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  1. May be worth looking at this review. Looks like some parts are vsr10 compatible some are not. https://youtu.be/uAKbEpMzLj8
  2. Redwolf.com have an extended labour day sale on with 15% off. This includes the SRS A1 which they have just got back in stock. Paid about £400 with postage and taxes included for 16" covert.
  3. It's a traditional M4 style hop up which uses a "gear" system. Most of the newer M4 hops are rotary.
  4. Depends on the weather. Abbey ultra on average day sees me get through about 75%. Personally I would go for another standard mag or two.
  5. I can help with the end cap as I had the same issue. I clamped the cylinder down and took a file to the male portion that fits into the cap. It needed about 2mm off to fit. Also with regards to the spring guide stopper have you tried cocking back the cylinder back a couple of centimetres whilst pushing the stopper down?
  6. Out of interest what's the heaviest weight you have used in them? Having a nightmare trying to find a large capacity mid cap that feeds .30.
  7. Might not be everyone's cup of tea but most clone D3 flatpacks are going for £45-50 so getting one for £25 qualifies a bargain to me. Bought it to pair with a modular chest rig. Quality seems good. Has molle on the inside to run with a plate carrier. Available in a few colours. Delivery was just over a week. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123666709015
  8. Noticed this a lot. People selling stock parts either in or near packaging for an upgraded parts. Preying on a lack of knowledge. [email protected]*ers

    • For sale
    • Used

    Selling on behalf of a friend. Offers are welcome. Postage is negotiable and collection would be from Reading. Generic FAST helmet: Adjustable with a Custom camo design £15 Genuine Blackhawk vest in black: £40 Adjustable. Friend is a 44 inch chest and fits correctly. Comes with 6 x rifle mag pouches. Each one fits 1 x ak or 2 x m4 mags Pouch at back for hydration system Loops on back compatible with molle British army multicam Osprey vest: £100 All pouches, trauma cutters and sling included No trauma plates in vest Earpiece and speed loaders not included Rifle mag pouches each fit 1 x ak or 2 x m4 or 4 x mp5 mags Holster mount and holster included (can include either hk usp in black or 1911 holster in tan) Rear pouch fits hydration system This is slightly large on my friend. Downside to this is surname and blood type marked on to shoulder.


    Reading - GB

  10. Alternatively get a maple leaf hop unit. They are fairly cheap on their own and work perfectly with the maple leaf bucking (as you would hope). I couldn't get an I key and autobot to fit very well in the uac or TM hop unit.
  11. My base plate has started to crack around the screws of my krytac CRB grip. Does anyone know a replacement third party grip that doesn't need modification? I know some can cause strain due to the angle the grip puts the motor in. Alternatively anyone have a krytac base plate I can purchase off them? Cheers, Ash
  12. To be honest the I don't mind the Bunker, there are so many different ways round and it's normally one on one. Redemption was more like 10 to 20 on one and from above. Top of the head shots seem to hurt the most.
  13. No, semi only. I would say the engagement distance on average is about 5 to 10 metres. With one party being on an elevation. So full auto would be carnage.
  14. Hello, Can't find any write up on this Redemption yet so thought I would give my opinion. I have mostly played cqb for the last three years (The Mall and The Billet) I have also played UCAP's The Bunker a few times and really enjoyed it, so Redemption sounded right up my alley. I will start with the positives. 1) location. The site is really easy to find and is bang in the middle of Pompey. 2) The site. The building itself is impressive. An old Victorian prison, intimidating in design. One of the of the more interesting sites I have played at. Also there is ample parking. 3) Staff. The UCAP staff generally are brilliant. Marshalls in game are fair and approachable. Interventions aren't aggressive and tend to be constructive. The negatives. 1) Too many players. I heard 130 players had booked in when I got to the front of the line. I think I had a further 50 (approximately) behind me. This caused issues in a few ways. Booking in took ages, I was queueing for about 30 minutes which I don't massively mind but I felt this was eating into the games which had cost me £35. The other issue... 2) Choke points. The site by its very design is difficult to get in and out. That combined with the massive numbers sees the proverb "fish in a barrel" realised in some of the most brutal scenes of plastic death I have ever seen. To quote a friend "it's like Airsoft bukakke" I can't comment on this but what I can say is i experienced the single most painful day of Airsoft I have ever experienced. I feel sorry for anyone who's first game was at Redemption. Essentially you 20 defenders aimed at an entrance that could one person at a time. Not only was it painful but it was a bit boring. Not just attacking where you attempt to breach over and over again but also defending where you were one of twenty popping shots at what ever poor git came through the door next. The head Marshalls suggestion of chucking loads of pyro whilst probably accurate isn't really the point. I don't expect to have to pay for £25 worth of pyro just to be able to play. 3) Game modes. This went hand in hand with the choke points. The games played didn't lend themselves to the number of players or the site. Once game play was entirely inside (no more breaching) it became much quicker paced and with some really good moments of competitive tactical cqb. Mores game modes like this would have lead to a far more enjoyable day. In my opinion there a few things that need to be addressed. Pre booking or at least limit on player numbers, shorter snappier games and the opening up of other entrances (make it more difficult to defend). Overall I wouldn't rush to go back. I really rate UCAP as a company but I feel they haven't quite figured out Redemption as a site yet.
  15. Try the PDI 450 spring. It's a wider diameter than standard. I have a similar set up to you with Airsoft pro trigger etc but with a g spec length barrel. It's giving me 470ish. I assume the extra barrel length would get you closer to 500fps. I found the Airsoft pro springs a lot stiffer than the PDI which has made my pull so much smoother and easier.
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