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  1. I'll take the headset and ptt if still available
  2. My first custom painted support weapon.
  3. Errrrrrrrrrrrrr no, that would defo be a new one.
  4. Finally got around to doing a photoshoot with the ApexTech baody armour I posted a while back. Carrying the KWA T6 Ronin
  5. Haven't fired a shot in anger for years. Keep meaning to get back out there as my two boys are the perfect age. Plus I can hardly say I haven't the kit.
  6. This one staying in my collection. G&G Firehawk with ARP9 stock and some random muzzle break I had. Took a bit of work to get the stock to fit but not too much.
  7. Sling one of these over your shoulder. Cheap as chips, holds plenty of mags and coukd go with any kind of loadout I'm sure. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274277629098
  8. Is it free? I'll check that out, thanks
  9. That's the technique I used. Then refined each layer a little and added colours here and there
  10. Anyone else enjoy playing around in photoshop? Been doing a lot of edits lately. Such a massive program, think I could mess on for years and still only scratch the surface. Purchasing a drawing tablet in April to see if I can reignite my love of drawing.
  11. It doesn't look that big on the table, then we see the pic of you holding it. Absolutely love it.
  12. Probably my nicest paint job so far.
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