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  1. Ohhhhh snap. That is my dream site! I'm going to be keeping an eye out for this one, thanks for the heads up.
  2. Don't open the box though.. you'll lose the flavour. 🤣
  3. I hope this re-opens soon.. I've not been able to run a decent CQB since The Mall closed and my GBBR could do with a good workout.🤞🏽
  4. Welcome to fold, bud. I echo the thoughts of the others here as well. I made the mistake of buying a TM VSR10 quite early on (I blame Novritsch with his kill montages) and found it to be really boring.. your experience might be different to mine, who knows. I would suggest to start by running and gunning and see if that style of play works for you first.
  5. Boom. One more to the pile. 👍
  6. In that case, I don't think I would need to be so specific with the SamCo motor then so long as it does the job reliably. I've read a few other bits about motors and I've seen a few recommendations for the Action Army Infinity series motors - know anything about those? Would it be plug-and-plug or is there a lot of faffing around involved? P.S. apologies for the numpty questions, this is my first foray into teching. Needs must and all that, given the current climate.
  7. Firstly, you lot are all legends and gentlemen for the assist, appreciated. 🍻 Apart from the china jobby, are there any reputable companies that have made an aftermarket motor designed for NGRS? Sounds as though it is all pointing towards a replacement motor #sad face. I think it would probably be best to invest in a new one then mess about with the old one. If it turns out I can fix the old one, sweet. If not, no real loss.
  8. Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated. I'll have a look to see if there are any lugs, thanks bud. The idea of snapping them is terrifying though.. That sounds a bit above my pay grade, might be a YouTube jobby there! Failing that, I'll have a look on AliExpress, thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Alright, so I may have experienced the most UNLUCKY thing to ever happen whilst airsoft teching. So I was replacing the spring in my HK417 NGRS. The strip down and spring replacement was uneventful until I got to reinstallation of the contact switch wires. One of the little screws that fasten the wire to the motor came loose and got pulled inside the motor casing by the strong magnets. Words can't describe how big an arse I felt when it happened... 😔 My first response was to use tweezers to remove it but that just pushed it further inside the casing.. does anyone know i
  10. Some form of fast food with my battle buddies for a warm down and to regale each other with tales of our exploits on the field. It's literally a tradition now and generally frowned upon if anyone skips out.
  11. Agreed, I think manufacturers should offer this as a standard connector. I was suggesting it because Kroshy was looking for a better trigger response and I was trying to prevent his wallet being spanked.
  12. I've had a whole bunch of AEGs, (G&G, VFC, LCT, E&L and a few others) and none of them perform like my 417 does out the box. Admittedly, they are pricey and in hindsight I'd probably reconsider my particular choice and go for the M4 but you definitely get what you pay for with a TM NGRS - AEG experience and OTB performance that no other ERG (and very few AEG) manufacturers can touch. I know it makes me sound like an elitist jerk when I say this but normal AEGs don't quite cut the mustard anymore for me.
  13. Anything but an 1911 or the Luger from the WE range and you should be good. I've had TM pistols (226, M92, 1911) and I have to say with the Maple Leaf upgrades in my Gen3 G17, the TM's pistols I've owned can't compete. Not only that, for the cost of my G17 and upgrades, I paid the same as I did for my TM 1911 and a single magazine. In answer to your question, WE pistols are definitely worth thinking about.
  14. I would start with a switch to DEANS connectors, and a good service. Krytacs are generally mustard out of the box so you should be okay on the internals front. For accuracy, I run a Prommy barrel with purple bucking and firefly namazu nub. It's not too pricey and should work really well with what you have already so you shouldn't be breaking the bank.
  15. If it happens, it happens. CQB is chaotic by its very nature so I say providing someone hasn't mag-dumped on someone, just call it and get back to respawn.
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