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  1. The boxes take up a lot of space and so I have been considering getting a rack. Years ago when I lived abroad and had firearms, I used one of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/1003625-HySkore-3-Gun-Modular-Pistol-Rack-Tax/2254451970?iid=303048335458&chn=ps It was OK but didn't seem sturdy enough. So I thought about one of the wire ones: https://www.natchezss.com/hornady-4-gun-pistol-rack.html https://www.walmart.com/ip/SNAPSAFE-8-GUN-PISTOL-RACK/53759873 I believe guns can also be stored right side up, which would be my preference. Then I came across this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hand-Chain-Holes-Stained-Baized/dp/B01KTVZ694 What do you reckon. I have five pistols at the moment and counting.
  2. Save yourself some time, money and trouble. Get contact lenses. I have the Bolle x1000 rs. They dont work for me. At all.
  3. Lot of money = MWS 😁 If you can afford it, buy it. t.😁
  4. The Shadow is all metal but can have issues. The P09 is probably a better choice.
  5. That's nothing. For me if often starts from the moment I order a gun, and then lose interest in it long before it arrives in the post, when I see something else I want even more.🤣🤩 The anticipation of getting something is often more pleasurable than the actual owning of it. My wife always says that the British are a nation of collectors.
  6. Who makes the Nuprol guns? Who makes the Evolution guns? It would be nice to know.
  7. Is it possible to get a pair of prescription glasses under the hero shark mesh glasses?
  8. emilianoksa


    Nuprol do one for the WE PX4. It probably fits the Marui version too.
  9. No, not yet. But it might be a case of shelling out for something else that doesnt really work for me. I sweat profusely, even in the winter. My Bolle goggles were quite expensive, and I have used the Bolle own brand wipes to no effect. Do you think the Revision ones would be better?
  10. I recently played CQB using G&G .25 bbs after a break of nearly a year. The gun I took is G&G GC 16 300 BOT - basically a very short CM16 with a metal receiver and rail, but no other frills. I chose it because it is nice and light. My conclusions were as follows: The rental guns I used in the past were utter shite. Just using a half way decent rifle made a huge difference in accuracy, range and reliability. After ten minutes I removed my red dot and lense protector. No use at all for what I do. After a further ten minutes I removed my sling. Just a nuisance when playing cqb. For me at least. I don't like single point slings. Mine is a decent Blackhawk jobbie but I will never use it again. For people like me who use glasses goggles just don't work. There is no way to stop them fogging. Poor vision and the darkk environment of the site on a cold March morning made it impossible for me to be effective.. I kept acquiring a target and then waiting to confirm that he was on the other side, and got shot because of the delay. Colour coded arm bands are useless for me, especially over twenty metres. There must be a better way of distinguishing between the two sides. The layout of the site had changed and I kept getting lost. There is no point in treating your guns like works of art. I have been guilty of this with all my prized possessions for most of my life. Your gun is going to suffer all sorts of surface damage over time. so you better start treating it a just a tool you use to play. Clean it and take care of it, but don't obsess over it. My gun took a hit that left a very noticeable dent in the thin metal dust cover, and a tiny bit of surface damage when I dropped it. In some ways I prefer it with a few battle scars. I was very lucky not to be seriously injured. As I moved forward at one point towards the end of the game, unaware that there was quite a big drop in the floor level ahead of me, I went over and hit the deck like a sack of shit, landing exactly on the hip that I broke last June. You can imagine what went through my mind as I lay there for a minute or two: my missus is going to wipe the floor with me. Fortunately though I was sore and bruised I was able to get up and carry on. So it looks like I didn't break my hip again,. My gun went flying and suffered a couple of small marks to the exterior, but nothing to cry about. Never take risks with face protection. One bloke lost a tooth during the game. So a game of ups and downs, a steep learning curve, but a generally very enjoyable day. But until I sort out my vision, I am on a hiding to nothing. Until I get some contact lenses I will continue to be a very easy target.
  11. That is a new one on me. Didn't know there was a G19X. Rather like the look of it.
  12. Although there is nothing really wrong with them, and they look nice on a gun, I can't see me ever making much use of my two red dot sights. I only play cqb and they are pretty much redundant in a dark short range environment. I've put them both back in their boxes - and the lense protector I bought. A tracer is a much more useful accessory than a sight. My Bolle goggles for glasses wearers have been a waste of time. There is no way I can stop them or my glasses from fogging up. I should just have put the money towards contact lenses. Most of my tactical gear is likely to get little use. I have a decent 5.11 Trainer Belt, which I like, but I could have gone without my molle belt and harness. I have a little chest rig that holds a couple of mags, but I'm more likely to be using hicap mags. None of my stuff was expensive but it mounts up, and I could have spent the money more wisely.
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