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  1. Can anyone tell me any techs in the Lancaster area
  2. I heard that only certain mags will fit and feed in krytacs and was wondering if this is true
  3. Are fusion engines as good as they’re hyped up to be can people tell me what the benefits are
  4. What I meant was are u getting the performance your paying for
  5. Do people know if these are worth the money
  6. I’ve just put maxx me hop up in my krytac but it’s not shooting properly or feeding properly any solutions
  7. Why is it that some techs don’t like gate titans
  8. The asura dynamics folding stock gen 2 says it’s only for gbb aks but I was wondering if it would fit a lct ak 104
  9. I was wondering if I could swap the wood on a ghk ak for the plastic off of lct ak74 mn also do Russian infantrymen still use the Smersh
  10. Do u have any pistol u could recommend
  11. Do u recommend the leviathan mosfet
  12. Which rubber would u recommend and why
  13. To be honest better range accuracy fire rate and reliability
  14. So I’m thinking about getting my mk 18 completely redone here’s a list of parts Prometheus purple hop rubber prometheus tightbore 6.03 barrel maxx model hop up unit maxx model air nozzle maxx model cylinder head levithan mosfet krytac nautilus gearbox can people please tell me what they think about this build and if I should stay away from any of the parts I’m using
  15. What’s ur favourite gun and what have u put in it
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