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  1. Ah ok that clears that up then, thanks guys. Love the M320, I have the TM version on my G&P Daytona M4, that is allot of fun.
  2. Yeah I brought 2 from Mike, love my High Capa's. Wouldn't ever have another side arm now. The list of parts is endless, I both love and hate going on that site, love to look but wow I hate the price after I have decided all the options. Dude that is awesome, the Star M320 yeah?
  3. My G&P m4 has that feature, however the recoil is so heavy it normally unlock it itself. The Daytona guns are well worth their money and time spent though, hell of a lot of fun and noise!!
  4. Recieved my 3rd Daytona gun, this one is an AK I brought from forum user @proffrink So far I had the M4 put together by Blackblitz airsoft in Canada, I put together the Scar and Proffrink built the AK for me. LCT AK Need a new red dot for it of some kind, any suggestions??? G&P m4 WE Scar H Here's a video of the AK, has some lovely recoil. 20191031_131538.mp4
  5. Hey guys anyone have one of these or know if they are any good?? I already have a seriously upgraded TM Hi-capa highly doubt it will even be in the same ball park, however the gun is calling to me...
  6. Thanks allot dude. I do love it to be honest. And frankly I am afraid to skirmish it... I probably chose not to remember how much I paid for it as it was allot, but I knew I had to have it. I go to Xsite (now called Sentinal airsoft) I am off there this saturday, Red1 is ok i would rather go to Sentinal though, it's a nice mixed bag site lots of outside and inside never gets boring. Where as Red1 feels like lots and lots of stairs and doors... And that's if your lucky enough to get inside as they mainly play in the woodland outside.
  7. It wasnt that much I brought it from WGCshop in Hong Kong that link is from from Eagle 6 they will have inflated the price. I just put the link there to show the parts. And yeah my money for sure. Spend enough of it on fuel so at least I have something to show for it here.
  8. The only standard parts are the barrel, the hop unit and a few springs. Oh and the mag. It's a Robin hood kit, these are the parts... https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/3829/s/robin-hood-desert-eagle-mark-xix-conversion-kit-black-for-de-50ae-gas-blowback-pistol-series/
  9. @K-Pop_Fan_4Life I have the same issue!! APS shells....
  10. Allot less than 90 I have never counted, heavy on the gass though as it's full metal.
  11. Very nice!! Have one too, although mine is a little modded, was once a TM
  12. Well this is the one the surely! Now where to buy it??
  13. You can find them on Zero One as a special order item. And yes they are worth the money. They're on gen 2 now which has a gasable bolt, mine has the gasable shells which takes a little while to sort out, but I still love it. https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/advanced_search_result.php?osCsid=bef06a1dc8a0b09694e60e3e4d135637&keywords=Salient
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