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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 13 hours

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    This is a class pistol, nice and snappy with ASG Power Gas, shoots 0.25s nice and accurate. As I usually play a sniper role pistol doesn't get much use, it's also a bit flashy for me now, want something more traditional. At last chrono shot at 340 on 0.2s Comes with additional 2 leak free black armorer works mags. Original mag has a small leak, if i get time will repair this myself. Retail Price for whole package is around £230. I'm looking for around £175, however am open to trades, offers and part exchange. Mobile: 07961287320 Email: [email protected]


  2. mfenn1997



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    Hello, This is my ASG CZ SCORPION EVO Carbine version. It comes with the ASG steel ball bearing spring guide and the ASG Milspec M95 spring (original parts also included). The gun is new and has not been skirmished, took it out of the box fired a few 100 rounds through to check everything was working ok. All 3 fire modes work flawlessly as well as the empty mag detection, the fibre optic sights are a nice touch too. The only problem there is, is with the magazine, it jammed once and upon taking it apart I lost the feeding lips. An ASG approved technician could probably sort this out for free as this still comes with a 6 month warranty. ASG recommend using a 9.9v LiFe battery to enhance the life of the gearbox. 11.1v lipos can destroy the gears very quickly.


  3. Hello, I was looking to buy some multicam kit and don't know the best brand or type for the price,=. I want it to be durable but not crazy expensive.
  4. mfenn1997

    What makes up this Rig

    Thanks for all the info and tips, appreciate it. I'll ask what some of my friends use mainly as we go 2 or 3 times a month just been away for a bit. In terms of match uniform, I have no idea what brand to look into, I currently use some old surplus uniform, not the current multicam look.
  5. mfenn1997

    What makes up this Rig

    Ahh right I see, is the quality between the two brands night and day? @ghostwalker
  6. mfenn1997

    What makes up this Rig

    I'm just interested in what items, pouches and accessories make up this rig. Also how much would something like this cost all together.
  7. Like if it wasn't for someone selling a real sword svd now, I'd probably want to build a hpa sr25
  8. I'll check out that MWS never heard of it. Thanks for all the tips. My field is 450 for DMRs
  9. Best Airsoft gun with upgrades (AEG or HPA) for £725, wanting to get the best range as possible. Already have a sniper but am interested in a DMR or long range Carbine. Currently also interested in a Real Sword SVD.
  10. mfenn1997

    Does anyone know any VFC techs down in cornwall

    I don't know if I've done the right upgrades to get performance, just want to get the best performance I can out of it, so want everything checked over and evaluated by a professional tech.
  11. mfenn1997

    Does anyone know any VFC techs down in cornwall

    Yeah, I'm considering keeping it after all this, I just love how it looks. I want it to perform nearly as well as my vsr but don't know how to make it better or what to change.
  12. I have a Umarex/VFC G28 wanted to get it upgraded/tuned. Where would be best to send this.
  13. mfenn1997

    Is this a reasonable offer

    Thanks for this info man, congratulations on the sale,it looked simply stunning. Do you think 850 all in would be more of a good price, I would be happy with that.
  14. mfenn1997

    Is this a reasonable offer

    I see sorry I misunderstood haha.
  15. mfenn1997

    Is this a reasonable offer

    I'm selling this, not buying his one