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  1. I bought 1 whole metre of black bungee cord in 4mm. 😬
  2. Thanks, For the flashlight it's 3M padded tape (I forget the exact one right now) onto the rail as pic. The perst has a mount built in as part of the switch.
  3. New suppressor cover , Had to cut it down to size so not to cover the quick release but looks decent
  4. Wow not seen one of those in a while, I had one many years back. Cool as f*** but totally useless due to size and weight (no offence it's a super nice looking sniper). Still, makes me want another now lol. Will look awesome with the right scope on.
  5. Thanks for the info, I'm looking at options to protect mine from the same.
  6. I have the same perst-4 red, can't go wrong with either. Have you put some plexi / shielding on the laser lens? I see something a bit different. Im sure the AEG is very good, im not knocking it. If there was a gas version though that would be something. Don't mind me I'm just not a fan of AEG's for years now since gas. Modern AEGs can be very good but gears, motors and batteries in guns just don't do it for me. No hate, you in the back put that pitchfork down, I see you !
  7. I have a Genuine Magpul MS2 sling in black that I have barely used. PM me if your interested.
  8. Super impressive looking & awesome setup. Are these Gas or AEG? AEG would just super sad me, if it's gas I would love to hear it going off! Either way very cool. Nice choice for the laser, did you go green or red?
  9. Added a surefire X300v + pressure switch, Nice compact and bright enough, has strobe as well. Its a pistol light but I think serves on a rifle just perfect with the tail switch added. Pretty much done, covers all scenarios that I will use it in. I usually run it fully loaded with max attachments, sometimes just the eotech. Getting rid of the front and rear flip sights was strangely satisfying.
  10. There is but I've had many hassles with getting some to fit. The URX i have on now has a slight gap as you can see, its tight but that gap makes me a bit . Might swap it out for a centurion arms but not sure yet. I like the VLTOR upper too, nice that it's a bit different without the forward assist.
  11. Oh for sure there's better platforms to start with. It's a love hate with the WE. Ive actually made 2 full rifles from the spares getting to this stage lol. Certainly not the cheapest way to go but its all fun and games.
  12. Yes URX 3. Honestly, it's taken a while to get it running smooth. Ive had this gun for many many years and have been through all the problems. The mags tend to wear the last shot locking nub down quite quick. Using the latest version mags and no problems so far, less than 1k rounds through them though. But yeah, performance is bang on, it's reliable now and accurate. Cycles smooth and snappy. Recoil & sound makes me smile. The angry gun adjustable buffer and spring are soo much better than stock and really adds another level to it. It'll probably implode itself now, wouldn't be the 1st time.
  13. Added a G&P metal fore grip and rail section as its getting a little heavy so the foregrip really helps with that. Really wanted to stick the Troy version on but shipping woes. Awaiting new surefire and some other bits. Not much left now of the original WE M4, just the buffer tube, mag release and inner barrel / hop, thats about it I think. Mostly Angry gun inside. Optics and laser are RS, some other little RS parts dotted around.
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