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  1. Just going to wade in here... I have an HPA set up. It’s rate of fire is exactly the same as when I was putting regular gas mags in my Hi-Capa. Ive also got two DSG AEGs that offer up high 30’s on auto but they’re locked to burst fire and semi It sounds like the problem at your site isn’t with the kit but with the user. Rule 1.) Don’t be a dick to other players
  2. I started trying to fix a few issues with a Novristch. The frame I’ve got on order will complete the second scratch build. There’s something particularly awesome about being in control of each and every part!
  3. Thought it may be worth showing off a bit of the initiative shown with some of the exclusive products over at HCH This is their 3D printed barrel. It’s a non dropping type and the bore of it fits the inner barrel SNUGGLY. It seats well on this 4.3 frame with no real wobble to speak of, putting some of the hefty steel barrels to shame. It’s also threaded, ready for any 11mm tracer or silencer. For £25, this is a relative bargain; the fit is unlike any of my other outer barrels with next to no droop or sway - making an obvious improvement in consistency. The material feels simultaneo
  4. The difference a lighter BBU makes to the speed of your slide is insane. That was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back for me! The CCT one's are amazing. Hopefully they'd fit in the JW3 TT slide you've got with no/little modification
  5. Thought I'd have to start a thread on here for those of us that have already found this awesome Hi-Capa boutique to have a bit of a chinwag and to steer those who haven't in the right direction. https://hicapahub.co.uk/ HCH is a one-stop-shop for higher-end Hi-Capa parts, run by one of the most brutally honest enthusiasts I've encountered. If Kyle won't run it himself, he won't range it - a philosophy many other retailers should take note of! I've been in contact recently with Kyle as I've stumbled and bodged my way through building my first Hi-Capa and the advice I've
  6. Just heard on the grapevine that HiCapa Hub will be getting a fairly significant delivery of railed frames, 4.3 parts and a general restock in early May. I've bagsied a Black, railed Infinity frame. If youve been on the fence, I wouldnt hang about, hit Kyle up!
  7. First game back is on the 25th so I’ve been testing excitedly. Got one bbu/nozzle combo that’s giving slightly lower than expected FPS but it’s perfectly fine as a loaner for my best mate who’s playing for the first time in 14 years! Refilling the HPA tank isn’t much fun but I’ll soon have arms like Popeye. Also found a good solution for carrying the tank without koing myself when I run! Excuse the worlds messiest workshop! FullSizeRender.mov
  8. It’s always amazing how some people cannot accept being wrong sometimes. Those debates are always amazing examples of them! The one a few weeks ago about barrel lengths and range was fun Steering the ship back on course. What differentiates a normal BBU from a full auto one? I’ve got a box of spares and very little to do
  9. To be fair, I’m half surprised no one has created an account to defend the SSP1 in its stock form and tell me I’m a halfwit for doubting it’s god-tier-performance
  10. One year from now, new user, first post
  11. Out of context, it sounds pretty unsportsmanlike, but the speed soft joke has been fairly consistent through this thread
  12. I was thinking that I’d need the full 350rds of the drum. Given that I won’t be calling hits and need to overshoot rentals, it’ll be a long time between going back to the safe zone to refill mags git gud
  13. Sometimes, I think I have to make a mistake before I can understand why to approach an issue from a different direction. The drum mag is cool and it definitely appeals to the part of me that likes stupid chunky things BUT now I totally understand why the M4 adaptors are popular. The drum is noisy, hell it’s basically a high cap mag, and it’s heavy which makes the benefit in cqb questionable, as you’ve pointed out. Between the advice here and from Kyle at HCH, I’ll pick up a primary M4 adaptor when he starts to stock them. Until then, I’m going to have a lot of fun and a
  14. Had some teething issues with one of my grips not liking the AW magazine, but now I’ve got four very snappy Capas running. Must have fired 600 shots earlier testing everything out, maybe more. Definitely cleared 1 1/2 drums and a fair bit of dry firing. Need to bust out the hand pump again at some point over the weekend. At least I’ll be fitter come game day!
  15. You know what they say; "One step forward, two steps back"
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