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  1. emilianoksa

    328fps limit for CQB

  2. emilianoksa

    328fps limit for CQB

    Thanks for the replies. Yes I've seen the Mill forum page and the 350 limit. But I have also heard the site manager refer to 328fps. It's such a curious number that it has stayed in my head. I wonder what it all means.
  3. emilianoksa

    328fps limit for CQB

    If the sight limit is said to be 328fps as it is at the Mill in Wigan, what does this mean: That the gun must never go above 328? OR That the average of a number of shots taken must not be above 328? I need to know so that the gun I have ordered can be set at the right level by the retailer. If the gun passes the chrono test with .20 bbs, do most sites allow you to use .25, .28 or.30 pellets as an alternative?
  4. emilianoksa

    Still waiting for my UKARA number

    Very kind of you Wolf. I've just received my number today and will be returning to the Mill probably in about two weeks time after I've got some stuff together. I'll let you know.
  5. emilianoksa

    Still waiting for my UKARA number

    Hallelujah! I've just checked my emails and my number has arrived. I'm so excited I think I have just deposited a little drop of wee in my underpants.😁 Thanks for all your advice and encouragement lads.
  6. emilianoksa

    Still waiting for my UKARA number

    No Wolf. I'm not prepared to rent any more. I like the JG36c (might even buy one in the future - Gunfire had them in a sales deal recently for only 75 quid - if I'd had my number I would have snapped one up, but they have gone back to their normal price now) but I would like to try something different now. I've attended three games and from now on I want to play with my own gun. I also want to usea pistol, and I am waiting to buy one of those too.
  7. Thanks for the explanation Druid. I think I am going to give them a try. So I will need a LiFE capable charger. I assume the IMAX B6 AC v2 would be a good choice. I think Vapex makes a LiFe stick battery that will probably fit my AK. If I ever get it.
  8. emilianoksa

    Which ak74u? CYMA LCT or ICS

    I have phoned three times now Wolf. I can only assume there is a technical problem of some sort. I am still waiting, checking my emails every couple of hours each day. I have some things on order with Fire Support and I'm just waiting to pay.
  9. Well I've watched a lot of videos and not yet seen a 9.6 under the dust cover on an AK. What make is your AK? Why aren't the LiFe batteries more popular? I've googled them and they look fine for airsoft. Not as volatile as lipos . Why do most people buy lipos?
  10. emilianoksa

    Still waiting for my UKARA number

    The stuff I am buying is on order at Fire Support. I have told them that I am still waiting. They haven't suggested anything. Only asked me to let them know when I get my number. Still no news.
  11. emilianoksa

    Which ak74u? CYMA LCT or ICS

    Don't ruin an LCT or ICS by two toning it. If you must have a two tone get a Cyma. They are cheap enough, and it may be easier to remove the paint on them without mucking up the finish. I was going to buy a two tone too. Glad I waited. Well sort of: I did my third and qualifying game two weeks ago, and still haven't got an UKARA number.
  12. emilianoksa

    Looking for a Glock need assistance.

    You're about 40 quid short for the Umarex one. Personally I wouldn't pay that for trades.
  13. emilianoksa

    Still waiting for my UKARA number

    Maybe it's gone down again. If it is, why should it take months to fix it? It's only a list of names and numbers for God's sake.
  14. ..... how many aegs would actually fit a 9.4 battery? Looking at the battery space available on most popular guns, I get the impression that there were relatively few.
  15. emilianoksa

    Still waiting for my UKARA number

    Well, hopefully, I'll find out today (more likely tomorrow) whether I have got a number or not. And that will be after two weeks of waiting. I really don't understand why these things aren't processed much faster. We do live in a computer age after all.