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  1. My Guarder tactical grip kit arrived today, and I have a quick question for those who know about these things. The Guarder hammer spring which comes fitted to the bottom insert in the grip appears to be stronger than the one in my original TM grip. My hi capa has an airsoft masterpiece metal slide, stainless steel inner barrel, reinforced nozzle and a 120% recoil spring (all other internal parts are stock), so I imagine the stronger spring should be OK, but I thought it best to check first. I know how important it is In gbb guns for everything to be in balance
  2. Yes thanks. But they are almost impossible to come by at the moment. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. Not sure what you mean by "dust covers". Sorry if I am being stupid, but could you help me out?
  4. Thanks. And I suppose springs are easy enough to replace.
  5. I had also considered the type of stand that supports the barrel rather than the grip, but they don't look as good, are often too low and rarely have provision to stop the grip from slipping. On the pistol grip display stands can the plastic grip of a hi capa manage to support the weight of the metal frame and slide, or will it weaken in time? I assume most polymers are tough enough, but don't know about the TM ABS.
  6. Thanks. That is what I was hoping. It's a TM Hi Capa by the way.
  7. I wonder if somebody could kindly explain how they work. I know it is all to do with a spring. What I don't know is whether the slot in the mag when engaged releases or compresses the spring. In other words, is the spring under compression when the mag is in the grip. Or does the mag itself first compress the spring as it slides into the grip and then release it? Sorry if it is a stupid question. I want to buy a pistol display stand which holds the gun solely by the grip. Some of these appear to grip the mag like the pistol grip does.
  8. I'm trying to make my 5.1 look more tactical and less like a race gun. So I am waiting for retailers to get new stock of the Guarder tactical grip kit. But I also wondered: will the shorter beaver tail grip safety on the 4.3 fit the 5.1?
  9. And most other hi capas come to that. First the grip. The TM one looks cheap to start with, but I also dislike the shape of most hi capa grips, the way they flare out at the bottom and benefit from having a magwell (I don't really like magwells either but they look better with one than without), and the shape of the trigger guard. The flat front of the trigger guard spoils the look of the gun in my humble opinion. Well it does for me anyway. I would like a hi capa that looks more like a para ordinance ie the general shape of a 1911 but with a thicker grip and mag. And
  10. Has anyone ever ground down the flat faced trigger guard on a hi capa to round it off and make it look more like a traditional 1911 trigger guard? If so, what sort of rotary tool attachment should be used? Sand paper type, I expect. And I assume removing bits of the black polymer will reveal a grey or white finish underneath. In which case which black paint would you recommend for touching it up? Grateful for any replies.
  11. I recently sold my last rifle. Unlike the vast majority of users on here I only used nimh batteries. And since my guns were rarely ever shot, the batteries have had little use. I imagine I will have to hand them in somewhere to be destroyed, since I can't post them, but it seems a pity. Don't know what to do with the charger which is a decent one from Vapex, and one of those fireproof envelop type battery protection bags,, which I never ever used. I have no use for them now but can't see anyone wanting to buy them. The batteries are t
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I had no sooner ordered this gun after getting my UKARA number than I fell and broke my hip, and I have been given medical advixe that I am high risk for further fractures and should never skirmish again. So, with great regret, I am selling my last and favourite rifle. I bought it because it looks great and I thought it would be ideal for cqb. Unfortunately I never got to find out what it was like to carry. The gun has never been skirmished. In fact it has never been outside. It has merely been test fired on a 10m indoor airgun range. Given that it has fired so few rounds and has only been used with an 8.4 nimh battery, the gear box has been put under no strain at all. It looks as new as the day I first took it out of the box. The receiver and other critical parts are made of real steel and the stock is side folding. It comes with two LCT banana mags ( one metal hicap one plastic midcap ), two plumb polymer LCT mags (one hicap, one midcap), an unused Condor double AK mag and double pistol mag kangaroo pouch with four molle straps ( the one on the left in the picture, not the separate double pistol mag and chest panel which have already been sold ), and a new two point Ukrainian military issue canvas sling Anyone interested should pm me their full name and current UKARA number. If you don't have a current UKARA but expect to get one in the not too distant future, I may be prepared to wait. I would like £150 posted.



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