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    g&g SA80 A2 moded, Dboys gold AK 74u, WE Dragon 7 hi capa with red dot, KWA CO2 Lugar
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    Armoured carrier with a black skull-mask, police style helmet and black tracksuit normaly
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    The kill house Gillingham, Apocalypse in Sittingbourn, Tactical airsoft Croydon & Dunker 51 London
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    I am a commission illustrator by trade and hobby, airsoft of course and strongman ( good excuse to work out and still be fat )

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  1. Hey Folks,


    Anyone know where to get an adapter for the MP9 to put a tracer in the QD suppressor? maybe something that can be 3d printed and inserted into the suppressor or maybe a kit I can buy to insert one?

    1. Albiscuit


      Look on Ebay for the3dprinter he makes adapters for various silencers allowing the use of a tracer. Not sure about a MP9 but if its not listed it might be worth messaging him.

    2. Brokencreation


      Thanks mate i will look him up

  2. My guns I am currently working on! 


    my tacticool nuptol m4 with flailed mag well and some nice accent colours,


    my areas striker 02 


    my customised but beat up to hell WE hi capa, it could do with a repaint.


    and my newest addiction the black and gold AKs 74u but I call it the Krank. 

    will post others when I get better images of them :D...





  3. Brokencreation

    WE G17

    Is this able to be posted at my expense or is this collections only?
  4. I wouldn’t use metal bb’s there normally isn’t enough power in green gas guns as metal 6mm bb’s weigh like .9 grams and just plummet to the floor. Also you can’t play games with metal bb’s you will get kicked off the field if they catch you using metal bbs
  5. Hey just wondering as i only skimmed the rules so far, but if I am looking to buy just the body of a RIF do i need a ukara? I have lots of internal parts that I have gutted from broken guns but not so much in external parts. (I haven't been able to get a ukara previously due to not having ID or and when I got ID the Rona hit...)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Rogerborg


      You need ID when you've done your 3rd game and are asking your site to give you a UKARA number.

    3. Cr0-Magnon


      @Rogerborg - OK but if you do three games and get your ID sorted at a later date, surely you can still turn round to that site and say "Here's my ID, here's my proof I played three games"?

    4. ak2m4


      @Cr0-Magnon that might be ok, all depends on how the site functions.  For many sites UKARA is an added overhead I guess,  I wouldn't like being the person who would have to admin it all

  6. How did I not find this place sooner?

    1. Rogerborg


      Flecktarn makes us invisible.

    2. rocketdogbert


      It takes the best to find the best 😂😂

    3. EDcase


      You need more training in the ways of GoogleFu 😁

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