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    TM HK416 devgru, CA M4 R.I.S., KWA LM4, KWA KRISS VECTOR, TM AA12, G&P Daytona gun (HPA)
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    Have a black multicam loadout.
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    Play at red 1 airsoft near Watford. and Xsite
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  1. Allot less than 90 I have never counted, heavy on the gass though as it's full metal.
  2. Very nice!! Have one too, although mine is a little modded, was once a TM
  3. Well this is the one the surely! Now where to buy it??
  4. You can find them on Zero One as a special order item. And yes they are worth the money. They're on gen 2 now which has a gasable bolt, mine has the gasable shells which takes a little while to sort out, but I still love it. https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/advanced_search_result.php?osCsid=bef06a1dc8a0b09694e60e3e4d135637&keywords=Salient
  5. We Scar H Daytona gun, love it but hate the only QD point on the rear of the ACR stock.... So I made one to fit. Ah that's better, works like a charm.
  6. Finally managed to get some in game photos worth sharing. Playing at Xsite in Hertfordshire. TM Devgru Daytona WE Scar H
  7. Yeah I had seen and already fallen in love with the STALKER suit too! Looks just like it does in the game, very impressed. Well you might as well just buy it now becuase you're.going to buy it sooner or later!
  8. Thank you so much Lozart you just pointed me to a Metro Spartan mask I have got to get on Etsy from TheAirsoftFactory, looks awesome. I feel a Metro loadout coming on. Hmmm now I need an AK too. This will be costly!!
  9. Ah yes of course!! G virus was purple wasn't it. Ages since I played Resident Evil 2. Side note... I am looking forward to playing the Resi 2 remake!!
  10. Loving the T and G virus vials!! Where did you get them??
  11. Oh man, you're kidding..... We missed the boat!! Gutted.
  12. Evening all, I am sure this has been asked many times and this is probably in the wrong section, but I am going to ask anyway. So some friends and I really want to go to the Mall at Reading before it closes, so how do I book into a game day? And when is it planning on shutting it's doors? Thanks.
  13. And yeah a m249 Daytona would be great but stupidly heavy I would imagine.
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