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  1. ummmmm i dont get it ........................😒
  2. your right, it depends on the game area i suppose. oi still think the run shoot and ask questions later haha
  3. woop woop another Scottish player down in Dundee myself. @Hawkkw
  4. So totally gubbed  my boots they are over a year old mind, so  need to look for something else now that isnt  too expensive. . 

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    2. Mad Rag

      Mad Rag

      mine ruined at the last game in depot yesterday. think it was due to the amount of water on the deck. i had very wet feet lol. im going to need to look into something decent but for now it will be trainers as im only gonna be indoors for the next wee while anyway. 

    3. AK47frizzle


      Still using my highlander gore tex boots that I bought over 7 years ago lmao. You gotta spend the extra £££ for them to last.

    4. ImTriggerHappy


      Salomon quest are my favourites waterproof and you can run in them like they are trainers.


      On wet concrete or stone though best soles I have found are the Adidas Terrex shoes. They do them in boots and as they are gore tex they are also waterproof.

  5. tbh this works ahaha the amount of "grenade" kills i got yesterday was amazing, i only had 1 dynatex impact and i must have 35 kills in total maybe more. there was one part where i cleared about 5 or 6 guys out of one room, was so impressed with myself lol. just kept rearming every opportunity i had
  6. thats not a bad idea i would quite like a1on 1 off kinda thing but it would be a nightmare loading a mid cap lol
  7. cool as hell, i have an mp5 would like to do something like this. how is the tracer powered, rechargeable or batteries . how do you access it.
  8. welcome, make sure to try oot before blowing the life savings
  9. for any potential buyers, i have this exact gun same and all i can say is its so much fun shoots really well and when in full auto, WOW.
  10. dammm they look beastly
  11. @Sandman SW Late to the party I know, but welcome :D, we are a friendly bunch… I think. Pretty much what @Rogerborg said. I would however recommend getting your own face pro the site ones tend to be cheap plastic and mesh that stick into your face. It good that you’re getting into the sport with your step son I think you will find it will be good bonding times for you. I'm sure you will both enjoy it. Used to live in Plymouth myself but as far as I am aware there are a fair few decent sites in and around Devon. Just go to Google maps and type Airsoft and then use the map to pin point sites. The more you move around and use the SEARCH THIS AREA the more sites will pop up. If a site doesn't have a website and just uses a Facebook page then I would probs give it a miss as I think @Rogerborgwill agree.
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