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    Tippmann m4v2 with S&T m320 launcher (main)
    EMG John wick Hicapa
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    British Army MTP (osprey plate carrier and pouches, Virtus helmet)
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    Red 1 school
    Apocalypse (kent)

    looking to try more sites in new year
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  1. I pretty much bankrupted myself yesterday.... Went to Onlyairsoft in stevenage and bought the following; - S&T Lee-Enfield - box of TAG smoke grenades - several bottles of Valkyrie BBs. .32, .28, and some. 25 tracers I also bought a spare mag for the Lee enfield from wolf armouries
  2. Well.. update time... I caved in and bought one... Bought from Onlyairsoft in stevenage, and I got the last one they had in stock. I have been looking at this rifle all week, and watching them quickly go out of stock everywhere, that combined with a couple of friends expressing regret at not buying a RIF they really wanted (believing it would be restocked but then weren't), I decided to take the plunge, as well as buying the one spare mag I could find at wolf armouries. I haven't been able to field it yet, so can't comment much on performance, but the rifle feels very sturdy, the action is easy to draw back (unlike the upgraded spring in my Well Hecate). I did try doing a "mad minute" with the rifle on the test range at onlyairsoft and it fed well, with only one double feed that was down to user error more than the rifle (didnt pull the bolt all the way back to engage the sear on one shot) Couple of things I do feel wary of though are the magazine release, as it is not spring loaded. I can easily imagine catching it accidentally in the heat of battle with a gloved finger and dropping your mag. The lever is high up in the trigger guard so I don't see it being a common issue, just that one time you try to rapid fire and accidentally catch it. The other thing I have noted is some sideways movement of the rear sight. The sight is not so loose that it will move on its own when firing the rifle, but there is enough movement that an accidental nudge, for example with the rifle slung on your shoulder, could move the sights out of alignment, so without attention it will be difficult to zero the sights and keep them zeroed. I havent looked too closely, but I believe I can sort this issue with some shims on the pivot I will eventually be stripping the wood furniture and trying to give it more of an aged look, as I personally think that would suit the rifle better than its current pristine appearance. Also going to be looking at making/buying some attachments to give the rifle different looks for ww1 "trench tommy" or ww2 paratrooper or BEF loadouts I have planned
  3. While we await @rocketdogbert fondling report, I have just seen this video on YouTube. Guess this is the best we can do for the moment
  4. following this topic, as i am also considering getting a radio. oh, the memories. that was probably as close to a monsoon as you are likely to get in the UK. that saturday afternoon was absolutely lethal. what team were you on?
  5. it is an amazing bit of kit. yes, the muzzle flash can give your position away, but that doesnt bother me too much given the sites i play at and the way i play. it is surprising how well it lights up white bbs. i run it all the time on my tippmann, and just unscrew it from the barrel if i decide i want to be super sneaky. i do have a mildly amusing tale regarding my bifrost.... i used it at apocalypse airsoft a couple of weeks after it got released (having ordered directly from acetech, i got it in my hands before any of the airsoft shops i use), as well as TAG rounds from the M320 mounted on my tippmann. one of the enemy players approached me in the safe zone as i was reloading the TAG shells and asked if i was the one with the rainbow tracer as well as the TAG rounds. when i confirmed that i was, this player told me that i had confirmed his fears and then revealed to me that some of the blue team had associated the TAGs and the rainbow flash... and that when they saw the muzzle flash, they turned and ran the opposite way.. so the bifrost can be used as a tool of intimidation in the right circumstances
  6. it is a great bit of kit, but the bright muzzle flash does give away your position a bit =P Gloucester prison was the site where i played my first ever airsoft game (along with my brother who as been playing for years and finally twisted my arm to give airsoft a try) and got instantly hooked. that was at the beginning of february last year, right before lockdowns kicked in. definately a site i would like to go back to hope you recover soon
  7. went to apocalypse airsoft in Kent this Sunday. had a great day despite the weather. day started off badly, as i had forgotten about the hill to access the site, so pulling a trolley full of my kit uphill it was reinforced just how out of shape I am. after getting my breath back and signing in I got my kit set up ready for the games. this was my second time at apocalypse, and i had to laugh when one of the marshals approached me and said they recognised me as "the guy with the Tippmann and underslung grenade launcher firing TAG rounds" I expressed surprise and asked if he was sure as it was only my second time at the site. he replied that he was certain as I had left an impact... then he put me on red team because he wanted to "see you blow up blue team" I found out soon after from overhearing one of the other marshals chatting with some other players that one of their site marshals was playing on blue team, so im guessing that was the reason for my assignment to red team XD got chatting to a few players and answered questions about my kit as I was getting ready, mainly from fairly new players. eventually it was time for the safety brief, which was held next to a bonfire so we could all keep warm in the rainy weather. the safety brief was fairly quick, but covered all the required points as was the subsequent game brief. apocalypse was on top of chrono, keeping track of how many people had chronoed relative to how many were booked in, and all guns were tagged to say they had been through chrono. game 1 was destroy the pumpkin. each team had a pumpkin in their base which they had to defend, (red team in the Vietnamese village and blues in the stockade for anyone who has played the site before), they also had to head out into the land between the bases to locate the engineer, escort him into the enemy base, and after shooting the enemy out of their base, the engineer would place remote detonation pyro in the pumpkin to blow it up. i opted to play a defensive game to begin and quickly climbed a sniper tower to try and get a better view of the approaches to the village and was able to get a few kills before getting shot out and heading to respawn pole. after respawning I decided to play a more offensive role and discovered that red team had smashed the blues pumpkin quite quickly, but blues had moved into the village, so our objective changed to clear the village and hold it against enemy attack. there was great communication between players regardless of whether we had met before or not and we were able to organise a good defence of the village. eventually it appeared that blue team were starting to give up or run low on ammo, so the marshals called the game a little early... and just for a laugh, before we headed back to safe zone, the engineer blew up our pumpkin. after a break to rearm, get food and warm up by the fire, it was back out for game 2, area defense. 4 locations across the land that had to be captured and held by teams at the end of the game. spawns were reversed this game, so reds started from the stockade. I was mainly focussed on the bunker and security cabin that were nearest our spawn, using the TAG rounds to good effect to clear out some entrenched defenders, but I also got shot several times by hidden reinforcements as I tried to move in to capture the objectives. eventually red team had secured all objectives and held them for most of the game. at the security cabin, things got pretty static and eventually my team mates decided to make things more interesting by pulling back to let blues capture the cabin and have the marshal advise them to dig in well and, after 15 mins grace period, we would head back and try to capture the cabin again (we actually did this twice in the game, but on one occasion, blues did manage to capture the cabin on their own merits) towards the end of the game, blues did make a very good push, over running the cabin and bunker, pushing right up to our spawn before being asked to pull back slightly so they weren't spawn killing us. at the end of the game I believe we had managed to recapture security cabin and had held the other 2 locations, but blues had captured the bunker (personally I didn't care too much about the score as I was mainly there to have fun) back to safe zone, reload and back out to village for the final game of the day. bomb in the village each team had a "bomb" and had to place it inside a tyre in the centre of the village. the interior of all buildings were out of bounds to make things fairer. lots of good pushes by both teams, and the bombs were switched over a couple of times as both teams made good pushes. over the course of the day I got many admiring glances by other players when they saw the Bifrost in action, lighting up my regular, non-tracer Valkyrie .32g bbs out to approximately 40 to 50m, one player even mentioning that it was sold out everywhere and asked how the hell I managed to get one (simple answer.. I bought it direct from Acetech and had it shipped over) as well as when I fired off tag rounds (one player asked me "did you just fire an actual grenade?" and after I confirmed and showed him what I had fired as I reloaded the launch shell his response was "I think I just jizzed my pants" XD) and in the safe zone I had a few blue players enquiring about the tag rounds and recounting their encounters from the receiving end.. one player stating that after realising that I had a Bifrost as well as TAG rounds, if he saw the Bifrost flashes he knew it was me in that location and he would quickly run the other way.. so the TAGs certainly helped win some battles even when I wasn't using them. of course there were the usual arguments/accusations of non-hit taking levelled against both teams, one incident a blue player managed to get close enough to shoot at several of my team mates in a position near to me, but their gun was audibly running dry, and after getting shot by two guns that were definitely NOT dry, they began accusing everyone of not taking their hits and wouldn't accept the fact that her gun was dry, despite a marshal and three players all saying that there was no bb coming from their gun. personally, I try not to let these arguments ruin my day and try to ignore such accusations as most of the time they are in regard to alleged incidents that I didn't witness. and if I think someone I am shooting at isn't calling their hits, i either keep shooting them, or let a marshal deal with it. only other bad things I experienced was the shit weather (beyond anyone's control) and the long drive for me to reach the site leaving early in the morning (im definitely NOT a morning person..) but aside from that and the aforementioned realisation of my poor fitness level, it was a great day out
  8. As promised in my previous post, and in the spirit of the thread.. i give you pics of my recently acquired acetech bifrost... Amazing bit of kit
  9. Past 2 weeks i have purchased a few items... - Replacement thumb safety, frame detents and spring for my hicapa from bespoke airsoft -cnc hammer for my AAP01 and a 3 point sling for my tippmann (with m320 mounted) from tango down airsoft Also bought the new acetech bifrost tracer unit. Ordered direct from acetech on tuesday 19th (my birthday) and it was on my doorstep on the Friday. Have run it on my tippmann the past 2 weekends at different sites, drawing admiring glances (and a bit of jealousy) from other players. (Cant find photo on my phone, so will take a pic and upload when i get home tonight) -An aftermarket hop adjuster mechanism for my tippmann frim airsoftshopNL, but didnt get a pic before i fitted it. Just bought a batch of TAG Reapers and a second FIST2 fill station from airsoftworld, which will be sent out later this week after getting held up in europe.
  10. Only played two night games, and both were great fun. First game i didnt get any kills, and i think i only got one kill in the second game, but i did manage to secure half of the objectives dotted around the area (6 flashing beacons... i captured 3) and get them back to spawn.. That said some things i found that might be useful.. 1. Move slowly and pause often to survey the area before your next move. If your eyes have adjusted to the dark you might spot some movement. Sound also carries further at night, so listen carefully 1a. Something i was told by an ex soldier... when stationary and listening for sounds from the enemy, open your mouth. Supposedly it helps equalise pressure between your mouth and youur ear and allows you to pick out sounds better. (He did explain more about the theory at the time, but it was a couple of years ago so i dont recall the details) Personally i didnt notice much difference, but then again my hearing is shit at the best of times after years of listening to heavy metal, so maybe it would help someone with less damaged hearing 2. Avoid any lit areas or people on your team using torches. The longer you are in the dark, the better your eyes adjust to the dark and allow you some limited degree of vison 3. Limit the amount of kit you carry to minimise the chances of snagging or things rattling and giving your position away 4. (Echoing @CrackCommandoUnit1972 ) practice reloading etc in the dark as much as you can before the game. This last one caught me out and i ended fumbling a reload which gave my position away, resulting in me being lit up... first by torchlight, then by incoming fire from several enemies

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    for sale is a desert digital camo boonie hat, 59cm head size. this item is a brand new, never woorn civilian made boonie hat. price is plus P&P, but i will combine postage if bought with other clothing items in my other classifieds


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    for sale is a green army sweatshirt, size 106cm in good condition, with no rips or holes, lance corporal stripes sewn on sleeve price is plus P&P, but i will combine postage if bought with other clothing items in my other classifieds


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    for sale is a Kombat UK black camo shirt, size XL in good condition, with no rips or holes price is plus P&P, but i will combine postage if bought with other clothing items in my other classifieds


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  15. found an action army hammer in stock with tango down airsoft and ordered it. hopefully it will be here by the end of the week so i can rebuilt it ready for the weekend.
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