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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    (((SOLD PENDING PAYMENT))) I love this rifle, but sadly she just never see's any site time; so time for her to go. G&G M14 Socom edition. Entirely stock. Comes with two brand Mid caps and two brand Hi-caps. One hi-caps feed panels lips sadly dont lock, so when you fill that hi-cap; put it in the gun to prevent ammo spillage. Including the scope mount I bought for it, as I usually ran it as a sort of marksmans rifle but still with full auto. Scope not included. Collection from Plymouth preferred.



  2. Time Left: 6 days and 8 hours

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    Bought as a collection piece, but ultimately just taking up space needed for other projects. Only skirmished once, and even then it had less than a hundred or so rounds though it as the hop-up appears to be non functional/needs work. Stock is slightly loose and could use a tighten (dont have the right hex key) Otherwise it's mechanically sound and works wonderfully. Price reflects the fact it needs a little work and is unwanted. Box contains everything the gun came with on purchase: Gun, Bipod, battery, charger (replace these, obviously) Collection from Plymouth is preferred as this is a HEAVY gun at close to ten kilos all told as it's pure metal and wood. Postage could be arranged but keep in mind it'd likely be expensive due to the weight of the item.



  3. Time Left: 4 days and 5 hours

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    Bought this.. sometime last year. Mostly bought as a show/shelf piece. This is NOT a skirmishable gun. This is a target/back yard plinker as it's firing well in excess of 440fps on a new C02 bulb Collection from Plymouth preferred.



  4. Time Left: 4 days and 5 hours

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    Bought this a couple months ago for a halloween game and never ended up using it, so it's just been sat on the shelves since. Time for it to find a loving home! Firing at about 320ish fps on 0.2's, comes with the standard drum mag and a trio of 120ish round mid caps for those who prefer a little less rattle, standard battery it comes with (Get a better one, obviously) Also throwing in a thigh mount that holds the midcaps nicely. Collection from plymouth preferred due to the nature of the item and issues with postage. Postage would likely cost another £10+



  5. Another new addition to the family.
  6. I adore older style weapons, especially those around the 30-40's
  7. latest addition to the armory. Cyma Thompson 'Typewriter' with it's included drum mag and some spare TM mid caps for less rattly play.
  8. It's actually part of a full western loadout I run. Schofield for close range (about 240fps), Shell ejecting CO2 winchester (445fps last chrono), and a spring powered Mare's Leg (290-300) for mid range stuff I did look at the we mp5k, but it's a little more than I'm looking to spend on a 'sidearm' really right now. may be the better option though
  9. Shiny new muzzle break fitted, and finally got the choom tube. Sadly though it can't take my TAG launcher :< so gonna have to buy some moscarts
  10. Mostly size for tight indoor plau, but also looks and preference. Same reason I use a Schofield 45 as my sidearm pistol over say a Glock or B92; overall oomph isn't my primary concern, but something I like the look and feel of and have some chuckles with. Honestly the main reason I pondered the MP7 over say a MP5K is because I want something that's gas powered over another AEG, but isn't just another pistol.
  11. Sadly, really not a fan of how that one looks, especially with the solid front grip
  12. Looking to pick up a MP7 as I like how it looks, easy to carry/store in a thigh holster as a backup weapon, and I like gas blowback guns. Issue is; are the WE ones any good? they're going for about £200 lately, while the TM gas MP7 is £300. Is it still a decent gun for what it is, or am I better biting the bullet and paying that bit extra for a TM model?
  13. Yee, and I cannot emphasis enough; Haw! ASG Schofield .45 Umarex Legends Cowbow Rifle 6mm KTW M1873 Mare's Leg
  14. ASG Schofield .45 and a Umarex Legends 6mm Winchester on the way!
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