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  1. Yes, I realise that Tommikka. I could join a re-enactment society I suppose,, but it isn't really my kind of thing. Thanks for the reply. Good to know.
  2. How do you manage to keep your UKARA? Now that my skirmishing days are over, I will lose my UKARA in March of next year. That is why any other rifs I want will have to be purchased in the next three months.
  3. Thanks. I just wondered where they hail from. Most people know that Cybergun is a French company, ASG Danish and Umarex German. What about Nuprol?
  4. Yes, I noticed that too. Fire Support were able to get hold of plenty of LCTs, and their prices were very good. The shop has had a big turnover of LCT products in the past. Who owns Nuprol? Is it a Chinese company , British, American or European?. Does it actually make the things that carry its label?
  5. That comes as a surprise. Can you give me a link? I thought all gbbrs were designed to run on green gas - which is generally lubricated.
  6. I paid about £239 for each of my two LCT AKs from Fire Support in spring 2018. I must admit I thought they were underpriced so I am not surprised the price has gone up. It was mainly because of the low price that I bought two. Now that the prices have gone up Fire Support still seems to have the best offers. The price there for new stock of one of my models is £309. Quite a big jump it is true, but In view of what other retailers are charging, Fire Support's price seems reasonable. This shop tends to be my go to place. The service is very good and if they have it in stock, I buy from them. Another UK retailer is selling the same LCT for £349. That's a very big jump in price after just over a year. Glad I bought when I did.
  7. UK to N. Ireland is notorious for those kinds of things. Have you ever had a similar problem posting to other parts of the UK? Or more specifically England and Wales, since Scotland might also be a problem.
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Right handed universal holster. Purchased from UK Tactical. Never skirmished. Never taken out of my house. I tried a couple of pistols for fit (it worked fine) and put it away. Because I have since had hip surgery and been given medical advice not to play airsoft, it will never be used. I will have no further need of holsters. No marks or smudges. Excellent appearance. Good build quality. Moly straps to the rear. It comes with a spare shim for thicker guns, and an item (both pictured) whose purpose I have no idea of, since the holster came without instructions. Sorry pictures aren't better. It is adjustable and will take most pistols. REDUCED TO £20 COLLECTED OR £23 POSTED.


    - GB

  9. Thanks for all the replies, and for your kind offer Wolf. I'll give it all some thought. At least I still have my pistols to enjoy.
  10. Thanks for your advice mate. Might have trouble getting it past my wife and the cat though.😁 Who knows. It'll soon be Christmas. Maybe my kids will be generous.
  11. If I had known my skirmishing days were numbered, I would have bought one gbbr instead of three aegs. Low mag capacity is not a problem when you are just plinking, and the experience of shooting gas guns is so much more satisfying than that of shooting aegs. Cool down effect is not such a problem when you are shooting on a range indoors. I no longer have any need for hicap magazines, and though I love the appearance of my LCTs, I could have got a GHK AK which has LCT externals. And I wouldn't have had to shell out on half a dozen or more expensive gas mags. Two or three would have been more than sufficient. I also feel more comfortable disassembling mechanical gas powered guns than electric guns. I know eff all about electricity and wiring. But selling in order to buy is just so much hassle that I can't be bothered now. The second hand market is crap and you end up spending even more money. I'd probably have to sell all three aegs at bargain basement prices (even though two of them have never been skirmished) and then still have to find extra money to finance a GHK AK and an extra mag. And then more money for some stronger replacement parts for those areas of the gun that need them. Yet I am still tempted from time to time by the WE G 39 and the Apache MP5. The former is available cheap as chips from KY Airsoft and the latter is also at a very tempting price. But then you get stung by Customs. Must stop looking at the adverts and youtube reviews. I enjoy shooting my pistols much more than my aegs now. AEGs are great for skirmishing but not really plinkers. I can see a future for them as wall hangers only.
  12. That would have something to do with the fact that WE pistols sell well, because they are cheaper than most of their competitors and they provide lots of different models to choose from. If you want a Makarov, Tokarev, Browning, Beretta Cheetah, P38 etc. WE are your automatic go to. So there are bound to be more of them on the market. As Hero Shark says, they are not that bad. If you want a belt hanger for emergency use, they look good and are generally fine for occasional use. Some of the VFC and KWA pistols are also underwhelming in terms of reliability, but they cost considerably more and parts availability can be a problem. In my opinion, WE are a step up in quality from KWC and not much inferior to KJW. They also make nice collectors' pieces.
  13. I've certainly had my golden age of airsoft. It lasted one year and eight months.
  14. A lot of the old stock of LCT AKs at Fire Support has now gone. Some new stock has arrived, but at new prices. I think my TX-s74UN cost me £249 last year. New ones are £309. This may be solely due to the weakness of the pound. Don't know if it has anything to do with Nuprol's alleged involvement.
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