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  1. It's... alright for an AEG? and being able to switch between burst and full auto on the fly is quite a nice feature since some sites allow burst but not full auto. Unmodded this was firing 345-350 on .2's and getting some pretty decent range once the hop was broken in. Biggest complaints with it honestly? The upper and lower receiver aren't amazingly well fitted, so you get body wobble unless you add in some spacer to hold them in place. There's basically no battery space. it's just a thin tube along the top of the stock that also has the battery wire and fuse in as well.. so you're stuck to using short, thin batteries with it. Rest of the stocks solid plastic. Even greased and checked; you get a metallic smell from the gearbox after shooting for a while. Think the gears don't mesh amazingly well as even after only a little use they had some wear. Possibly because the upper and lower don't mesh properly/wobble and it's a open style split gearbox. It's not worth the £350ish price tag it has though by any means. There's better AEG's in the M4 look for less out there. I had a P90 for a while but honestly didn't enjoy the feel of it, or the top down magazine style of the gun. I only picked up the CQR on a whim last year after wanting a M4 but not the usual generic guff you see about. In hindsight, honestly wish I'd gone with a normal M16A2 or the like, or M4 Socom. CQR isn't bad but it's not worth what it cost by any means.
  2. Updated photo of the 'armory'. Hera Arms CQR, Cyma MP5A4, AA Barrett .50 Cybergun Desert Eagle, Unknown Mac10, WE Luger, ASG Schofield Not pictured are the 1889 Winchester lever action and Mares leg
  3. Crikey, this got a fair but of reply going on while I was down xD To answer a few things: The shield would be for my personal use only. I'd only be making one + the inserts for replacing as games go on. So only I'll be fielding it and making sure it's used appropriately. The shield would be 'weighty' but to a degree I can still use it without causing issue with my health (the reason I'm making it). I'd also only be using a pistol with it for situations where those I'm shielding are down/out and need covering fire to revive. I like to think I am an honest player. Never had issues at the sites I've played. On those instances I may not have felt a shot but someones mentioned it; I call it and do the respawn rules of the site. Simply better to go with it and avoid the pissing about. If you're hit, you're hit. Doesnt matter if it's in the face or the tip of the shoe. I'd only be using this in CQB/Urban games where a shield is thematically appropriate. The inserts will be layered cardboard. After running some tests using my own personal guns; two-three layers of cardboard stop a reasonable number of shots before the ystart passing through; so having a majority of the shield comprised of these will make the bulk of the shield light but destroyable; meaning just hunkering down behind it will only serve so much before, as a real shield does, it becomes compromised and nolonger protective. At the end of the day, I want to be able to assist my team and enjoy games; but I don't want to ruin other peoples fun by just being a walking wall you can't stop. I intend to take this seriously, and design both the shield and it's use rules carefully to maximize it's fair use in games where it's allowed.
  4. It's something that I've seen pop up around the net in airsoft videos and the like. Shields and their use in airsoft. I was curious what your thoughts were on the subject? I've been pondering picking up a shield or making one for some time. I'm a disabled player, so I often can't move around as quickly or jump about like others can do. Getting to cover or dashing between them without significant pain or issues most days. So figured stuff like sniping, support gunning and breach defense might be more suited. So moving in through things with a shield for mobile cover and a sidearm seemed a good fit for more CQB/Building based play. Now I know one of the main gripes with shields is that, if played right or not countered properly.. the players all but immortal. And it's honestly one I agree with fully. Shields CAN be broken as all hell. That's why if/when I do get this shield running, I plan to make/modify it so it is "Resistant", not Proof to hits. Likely by cutting out segments of the shield itself and filling them with layered cardboard or similar. That way it can be shot at and stop rounds; but it'll wear out in places and start letting shots through if you just try camping behind it or they focus on a spot to burrow through. That way; you have your ballistic shield stopping rounds, but you know you can't keep just tanking hits, you have to still move, use the world around you.
  5. HA CQR is more for the Urban scene. MP5 is for the indoor/CQB
  6. Boredom struck so decided to test fit my black loadout for indoor/CQB and urban games. Tired of running around the same bloody forest every game. Just missing some Umbrella patches now and some elbow/knee pads Hera Arms CQR with 4-14x50 scope. Currently mid-mod into a DMR Cybergun Desert Eagle. Three dual pouches on the chest that take two M4 style or my clamp paired MP5 mags comfortably on the carrier. Small viper pack for misc items/bladder on back. Two pistol mag holders, dump pouch and grenade pouch on the belt. Deagle holster on the right thigh.
  7. After getting rid of my old M92FS.. I decided I wanted something meatier. Kind of gun that someone see's come around a corner and makes them go "Oh hell.."

    • Wanted
    • Used or as new

    I'm after a full metal Cybergun Desert Eagle that's firing under 350/is site legal to use. Ideally with a couple spare magazines.


  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Bought as a collection piece, but ultimately just taking up space needed for other projects. Only skirmished once, and even then it had less than a hundred or so rounds though it as the hop-up appears to be non functional/needs work. Stock is slightly loose and could use a tighten (dont have the right hex key) The hop up appears to currently be non functional. When put to either end of it's slider, the rounds seemed to gain no hop at all, even though it felt like the hop was getting harder to adjust/applying more pressure onto the rubber. Otherwise it's mechanically sound and works wonderfully. It fired and fed with no issues. Price reflects the fact it needs a little work and is unwanted. Box contains everything the gun came with on purchase: Gun, Bipod, battery, charger (replace these, obviously) ((((THIS GUN IS SOLD AS NEEDING REPAIRS: BUYERS UNDERSTAND THIS AND RETURNS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED)) Collection from Plymouth is preferred as this is a HEAVY gun at close to ten kilos all told as it's pure metal and wood. Postage could be arranged but keep in mind it'd likely be expensive due to the weight of the item.


    Plymouth - GB

  10. Also, it's a non standard ammunition size, which most sites wont allow as it messes with the chrono readings and settings. Thus making it very hard to properly test/gauge... especially as that spanner is the only one even using it. Doubt many if any sites over here are gonna bend over backwards just so some kid with his shiny 'Shit Show Guarantee' can shoot folks with... one of the ugliest snipers I've ever seen.
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Relisting as last sale returned it saying it didn't work. Tested it the second I got it back; fired fine in semi and full, it's hopping BB's just fine when tested on all four mags. No idea. Refund was wanted and issued anyway rather than paying even more postage and losing more money. Cyma Thompson Chicago Typewriter. Bought last november and never skirmished. Has had a few hundred rounds through it plinking cans and targets. All three mid-caps feed perfectly and the drum mag holds a nice hefty number of rounds and is easily wound thanks to the honking great winder on the front. Has all the usual bits with it that come in the box; 'free' battery and charger (Replace these, seriously) Total Contents: Cyma Thompson Chicago Typewriter. 450ish round Drum magazine 3x Midcap Stick magazines Stock Battery/Charger Free sling (Wouldnt use it) Unjamming/cleaning rod New without the midcaps this averages about £150-160. Asking £140 posted with the drum and midcaps


    Plymouth - US

  12. Pretty much the only place you can get the rounds these days, if they have them in stock at the time
  13. Just be aware if you buy from here right now; the guy I spoke to on the phone about my current order is the ONLY guy working there right now, handling all online and phone orders So, y'know; be a bit patient and understanding if stuffs slower than expected
  14. We're all guilty of it xD I've got a honking great suppressor and overkill scope on my Hera arms because y'know; Tacticool x3 Suppressor isn't even hiding a longer barrel... just looks nice
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