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  1. Another Tokyo Marui 416 finished for a customer
  2. Rather lovely HPA M4 with a s*#t load of upgrades given a GearTech paint job. Gun case also painted.
  3. Something a little different but turned out really well.
  4. Another Vector finished for Airsoft Direct
  5. G&G Death Machine in a Joker finish And possibly my nicest so far......in my opinion.
  6. Did you just swear at me?
  7. WE GBB Scar with 3d printed body kit from SRU. Because 2 Glocks are better than 1 "Here's lovely"
  8. Another worn tan, this time on an A&K Sr25
  9. My Instagram account has everything I paint. Always try to tag the right crowds when I post: @geartech_custompaint
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