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  1. Summary, the 2mm vials aren’t worth the effort. I’ve got some yellow FO rods on the way to match the slide. Glowing sights would have been cool, but it wasn’t to be. Shame as you can get them in Purple, blue, green, red etc to match your slide
  2. It’s got a sibling now thanks to @Cromulon1994 The Muzzelite is bang on [email protected] and semi auto locked, the Boyd has the Bolt action bolt in and is tuned to [email protected] Had to get creative with the Muzzelite, it’s a real stock for a normal 10/22, and the trigger reset distance is quite different. I took a couple of mm of material off the front of the trigger to give it a smidge more travel and now the sear can reset each time. Looking forwards to hearing the whispers in the queue for chrono trying to figure out what this is! Edit - thanks autocorrect
  3. Bah, I bought ones that were WAY too short. Found a retailer that sells Tritium Vials for fishing, thought gold sights would look pretty cool on the gold capa. So far, fairly unimpressed, ignoring the length issue the 2mm dia vials are very dark
  4. Gonna have to take care of that tomorrow. May also have something special on the way that I hop will fit in the AIP sights
  5. Just got back home and now all I can see if the fact my rear sight is squewiff
  6. @Steveocee Your image isn’t loading for me for whatever reason. What did you dremel?
  7. Honestly, I hate drum mags. There’s an HPA adaptor for the KC02 called a Tanuki that I’ve been trying to get hold of for months, the V4 will hopefully be out soon and it’ll let me use my MP5 midcaps with this build
  8. The harshest criticism can be the most useful! After it was pointed out that my gun and my drum mag were not technically in the same postcode I decided to go all McGuyver. Some hack sawing and sealing later and it doesn’t swing around like a 2500rd pendulum under my gun anymore
  9. This stuff is magic. It was recommended by one of the guys on here, Alex Hill? I need to clean off the excess and brighten the slide back up but it’s nearly done
  10. Some lubing and some racking later
  11. I heard one of you two had something similar…
  12. Looking good! I’m getting increasingly jealous of you lot… got to work at 8 just in case the postie was early, he was not
  13. And there’s me, hoping the postie doesn’t straight up lose mine
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