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  1. The legal jargon literally states that sights are excluded from import restrictions.
  2. Did they specify the offence they were actually investigating, because I can't think of one!
  3. Not mine, just a build I found! I've got a GHK105 en route from Samoon, and that's the build I'll be going for, except probably a US palm grip and a CTR stock.
  4. Sawyer

    Rubber Machete

    😂 It is based on old British Airways baggage handling software. Despite clearly having photos of Sig MCXs.
  5. Can we get an eye roll too? Sometimes it's the most appropriate response.
  6. I'm a strong believer in anything being possible, with the right methods and plan. If that plan is rest and recovery for a few more months, a year or longer, maybe it is, but hopefully one day you'll play again!
  7. Sawyer

    THE TM MWS thread

    I forsee so many stoppages! I've not fielded my MWS in ages, it's almost like I'm afraid to. I just full auto mag dumped it at home, and I'm now reminded of why I MUST field it at the next available opportunity.
  8. Interesting way of looking at it. Oh well, not my broken Specna.
  9. Spot on, when I first went airsofting, in about 2006/07 it was a sea of DPM, L85s and M4s. Now it's M4s, but covered in tacticool shit. I'd say without a doubt the rise of YouTube, and access to that as a resource of special forces weaponry/kit has ultimately given us the airsoft landscape we have now.
  10. Maybe this is me being grumpy, but there seem to be more thick c***s in airsoft than ever. People incapable of thinking for themselves, or just generally being absolute drips. Maybe that's just society as a whole, critical thinking isn't that popular anymore. Maybe I need a coffee.
  11. Jesus Christ my ears. Looks like it could be good for CQB, my first ever airsoft experience was in a bunker somewhere near the coast, can't remember where exactly though.
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