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  1. Although the WE versions are regularly panned, the AW ones seem to be reasonable options for those who don't want to get into the TM plastic version. Is it simply because of better quality control? I assume they are internally pretty much the same since WE is said to make both.
  2. L85 wins it for me. Not my favourite but I am not keen on the SCAR.
  3. Could anybody help me with an opinion? In normal times the rule of thumb was two thirds of the price new. But these aren't normal times. That is why my I put my initial valuation at less than 50%. Is that too low, just about right, or are the chances of selling things remote at the moment?
  4. The WE mags aren't bad. Certainly better than the KJW ones or so I am told..
  5. Make/brand: G&G GC16 300 BOT M4 boxed with high cap mag Any accessories included: Blackhawk single point sling, two front grips, red dot, folding lense protector, 3 x mid cap magazines I will be putting my M4 sub compact for sale, probably at the weekend. It's a G&G GC16 300 BOT, with one grey metal high capacity mag (450 I think) bought at the end of last year or beginning of this from Zero One (can't quite remember) and has been skirmished once, for three hours at the Mill indoor cqb site. See pictures below. Reason for sale. I have three aegs, two of which will have to go, since I have had surgery after an accident and have a disability which makes skirmishing extremely inadvisable. I got together a lot of airsoft stuff which I have never used and will now have to sell most of it. It has a metal receiver and front rail , is probably internally the same as a Combat Master, although some say the GC16 series have some internal improvements over the CM16s. I have no idea. It is the only gun in my collection which has been skirmished, and performed well in cqb. Unfortunately it took a hit at close range on the dust cover, which is a fairly thin metal, which left a dent. That didn't bother me unduly at the time but it may bother others. I suppose the part could be replaced easily enough or the dent knocked out, but guns can't stay pristine for ever. Were it not for the dent I would be advertising the gun as mint. And indeed the externals look great. It has been used three times, twice for zeroing in and plinking with a red dot at my local indoor airgun range, and once at the Mill, and I have only used a nimh battery. So the internals have barely had a work out. It is a no frills gun; the charging handle is for show and you have to use your finger nail to open the dust cover. I couldn't care less about those things, but others might. I wanted a metal gun. It is a handily short, nice looking, pointable and accurate gun, ideal for cqb. The metal gives it some weight but not a lot and you could carry it all day without getting tired. This aeg goes for £220-230 new. Included with it is a Blackhawk single point sling (non bungee), which I took off after 10 minutes of cqb because it was unnecessary, and that is also in mint condition. I paid £25 for it from Tactical Kit, but they are reduced to £20 at the moment. The front pistol grips I added are generic Chinese ones which look good and works well. Can't remember what I paid for them, but it was probably about £10-15 each. It comes with three black metal mid cap magazines. The mags are black metal 140 round capacity, and cost just over £20 each. They have followers which ensure all bbs are pushed out. I believe the followers can be removed, but I like them since they ensure that every bb is loaded. Some people don't like G&G mid caps but they behaved perfectly for me at the airgun range. They have all been primed and I have never put silicone oil down them. They are in mint condition. . The red dot is a generic Chinese one bought from Hong Kong. I paid £29 for it and it seems to work fine.. So I could use some advice. Gun with high cap mag, in its original box with instructions and cleaning rod, plus sling and two front pistol grips, three mid cap metal mags, a red dot and folding lense protector which bolts on the rail in front of the red dot (not shown - cost about £12). In total about £370 worth. Unfortunate dent but otherwise you would think it just came out of the box. Would £165 be too much, too little or about right?. I couldn't post it at that price, because box size and weight would mean about £20 postage. But there may be people in the north west who could collect. I could also sell it without the red dot and protector for £15 less. . I would appreciate your advice. Pictures:
  6. Anyone got their hands on the official Sig M17, which I believe is made by VFC, or the WE version which they are calling the F17? If so, any information about either of them, or better still a comparison would be most appreciated.
  7. The best metal production 1911s are generally thought to be the KJW. Their MEU version would be my choice purey because It has better sights than the classic version. KJW 1911s take both green gas and CO2 mags. Because the mag does not have much gas capacity and the slide is heavy, you will probably get better performance with CO2, though I don't like it myself. The green gas mags are OK in warm weather but you'll probably have to refill each time you empty the mag of bbs. Not a problem if you aren't a skirmisher. The problem is that KJW pistols aren't as widely available in the UK, though this retailer stocks them.. https://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/kj-works-1911-meu-airsoft-pistol-kp-07-black-green-gas-version-15744-p.asp You might also consider a hi capa. It doesn't have the classic 1911 appearance because of the grip area and fat magazine, but it is pretty close. The KJW KP05 is the closest you will get to a 1911. https://www.replicaairguns.com/posts/2013/2/16/kjworks-kp-05-1911-hi-capa-blowback-airsoft-pistol-table-top.html ,Armorer Works also makes hi capas which will run on both green gas and CO2,, and some are available with red or blue slides. They are professionally done in the factory and look much better than ones that have been spray painted by a retailer. I had one with a blue slide and it was an accurate and nice looking gun. I bought it from here: I would be prepared to buy another. https://www.geniestuff.co.uk/hx1105-airsoft-pistol-armorer-works-hi-capa-gbb-blue--red-580-p.asp I think you might want to consider a hi capa rather than a 1911 if you want it for shooting at home or in the garden. They take up to 30 bbs and in warm weather you can get a couple of mags out of one fill of gas. And they actually look good with coloured slides. With a 1911 you will be lucky to get 20 shots, even in hot weather. In cold weather you find their performance underwhelming. The mags, like the grips are just too slim to hold enough gas. And coloured slides don't look so good on the 1911. Build quality of KJW and Armorer Works is in my opinion superior to KWC, and you can get replacement parts for them.
  8. I haven't noticed.
  9. The general advice for airsoft is to avoid gun oil. It is fine on metal to metal of course, but will weaken plastic and destroy rubber if it migrates on to them. For rubber ie. seals - use only silicone oil. You can also use silicone oil for metal surfaces sliding on plastic ones. For metal on metal some use Abbey LT2 grease or white lithium grease. I prefer and recommend Superlube Synthetic Grease with PTFE . Don't confuse it with Superlube Silicone Grease which is not a recommended lubricant on metal to metal. The Synthetic Grease is also available in an oil form. It comes in a little applicator shaped like a pen. Both Superlube Synthetic Grease and Oil contain teflon and are safe to use on plastic and metal. They are said to be safe on most rubbers, though not all. For that reason I would stick to silicone oil for rubber. The Superlube stuff is not cheap unless you buy direct from America, and are prepared to wait a couple of weeks. Well worth the wait in my opinion.
  10. My guns are all Taiwanese or Japanese. Most of my accessories - red dots, hand guards, lights, etc - are cheap Chinese though. Won't be buying any more.
  11. Bit of a strange choice. They are both very good but so different in appearance. One is a hand canon and the other a compact. Of the two I would probably go for the HK45. I do like Glocks though but prefer the bigger ones. A more appropriate alternative to the HK45 might be the USP full size - or maybe the FNX45.
  12. You do like your Glocks. So do I. Info on the bottom right 34 please?
  13. The Valor target box might interest you. Not cheap but under a hundred in most places. Apparently it works very well both indoors and outdoors. Sorry. Please ignore the first video. Don't know how to delete. I'll try again. Hoorah.
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