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  1. @SkipDearman welcome, hope your enjoying the sport. be ready to have a always empty wallet.
  2. wow I did not expect for this to get such a response.
  3. Here here haha Hmm
  4. I blanked the names except my own as didn't think it was fair to shame them lol even if they are slagging us lol
  5. I will.just leave this here lol
  6. are we talking about 17th of march ? @Seven @Rogerborg
  7. Hey @Swan im down in Dundee so we arent that too far apart
  8. so i did some pew pew last night and gun seemed to work fine with no issues. i think i need a new fire selector and it feels very warn and wont really stay in position.
  9. hes got a fair few good airsoft videos.
  10. Cell 2 and 3 are alternating with the colours @Adolf Hamster
  11. Is it meant to be this colours. It was red now like a red and blue together
  12. so I have now fitted my rail and t1 for my mp5. had to do a littler doctoring for it all to fit correctly but its on and looks quite cool.
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