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  1. Looks good. What make is that 1911?
  2. This type: https://www.evike.com/products/57851/ Any reason why this type of pistol stand should be avoided? Do they put any strain on the plastic grip area of a hi capa or glock? They appear to be far and few between in the UK.
  3. Is it worth changing the frame on a WE Glock for a Guarder one? Is the Guarder polymer that much stronger?
  4. I have three of the metal G&G midcaps with the protruding follower. They have worked well enough for me. I wonder how many users properly prepare their midcap springs by adding 10 bbs at a time and then expelling them, up to 140.
  5. Funny thing is that Keanu is a pretty wooden actor, and the John Wick films are actually crap. Nice guns though.
  6. A 9ball router would be worth buying. I think they comer in packs of two. Even if it doesn't work you will still have the routers, which I believe are even better than the Marui ones.
  7. Now that I can no longer skirmish and my expectations of airsoft have changed, I find myself being drawn into the money pit that is the TM Hi Capa. I wasn't keen on them at first but I have been looking at Mike Cripps' website and am now sold on the idea of customising my stock TM 5.1. I have even developed a love for gold barrels and other bits of bling. Major parts would be black or silver though. Just goes to show that even when you are old you can still change your mind. I find I am shooting my pistols much more than my rifles now, because rifles aren't that much fun at 10m (at the range) or 20m when I can pluck up the courage to shoot out into my garden (when the weather is bad and neighbours are inside). And Hi Capas seem to be inherently more accurate than other pistols, especially when customised. Problem is the readies. Some well loved guns will have to go to finance this. I am not expecting to pay a grand but two or three hundred would not be out of the question.
  8. Cleaning and relubing those that needed it, checking the mags etc. I must say when handling my TMs I felt that although they are made of plastic,ut they have a quality feeling and look that most metal factory guns can't compete with. My M9A1 in particular Is superb to look at and handle.
  9. Stop using WD 40 immediately. It will ruin the o rings. Use only silicone oil or grease on plastic or rubber parts - blowback unit, o rings in magazines etc. Some people use silicone oil or grease on the slide too. I prefer Teflon grease. There are lots of videos on the web about gbb maintenance.
  10. I've been looking at the Elite Shooting Centre site and pondering. Is there any point in paying 200 quid for an exotic AW custom gun like a Combat Master or SAI when for £250 you can get a TM 5.1 with a metal slide and a few other little enhancements? Of course if you don't really like Hi Capas the question would never arise for you, but then you wouldn't be interested in a John Wick lookalike gun or an SAI 2011 either. Now the Mike Cripps £250 custom hi capa might not be the best but you could always improve it over time by adding a metal barrel, steel recoil rod etc. But it would probably be a better long term bet than an AW. Has anybody bought a custom gun from Mike? Bury is not far from Bolton, where I live. Might be worth a visit.
  11. Thanks. I was thinking mainly of Hi Capas. If you had had to fit them would you have used a file or the natural erosion method?
  12. I know that even with the best custom slides this is rarely a straight fir. Which is the preferred method of getting the slide to fit: 1. Taking tiny bits off the rails as required using a file and repeatedly checking for fit? 2. Putting polishing compound on the frame rails, attaching the slide and repeatedly racking it until it fits itself? The second method has more appeal to me. What's wrong with just forcing it on with a bit of teflon grease as an alternative to polishing compound and racking it to break it in?
  13. Looks very promising. Nice that it has a non dropping barrel.
  14. Looks nice. Those metal Cyma MP5s seem to be very well thought of for the money. How does it perform?
  15. How does AA compare in build quality to KWC? Is it closer to WE but at a lower price or not particularly good value for money? I've heard some very negative things said about KWC.
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