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  1. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    I bought them direct from the manufacturer. It's an old Trespass summer jacket I had.
  2. GearTech

    Lugers: Are they any good?

    I had a KWC Luger, great little shooter. Much nicer than the WE green gas version. Wish I'd kept it now.
  3. GearTech

    Custom paint work

  4. GearTech

    Gun picture thread

    Only seemed right that I gave my own Specna a coat of paint
  5. GearTech

    Custom paint work

  6. Sadly it seems like YouTube is following the same lines as Farcebook. I'd heard a little while ago they had stopped all earnings connected with anything to do with firearms. Instagram isn't without its problems. I tried to promote a custom Xbox controller on there recently and it was denied as the said my Web site and feed promote the sale of airsoft guns.
  7. GearTech

    Gun picture thread

    These are my 2 new personal pew pews that I will be trying out at NSC up here in 't North East. Both Specna Arms. Hoping the 14 year old lad will pop along too.
  8. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    I think the problem would be is the lack of surface area to actually paint.
  9. GearTech

    Custom paint work

  10. GearTech

    Custom paint work

  11. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Lately a lot longer than the should. 3 left on the bench which will be finished this week including the nicest and most striking yet.....in my opinion