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  1. Just played an outdoor day in rain and about 3'C. Didn't get a single fogging issue. I have the Revision Desert Locust goggles (NO FAN), and use the revision anti-fog wipes. Only issue I get is sweat running down my goggles, I have kept the foam in the goggles too. I was also wearing a shemag over my face, so I was creating a lot of warm air.
  2. When firing my Well MB4406, intermittently, the bolt will jam in the back position and it will not fire, it takes a minute and a bit of force, but you can then get the bolt back and it will fire perfectly fine again. Is this just a lubrication issue or something more serious?
  3. So i recently bought a HK M27 second hand in a bundle, and when I chrono'd at a field it was firing at 250 fps, I am using a 7.4 1100 20C Lipo. I can't test chrono at home (I don't own a chrono) so I need to try to get it working before I go to the game site again (26th nov). Which way should I try moving the hopup (it's a rotary hopup) to increase the FPS output, or is 250fps a reasonable amount?
  4. So I recently got a decent haul of gear but there was no documentation or paperwork with the sniper rifle and they didn't remember what it actually was. Can anyone ID it for? https://imgur.com/a/eehqJ
  5. So I am very unfit, and have a tendency to sweat a lot, even on indoor games this is a problem (I play both CQB and Woodland) so it isn't the rain, and they don't fog up at all (I use revision fog wipes). My goggles will end up looking like I have just had a shower after about 10 minutes of running around and I can't really see out of them due to all of the sweat that has dripped from my forehead into my goggles, is there any way to stop this? I was looking at a sort of sweatband to just wear and ring out after each game and then wash it after the game day. I am using Revision Desert Locust goggles with a lower mesh mask and a baseball cap. Thanks
  6. Yea I understand things will break down, I just dont expect stuff to break as soon as I take it out of the box and into the field.. Or for it to last 2-3 games before taking a flop. My eyepro is good old revision desert locust, so if they break (and ive been shot in the face plenty of times, I play CQB and worst thing thats happened is a bb slipped into my goggle underneath) then im definitely going to question if im being punished by a higher power Its been like it for 7 months now When will it end... My friend who got both a full wood/metal AK AND l96 for £50 (second hand) and bought majority of his kit from surplus stores has had no issues the whole time, yet I go for patrol base, military 1st, pro airsoft supplies, all expensive places and buy brand new, and it's cursed!
  7. Everything i touch breaks or goes wrong. My first rifle, Krytac MK2 PDW - Trigger issues first time use, repaired and it happened again, fixed again.. waiting to break again. Pistol, WE XDM - Lost takedown lever spring, BB jamming, Internal Hammer pin bent. - Currently working condition. Mags, Pistol and rifle - PTS EPM Mag- broken spring. WE XDM Mag - Leaking like a bitch, will not seal with silcon oil or gel, stained my vest as it leaked inside a pouch. Gloves - Pair of gloves stolen Flashlight - Got shot first time I used it Holster - Pistol didn't fit in holster, had to have custom cut Speed Loader(s) - Both speedloaders jammed and then the spring no longer worked. (Currently need to buy a new one.) Mask - Straps on my mask snapped. Phone Case - Got shot nearly instantly and broke, luckily saved my phone. The only things that haven't broken yet are my goggles and the clothes i wear on my body. I go airsoft probably once a month, i store things safely in a cupboard and draws, i do not store mags loaded or guns connected to battery, I do everything i can to keep them secure and safe, I buy new so everything is in a spotless condition.. ..Yet they still break. Every time I go airsofting SOMETHING goes wrong or breaks. Is this normal or do I just have the worst luck in the world? /rant.
  8. Currently I am running a pair of viper special ops (https://www.kitmastersupplies.com/products/viper-special-ops-glove-black) but I am having trouble feeling for certain things (such as the grenade primers, i use a TRMR). I have been looking at carpenter gloves as they have the index finger and thumb cut off, however I can't seem to find any ones that perfectly suit, I have relatively small hands and have to use medium size gloves. I was looking at these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mens-Gloves-Mechanicals-CARPENTER-Perfect/dp/B002XZTQZK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1499348591&sr=8-2&keywords=carpenter%2Bgloves&th=1 But they have some yellow threading that puts me off slightly, as I run a full black kit. Any other suggestions that don't involve me cutting the fingers off my special ops gloves, as they don't look like they will be able to hold that without fraying.
  9. Nope 😕 The tape is on order with amazon and will arrive tomorrow or monday. thanks though!
  10. My Krytac PDW MK2 and WE XDM 4.5 - Nearly complete, just waiting on some amalgamation tape to hold the pressure pad on, for now its electrical tape. I want to get a suppressor for the PDW, as well as a protector for my flashlight..
  11. I used it to hold the takedown lever in on my WE XDM because i lost the spring! (It would slowly slip out every time I shot) It worked for half a day, then it slipped loose and broke the internal hammer pin on the back.. oops. I've also used it to hold together a flashlight and then attach it to an AK. I always carry a roll on me to every game day, and i've lent it out a couple times to people who need it, very useful stuff!
  12. I've been trying to find a short suppressor that fits on the Krytac MK2 PDW. - http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft/mk-ii-trident-pdw-black.htm I've found this: http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-silencer-suppressor/big-dragon-stayback-14mm-ccw-cw-suppressor-130mm-x-32mm-black.htm and this: http://www.bullseyecountrysport.co.uk/cobra-airsoft-barrel-extension-stay-back-logo-130mm-long-black-14mm-thread-11607-p.asp Are bulls-eye Country Sport a safe shop to purchase from and will these suppressors fit correctly and not inhibit any BB's?
  13. Haha I got it to provide extra protection and somewhere to stick an admin pouch/anything else i'll get later on, as i only wear a UBACS combat shirt, so a little bit of protection never hurts (especially in CQB when there is no "bang" rule) From looking at a couple sites i don't think so. Had to change the 40mm pouch for a flashbang pouch (No stock.)
  14. Just bought: A Gold TRMR (Shiny so I don't lose it in the dark areas of the site) 100 .209 Primers Condor OPS Chest Rig Black Condor MCR Bib Integration Kit Black Condor Drop Leg Dump Pouch (Black) Flyye 40MM Grenade Shell Pouch Molle Black - For the TRMR (Hopefully it fits.) Condor Double M4 Kangaroo Mag Pouch Black (2x) MFH Admin Pouche Molle Black Needed a new vest rig after my crossdraw vest has run its course, no longer suits my kit (no pistol pouches or grenade pouches!) and have been tempted to get a grenade for a while. Im getting more and more tempted to pre-purchase a Krytac Vector too...
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