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  1. Thanks. I imagined the real steel ones would be a little slim for some airsoft mags. Didn't realise they were adjustable. Any particular grenade pouch recommended?
  2. Are there any recommended ones that ill fit airsoft mags? Paddle or belt attachment, not fussed. I suppose Nuprol will be the most common ones, but what else is available? Or are they not a good idea? Are closed top soft mags preferred for the extra security they offer? Is it feasible to put a fabric pistol holster with molle straps on a strong reinforced belt?
  3. Thanks for that. Have you kept the plastic slide?
  4. Thank you for taking the trouble. I have been an airgun shooter for several decades, and am a member of two UK airgun forums , including the one you mention, so I am aware of the points you raise. I got fed up of plinking at pieces of paper and switched to airsoft because of its unique challenges and the fun of combat. Now it seems I might well have to return to shooting paper. But airsoft blowback pistols are far superior in looks and function to airgun blow backs, and a lot safer. I love green gas and dislike CO2. I might pick up another air rifle one day, but probably not.
  5. Thanks. That's reassuring to know. I imagine if you don't mistreat it, the HK45 will last as long as most other Maruis. But I just wanted to hear what owners' experiences were.
  6. I've heard that KJW gas mags are generally more reliable than their CO2 ones.
  7. Very kind of you Wolf. I look forward to your review. Have you kept the plastic slide on your G18s then? That is impressive for a full auto gun.
  8. Of course. I should have realised that.
  9. I imagine Nuprol who sell polymer holsters, including a 5.1 hicapa one, and mag holders have something to fit their drop leg attachment. Have you enquired?
  10. How many places do practical pistol? Now that I probably can't skirmish I wouldn't mind trying it. If it requires running though, it won't be for me. Nice gun, by the way. Will you keep it stock?
  11. I've been thinking of acquiring one of these for some time. Either this or the FNX45 when I have seen the reviews, but I lean towards the HK. All the reviews I have seen were positive, but one from a bloke who knows a lot about airsoft worried me a little. Although he says lots of nice things about the gun, he has some serious criticisms. Only one of those criticisms bothers me - that the size of the slide with all the empty space inside it, and the way the rear sights are attached with two screws through plastic, make it vulnerable to cracking. The bloke is based in Hong Kong and I get the impression he may be into speed softing, but he is the sort who works a lot on guns and fits custom parts, whereas I keep my Maruis as they come and only use 144a in the summer and Ultra if it is cold. So I wouldn't be putting the strain on the gun that he does, and I wouldn't even be using it for skirmishing. The whole video is worth watching but the part I have referred to starts at about 23 minutes. So, given my modest requirements, I thought I would ask owners of this popular gun if they have encountered any problems with the slide, since I am not intending to upgrade it to a metal one and then get into all the other expense of changing parts to support that. Anybody have a slide crack or the rear sights fly off their HK45? Does it feel any more fragile than other TM blowbacks?
  12. I think I asked this question before some time ago, but I have been using the search function for ages and can't find the thread. So forgive me please if I ask again. I intend to post the empty magazines separately from the gun, so that if they are destroyed, at least the gun will not be. Would I be best to use Royal Mail or Parcel Force for recorded delivery? Or is there a better alternative.
  13. Considered them but they have had a mixed reception from owners - I have read both good and bad reviews on forums. Perhaps individual guns vary. The full trades come at a price and Umarex stuff is expensive enough anyway. They are not TM compatible so how widely available parts are I wouldn't know. And the magazines are overpriced. They look nice though.
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