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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 16 hours

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    Lovely gun which I paid £135 for and have never used. I haven't even adjusted the hop. It has only been test fired, which is obvious from the state of the barrel breech block which shows only a hint of wear. Looks good, shoots well. Comes with one mag and a case. I know I will regret selling it, but I am gradually reducing the number of my pistols which, these days exist more for decoration than anything else. Aiming to get down to a Glock, Hi Capa and a couple of plastic TMs for garden gunning. £70 collected. Add £10 for postage. If interested, please supply me with your full name, post code and UKARA number.


    - GB

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Black Cow Cow grip with self adhesive rubber grip tape, full TM internals, an Airsoft Masterpiece Edge black trigger, and an Airsoft Surgeon low profile magwell with lanyard hole. Included are three Cow Cow grip tapes and a silver trigger blade with two pins (they are very easy to lose ), should you wish to swop it for the black one. The silver trigger quard is shown on an original TM grip, which is not included. Price is for one grip only. The rubber grip tape tends to peel away at the edges, but closes easily with hand pressure or if a little heat is applied. It will peel off leaving no residue and, if I were keeping the grip, I would remove it completely. The additional grip tapes are of the sandpaper type, should you wish to try them. Personally I would leave the grips without tape of any kind. Or maybe have them stippled. Never skirmished. Looks new, although there is a tiny mark on the trigger blade which is not visible. The screw that connects the base of the hi capa frame to the top of the trigger guard is not included, but the two silver screws for each side of the grip are. £35 posted


  3. Time Left: 4 days and 14 hours

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    Original TM grip with hammer housing and pin, but no other internals, and Airsoft Masterpiece Edge magwell with longer pin. Never skirmished. As new condition. The magwell alone cost nearly 36 quid, and hasn't got a mark on it. £20 posted.


    - GB

  4. Thanks. Pity they are no longer available. Excellent work. Considering it is all stock, that is very impressive. Does the cerakote on the slide really reduce the risk of the plastic scratching?
  5. Are those the KWC versions of old, or does somebody else make them? Just my opinion, but they are a better looking pistol than the M&P 9. What brand are the slide and frame? Very nice work, by the way.
  6. I have been waiting for the TM G17 Gen 4 pistols to be restocked, but something tells me this could take a very long time. So I started to think about the G17 Gen 3 and the G22. They have the smaller bbu so are probably not as nice to shoot. Since I only intend to use 144a gas, the issue of the hammer light striking shouldn't be a problem. Whether the weaker gas reduces the chances of the main body screw failing, I have no idea. I know that the G22 has a metal reinforcement to protect the plastic slide when it locks back, that the G17 lacks. I understand that the dimensions of the G17 and 22 are the same. Does this mean that aftermarket slides and frame kits from the likes of Guarder designed for the 17 will also fit the 22? Is the G22 a good buy , or is the G17 Gen 4 so much better that it is worth waiting for, regardless of how long it takes?
  7. Thanks to you both. So is the Guarder metal slide a decent fit on the Guarder complete frame kit? Or is it likely to need modification as well? I imagine the TM bbu unit will not be a straight fit to the Guarder slide, but what about the TM plastic outer barrel and recoil spring guide?
  8. Not cheap but they look pretty good. Do any members have any experience of these or know someone who has? I wonder how they would work with the TM plastic slide and internals. Would they work well together, or would they need a metal slide on top?
  9. Thanks very much for clearing that up for me.
  10. Would I be right in thinking that most of the custom stuff available for Marui Glocks is for the original Gen 3 pistols, and that there is little in the way of upgrades for the more recent Gen 4 models? If you want to buy a TM Glock for upgrade, is it better to buy a Gen 3?
  11. Thanks. Yes, I've noticed that my FNX 45 doesn't seem to suffer from it. And when the black TM FNX and black VFC FNX are laid down together for comparison, it is not immediately obvious which is which. As for cerakoting plastic, could I ask you two questions? 1. Does it protect the plastic from serious scratching and scuffing? 2. Is it cheaper to have plastic cerakoted than metal, since there is presumably less preparation involved before spraying?
  12. I know that the plastic used by Marui often turns shiny with use. This has been the case with many of its earlier pistols, notably the G17 Gen 3. Do the later, improved TM pistols suffer from the same problem, or have Marui found a way eliminate, or at least limit it?
  13. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I forgot. I don't know if all Airsoft Masterpiece hi capa slides have the notch, but the Springfield Armory one certainly does.
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