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    TM P90 w/ prommy tbb, prommy purple
    WE Apache MP5 A2
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    Russian KLMK Tan Ninja (yes, trust me on this)
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  1. So are you going to get to the point.
  2. Time Left: 6 days and 9 hours

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    Here is my Russian PYCAK sight. This is a 11mm dovetail sight which has a chevron reticle. This is real steel. If you look at the serial under the sight and the serial on the matching paperwork you can see they are the same. Very good sight and holds zero fine. Very interesting bit of kit and you don't see them anywhere. This is extremely rare and even rare to have matching paperwork. You get:- Sealed container it came in (original) The sight Sight cover, see images Matching original paperwork 20mm to 11mm adapter so you can use it on pitcanny. £80 ONO


  3. cropzy

    King Arms VSS

    Time Left: 6 days and 9 hours

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    King arms VSS for sale. Currently has an SP120 in chrono'in at around 400fps. Internals are mostly stock apart from:- madbull ultimate piston ASG ulimate piston head shimmed E&L high torque motor Unknown brand TBB This comes with a real steel magpul sling, ASG rail mount, 3 mid caps and 1 high cap. £230 + postage ONO


  4. cropzy

    Airsoft guns and gear

    Any prices for the rifs?
  5. You fell for doggerbitch's bait. He's tier shill and business man. He doesn't give a shit about his fans, only money. The only good reviews are people shilling for him.
  6. cropzy

    TM P90

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Here we have my trusty P90 for sale. It has never failed me and has always been my got to backup gun. It has been slightly upgraded with:- Prometheus EG tightbore barrel Prometheus purple hop nub Prometheus purple hop rubber The gearbox has not been taken apart or touched, it performs really well and gets amazing range on .28's. Being a TM it sits around 280fps, however the range you get makes up for it. With the tightbore this makes it very accurate and have good groupings. Along with the package you get:- 4 midcaps (1 TM, 3 CYMA) 1 high cap (TM) 3 double P90 mag pouches P90 predator kit with TM surpressor and little laser on. The P90 has received a paint job which I did myself to spruce it up a little. Never missed a beat at all. £220 + postage ONO


  7. cropzy


    Bolle x800 /Thread
  8. cropzy

    Real wood , real steal ak74u hpa polarstar

    Does the body have any markings on to indicate what brand? Also what engine is inside it.
  9. cropzy

    HPA Setup Wanted


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    I am in the market for a HPA setup. Ideally a rifle with everything already installed. Not fussed what, be it polarstar or a tipmann. PM me if you have anything.


  10. cropzy

    Let's talk about AK47 AK74 AKM s....

    E&L all the way
  11. cropzy

    An interesting view of airsoft

    In all my experiences of milsimmers. They have all been wannabes. They take the fun out of the sport and are tossers to everyone else.
  12. Can I get a big oof for this brave shs piston? IMG_20181001_180741.jpg?width=507&height

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    2. cropzy


      High speed build...

    3. AK47frizzle


      time to mow down all the children

    4. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck



      Keep the rack handy - bin the rest

      epoxy the next one in good and dial it down a touch maybe


      SS and higher spring but you can still wreck stuff


      20-25rps std full stroke m105-ish

      30-35rps SS a few teeth m120 is about the limit


      Go much over those figures and expect to pick up drive chain bits

      You might be OK going a smidge faster....

      But slightest misfeed/jam on auto burst....

      piston return is slowed & PME & BBAAAANNNNGGG


      more OOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF(*ck that don't sound good)

  13. cropzy

    Gun picture thread

    I have a vss. What rail mount is that? I've got the asg and it's really high up
  14. cropzy

    Gun picture thread

    Where do you get all your ruski gear? I'm wanting to do a good impression but struggling to find any descents shops other then greyshop.