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  1. I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread. My better half has actually shown an interest in attending and I’d love for her to get the bug! If they can run a sustained series of games with the current regs, I’ll doff my cap to them and explain to the wife it’s safe to have a crack! (That way I could actually be honest about how many guns I actually have...)
  2. Ah, but with all the chrome crap on it it IS the ugliest! I think an Allen key or screw driver permanently hanging out the side may actually improve the looks! With the current build (tempting fate here) I shouldn't need to have to decompress the M4 gearbox. The Jefftron is set to "14%" active break that with the high torque motor seems to perfectly stop after each cycle. By writing that down, it's not going to work anymore...
  3. On the AK build, I put in a Modify ARL for this very reason. The Modify ones have a flat head slot on them so you can detension the spring. Total faff though as you have to remove the pistol grip to get to it... Not figured out a non-kludgy way of doing it on the M4. A M160 under tension can be quite exciting if you aren’t expecting it, even with a QSC!
  4. I don’t get the appeal of pre-cock. I’m a space cadet at the best of times, the odds that I’d store something with the spring under tension are way too high, hence going DSG to get the fast response without having to precock the piston
  5. Careful, binary triggers get people on here a bit twitchy I wonder what they’ll be like when they see my Tri-nary trigger!
  6. That's just daft! I get full auto only on an LMG but not on that! Getting the M160 into the RetroArms was easy, QSC and all. It was a bit trickier getting one into the LCT gearbox, luckily I was born with three arms so I could hold the gearbox, push in the spring and give the ARL the middle finger as it fell out again and again all at the same time.
  7. I had the M4 running at just over 50rps with a 35,000 motor. The motor was pulling so much current and getting so hot that it was little more than an experiment in if it would work. Made a hell of a noise, 50rps/M160/Noveske amplifier... The high torque motor and 18:1 gears (well, 9:1) keep the draw low and essentially make for a fairly low stress build as far as the motor is concerned. The main benefit I see with the DSG is how noticeable the improvement in semi auto response is. I typically play most games in semi, you can really feel the difference in how quickly the piston is
  8. Poprocket, I don’t know who’s M4 wanker gun is uglier. It’s a close run race! My AK wanker gun seems almost tasteful in comparison
  9. Deliberately incendiary title aside, I was curious to see if anyone had ended up with similar builds to my lockdown boredom builds. There's a lot of negativity towards anything that has a dual sector gear inside and I wanted to see if my builds are the anomaly or what a few of us have ended up using. Where I play is a woodland site, with woodland problems. It's not an unusual issue to find that branches/leaves or otherwise affect your hit probability so burst modes have always appealed to me as the best solution. For this end, a lower speed DSG set up and ETU seemed to be the best option.
  10. Alimcd


    With Asomodai's set up, he's probably getting 30+RPS out of his 11.1 and the mag is struggling to keep up. I've built a lower speed set up and at 23-24 RPS the mag feeds fine. With the stock motor and an 11.1v I was getting 18RPS (according to my chrono) and it fed fine. It's one of those where the answer really depends on the circumstance.
  11. Alimcd


    I suspect that your ZCI is an appreciably faster motor and you're getting a similar rate of fire out of yours on a 7.4 as I am on an 11.1! With the Airsoft Pro V2, numerical values on a hop unit are now a must have feature for me. More hop?Good satisfying "click" too!
  12. Alimcd


    Thought I’d test this, having picked up an A&K MK46 over lockdown. 500rds later, I’d better get the hoover out in the workshop! My box mag keeps up with a 2600Mah 25c 11.1v Lipo in the context of a high torque build, (M100, Shs High Torque, 18:1) and has a reliable 23-24RPS output although I’m not sure you’d want an LMG delivering a higher ROF?! It'd start to get expensive if you were laying down a bag of 0.28's per minute! Ignoring the battery, The hop chamber in the MK46 is a bit shit and the new V2 Airsoft Pro unit is a worthwhile replacement for consistency. Wi
  13. The prevalence of these things makes me quite nervous. It’s easier than most people think to give someone permanent hearing damage. Where I play is all outdoors so it would be extremely unlikely (or unlucky) for someone to end up seriously affected but indoor sites, where build materials generally have an extremely low absorption coefficient and players would be in closer proximity to the device would be a ideal scenario for hearing loss or damage.
  14. "'Member the lad who rage-quit when told that an airsoft L85 wouldn't be any more accurate or longer ranged than an MP5? Just wasn't having any of those lies from us no-nothings. " I remember back in 2006 or so, putting a 650mm barrel in a stock JG AK/Dragunov (half cylinder) and wondering why I could throw the pellets further than the gun could.
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