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  1. Optac kingdom on the 18th and then proving grounds on the 2nd of may.
  2. Anyone going to optac the kingdom on the 18th or Proving grounds on the 2nd of May?

  3. Creating a new thread as I think that these deserve their own thread. Mag fed. 5 or 10 rounds per trigger pull. I'll let the video do the talking. What are your thoughts? I can see these going down the route of the 40mikes, banned even before they get to be used.
  4. Gorka 3 BARS. SSO Smersh SSO dump pouch Fleeced telechanka AK mags Lots of lipos .28s and .25s
  5. Picture is god awful but it was a quick and dirty one. T-pose as well Picked up a bars gorka, SSO smersh, SSO dump pouch and a fleeced telechanka for £120. Well chuffed.
  6. G&P are the best one's I have found. On my second G&P and my lord its amazing.
  7. I started by myself. The airsoft community is friendly and you will meet likeminded people who will become your friends. One of the best things about the hobby is that you can just turn up and have a laugh without needing to know anyone.
  8. Well you timed it perfectly! I got this as a backup....but I did just purchase a gorka to go with the AK now.......
  9. LCT TXS74UN-AEG Birthday present and at £180 new I couldn't resist.
  10. Opinions on specna arms? Looking to buy a cheapo RIF as a backup incase my main decides to break on a game day. Looking at this https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/specna-arms-rock-river-arms-sa-c10-core-stubby-cqb-carbine?pv=7952, can't really find many review on it that are in English. I just want to know if its pot metal and if the performance/quality is comparable to a combat machine
  11. cropzy

    L1A1 S.A.W.E.S sight

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    L1A1 S.A.W.E.S sight (Small Arms Weapon Effects Simulator) I have this in the original box that goes with it. It takes a 9V sqaure battery however this is untested. Class 3a pulsed laser. 11mm dovetail mounting system 2x scope susat style Dated 1985 Really cool and interesting bit of kit I did intend to put this on a VSS to make a weird post apocalyptic build but it never happened £90 posted or make me an offer


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