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  1. emilianoksa

    Trident MK 2 CRB or G&G equivalent?

    I always got the impression that Krytac were considered to be in a different league from G&G - up more in VFC and ICS mars territory. But what do I know?
  2. emilianoksa

    Anyone reccomed a mid tier G36

    Aren’t the G&G G36c versions any good? I’ve heard they are better than the Umarex, ASG, and KWA aegs. Top tech internals and very nice polymer.
  3. emilianoksa

    Who makes what?

    Thanks a lot for the link.
  4. emilianoksa

    Who makes what?

    Does G&G produce its gbb pistols in house or does it have them made by somebody else? There are a lot of aeg guns that appear to be rebranding exercises. Names like Valken, Evolution and Echo 1 don't mean much to me and are rarely discussed. Is Bolt actually a manufacturer? Their guns are as expensive as VFCs and yet I've never met anybody who owns one.
  5. i recently bought a couple of these midcap mags and was surprised to see they have a gloss finish. Does any?body know why they aren't matte like the grey hicap ones? I imagine the shine will wear off with use. They are nicely made but I can't help feeling that their appearance is not very realistic. Am I wrong?
  6. emilianoksa

    Taiwangun Co

    Muchas gracias
  7. emilianoksa

    Kj works m9 greengas

    I've heard it said that kjw co2 mags are less reliable than green gas ones. Very much prone to leaking. What other makes of mag will work in KJ?
  8. emilianoksa

    Taiwangun Co

    I'm having a devil of a job paying for some small items on the website. It could be clearer. Do I have to register with them before I can pay?
  9. emilianoksa

    M4 mags in AK pouches

    Thanks for the tip Druid.
  10. emilianoksa

    M4 mags in AK pouches

    Thanks mate.
  11. emilianoksa

    M4 mags in AK pouches

    I know they are smaller and will go in, but are they a reasonable fit or very loose? I have the following Condor AK pouches: https://www.military1st.co.uk/ma71-003-condor-double-ak-kangaroo-mag-pouch-coyote.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjfv34-yc3AIVK7HtCh2IiwOPEAQYAyABEgI_O_D_BwE I know m4 ones will be better but I don't want to be shelling out for them just yet.
  12. emilianoksa

    Parts availability from ASG

    Thanks Iwas thinking of the CZ Duty P09, which has no competitors.
  13. emilianoksa

    Parts availability from ASG

    Is ASG good for parts? Most of its pistols are made by KJW which is a poor provider of parts and support for its products. Are the pistols it makes for ASG better supported?
  14. emilianoksa

    ArmorerWorks HX1001

    I have the same gun. Pretty much propietry parts I believe ie. AW or WE. But at least they are readily available. Which is more than you can say for VFC, KJW, KWC and others. I have finally got together the funds for an ASG CZ P09. However, much as I like this pistol, I am now having second thoughts. It is a KJW made gun. Because it is badged as ASG it might have good parts availability and backup, but I really dont know. So. Iam now considering a WE Glock 17 Gen 3 as a safer bet. Cheaper too. I can get the Glock and a spare mag for the same price as the P09, and there are plenty of spare parts as well as upgrades for it. TM is the best way to go of course, but WE will be my fall back in future.
  15. emilianoksa

    IKEA pegboards for airsoft guns

    Yes, it was.