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    Custom paint work

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    Closing down sale.

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    While we are still busy painting things here at GearTech we have decided to stop supplying. Facebook became a nightmare and things just weren't shifting. So we are looking to get rid of our last few stock items and hopefully give someone a bargain. All items are brand new. BOLT recoil AK74u £265 Specna A06 with custom stock fitted. £170 Specna 416 long rail prototype £185 Specna B17 £180 Cybergun Famas evolution with 4 mags?£220 Cyma RPK folding stock Para version. Metal and wood. Battery goes in the stock. £180 Jg Bar10 Gspec. No scope. £95 Classic Army mini gun. Has been test fired(too much fun not to) £450 M14 EBR Bullpup one of one atm all metal never been shot all new £460 with scope. KG 9 by rwa £280 comes with Airsoft pro suppressor , systema powered. Pretty much less than half the RRP. Mp5k pdw. wolverine gen 2 inferno ,plus swordfish kit £450 Man craft powered hpa tm g spec custom, has everything including 90 degree sear shoots at 499 , has Airsoft pro shrouded suppressor long tight bore £460 Custom painted Thunder Maul by GearTechCustomPaint. £120 Please feel free to PM me with any question


  3. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Many thanks. It seemed to suit the end of the Predetor hand guard rather nicely.
  4. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Good points. I'm not into rusted firearms. Even in the apocalypse they would be too valuable to allow to get that way. The Sterling is from a near future/post apocalyptic type scenario. The "rust" is actually dust and the stencils.... Well everyone puts stencils on things during the apocalypse. Don't they?
  5. GearTech

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    More work carried out on this. Bit more still to do.
  6. GearTech

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Suppose the helmet is right.
  7. GearTech

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Interesting. What is it/does it represent?
  8. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Second ARP9 finished in a Deadpool theme. The first one sold so fast we were asked to do a second. My favourite ARP9 so far. Finished in a Borderlands theme with custom Nerf scope to add a bit if "Sci fi"
  9. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Sorry folks.