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  1. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Second ARP9 finished in a Deadpool theme. The first one sold so fast we were asked to do a second. My favourite ARP9 so far. Finished in a Borderlands theme with custom Nerf scope to add a bit if "Sci fi"
  2. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Sorry folks.
  3. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Message sent
  4. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Nuprol M4, was an all black finish. Given a nice neat green paint job.
  5. GearTech

    Custom paint work

  6. GearTech

    Custom paint work

  7. GearTech

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    This one's a keeper.
  8. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    In 20 years of painting professionally this has been my favorite. She's a keeper. Just need to convince the wife to let me keep it on the mantlepiece
  9. GearTech

    Custom paint work

  10. www.geartechcustompaint.com Or ask to join my FB page : GearTechs Custom Work
  11. Sadly it would mean posting and multicam isn't a finish I offer as it doesn't turn out right. Best thing for that would be hydrodipping.
  12. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Hack saw blades and hole saws are a great way to get frayed edges.
  13. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Told you I was too cheap
  14. GearTech

    Custom paint work

    Most of my paint jobs range in price from £70-£100. Something like an M4 in a worn tan with one mag would be the £70 option. The Templar m4 wouldn't actually be much much as there weren't that many colours used. Probably £80. Prices climb a little if it's something like the HALO or Boba Fett finish as thete is more masking involved. In general though all paint finishes are £100 or under. Only time it goes above that is when there are multiple mags and attachments that all need painting too. I've been told I'm too cheap but being a married man with 2 kids myself I know a lot of folks don't have cash to splash about and I enjoy doing them and seeing the reactions they get. Hope that helps. The jacket was my first go at distressing clothing. On one side, the dirtier looking side, I used a lot of acrylic spray paint and really thinned down oil paints to give the appearance of stains. On the other I used a sludge that came out of the heating system when we were putting in a new kitchen. The paints work as you woukd expect but give the material a bit of a stiff feel to them. The sludge worked just like a dye and left the fabric nice and soft. I need to get hold of some 'Dirty Down' fabric crayons as they would be much better for around the cuffs, collar, elbows, etc. I'm also going to get some black and brown clothes dye to play about with. So far it's all been an experiment. Posted below are a few more pics as I've added some stencils and a back pack. Still quite a bit to do but it's good fun.