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  1. Zenitco B30 and B31C from Ivan Tactical. Not as much modification as I'd have thought to fit them, still not quite perfect but no wobble!
  2. Installed a brand new hop unit and all is fixed!
  3. Fucking spoilt. Pot noodle and a wank is the gold standard!
  4. Sawyer

    THE TM MWS thread

    I carry 7 for everything, although I'm 2 short on AK mags at the moment. I don't mind the added weight and I've got the pouches for them so I don't really feel the need to go with less.
  5. Sawyer

    THE TM MWS thread

    What's your total mag count now?
  6. Great stuff, I see to remember seeing them mentioned under distributors on the UT website, I must have failed to find it all on the AiB site. Thanks!
  7. I'm just curious as to if where you got this also does other Unity Tactical products? I want to get one of their risers!
  8. Original gangster... 😂 Just means the first one or the genuine article. Sorry.
  9. Have you tried the little plastic extender nozzle it seems to come with, does that make it any better? If I could find an OG adaptor I'd buy one 🙁
  10. Just ordered a propane adaptor. Tried to get the original all plastic airsoft innovation one, but could only get the new steel nozzled one they make. Guess I'll have to be careful with my fill valves.
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