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  1. But Japanese kinetic energy is better than Taiwanese kinetic energy
  2. Confusing.... Chronoing with black gas Army mag - 340-350fps No brand mag - 330-340fps Novristch mag - 330-410fps! I've got a TM mag on order to try that out before doing anything too drastic. Does anyone know if the Nov/KJ mags will accept a TM style outlet valve or are they effing proprietary too!!!
  3. I'm going to have to hurry up and get a decent lacquer coat on the carbon fibre furniture on my Tommy before then!
  4. Blimey, maybe the next one then Stupid question time, I haven't been to the Zed site yet. Semi only? Pistols? What are you lot taking?
  5. Is there a limit to how new a member? I'd love to get to know a few of you and I'm only 10 miles or so from Newbury. I've been looking for an excuse to get my arse over there and it would be a good way destress after a house move.
  6. I’ve stuck an AIP recoil buffer in there now for good measure. I’m impressed at the decrease in cycling time but losing the lock back on empty is a bit of a bummer. Might stick to just the 140% recoil spring. On a side-note, are there any qualitative differences between mags? Might be a stupid question, don’t know. I wondered if there was a benefit in starting to migrate over to TM mags?
  7. I’ll give you heresy... M4’s aren’t safe either! I don’t think I’ve posted this since picking up one of the Leupold D-Evo sights. The magnifier is a bit of a pig to zero, but it’s a really cool concept.
  8. I went the whole “bolt that goes Schlack” route
  9. Deservedly so! I keep finding myself browsing Firesupport and looking for a deal on a 74 receiver/wooden stock. On a practical point, the PTS is cavernous and hiding a 11.1 2600 is a piece of cake and I can access the compartment by pinching the back. I used to run a black full stock on another 74u build that was held on by two small screws. A smoking Lipo taught me the importance of having easily accessible batteries! EDIT: has checked Fire-support and while the receivers are in stock, the only wood stocks they’ve got are RPK style
  10. Shhh, learn to love it. AK’s love M4 stocks
  11. Looks good, but have to say it
  12. UZI. I’ve never seen a TM one fielded and it’s such an iconic bad-guy piece (appreciates that it was an Isreali PDW before it was the quintessential action-movie-villain-gun)
  13. I thought that after posting so many Black and Chrome guns I should probably prove I’m not a paint baller in disguise and show off one of my more “realistic” offerings! A&K MK46, purchased off a forum member here, given a bit of a tart-up. She’s still called Lucinda
  14. I tried alcohol and elbow grease to get that effing logo off and all that started to move was the paint around it! I'm going to have to learn to live with it, can't do much about it. It's now the airsoft equivalent of my hairline!
  15. I think I've finished the Novritsch now. Changed around a few extra parts and now it feels super nice in hand. Since last week, here's what I've been up to: Changed out the Novristch recoil spring and hammer spring for an AIP 140% Switched out the fluted barrel to a standard non-dropping Airsoft Surgeon barrel Changed the leaf spring for an Elite shooting version Adjusted the backstop of the guarder trigger Full disassembly and clean Mother's aluminum polish on frame and slide, half an hour of racking the slide 180% nozzle spring as the nozzle
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