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  1. Oh yes have to agree one I had to have in my collection too! Looks just like the Alpha tech grenade, had one but lost it, tried to get another one but apparently they got sued, I am all over this one though looks great!!
  2. Nice!!! Mine is very similar! G&P bodied Daytona gun with a TM m320.
  3. Have the same shotgun, absolutely love it!!
  4. Finally decided to get a tracer I have chosen this an "Acetech lighter BT" mainly becuase it will shoot red tracers 👌 Also it doubles as a chrono. https://www.airsoftcentral.co.uk/acetech-lighter-bt.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA9orxBRD0ARIsAK9JDxQ4NOKRoMh8NxhBe-YSnrtyXooDVTW6tUK0aN3ukFAAsCsViSUU0HUaAor2EALw_wcB The Devgru is a great gun, had one about 4 years, its been an absolute workhorse, never failed me and so very satisfying to use. You made the right choice!
  5. Not for everyone I know but for me its perfect FOV is absolutely incredible and protection is second to none. I see so many people who just wear goggles, I know the first time I do that I am going to get shot and have a tooth smashed out. Plus I hate the mesh smashed against my nose, this doesn't have that issue + no fogging.
  6. I dunno I am questioning it now.... Going to have to check it now when I get home.
  7. I have to admit I have thought the same thing, but I think it's an illusion becuase the bottom of the receiver is a different angle than the top it makes it look bent. Cheers though 👍
  8. Playing @ Sentinel Airsoft (great site) Warq helmet Haley Strategic d3crx on a Mayflower APC HPA Daytona LCT Ak built by @proffrink Emerson Gear Multicam black gear Mike Cripps custom SAI hi-capa
  9. Wow thanks I knew about not getting battery higher than 8.4v wow I didn't know about absolutely not dry firing it under any circumstances!!! Sometimes that's easier said than done when the gun needs to wind its mag up manually! Also have been using .28's in there for as long as I can remember... oops! Oh yes I hope so too, although I have been looking for a good reason to get an SGR 12...
  10. Have had my AA12 since they came out, used it countless times. Recently I got a new battery for it 1600mah 8.4v as prescribed by TM, the last time I used the gun it would shoot once and just lock up, with a blinking red light under the stock cover. I have brought two different batteries since both the same spec but different brands. One of the two fired about 15 shots before it locked up and started blinking the red LED. Has anyone had any issues like this? Low battery, crap battery????
  11. @RossF @Wo1f have the Hephaestus one, the seams aren't the best but the gun itself is fantastic! I brought an adjustable npas bolt for it but instead went for HPA tapped mag so I could adjust the FPS.
  12. Ah ok that clears that up then, thanks guys. Love the M320, I have the TM version on my G&P Daytona M4, that is allot of fun.
  13. Yeah I brought 2 from Mike, love my High Capa's. Wouldn't ever have another side arm now. The list of parts is endless, I both love and hate going on that site, love to look but wow I hate the price after I have decided all the options. Dude that is awesome, the Star M320 yeah?
  14. My G&P m4 has that feature, however the recoil is so heavy it normally unlock it itself. The Daytona guns are well worth their money and time spent though, hell of a lot of fun and noise!!
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