint or excellent condition without scratches or marks. Less for guns that bear the marks of use. Of course many people disregard this rule and try to sell their stuff for 30 or forty quid less than they paid for it. They are rarely successful. Most buyers would prefer to pay the extra 40 quid for a brand new guaranteed item. And some sellers use terms like "excellent" and "mint" in a very cavalier way. Anyone buying a used gun is taking a risk. There are plenty of wide boys out there selling stuff. And this should be taken into account when it comes to pricing. I have always stuck to the rule, and lost money as a result. However my guns have always sold quickly.
  7. Imitation Loadouts vs Personal Loadouts

    I don't intend to wear matching authentic kit. For me a personal setup seems the best way to go, and the least problematic. The only worry for me is colour coordination. I had intended to get an olive drab chest rig and battle belt, but I have been reading that OD does not go well with colours like khaki or coyote brown. In fact some say it doesn't go well with anything. Being red green colour blind I would welcome your advice. I play mainly cqb and green would probably stand out too much indoors. I have been rethinking going khaki or coyote for the rig and belt. Later I will buy plain colour pants and some sort of camo shirt or jacket. If you haven't yet decided on shirt and pants, what is the most flexible colour for webbing? I have decided against black by the way or camo webbing. I like the look of the Russian Gorka combat uniform but don't know what the two colours actually are: to me they look like OD and khaki or tan. Can anyone enlighten me? I will be running an AK by the way. And I believe the Russian slings are OD.
  8. Still two weeks away from owning my first rif

    Thanks. All comments appreciated. As you say, I'll probably end up with something completely different.
  9. And I'm already thinking about a back up gun. I have long been considering a G&G G36c. They are supposed to be very good, and sell for about £230-40. Magazines are midcap (which I prefer) but proprietary. Four extras would cost another 60 quid. In effect I would be buying a A three hundred quid gun , which would be more than I am paying for my primary. Recently I have been wondering if I can justify it. I could get a JG for not much more than £90. As a newby I wouldn't feel so nervous about opening it up and getting to know the gearbox and other internals. I've used rental JGs and they seem pretty bomb proof. Not really sure what to do. Heart says G&G. Head says JG. Probably best to do nothing.
  10. Full size rifles and CQB

    I have always wanted a full size AK with wooden stock, but I am stuck for places to use it. I will play outside when the opportunity arises but it won't be often enough to justify the purchase of one. The nearest I could get would be a full size with folding stock, but even those are pretty long even with the stock folded. And, as I say, I do like the full wooden stock.
  11. Battle Belt fittings?

    I would put only a holster and a couple of pistol mags on it. Possibly a small pouch for keys, valuables etc and a dump pouch on the back. But probably not. I prefer to have a light chest rig for rifle mags. Wouldn't it be much easier for sizing if they gave the actual length of the molle section. Then you would just use a tape measure to see more or less how much of your waist it would cover. I can't imagine why they don't do this.
  12. Battle belt advice?

    Thanks. Not bad value for a decent product then. Pity only the OD is in stock.
  13. Battle belt advice?

    I know this is an old thread but I'd like the ask if the Warrior PLB belt comes with the inner belt included in the £59 price?
  14. Battle Belt fittings?

    Thanks for all the replies and thanks especially to Mr Kinnerly for that very useful advice. Pals normally are an inch wide aren't they? If you can confirm this, I'll count the pals.
  15. Battle Belt fittings?

    I've seen some wear them ending at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions, and other with them continuing around to the 5 and 7 o'clock positions. I prefer the latter, but am unsure about the sizing. If the medium size of the Condor battle belt is given as 36-40" and you have a 34-36 waist, will the medium belt run out at 3 and 9 o'clock do you think, or closer to 5 and 7? Yet the 5.11 Brokos belt which I can't really afford at the moment has large/x large at 36-42". I don't know what to make of these measurements. Being thicker and bearing weight the measurement of a battle belt must be completely different from normal belt measurement. I just want to avoid getting something that covers only half of my waist with the inner belt visible from one hip to another. Any advice would really be appreciated.