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  1. You know you love it! ha, fair play 👍
  2. Asking for a high cap knee cap capping.
  3. All replica optics are absolute sh*te, I've tried near all of the 'good' ones (including many rmr's) on pistols and rifles, they are all junk. Be it a red dot or holo, if it's ACM no matter what 'brand' it's gonna be sh*te Depends though, you might be happy with a clone for your intended use. If your MK23 is a upgraded heavy hitter then treat it to a trijicon. miss my MK23, awesome pistol when done right.
  4. My WE M4 recoils hard and sounds loud enough. It's as close to bang bang without ejecting a shell casing . obv terms & conditions apply * much upgrades * including but not limited to: +xxx% recoil spring, adjustable buffer, steel bolt, high flow gas valve, skim snd slide it all up and so on. AEG's will always have that nyu nyu nyu sound, is what it is, they have they're place. I wanted more, I went gas and put the money in to make em more 'realistic'. Airsoft is fun, from the early days of springers to AEGs, to GBB pistols, to GBBR's. Makes no odds what you shoot as long as it shoots and makes targets go ping, thud or ouch, Thats what matters
  5. Some stock WE M4 parts. Pic sent to me today from KYAIRSOFT (Awesome customer service!)
  6. So after studying the exploded diagram of the WE M4, I've finally got the list complete for everything I need. It was a lot more needed than I thought! (isn't it always) A total of 25 parts. Big shout out to rocketdogbert for the link to KY, literally got everything from there! Cheers Buddy.
  7. You're a monster. Im just happy it's not my bedtime cos that's nightmare inducing stuff.
  8. That poor MK23, you can almost hear it saying help, help me, someones shoved a buffer tube up my a*se
  9. I like it, looks like a lot of fun. Milsim is role-play , you are playing the role of a military soldier or faction. Im sure there are a lot of milsim 'soldiers' that wouldn't admit it though. Its like those dudes that dress up and run around forests pretending to be.... oh wait.
  10. Good shout thanks, I might have a sling plate somewhere. The detent pin/ spring added to list of required.
  11. Yea good site mil spec Thanks, Just trying to find out of the lower receiver comes with it's pins. Added trigger guard and mag release to the list of required. Funny thing is I'll end up building it and then wanting to swap it all out for other parts. End up making a 3rd M4 with the spares from this one lol.
  12. Thanks, yea its the little pins and such i feel i might not realise i need. On the face of it it looks like just a few parts and its a goodun. I prefer google but thanks.. Actually what was that site you recommended with all the stock WE parts and exploded diagrams, think it was a HK site. can't find it now.
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