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  1. Thanks, It's airsoft, RA-Tech SVOBODA AAC 300 blackout.
  2. Decided to remove the flashlight and add a barrel extension. I like this setup now, could do with a a magpul RSA up front to give another sling option. Also thinking to strengthen it and try C02.
  3. Free kleenex with ever order? 😀 Good looking site actually, thanks.
  4. Yeah It'll be UK, eBay or HK most likely.
  5. Yeah that will do it thanks, I didn't know WE made them.
  6. Comfort mode. Anyone know what short mag options are for the WE M4?
  7. Added the G33 Magnifier to the WE M4.
  8. My 10+ year old KSC Glock 34, Factory metal slide, Full trades, matching barrel & frame serial number. Some RS parts.
  9. T1 is a JJ airsoft, It's very good if not the best T1 replica I've had. The mount is a KAC replica, I cannot remember what make sorry but it has full trademarks is solid. That whole upper is for sale if intrested, pm me. Yes the Eotech is a real EXPS-2.
  10. Thanks, They are very nice upper receivers. The one on mine is the Angry Gun MUR 1S, a little bit different than the norm version with no forward assist. Great quality and got it on sale so all good. Ive been wanting one for years but never pulled the trigger on one.
  11. TAPS switch any good? worth it?
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