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  1. its not hard and theres a great amount you can do. weither you want to use the wire wool on metal or make plastic look like worn metal by dry brushing a little bit of metallic paint on raised edges or go full hog as add rust with iron powders etc (im more post apocalypse airsoft so go more with that for the rare attempt at a game i get) get referance pictures of what your thinking and go from there. theres more than a few great inspirational threads here
  2. Necropolis but with reason... saw this vid thought it may help those still looking at this idea... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4201208576600407&id=731351820252784 https://www.micryan.uk/project-1
  3. considering mym4 raider has been dismantled and rebuilt with extra bits and been through numerous skirmishes and thousands and thousands of rounds and still shoots exactly as it did new it always worrys me when you start reading such claims, iv also kept every guns box because if i ever part with them its all going together. would also make explaining anything to police easier if they can see boxes and exact details etc...
  4. bought an jg aug second hand to much about with so only £50. replaced most of the internals with tm ones and had constant issues never mind finding parts etc. but when i tried using it realised it just feels wrong in my hands so wasted even if i got it working right. may just work on it and get it working and pass it to someone interested in the sport...
  5. oh i know from what ive learned working in partnership with certain departments it is very much a joke but i still like to think logically even though i dont expect them to do so
  6. that or whats worth their time to do that work and charge for it...no point spending a hour on something that makes less than an hours wage money...
  7. making people run from my shotgun is fun. wearing masks and popping out unexpectedly and getting a oh shoot and surrender without having to fire. yelps and screams at such really make me grin(not from cheating ) ive a few good memory's especially of grenades failing to get me(a point i may over play to avoid them)and stealthy maneuvering around an area so the enemy dont get a solid fix on me.
  8. remus

    table top wargamers

    Amaze. I remember one game I didn't play but saw where white scars vs tau army. Whole biker army trys to flank around tau and leave nothing for them to shoot at (tau shoot. Bikes chop. Bikes need to get close so it's and excellent tactic) but the tau knew and was able to set up and compleately block Bikes even entering the table and win via default... dirty dirty tactic... I had the opportunity to do that myself once and deny table space with my bid horde and did tell my opponent after he got cheeky what I could do and there was nothing he could do to stop that. He quickly wised up but the next month started copying my army... he never did as well as I did though. To be fair the stores would do a walk through game and do teaching sessions of games and building etc. But it's the smaller skirmish games that are far more interesting. I worked in a nerd shop briefly and got to try out a few and tried making my own once (zombie game) it's fun to game from a different perspective especially dice ones where rng is compleately visible. There's even ones where more like dungeons and dragons you keep you team for following games and damage and such impacts play and next games. Eg my heavy gunner getting shot in the head but not dying and intact becoming psychotic and trying to smash anyone with his gun... the odds are tiny but happened with his replacement too...
  9. remus

    table top wargamers

    Yup the rules are constantly changing between the main rules and army specific rules. A large degree of that is to drive sales rather than have the perfect game which they have had in a few of their smaller game systems like nexromundia which is a small skirmish version but 20 would pay for all the models you'd need for such where as they want you to expand and expand. Can easily spend 1000s on army's. From when I actively played the meta in the tournament scene changed monthly. And learning your own stuff wasn't enough you needed to know everyone else's tricks to know where mis interpretation existed. Iv used cheaters misknowledge against them to stunning effect purely cause I figured out how they were trying to cheat and yhe judges were on their side so I let em. Lol. Generally no but when I last was active I was getting into playing with putty and making a few parts rather than buying. It's mostly buying the various kits. What's better though is with 3dprinters and kickstatter and improvement in tech is that the competitors have caught up with games workshop and alit is changing just unfortunately games workshop is still the best and most innovative and expensive with their monopoly and ip policy protection.
  10. remus

    table top wargamers

    Aye in the few years i took ff most of my models have been made near obsolete to the point of stupidity, the bits ive been reading up on recently mostly have further confused me but i feel what i do now will be more cause i like the models' rather than wanting win at all costs armys. think instead ill work on a few lore trinkets to build into airsoft loadouts like chaos star and purity seals but will see as one of my mates has a few he plays with.
  11. remus

    table top wargamers

    yes so respectively the top army is space marines, humanitys finest fighting back the horrors of the universe. the second is tyranids, xenomorphic aliens intent on consuming everything. there are many other races and armys and a libary of books and back storys and rules and lore. models rance from few £ for some of those smaller ones to character ones now at 20, tanks are around 30, bigger ones 50 to 100, oh and then theres the resin specials... Mars Pattern Warlord Titan Body | Forge World Webstore- thats not including guns oh and not only paint but asssemble clean moldlines remove mould relesease agents etc... and decorate and so onthen if you decode to play somehow box up in foam and move in a way you dont break them....
  12. remus

    table top wargamers

    just a few of mine from years ago. its scary if i costed up this stuff in todays money as back when i was playing ida bought a kit every few weeks on my part time job to keep me ticking over in my free time. all those £20s add up... easily 1000s of quidds worth but would nowhere near be worth as resale unfortunately.
  13. Slight update with a torch. We'll headlight that fits quite nicely to my hat. Painted to look dirty rusted metal. One light coloured red so to signify dead in game(never got around to that for the last game) came out alright and should do the job. Have been repainting the shinguards to match the torso more for the look than anything. Probably need to varnish the lot to help it survive getting shot a bit
  14. remus

    table top wargamers

    Will take some of mine. Primarily is miniature collecting and painting with the addition that you can play games. Think dungeons and dragons but army's rather than single models. Full table loads. 40k is a Sci fi grim dark future one-hand both expensive and has a great depth of lore and several video games. But there's games for everything now. Fantasy. World wars. Many video games are even releasing them. But it's not just the game or models it's the building and cleaning up and paining etc. There are competitions in most areas but it generally dosent pay. Iv definately sunk far more money into it than airsoft unfortunately
  15. remus

    Asg mk 23

    if anyone who sees this has a broken one that would be willing to part with this part send me a pm please. thanks
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