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  1. So that HPA mags adaptor arrived. It’s only gone and changed my life. Gone is the heavy, cumbersome drum. In are the dinky 65rd aeg MP5 mags. The adaptor is extremely tight fitting in the magwell leading to extremely good consistency, I put about 50 rounds through the chrono on my DMR build and ended up with a deviation of +-3fps! I’ve put the Rogueworx Steel bolt assembly in that gun and the noise it makes it essentially porn. I’ll take some photos today and, if I can work out how, a cheeky video of how loud the DMR build is and how quiet the Sniper
  2. @rocketdogbert Even though I’ve sworn allegiance to the KC02 I desperately want to build a Vector after seeing your builds
  3. Suddenly the 11 MP5 mags I’ve got start to make a bit more sense
  4. I’m very excited. Finally managed to find one of these Tanuki HPA adaptors. Now I’ve just got to patiently wait for it to get here from the states Now comes the magic of just slapping an MP5 mid cap into the KC
  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Good morning Gents, Thanks to a period of irresponsible purchasing over the festive period, this scope has now become surplus to requirements. Great eye relief, great eye box, nice and bright - VisionKings are fantastic entry level optics. This ones been skirmished and the paints a bit worn, the threads on the turrets have a bit of rust on them but everything works as it should. There are some 1” mounts on it that will be included


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Good morning Gents, Here we have a lightly used Balystik Reg for sale. I’ve got two Speed Airsoft regs now so this has been sat in my kit box unused for a few months now and needs a good home!


  7. £250.67 | EvolutionGear TANGO 6T DVO 1-6X24mm FFP Illuminated LPVO Scope and NF MA479 1.57'' Mount https://a.aliexpress.com/_msA0kk4 I’m quite tempted to take a punt on a Black one
  8. @rocketdogbert with all the Sig sights you’ve tried, I Don’t suppose you’ve tried the new clone of the Tango6?
  9. You’ll have to get yourself on AliExpress. Search for “Spitfire scope” and you’ll find several sellers with them.
  10. This has made my day. Took a punt on one a couple of weeks ago, assumed it’d be tosh! I hope they do the 5x as well, I won’t be able to resist
  11. Getting ready for tomorrow’s game so I thought I’d share a quick snap of the current state of my KC02’s Edit: Before why two of the same gun? Top one is a 1.8j semi auto GBBR build and the bottom one has the blowback disabled for a single action 2.3j build.
  12. On the tweaky weirdo note, matching load outs? There’s an AEG in one of those photos but something full auto, HPA and blowback is being worked on to replace that
  13. Thanks Steve, still love the Capas but something about the 10/22 design had piqued my interest. The fact that the KC02 is secretly a 30 year old Tanio Koba design pushed me further down the rabbit hole. The mechanism is so amazingly sensitive. Things like the factory paint on the disconnector affect the cycling! It’s the perfect platform for a tweaky obsessive.
  14. I did a thing, a financially irresponsible thing. a mate is turning me a custom tapered barrel and the DMR action is going to be housed in this…
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