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  1. Another worn tan, this time on an A&K Sr25
  2. My Instagram account has everything I paint. Always try to tag the right crowds when I post: @geartech_custompaint
  3. The inspiration for this one came from listening to the amazing audio book "World War Z" (nothing like the movie) where Alpha Teams were dropped in to rally pockets of survivors and work on building back communities. The idea is this is one of the survivors that the teams are helping so he has a mixture of civilian, military and law enforcement kit.
  4. Another WIP. Almost finished though. Cheap tactical vest off ebay. Cheap security belt from eBay. Cheap rucksack from Ebay. Cheap tactical cap from.... EBay. Old jacket, hoddie and jeans. All given a good going over.
  5. First part of a complete custom loadout I'm putting together. Jacket pictured isn't going to be included. Helmet on its way for matching paint scheme. Still to mess on with pouches and belt configuration.
  6. The M4 series was a cracking bit of kit. We sold over 300 when we selling and never had any come back with a fault. The Core Range had some issues. Prices went up rather too much for my liking but I guess that was the plan. Sell them cheap, get established, up the price.
  7. Division would be pretty cool, especially with the release of the new game.
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