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  1. Latest addition to the armory. Can't wait to schnell the hell out of some folks next game with it!
  2. I'm looking to pick up a new primary rifle, and I've really been eyeing up the G&G's M14 range. Always been a fan of the M1 Garand, and the M14 is for all intent and purpose a magazine fed one; so it's a chuffty piece of gear in my eyes for it's aesthetics! My query is, has anyone around here had hands on experience with the G&G range of M14's? wether it's the GR14, SOC 16 or GT Advanced model. I'm currently at a toss up between the former two. Both at £266.95 from patrolbase, only real difference being the SOC is slightly shorter (10cm of barrel) and single shot only, but listed at around 335fps, while the GR14 is a little lower at 310-15 but has a longer barrel and full auto function. leaning more toward the SOC personally as it's a little more compact, bit punchier from the box and I do plan to eventually go the DMR route. What's the thoughts of you fellas?
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling on my Tokyo Marui 90 High Cycle. Bought in mid august last year, I've just sadly never got much use out of it myself due to some health issues keeping me from the sport, and now in need of some finances so she has to go. Has had maybe a thousand rounds through it since purchase. Included in the bundle is the AEG, one highcap magazine, four MAG 170 round Mid-Caps with a pair of double mag pouches in OD green, a pair of 50rnd low caps and a ZeroOne battery. New you'd be looking at about £450+ for all this put together, I'm looking for £275 to cover most of the original cost of the gun as it's basically new. Due to the nature of this item; it will need proof of UKARA defense for purchasing a RIF. Price dropped to 250 + postage


    Plymouth - GB


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    Bought earlier this year but sadly just isn't the kind of gameplay I enjoy or favor, so decided to sell it on. Skirmished twice, few little scuffs on the paint from shuffling through bushes and the like. Comes with one slim and two standard magazines, original box. Asking £160 or nearest offer, collected from Plymouth. + postage outside



  5. I'd suggest trying Nuprols Red gas in it for winter. it's their better cold weather gas I've found. Black tends to give a bit more oomph in pistols n such, but red seems far more consistent in the cold
  6. For one of those, you'd need the CO2 or Green Gas shell, which you can get from airsoftworld.net, and the TAG rounds of your choice which slot into it one at a time https://www.airsoftworld.net/tag-gas-shell-launcher-single.html Thats the launch tube. charged and used like any normal shower grenade by fulling it with gas. https://www.airsoftworld.net/new-tag-innovation-archangel-mk2-impact-activated-projectile-pack-of-10.html These are the new MkII impact flash bangs. You'd basically charge the tube with gas, insert one round, pop the tube into your launcher, fire; repeat. Little slow, but worth it for the way these work.
  7. Hah xD my Mac11 is like that. utterly silly, but so much fun to brrap a full 45rnd mag in under two seconds. People certainly call those hits xD
  8. Dear lord, and y'all thought a Desert Eagle was huge before. That things insane and yet awesome in one
  9. Arrived earlier today. G&G GPM92 Beretta. Gun didn't work at first.. there was NO lubrication at all in the assembly, receiver, nothing. Stripped it, lubed all the parts; now it cycles and loads just fine.
  10. The site we play at actually does Archery Tag using special padded safety arrows. Wouldn't be to hard to tape a TAg to the end... Hrmmm >.>
  11. The site me and my team play at often ends up as siege style gameplay; trying to advance on and clear out a church, fortress or other positions; so being able to get down good smoke cover, or getting a frag/flash in through a window n clearing out the guys hiding behind cover comes in very handy. I may also be codenamed Mad Bomber by my squad for my love of making things explode >.> so... alot of them? x3
  12. Yhea, that's the main downside I'm seeing with the stand alone shells, even using the rotary launcher; is all the downtime loading each of the six shells with a round, gassing them, having to maintain each and every shell after use. Plus the ICS + 6 shells would cost at least £450 or more.. at that point; probably better off buying the TAG launcher itself as only one item to maintain and clean for the same price, and can just carry the Tag grenades themselves in pouches without the tubes ready for rapid loading. Hrm. Guess I've got some saving to do hehe
  13. The collection slowly grows. Since I'm usually playing medic/support, I tend to stick to small and light weapons rather than long range. Planning on both a grenade launcher and sniper rifle/dmr soon though for added support, and the days my legs wont let me keep up with the main force
  14. The stand alone can actually mount to a gun like the M203's and such, or be used like a pistol style launcher depending on the version you buy, but yhea; if you've already got one fitted then shells would make more sense
  15. I'm currently considering investing in the TAG grenade series due to the increased range and utility they bring to the sport. I'm registered disabled so often take things slow and can't really throw very well; so I'm usually the support/medic role in games; so being able to deploy smoke, or clear a bunker at range for my squad/team and provide some extra utility? Bonus. My query is, what do people think about the various systems out there for launching TAG shells? On one hand we have the stand alone shells. Fill it with gas, slot in a TAG round, pop it in your usual launcher; Foomp off it goes. Downside I see to this; needing to reload the shell after every shot or carrying multiple tubes along with the rounds for them. Shells cost £50-80 depending on the type... so say six for £300/480 plus your launcher using the green gas ones. CO2 shells need a custom adapter and cost more as well. Then you have their actual TAG Launcher system. it takes a CO2 cartridge in the launcher itself, doesn't need the shell tubes; you just crack it open, pop in the TAG grenade, close it, foomp; repeat. Apparently getting 10/12 shots per CO2 cartridge. Launcher I've seen sell anywhere from £440-500 ready to go. In the end, you're looking at about the same roughly for a stand alone set up and the launcher itself. Using the shells is technically the cheaper introduction as you can just buy one shell and reload as you go, while the TAG launcher is alot more up front money, but also alot less hastle and alot friendly to operate it seems Question is, if you were going to be using TAG grenades; which would you go with?
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