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  1. Talltom

    KA Thompson

    Time Left: 1 day and 17 hours

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    My King arms Thompson for sale comes with Sling, 6 mags and mag pouch in original box (not pictured) asking £170 split postage costs or can be picked up


  2. Talltom

    DBOYS SR25

    Time Left: 1 day and 17 hours

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Selling my DMR just not getting used enough needs a slight fix on the upper receiver but still functions as it should brilliantly accurate comes with scope, 3 mags, slip on silencer and bipod


  3. why must some people think that once you put a gun up for sale they deserve a more then 50% reduction on said item when its been up for sale less than 24hrs??? infuriating to say the least

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    2. Albiscuit


      Im more annoyed at second hand guns being more than retail because they throw in 9 mags and a load of other crap I dont want or need!! 


      who the hell needs more than 3 mags anyway!!! 

    3. Esoterick


      I think people selling above at or close to retail are just as bad if not worse. Especially when they've quite often done stuff to devalue them like 2 toning or messing about with the internals in dubious ways, especially on TMs where the value is normally derided from the fact the stock internals are reliable regardless of people whinging about materials used.

    4. neil_1987


      You're not alone!   Those ignorant halfwits are are everywhere.   

  4. Talltom

    Goggles/Glasses to go over Glasses.

    Bolle x1000rx
  5. Talltom

    Reassembly of dboys pdw

    Hey mate literally came online to write just managed to do it moving the charging handle and just brute force seems to do it Cheers
  6. Talltom

    Reassembly of dboys pdw

    Hi guys Is there any peculiar order or thing that needs to be done to get the top reciever onto the lower? Cheers
  7. Talltom

    Please Help Me With A Russian Loadout

    Just dont grow to big because its hard to find kit at 6ft7
  8. Talltom

    G&G mid cap mag feed issue on G&G CM16

    Hey mate You still at coningsby ill send you some more hi caps so you can use your cm16
  9. Talltom

    WE G39C Upgrade help plz

    Npas? Ive just got a g39c and converting to a k
  10. Anyone go to any sites near to or around oxford just moved there

    1. Roundel91


      i beleive the Mall in reading isnt too far from your new place mate

  11. Talltom

    Lengthy postage or am i being daft

    No it doesnt but it does take 18 days to discuss with his ex (whose paypal it was) where the item was followed by get him to actually answer his emails to then getting to a solution thatbhe appears to have broken so now i need to phone paypal to start another dispute with this guy hence im informing people here that this guy is definatly one you dont want to touch with a bargepole
  12. Talltom

    Lengthy postage or am i being daft

    Well its been a while guys (because ive been chatting with paypal) but Guess what 1 mag is wobbly doesnt seat right the other leaks at the edges so cant be fixed the paint jobs a mess and its missing the front iron sight so guess what ill be doing later
  13. Talltom

    Custom paint work

    is that a gbb pistol or aeg damn good skills
  14. Talltom

    Pistol tactics

    Spray and pray but i say that even if im sniping
  15. Talltom

    Grandfathers knives

    The kukri is an indian tourist item still worth a bit but not as much as a true blue the ivory ones could have been made anywhere including an army engineers back room the style suggests not modern ie before 1960s so probably got them during his service