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  1. Hunka1988

    JG Bar-10 G-Spec custom build diary

    Try the PDI 450 spring. It's a wider diameter than standard. I have a similar set up to you with Airsoft pro trigger etc but with a g spec length barrel. It's giving me 470ish. I assume the extra barrel length would get you closer to 500fps. I found the Airsoft pro springs a lot stiffer than the PDI which has made my pull so much smoother and easier.
  2. Hunka1988

    Prometheus rotary hop - mid caps compatability.

    If I remember correctly I read on here that Krytac omitted to put one in. I reckon AH maybe on to something ref the tension of the mid cap. As the high cap feeds flawlessly (which I assume is less tension).
  3. Hunka1988

    Prometheus rotary hop - mid caps compatability.

    To be honest I haven't tried emptying a whole mag as something was clearly wrong so stopped, but I will give that a go with fewer rounds. Ta, Ash
  4. I've installed a Prometheus rotary hop in my Krytac CRB. I've paired it with a PDI barrel, maple leaf 60° autobot bucking and omega nub. I have a feeding issue since then with my 190rd modify magazines. It will feed but the round will only travel 10 or so feet. It would appear FPS drops dramatically. It will however function fantastically with a lonex high cap. With the stock hop unit and barrel setup the modify mags functioned perfectly. I know in Airsoft, stuff doesn't work just cause. So my question is does anyone know of any mid caps that work well with the prommy hop unit? Or any mods to help the modify seal/feed. Cheers, Ash
  5. Surely this is a joke...
  6. Hunka1988

    Tokyo Marui 1911 Warrior series?

    Had the same experience as rocket. All my pistols are TM. My hi capa 4.3, Glock and m&p9 all just work stock. And have for two years. Reference the 1911 when I borrowed a friends foliage warrior it wouldn't get through a whole mag before it ran out of gas (Abbey ultra in the spring).
  7. Hunka1988

    Tracer unit to stock pistol,

    With the TM outer barrel you can thread the 11mm to 14mm into it as it's plastic. You have to be careful that it goes in evenly. This worked on my hi capa 4.3. however you wouldn't want to then remove the adapter afterwards, buying a thread cover should help the look. The weight of some tracers can really effect the accuracy. The acetech lighter seems light enough that it doesn't pull on the barrel effecting accuracy.
  8. Hunka1988

    Is it worth getting a maple leaf bucking for we g17/what one?

    I have the autobot and I key in my TM G17. Range and grouping is phenomenal, my only suggestion is using heavier than .25 ammo. I use .3 and it's on par with my ASG Evo if not better.
  9. Hunka1988

    KSG upgrades

    Don't get the SAT cnc gas tank! Was not worth the extra money the TM just worked better. Best upgrade was the DTD mag adapter (Cannot be used at the Mall). Being able to run a midcap and reload in seconds was awesome as opposed to having to coax out the shells.
  10. That's exactly where it is!
  11. Honour based. No formal checking. I couldn't tell you. From what they were saying they host various types of Sims with Vietnam coming up, Farcry 5 and ww2. All of which are in the next couple of months.
  12. I went on Sunday...by accident. Thought we were at Ambush only found out at lunch time. Ambush has no signage and is literally 2 minutes down the road. Ammo limit is 600 rounds total. Whether that be across low, mid or high caps. You can carry 3 standard pistol mags on top of the 600. Any extended pistol mags contribute to the 600. Couple of things. I wish I had taken my camelbak it was a long hot day. The Marshall's whilst friendly lacked a little confidence in getting people to listen. Overall I enjoyed it and would go back.
  13. Hunka1988

    G&P Stubby Killer


    • For sale
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    For sale is my G&P Stubby Killer. Owned for about 2 years and has been well serviced and maintained. Has had its fixed stock removed and replaced with a g&p stock tube and crane stock. Stubby suppressor has been swapped for a barrel extension and flash hider. This was to allow a tracer to be used. Sniper style grip swapped for a ambidextrous G&P M4 style. Free moving sling point added to the buffer tube. Few marks around the fire selector. Selector itself has some paint wear. Internals have also been swapped out. Current setup is listed below. Shs high speed motor (used for two games) 13:1 zci reinforced gears. Shimmed to perfection ((My tech has a little OCD) these have also only been used for two games) Version 4 ASCU wired mini tamiya Prometheus cylinder Ultimate cylinder head Prometheus piston head Can't recall the piston itself Adjustable speed trigger Prometheus 6.03 141mm inner barrel Firefly hop rubber Prometheus flat nub Gun is firing at about 335. Trigger response is fantastic on a 7.4 Reason for selling is it's not getting used. I bought an Evo and can't really justify having both. No desperation to sell so please no silly offers. Happy to post at buyers expense or collection. Cash or PayPal with buyer covering the fees. Based in Reading. Have previously sold on zeroin and weaponscrate. Only bought off of here. Cheers, Ash VID_20180619_160843.mp4


  14. Hunka1988

    Just a quick Hello

    Just a quick hello as I am new to the site. Been playing a couple of years around Berkshire and Hampshire but have not got involved in the online side of it. Will be looking to the site for tech advice mostly and tips for sites to play further afield. Cheers, Ash