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    Nuprol pioneer defender
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    G&G SMC-9
    TM P90
    EMG John wick Hicapa
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    Black camo
    British Army MTP (osprey plate carrier, Virtus helmet)
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  1. welcome to the club 😃 happy i could help
  2. the tippmann also has the benefit of dropping in a CO2 adapter kit (included with the gun) and you can run 80 round mid cps with a CO2 bulb in the mag (if you can find the mags) you are thinking of the tippmann M4V2, which is a gun i own. The M4V2 can be run as HPA and it does recoil but it can also be run on CO2 mags as i described above. i think @BigStewis thinking of the tippmann Omega
  3. @AlphaBear if you are still hunting an AW drum 😃
  4. No worries. Thanks for letting me know. Will the meet be rescheduled to another date again?
  5. Sorry to hear that. Hope you recover soon
  6. @heroshark @Barny @Asomodai @GAMBLE @Tackle @leadly @MiK @L3wisD @Seany.exe @Alimcd @Sneaky @Keldon Anyone know if the meet is going ahead? Or has it been cancelled? Dont want to travel and find im the only one that turned up. Apologies for the tag spam, but i didnt get a reply to my post from last week
  7. i should mention to @AlphaBear, my AAP doesnt have any AA "blingy bits" like a flared magwell... aside from an AA stock kit and Spitfire tracer, its 100% stock external
  8. hey alphabear just double checked, and it is a VX model drum. i had to import it from AirsoftAtlanta due to it being out of stock everywhere in the UK.
  9. got an armourer works drum on mine, simply plug and play
  10. good to know... added the vest to my shopping list i just knew that would set SOMEONE off =P Nothing too exciting in this weeks haul... Can of green gas and some more Valkyrie bbs. Also bought a replacement drinking tube for my Source Rider hydration bladder... was wearing the it at CQB last weekend, but someones shot managed to hit the collar that clipped the adapter onto the hose =( (3rd pic shows damage) Also took the oportunity to buy an adapter so i can refill the bladder from a tap or a bottle while its still on my back
  11. got to wait a couple of days for payday, then i will be looking to get a replacement hammer and nozzle springs in preparation for when the stock on finally shits itself. also... FUCK does it sting getting shot by one of these... went to Red1 the school last weekend with my brother, who wanted to try the pistol to see what the hype was about, as well as checking how well the spitfire tracer unit i fitted worked (as he is considering one for his next HPA build). little fucker then jumped on the enemy team... and shot me with my own gun =/ i swear that shot stung more than anything else i got shot with that day, even though it was well within chrono limits and shooting .25g i did get him back later though, so its all good
  12. looks pretty good. where did you source the fans from? i was thinking of trying to get something rigged up to get air circulating through my helmet, especially in CQB arenas, to minimise fogging as well as keep my head and face cool
  13. oohhh.... will be keeping an eye on this one. definately want to add a lee enfield to my armoury. hopefully the brexit clusterfuck is resolved so they will ship to the UK though
  14. Dammit... you had to show me those links when i still have a week to payday... But to answer your question, as long as i can fit the mags into the pouches, then yes, i will be looking for one of those vests, otherwise i will be looking for something as close as possible while allowing several mags to be carried. Maybe in the future i will.look at an MP5, but i prefer the look of a p90... plus i already have too many guns at the moment, so im in no rush to buy a new one XD
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