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  1. He's also got a faux leather studded paddle...
  2. Looks like a Ruger Precision Rifle, unaware of any Airsoft versions though.
  3. Yeah it's the Coyote Tan LTP I posted a few weeks back. Just needs the Peltor adapters now, which are en route.
  4. Helmet covers make a world of difference. Good service from Marine Shop too!
  5. Tbh any new recoil shock I bought would definitely be paired with a titan if funds allowed. Elevates a fantastic gun to a near perfect one.
  6. I need this exact set up, but can't find an S&T M320...
  7. ARP9s with drum mags... they just look wrong. I'm taking cover now...
  8. That's a good shout! I'll give that a go too.
  9. I'll add them to the shopping list...
  10. Foam, but they're cheap and misshapen...
  11. Yeah sorry. Out of interest do you find they make a difference to being able to draw mags? My PC can be pretty floppy which doesn't help.
  12. My response was by no means aimed at you. Your post was well thought out and well argued. There are some on this forum who seem to be of the opinion that if it's not what they do/think then it must be wrong. @Rogerborg Sorry if I touched a nerve? I don't really see how my post was any of those things, but if you feel that defensive about it I can't account for why that might possibly be.
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about justifying yourself on here. A lot of people/experts with a lot of opinions.
  14. HEMS, HART Team, Mountain Rescue? They aren't just confined to Hospitals...
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