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  1. Hello, revamping my gspec SRS configuration and was wondering if anyone has any experience with running a Maple leaf AEG MR Hop with a ZCI in a FAST hop. Failing that any experience with one or the other in the SRS. Replacing a 6.05 Lambda 300mm as I could never achieve the FPS I wanted whilst keeping a relatively easy bolt pull. Cheers.
  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I’m selling my upgraded JG bar 10 G SPEC. Kitted out with an action army hop unit paired with a 70° maple leaf autobot and skee concave nub. A lambda 6.01 303mm barrel was installed 2 months ago and hasn’t seen a game day. Slings .48s beautifully. The bolt group is made up of an action army teflon cylinder, PDI spring and Airsoft pro cylinder head and piston. A sorbo pad has been attached to cylinder head that has seen the noise from firing a shot be even further reduced. The cylinder and PDI spring make it an incredibly easy bolt pull. The trigger is a tunable v4 Airsoft pro which is nice and crisp with minimal take up. The suppressor has a vented tube and open cell foam placed inside making it functionable as a suppressor. Included is 3 -9 x 50 scope with a nice field of view. The paint is a little rough around the edges but to put it simply this gun works. Made with parts that are known to work and work well. Why waste months or years building a rifle when you can buy this one. Included are 4 mags 3 are 30rd mags and 1 action army 50rd. Also comes with a bag and sling. Chronoing at an AVG of 485 on .2s Reason for selling is I purchased an SRS which is a little easier to carry on my back as a secondary in woodland. Seems criminal to keep this lying around. I am based in Reading but work in Oxford so can meet near to either location. Due to its size I will not post or courier etc. Defence required and will be checked.


    Reading, Berkshire - GB


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    Hi Capa 4.3 with 2 leak free mags. A little wear on the lower frame from retention holster. Nineball inner barrel. Maple leaf hop unit , I key and autobot bucking. This will hop a .36 if you have the money to burn. It’s been slightly short stroked which has seen the cycle rate increase but won’t lock back whilst the washers are in place. These washers are easily removed (I can do it if requested). Nineball gas routers installed into the mags. Has also had a 14ccw adapter threaded into the barrel. Ran an acetech lighter tracer and it worked perfectly. Included is a hard case and a cytac retention holster painted krylon OD green (this could do with a respray). I am based in Reading but work in Oxford so can meet near to either location. Cash on collection or PayPal if posted. Defence required and will be checked Postage £10


    Reading, Berkshire - GB

  4. I've got a lambda 6.05 and faceless r hop and rubber combo going in. Hoping for decent results. You set on PDI?
  5. You seen much change in performance shrinking down to the g spec? Just got all the parts to do it myself, thinking of using it with back pack sling as a secondary with an aeg.
  6. Well... I was using a stalker nub when it ripped. Definitely added to much pressure on the patch. So the nub may be common problem we had. I then bought a fow nub and new patch. Fow fits perfectly.
  7. I had the same, mine had a chunk missing after a couple of shots. Out of interest what hardness patch did you get? It was a 60 that tore, the 85 I replaced it with is holding up much better.
  8. Forgot to ask. Where did you buy a pre upgraded vsr where they didn't upgrade the hop?
  9. Cheapest option is maple leaf hop arm and a maple leaf MR hop vsr bucking. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233239591326 Or Action army chamber, maple leaf MR hop bucking and a concave nub either maple leaf omega or the others available from SKIRMSHOP.
  10. I have the attached on my covert. It's lovely. Glass is incredibly clear and the turrets make it very easy to adjust on the fly.
  11. If you can wait MAXX are releasing a unit so is stalker. Maple leaf have also released their revised one. Spoilt for choice really.
  12. Getting 100% seal on the fast hop is a nightmare. Have a look on https://sniperupgrades.com/ The fow nub, 100% seal bucking and rhop patch for the standard barrel make it a beast. I had trouble with prowler causing jams. Good luck
  13. May be worth looking at this review. Looks like some parts are vsr10 compatible some are not. https://youtu.be/uAKbEpMzLj8
  14. Redwolf.com have an extended labour day sale on with 15% off. This includes the SRS A1 which they have just got back in stock. Paid about £400 with postage and taxes included for 16" covert.
  15. It's a traditional M4 style hop up which uses a "gear" system. Most of the newer M4 hops are rotary.
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