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  1. I've been working on my Army Armament R85, which is kinda the reason I got it, learn by doing and all that. And if there's any gun that needs a lot of 'doing', it's the Army Armament R85. Thus far I've added a few screws that were missing on my gun, and replaced a few so it's all a bit more sturdy. I've fixed the screw on the safety switch so the trigger no longer moves on safe, I'm also planning to tap some more grub screws into the front sight post, and shore up the front grip. I'm not planning to mess with the internals too much just yet, I don't know much of anything about gearboxes or the piston assembily beyond the basic principles. And besides I can't afford to replace them, hence why I've got an Army Armament R85 instead of a G&G L85, or ICS in the first place. However, I do need to replace the hop up, as the one that came with the gun was missing all the adjustment cogs bar one, and it's generally pretty crap quality. The issue I have is finding a hop that will actually fit in the gun, the hop unit is supposed to be interchangeable with a standard M4 style hop up, however, the two metal hop units I've bought don't quite fit. The first one the feed hole was actually in the wrong place, and although this second one does seem to be the right shape, the gun doesn't fit back together properly with it. It's close, but just enough that you can't get the rear pin in, and the magazine gets slightly stuck in the gun. I think because the lower reciever isn't aligned correctly. I suspect, although I may be wrong, that this is all because I've opted for a metal hop. Most plastic hops are likely slightly more malleable, and thus fit fine into the gun. I'm making this post just to see if anyone has had a similar experience or might be able to suggest a solution. My current thinking is to sand the piston hole on the hop so that it fits, however I'm uncertain if this will render it unusuable, and if I do so I obviously can't send the hop back. I already attempted a similar process on the last metal hop, before I realised it was an incorrect shape, so I'd rather save as much as possible if this hop simply won't work.
  2. Mind at rest about the beret a bit at least, thanks, I've done a quick google though and I see what you mean! It's a unique look to the Airsoft field at least 😆 And I've had that impression of the snood, I'm actually wearing a lower mesh over it in the picture, I mainly got it for CQB use under a mesh, just to fill the gaps and cover my ears, or use on its own at a woodland site, but given it's warmth and contribution to fogging I shall just go without I think! Perhaps it will see a return if I ever can afford a good pair of fan goggles. Kit's always an ongoing process, finding whats most comfortable, just trying things out, so I've added fan goggles to the many favourites folders of kit and guns I have already! P.S Idea for the beret, could get a metal badge of some description that isn't military, think World of Tanks do some pin badges of their battle medals? Might not be worth it, again I'll add it to the 'get round to at some point' list!
  3. Just trying yet another headgear setup for this weekend... New pair of goggles I mainly got for the prescription inserts, but they seem to gather sweat at an alarming rate so I may forgo that idea. Good googles for the range though. I'll probably go with my bolle's instead this time around. They seem to be the only pair I've got that don't fog immediately, but I've yet to wear them at a game given I kind of gave up on seeing for a while, between no contact lenses and fogging and went to mesh. I'll probably ditch the snood too, bit too warm. Interested to get some opinions on the beret too; I'm a big fan of them but I'm aware it can be a bit of an offence to wear one having not earned it; I hoped to avoid this by getting a nondescript black one, but I'd still swap it if asked. I can save it for when I can afford some WWII re-enactment gear, be a tanker. Anyway main point of this: Any suggestions for goggles? I noticed the previous conversation about fan goggles and I've started looking into them, blimey they're pricey! But given my years of different eye-pro I'm thinking worth the cost eventually, just to be able to see. I'm looking at prescription inserts because I don't bother with contact lenses day to day and they're not worth getting (I have an odd prescription too) for how little I get to a game. I'd appreciate any suggestions for something cost effective! (And tacticool).
  4. Well, precisely. And of course, it was on safe.
  5. Oh believe me it was a mid cap very very closely checked to be empty, and only in for a moment for the sake of the picture! I'm always one for caution. No sense loosing an eye for the sake of a cool photograph.
  6. Few pictures of my work in progress MTP kit from a 'Mini-game' I did with a few mates a couple of weeks ago... Photos by our good friend 'PJ'. -Does this thing have anything in it? - I've since got a new lower mesh to go over the snood; one of the newer half soft ones. My old one was just a bit uncomfortable, especially over the snood. Although both are rather warm. Rainbow 6 Siege style victory pose! A couple more people I've convinced into the glorious money pit that is Airsoft! 😂 (One of them was too stubborn) -And thanks to my Brother and my Dad for lending us their guns for the day so we'd all be armed. Wouldn't have been much fun otherwise. It's far more interesting when your targets shoot back.
  7. Some recent pictures of my favourite pieces, taken while setting the hop on my new Army Armament R85A2. WE Sig Sauer P226R E1 Well Webley No.VI .455 Army Armament L85A2
  8. Just rather unexpectedly got an Army Armament R85A2 a couple of weeks ago... Despite being not as top notch as the more expensive replicas I'm rather impressed with it really and it's by far the cheapest way of getting an L85 with a rail. And so long as I look after it I'm sure it'll be fine... famous last words. My dad's got an ICS L85, or SA80 as he'd call it, and you can feel the difference in build quality between the two, but if you're not fussed about little things like some lack of bevelling on a few more intricate parts, and most glaringly some rather cheap plastic on the dust cover and bolt release (I'm sure you could probably replace these relatively easily and I may do so myself, the grip and butt are nice materials mind) then it's really a good deal, considering this was about £170 on sale from BBGuns4Less.co.uk (Sometimes a bit of a gamble with them but this payed off) and the ICS is about 300 and a bit pounds typically. Not to mention, although a tad temperamental, this comes with an optional Electric Blow Back system, which I'm a fan of. It makes me grin! It can just be turned off by locking back the bolt though, if you're running low on battery or just particularly boring. (P.S - Almost forgot, it does have an L85A1 bolt pull, which can also be easily replaced and I may also do so at a later date.) You'll certainly see the box coming! I did have some issue with getting this thing delivered, but that was only because of a note in the order asking for the Non-two tone version which was listed as out of stock even though it hadn't been the day before my order; but as it turns out they were just waiting for a new shipment in. Not that they told us that to begin with of course. After a bit of a rebuild to fix the slightly wobbly front rail - and tighten quite a few other bits as it seems all they did in the factory is put the screws in, turn them twice, and leave it, it felt a lot more solid. Bit of a nightmare to get the upper and lower receiver back together, but I've heard that's the case with all L85s, and I imagine perhaps even the real one. Put the ACOG off my CM18 on in place of the carry handle and iron sights, which I was surprised fit on the 19mm rail but then again the scope's off Amazon so perhaps it's not exactly 20mm. Looks bloody smexy though! As I'd heard in reviews the feeding and magazines seem to be the biggest functional downfall of the Army Armament R85, and in direct comparison to the ICS the mag-well is indeed visually smaller. Although once you get the hang of it, it doesn't hamper you too much. I found it doesn't like hi-caps though, which is fine by me because I don't either, but my dad's ICS hi-caps which we tried for setting the hop caused the well documented issue of the gun jamming in repetition fire, needing to be changed to and fired in auto before it would fire again. While I can't say for sure, it seemed switching to my new Nuprol Mid/Real cap mags (which I love by the way) solved this as I had no feeding issues using them, but I didn't exactly fire off a billion rounds to test this so it might have just been pot luck. Still, as a collection piece this thing feels great, looks the part, and should, hopefully, fingers crossed, work in a game... If not though I'll have the trusty G&G CM18 to back me up. Although I wasn't there to open them (or get a better picture of them), given I've just gone back to uni after getting the L85 on a break, my new lovely hand made wooden rifle rack and pistol stand arrived at home the other day... can't wait to go back and get my ever expanding collection on them! Even if my wallet is rapidly deflating... Why do I want all the things? And finally, I got a little patch alongside the L85, that of the famous 7th Armoured Division 'Desert Rats', which is also the name my old War Thunder & Arma squadron operated under. Now, to spend even more money on attachments!... *Wallet cries* P.S - Blimey that turned into a full review, that wasn't supposed to happen!
  9. Finally decided I'd get myself a Webley, along with a hard case so I'm not showing up with my CM18 in the box it came in!
  10. Just ordered some stuff for this weekend, some Nuprol mesh goggles since I've not been able to see for the majority of my last games due to fogging, a... what do you call that? a scarf? a Balaclava? I'm not sure, but basically a tube of fabric. Oh and the pistol case, which I didn't need but I felt the postage cost wasn't quite worth it just for some goggles, so why not.
  11. WE F226R E1, only just got the E2 I got at Christmas replaced with this, I'm so fussy...
  12. It's been a while, and ooooh, look at this, funky new website... and an argument about naming guns, business as usual XD (I can see how an object can become more than the sum of its parts, but naming it is a little far imo) I finally got my Christmas present. Took this long to replace the incorrect version I got, I'm extremely fussy but I wanted a E1 instead of an E2... (Probably should've turned the flash off, looks a bit naff) P.S I can't seem to find the signature edit bit on the new layout, anyone know where it is?
  13. Been a while since I've had cause to post, but I've had a few games with my Glock and its been fine up until this last one. on the last game of the day it spewed out all the gas in the mag and didn't fire - I put it down to fluke at the time, but I've since done some target shooting and it did the same thing, at first I thought it was the mag, it being the one that came with the gun, but then my other one did it too. I assume it would have something to do with the firing mechanism, as it is basically holding down the pin rather than pressing it, But I don't know what I'm looking for or if its even a broken part that is the issue. I'd appreciate any suggestions.
  14. This scope arrived today, not bad for £25 off amazon. Looks very nice on my CM18.
  15. B.S

    The USP Compact

    How is it in terms of Build though? And Realism? I'm not so much after performance.
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