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    TM HK416 devgru, CA M4 R.I.S., KWA LM4, KWA KRISS VECTOR, TM AA12, G&P Daytona gun (HPA)
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    Have a black multicam loadout.
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    Play at red 1 airsoft near Watford. and Xsite
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  1. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    Ha, well looks like you caught me out, I am a drug lord deal in paracetamol and cough syrup. If you know anyone in need send them my way... I think it looked great with the elcan who cares about weight, plus you said you haven't been skirmishing for a while? Love the mustang, don't love the shoddy Photoshop attempt though. 😖 It did help a little but my skill and knowledge are worth big $$$$$, ah hell who am I kidding...
  2. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    Haha Lewis that is hilarious, not a drug lord or a lottery winner. Loyalty has paid off though been at my company 12 years (a 1/3 of my life) and I may have married my boss along the way 😁
  3. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    Thanks dude. Love it too, it's my second Daytona gun now. Check the website... https://www.daytonagunairsoft.com The first one I brought already made, this one I fited the kit to a gun I had, pretty straight forward.
  4. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    Ha yeah you got my theme, thanks. Nice check you out your gun matches your car!!
  5. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    I can fit my kit bag and 3 rifle cases so they are perfect for skirmishing. Also branded my helmet!
  6. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    Here we go then now its gun related.... 😁
  7. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    Plus it wasn't mine!!
  8. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    Dry firing!! @Duff
  9. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    Quick video for you still need to had in these are the first few shots the gun has [email protected] 20180711_124455.mp4
  10. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    Thanks bud, that was taken on my Kitchen floor last night at about 11.30 on my phone!! I haven't got a firing video but I will get one i am out of gas at the mo will get some this week. @SeniorSpaz87 thanks looking forward to uaing it, just wishit had bolt lock like my G&P m4 DG.
  11. DarkAssassin

    WE Scar H GBB Mags X 5

    Time Left: 2 days and 4 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Here we have 5 WE Scar H GBB Mags. Very good condition, got with the Scar H I have made into a Daytona gun so have no need for the GBB mags Never been dropped only slight usage marks. £30 each.


  12. DarkAssassin

    GHK GBB M4 Mags X 5 Ver. 2.0

    Time Left: 2 days and 4 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Here we have 5 nearly new GHK GBB M4 mags that I used in my Hephaestus Mtar-21 but decided to go with a HPA hi cap mag instead so these are not in use. Used once and never dropped with a tiny amount of wear. Will also throw in a GHK speed loading adapter. Can be used in the GHK G5 or M4. Version 2.0. £40 each.


  13. DarkAssassin

    Gun picture thread

    @BigBlackGlock Here it is my freshly installed Daytona'd Scar H. For those that don't know Daytona guns are HPA with insane recoil and sound.
  14. DarkAssassin

    Carrier for D3cr rig

    I use the Haley Strategic DC3RX and a Mayflower PC. Works like a charm.
  15. DarkAssassin

    Cars not guns

    Nice @Nick G which has been your favourite??