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  1. In the heat we've had lately, it's just been to warm to run a full chest rig with everything on it, so I just stripped back to the criticals; Mags, spare ammo, grenade pouch and some energy bars for in field snacking
  2. Aesthetically... they're horrid. They've taken a step back and made them look like unfinished paintball guns with normal mags. On a practical front.. is "Speedsoft" really enough of a thing to warrant a dedicated range of speed guns? Been doing airsoft for a fair few years and outside the forums; nearly never heard of it.
  3. Plenty of shells and loaders ready to go. Can't wait to get it out in a game. it packs a heck if a pow, and the shear size of it gives a moments pause xD
  4. Currently got an order with them for two G&G M14 mags and gotta admit; probably the slowest transaction I've had with an airsoft shop yet. And yes that includes Zero One and their 'Next day; not actual next day' postage x3 Placed on monday, told they only have one so would send the one they have n refund the other, paid eight pounds on postage now for a single magazine.. Nada yet. No postage notification, shipping details or the like and no refund on the missing magazine. Any of y'all had dealings with these guys in the past?
  5. Summer loadout for when I really can't be assed with the plate carriers weight/warmth. Got a few utility pouches for my misc bits n bobs on the right, double layer mags on the left, everything else in the backpack. Also got given the new codename Bush Whacker because of it
  6. Dan Wesson 8inch Revolver and slapped my RedDot on it Yes it looks silly but it's an eight inch long revolver; it already looked a bit silly... so why not go whole hog!? XD
  7. Thats where the idea originally comes from, Mil-Sims. Predominantly; Mil-Sim west in the states. You can be buddy aided once, but after that you need proper medical attention in the form of water healing, either from a medics supply or back at your nearest base spawn. All players who sign on as team/company medics carry around three to five small bottles of water in their pack, give them to the player to heal them, and then collect the empty so they can return them to base camp to be exchanged for new ones, and also prevent waste dropage in field. Plus you generally only sign on as a medic if you know you can carry the extra bit of kit; same way you only really do/should go for a heavy/support gunner if you know you can carry the stonkin' heavy LMG and it's kit xD Given that I carry around four or five 500ml normally, weighs about the same as a two liter of coke, the weight is pretty un-noticeable even with my health issues; my water bladder weighs about the same in the same pack alongside everything else
  8. With the weather getting hotter like it has been now we're in the summer time, good hydration is more important than ever as you're much more vulnerable to heat and sun stroke while you're sweating yer butt off in even slimmed down kit. A problem I've been seeing though is that people often don't carry enough water on them, or straight up forget to bring any out into the field at all and they end up suffering for it... and this got me to thinking. What're peoples thoughts on perhaps implementing something akin to Mil-Sim medic rules during the summer? Basics are that you can still be Buddy Aided/Healed by a team mate, but if you're wounded multiple times and use up your buddy aid amount, you cannot be buddy aided again until you've been "Revived" either by designated medics, or by medics at your teams spawn/safe area. To be revived, wether by a medic or at your team base; they hand you a bottle of water or equal capacity cup of water as your "Medicine". Once you've finished the bottle or cup; you're classed as Fully healed and back in the game like normal. Idea behind it is, it not only promotes being a little more careful persay as 'death' can slow you down some, but it also means people are going to be somewhat regularly getting hydration wether they remembered their own or not. I've normally got spare plastic bottles in my pack regardless, and a good few of them got used in the last game simply because folks in the field needed a drink.. so having them carried as part of the game as a revival tool both add's a role to be put in teams, and means folks are staying hydrated as games go on. Packs of bottled water cost bugger all per bottle depending where you get them, so the additional cost is negligible really when you're already got dozens of folks paying £25-30 site fee plus buying extra stuff at the site. (I get 8 335ml for £1.50 down the road from me)
  9. Couple of lads I game with have been going recently, rather than to our usual haunt of Skirmish in exeter, n they can't sing it's praises enough either. Personally, I'm dead chuffed they're using Scraesdon fort to for some games. Amazing place for a skirmish and training days like they do. We used to use it as main site when I worked with SouthWestWargames before he shut it all down, and it's a bloody fantastic place to play.
  10. Good lad. I'd say post up on their page as well, asking if folks near you are going and have a spare car slot. Folks tend to go from most of the south west so likely you'll be able to find someone going who doesn't mind a passenger, especially as you're not that far from the site really.
  11. Please check their facebook page as Mad Momma's is NOT a walk on site. It's booked/pre reg only for their games and events https://www.facebook.com/airsmurf/
  12. I've run both AEG and GBB, and I've loved both equally. AEG's are simple and fun, no doubt about that. You've got hundreds of rounds and can just lay down a wall of them if you need/want to. GBBR's though lend very well to players who're a little more conserved with their shots and are after that little touch or realism in their games. You rarely bother auto firing a GBBR, but rather take your time picking your shots and making the rounds count; while still able to lay down a burst if you need to. That and the extra bit of weight you tend to get and the kick, wether subtle or hard, can be a very enjoyable playstyle over an AEG, even if doing the same capacity mags. On the cooldown issue. Say you're running four or five magazines. By the time you've gone through them, they'll have already started warming up while you're reloading them. Taken care of, and depending on the maker/magazine, I've seen some M4's get 2-3 full mags out of a single gas charge even after rapid fire and reloads, more when allowed to settle and warm. Biggest con honestly is yes, in the colder months/weather; you're going to lose power, and it can get a bit costly in gas over the long run; but this ain't a cheap sport, anyway xD
  13. Just arrived, and weighs a bloody bit more than I was expecting! Chunky lil bugger weighs in at nearly 3.3kilos Overall, the build quality feels bloody fantastic. No rattles, bends or creaks to be found. Annoyingly the muzzle break appears to be both glued AND grub screwed in place, so that'll be fun to remove if I want to add my suppressor. Even my smaller allankey didn't fit. My only major complaint is the stock. While it looks awesome.. there's next to no space in it for a battery; it's solid. And the battery cable is hired wired into the stock as well with barely a inch or so of free cable right next to where the battery inserts.. you'll only get quite a thin Stick Li-Po in there and the cables might be a fight even then. The one I was advised to buy with it is pretty damn small and even that doesn't fit. That said; it's a snappy little piece. Nice crisp motor sound, no whine or scrape on firing in semi or full; and the SSS system works like a charm for swapping between auto/burst on the fly. I just need to get that muzzle off, get some optics on it; and get it to a field
  14. I run a G&G M14 SOCOM myself. Same gun internally, just a different shell. You're looking better internals from stock, more reliable and hard wearing, and a generally better build quality over all. The G&G will NOT take other magazines apart from specific G&G mags for it, as the gear box protrudes slightly into the mag well; hence the cut out at the back of the mags compared to normal M14 mags. The Hi-Cap mags are... questionable. I've never had one that didn't de-wind itself or have other feeding/pressure issues unless I wound it while IN the gun itself. The Mid caps are far better and I highly advise running those in the G&G model over the hicaps. They also have feed runners, so EVERY round gets fed into the gun.
  15. Was umming and err'ing about buying something like a MP5 or UMP45 since I need a shorter gun than my sniper or my M14.. but after seeing the G&G ones at £240-60ish and the issue with them not accepting off brand mags well, and both having cons (No threads, or having threads and no rails/scope mounts..) Now got a Hera Arms CQR on the way. Same length as the stocked MP5 but AR mags and tons of rail space!
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