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  1. emilianoksa

    Holster compatibility

    Thanks to you both
  2. emilianoksa

    TM Gold Match

    Thanks. That would account for the weight.
  3. emilianoksa

    TM Gold Match

    Is it true that this gun and the other TM 5.1Hicapas have alloy upper frames?
  4. emilianoksa

    Holster compatibility

    If anybody has a Marui SigP226 E2 or Beretta M9 A1 (the latest one with rail and decocker) , I wonder if you could tell me which of the following holsters fit them: IMI ; Nuprol ; Crytac I'm hoping that, unlike their Glocks, these TM pistols have the same dimensions as the real steel and that the IMI holsters will work. I can't stretch to Serpas or Safaris.
  5. emilianoksa

    Where to find holster for a Hi-Capa (HX1102)

    Since AW guns are WE based, the Nuprol holsters should fit perfectly. I have the AW with the blue slide (bought before I had an UKARA number). The Nuprol hicapa holster is a perfect fit.
  6. emilianoksa

    CQB Pain

    If you were to tell building clearers in Afghanistan they were likely to be hit with a 6mm plastic ball at 350 fps, they would breathe a good deal easier. If you took moderate pain out of airsoft it would quickly take all the fun out of it. People would just rush in with no thought to tactics. If it's a cold day I am usually well wrapped. If it is hot I wear a short sleeved shirt. As long as your hands and face are covered you aren't going to be seriously injured.
  7. emilianoksa

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    Fire Support are now doing the ICS pistol with mag for £59.Imagine how cheap the mags must be. Great value but not really an investment. These guns must not have been a success because they don't exist in the world of real steel. But they aren't the only ones. . And I imagine there will be little if anything in the way of parts or mags for them. I suppose you could say the same for some other brands. Still a real bargain though for somebody strapped for cash in need of a first pistol. And who knows? They may actually be excellent guns. Reviews I have seen have been generally positive.
  8. emilianoksa

    Got two Maruis pistols but have a problem

    In the end I sent it without the mag - RM next day delivery. It would probably have been alright complete (the post office didn't even ask me what was in the parcel) but I just wasn't prepared to take the risk. If random screening had shown up my parcel, insurance wouldn't have helped me. They may not be 100% reliable, but boy do they look good. The Beretta weighs almost a kilo and looks more like metal than a KJW or WE. Lovely satin finish: a display piece in fact. I'm very taken with one of the 1911s too. Plastic it may be but it has good weight and a "blued" finish. Try doing that with zamac.
  9. emilianoksa

    Got two Maruis pistols but have a problem

    Thanks for the advice lads. I hate it when this kind of thing happens. One of the reasons I bought a TM was because of their legendary reliability. 🤣
  10. emilianoksa

    Got two Maruis pistols but have a problem

    Well I checked everything again but to no avail and then called Fire Support. The decocker works with the slide off but not when it's on the frame. The man I spoke to was very good. He got another M9 out of stock and talked me through a set of possible fixes, but none of them worked. He did say that the ambidextrous decocker of his gun was very stiff and needed to be engaged by pressing down on each side at the same time. So there seems to be a problem with some of these pistols. Prospective buyers might want to take note. He told me to send it in and they would check it out and probably replace it. When I mentioned my worry about sending a gbb through the post he sympathised but said some post office would probably take it. However I am afraid that it could be confiscated because that is just my sort of luck. So now I am wondering whether to risk it and send the lot or just send the gun without the mag. The thought of paying my money for a new gun and ending up with nothing pisses me off. The post office has some very silly rules. What would you do? Any tips?
  11. emilianoksa

    Got two Maruis pistols but have a problem

    I wouldn't call it a pointless feature. The decocker is the only form of safety on the gun. If the decocker doesn't work there is no safety. The lever will not go down all the way to cover the read dot. It stops half way. Thanks for the tip Adolf. I'll try that in the morning before I phone Fire Support
  12. emilianoksa

    Got two Maruis pistols but have a problem

    It isn't the earlier model.. Yes they do. Have a look. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-m9a1-gbb-pistol
  13. This afternoon I received two TM pistols in the post. I was going to buy only one, but unexpectedly found an extra ton and a half at my disposal. The pistols are an M9A1 and a Sig 226 E2. I wanted the Beretta because of its looks and weight (almost a kilo) and it is a handsome gun. The Sig I was not quite as enthusiastic about but I thought it would be the better gun for CQB. I must say that never having owned a plastic gun before I was blown away by the quality of construction. I will never turn my nose up at plastic guns again - provided of course that they are TMs. What came as a complete surprise was that I actually preferred the Sig. It looks better than in the illustrations and has a nice weight and lovely balance. I still like the Beretta, but there is a problem with it. The mag had slipped out of place in the box, but there are no signs of damage. However the decocker doesn't function. I am familiar with the workings of the gun, but watched a couple of videos just in case I had missed something. In the videos the decocker comes down smoothly and does its job. However on mine it is stiff and stops - and when I say stops I mean stops like it is locked, sufficiently strongly that I am afraid to give it more pressure - and the hammer remains fully cocked. If I were an experienced gbb man I could probably locate and fix the fault, but I am not. And the gun is brand new. Looks like I will have to send it back to Fire Support and ask for a replacement. How I will be able to post it without risking its confiscation I do not know. I hope Fire Support will come up with a solution. So I am over the moon with the Sig and disappointed with the M9. TM are lauded for their build quality but it looks like I have received a lemon. It kind of puts me off this model. I wish now that I had ordered something else - an HK 45 or a Hicapa 5.1. But I do like the look of the classic Beretta. I just wondered what other members would make of the fault. I have four gbb pistols now and all of them came with gas in the mags. Is this normal. Do retailers generally gas them up for checking purposes? It bothers me a bit with the Maruis because I have no way of telling what type of gas was put in them. Whatever it was I don't suppose the mags were filled to full capacity. I must mention that I have bought from Fire Support before and been very happy with their service. So this post is not intended to be critical of them.
  14. emilianoksa

    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    This is what I call a bargain from ROE: https://roeairsoft.co.uk/gg-gc16-ffr-9-sale-1450-p.asp They also do the 7" one for the same price. Nothing special internally but full metal body, excellent upgrade platform and smart looks from a popular manufacturer of reliable guns.. The 9 incher (OO, ER missus!) looks very versatile, while the 7 incher would be great for CQB. If I had a spare ton and a half, i'd snap one up right away.
  15. emilianoksa

    Quick Questions & Simple Answers.

    Thanks for the reply. But it would have been useful if you could have given your reason. Because it's a gimmick and unnecessary? Or Because it is a bad product? I am still in the dark.