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  1. team identification system... equally bright colours. does not slide down the arm. reusable. tamper proof? works at night, built in death rag? /if you want to get attention on any idea atm try to incorporate environmental side of it, limiting damage to environment recycling etc...
  2. i first went with a stag group or some such. loved it and went back on my own as knew noone who played. im happy not talking to people. ill have fun with friends too but airsoft is an escape from thinking and instead i focus on playing. anyway i soon made a feew more likish minded mates and made a team. 4 of us and kept growing. got to 8 then one member decided to take over then got us in a lot of peoples bad books then the site shut down(unlinked ) but i digress go do you there you dont have to talk to anyone. noone cares that much. most of my convo at site was warning allies of enemy. most would rather that...
  3. differing reasons. my tommy was on sale and i thoughtcool as ww2 weapon not abad starter. m4 is iconic and ergonomic norm. my m92 i loved the look and resident evil(my first was the bio hazard one#)aug was cheap but i dont like it. mp5 i wanted plus good deal. love shottys. sniper was cheap... i want a g36k for looks. andi want an ak because iconic, woud go well with many loadouts. also want a revolver... but money is tight as a ducks arse so have to sell something to buy... sigh
  4. have noted recently they have been oversubscribed alot and requesting walkons to book in through their webby... which is a positive if its that popular regularly
  5. i run shotgun mostly atm so 10 shots and reload. depending on situation depends how i reload- not efficient mind. am trying to master one handed lever opening and firing spent shell straight into dump and other hand getting and putting fresh shell in but time a shell sticks so trying to swap shells with one hand. im sure if i stick at it ill get there. think i can reload as fast now as i do my m4 but needs to be faster in cqb...
  6. as of yet no reply @proffrink u live mate lol
  7. sent a pm, will update if i hears.
  8. nope not aware of tha tone. tbh iv not played a lot of sites and really need to get the finger out and get playing again. fair, i have an mp5 and its much easier lighter smaller. do reccommend tbh if you get a good one (i got mine second hand, its had work done but also a few cracks but it works lol am impressed with it compared to bigger guns that really just are extra weight over it tbh. )
  9. found the airsoft ireland map, has fairly good coverage of the north for those interested - https://goo.gl/maps/3J98yExauJN2
  10. ahh then id say sell the lot and buy fresh. likely have to downgrade to our lower fps, taking in shipping costs and such... unless you have anything thats harder to get over here... possibly wrth considering pistols.... what collection do you currently have?
  11. insert tubleweed... if we dont get updated soon ill pm(not that im in a rush i just know ill forget... ) @proffrink
  12. chancer indeed. also note that a lot of price rises have already been blamed on brexit even though atm there is no change in process and no need for such. retail in general always do this, any excuse to raise prices... (and blame buisness closing on it too even though they have been struggling for years... coughcarindustrycough
  13. welcome! i do suggest split your questions up and put them in relivent forum parts to find answers as not many check the newbys area often... will get more traffic/ answers... enjoy
  14. have you done much upgrading to your guns? may be worth returning tehm to standard as such and posting the upgrade parts to yourself then selling gun so can buy new gun and put parts into... bear in mind downgrading to uk standards
  15. hey bud. atm im just really getting back to play myself as has been busy with everything lol(worked n thrones so stopped play so as not to get shot in face then new jobssss tehnen wedding and such so just waiting for shfts to align...) did have a team but aim to reform part of it when can get back to play but not the most important part just yet. if you want outdoor try cap which is outside of portadown towards the birches. iv not gotten round to it yet but i believe its got a great tem behind it(alot of the old greenzone regulars iirc) you also have torrrent - dungannon and theres a few in down. also if you are after gear christ at the mill is excellent but i know a feew other shops if he dosent have what you are after (i also have an aug im looking shot of that needs work but willing to let go very cheap)
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