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  1. hey welcome, i personally play in Scotland mostly at The Fortress.
  2. i just got this extract one yesterday from and keep quiet about this (bbguns4less). and so far my impressions are really good. i was 65 ish for the r17 a can of gas and they chucked in a free bottle of 2000 beebs also fully compatible with TM.
  3. ah that might be why, i shall have a quick look. i managed to bag myself a half day today so im going to the Fortress tonight.
  4. mine came today cracking service from bbgus4less tbh.
  5. ironic im off Thursday working Friday then off sat if i was off sat i would just got to the fortress
  6. not sure if i should take offence to that haha as a Scot
  7. Old i know but fantastic review think i have made a good choice. thanks !
  8. People like this are going to get our sport banned. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/court/north-east-man-pulled-pistol-on-boy-14-in-row-over-fence/
  9. had a look but cant see anything. im itching for a game but yah know work commitments lol
  10. @Druid799 the sandero is not a bad car, i have a 06 renault scenic my self its not all about flashyness as long asit gets you a to b and then back to a
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