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  1. I go out of my way to avoid buying anything that carries the Nuprol label. I will not buy LCT products again either.
  2. I was looking through the web page of one of the UK's top retailers. The number of guns and magazines that are sold out was striking. And it has been that way for months. So I tried another top retailer and it was the same story. And another. And so on. Of course I know the reason for this, but it got me thinking. Will they ever be able to restock? Will they even be able to continue trading if this lack of product continues. I know most airsoft stuff is produced in China, but there appear to be serious shortages of stuff from Taiwan too.
  3. Thanks for posting that. As you say it seems like an older design. The parts diagram at this site at the bottom of the page when you scroll down, shows the KJWorks version follows the real steal arrangement. Part 61 is the part I was referring to. There appears to be no equivalent on either the WE or TM parts diagrams. The screw and strut are shown but not the housing the screw goes into. https://www.greekairsoft.gr/manuals/manual.asp?Manufacturer=KJWORKS&Filename=KJW+P226+KP01+Manual.pdf
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am referring to the airsoft variety which I imagined mimics the real steal. However, looking at this WE F series parts diagram I cannot see how the hammer spring is held captive. There should be a piece that fits into the bottom of the grip frame to locate the spring, but it doesn't show in this one from WE. https://www.kyairsoft.com/parts/we-pistols-gbbp/f-series-mk-25-p226/f226-s-56-gbbp.html However in the real steel the part I am talking about is number 36 in the diagram below. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/sig-sauer/auto-pistols-sig/226-sig/parts-list-p226 The enhanced grip also has a spring base but it is smaller. This Guarder enhanced grip is shown with the smaller part needed to change from normal to enhanced. https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/guarder-e2-enhanced-grip-for-marui--kj--we-p226-black Sorry if it isn't clear but I have found it very difficult to get better parts diagrams.
  5. I've tried getting answers to this on several forums , including this one in the quick answers for quick questions section , but without success. Even Reddit Airsoft which normally moves pretty quickly has failed to get me even one response. So I decided to come back here and give it one last try. Can the E2 grips on an airsoft Sig P226 be replaced by the original E1 grips. The E1 hammer spring base is pretty substantial, too big for the E2 grips to clear it. But the E2 hammer spring base is much smaller and the E1 grips are bigger. So am I right in thinking that the E1 grips are a straight fit to a gun purchased with an E2 grip? Or can the E1 grips only be attached if there is an E1 hammer spring base behind the grip frame? Most people prefer the E2 grips but I am an exception. I bought a Sig with E2 grips and now wish I had bought one with the original E1 grips. is there anything I can do about it, other than sell the E2 and buy an E1 gun?
  6. True enough. However, I'm sure Marui is secretly very pleased that its guns sell all over the world. The retailers and distributors who order them from Japan are paying Tokyo Marui after all. And sales to the rest of the world must make a huge contribution to their overall profit.
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Now that skirmishing is taking place again and people are able to renew their UKARA, I am re-advertising this gun which is available with either an olive drab or black slide. The olive drab slide is factory issue, not painted by me, and is not generally available in the UK. I prefer it on a tan frame, but black is available if you want it. Although advertised as "used" because it has been fired briefly at an indoor range, the gun and magazine are effectively as new apart from a little wear on the barrel block, which is unavoidable and begins as soon as a gun is shot. Comes in the original box with booklet and additional backstraps. Can be collected from the Bolton area of Greater Manchester for 70 pounds or 80 pounds posted.



  8. Thanks for the reply. Cow Cow grip tape for hi capa: https://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/cowcow-tech-airsoft-custom-textured-grit-grip-tape-hi-capa-black-tmhc-040-34801-p.asp
  9. Depends what you want it for. If for skirmishing then reliabilityand accuracy are everything. In which case TM is the most sensible choice. They don't need anything doing to them and will probably last a lifetime. If you insist on metal and will only use the pistol occasionally, there are several WE guns that have decent performance: Glocks, P226, Beretta PX4 I believe these were originally put together by HK3P (which is now I think part of WE) and are superior to other WE products. They have close - but probably not complete - compatibility with TM versions. I've also heard the latest WE M9A1 is not bad. I don't think there is much point in paying more for metal guns from KWA, VFC, etc. They are generally more expensive than WE, and have nicer externals but often have reliability issues. And parts are not so easy to access.
  10. Are the lower frames for the E2 and E1 versions of the Sig P226 identical ie. are the grips interchangeable? I imagine they are not interchangeable but just wanted to check.
  11. Guarder do replacements for the 226 but I don't think there is anything off the shelf available for the compacts.
  12. Do you think the pot metal in TM rifles is any better in quality and sturdiness than that used in Chinese and Taiwanese guns? Or is all airsoft pot metal crap?
  13. Would it be worth spraying this with clear matt plastikote before attachment, in order to stop the sand paper particles from rubbing away too easily. Would it actually work?
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