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  1. just purchased one of these neopherene and mesh ones. will let ya know how it goes when it arrives... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/TMC-Ghost-Recon-Half-Face-Mask-Hard-Neoprene-Foam-Mesh-Airsoft-SWAT-Black-1745/161856971052?hlpht=true&ops=true&viphx=1&_trksid=p5197.c100068.m2280&_trkparms=ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140211125758%26meid%3D82119f7bdceb40aa950a81d0a733e13b%26pid%3D100068%26clkid%3D596975978138393805&_qi=RTM2108002
  2. ive a a1. and we dont get on. but externally its tough as. and i can confirm between a tm aug and the jg one parts seem to be fully compatible as i had to buy a gearbox from a tm one off ebay and get lots swapped around(the joys of buying second hand.) and its one of the few guns where just because its tm dosent make it super awesome compared to the others. so if its definitely an aug your after just go jg. also good thing to note is that parts are not widely available for them. it it worth looking on ebay to prove to yourself how little there is for them. infact most of what i see is broken down guns sold for parts...
  3. yea sadly not enough scifi guns out atm. seriously considering doing one of those nerf airsoft scifi guns you come across...
  4. one of the guys in my squad had an achmed the undead terroist cover on his for a bit...
  5. yea those flash hiders are supposed to be like that unfortunately(they never show the pictures of the grove on the flashhiders on the sales forums. mine had the same thing and also annother on the othersider where it looks like a hot knife was quickly pressed into it. yea i replaced mine with a nice metal pointly one...
  6. weve been very happy with the patches we got made by stitch me up, but at £8 each they are grand for getting a few but for a large squad... course costs nothing extra to have each one individual( so names etc. and they come velcroed and p+p included
  7. we m92 (£95 or $85) g34 (£65) https://jdairsoft.net/deals/we-m92-g34
  8. ive had a double eagle i sold and regretted even though it was for profit, got a tm, broke the stock off it. made a new one, broke the body, got given a broken double eagle to use as parts and fix it, getting to open and compare the internals, tbh the internals of the tm are no better than the double eagle, in fact the double eagle was cleaner... now saying that the externals of the tm were better, but for £100 difference they are not that much better and i wouldn't say they are any tougher. the accuracy seems to be pretty much the same an spread too. the only thing i would say is that the tm shells do feed a lot better(to the point i dont even carry the asg ones i got... also if youve never run a shotgun for long before dont waste a lot of money as many i find go for it and their arm is soon hanging off them as the spring power is more than they can cope with for a period of time. may as well go for the cheaper and see if you can stick it. and one more entry, i recently got a gfg, better externals than the double eagle for about the same money, the shells seem to be on par with the tm ones and shoots just as well as both. i have been considering one of the gas powered shotguns with the tank in the stock but ive heard of the tanks being leaky and a general pain in the arse(one of the members of a team i used to be on got one and we had a shotgun challenge trying to kill each other, which my springer easily won...)dont think ill go gas till an aa12 gets released, and even then the cost of thatll likely mean i wont be able to afford it. so dont go tm youll be wasting your money. this the only time you will see people not recommending tm
  9. as a linked note im actually impressed with the usability of the mask even compared to my mesh one(that protects the ears) as i was worried that it would restrict the airflow too much making it harder to breath and wearing me out quicker, strangely it wasnt too bad and wasnt that uncomfortable as well as looking awesome(the links that connect the mask to the elastic could probably do with some tape to reduce the rub...)in fact id recommend it if i didnt want everyone running the same stuff as me;)
  10. thanks, painted them myself;) (problem i had with the mask when it came it the bone parts sticking through, aka teeth, were the same colour as the flesh which had to be quickly rectified.... looks rather spiffing now even if i say so myself...
  11. this is what i look like when i shave my beard off...
  12. some awsome stuff guys. ill just link my photobucket account as i havent touched my models in 2 years and i have a lot... currently considering getting back into character painting as army paining isnt good for keeping you painting... http://s155.photobucket.com/user/generalhazard_album/library/models?sort=3&page=11
  13. i used to work in a nerd shop that shut down last year. they tried the whole casual coffee bar thing beside the shop and it could ave worked but not enough was invested in it and it helped to drag the rest of the business down. they tried to have consoles etc for a while but it not only cost money, it cost extra money( commercial retail tv licence) and helped to distract people away from their hobbys back to console gaming and not there fore spending monies on cards and models etc... but if you do it tuck shop can do well for easy fast sell(so long as you have milk tea coffee coke and bars etc) tis amazing how much people will go through whilst they would think alot more about buying something useful...would be worth while to look up do any airsoft sites offer anything similar and how they make it work. have a clear advertised plan to pull people in on those nights. makes the difference believe me over we will see who comes and what they want to do. and a reason why they want to come to you and not do it from the comfort of their own home... if you ad people comming in to do demos of new stock/ their work(so local gun painters/ upgraders etc, new supplies) help to improve sales etc. if you can get the right to run a even have a warroom section to show your plans off get feed back etc. not that im a fan but bring your own drink lock in has proved quite effective a few times too combines with Halloween competitions etc just cause in retail a couple of sofas and a console will seem a bit waste of space if its not done right...
  14. what id be interested to see(eventually as no new shop should try to do it straight away) is a mystery box/sale. if you look at black friday it will show you have us big retailers are able to use it to get rid of stock thats hard to shift. say after a year or two if you are able to look at your stock and think thats good but its not selling putting a decent sale on it whilst not making you money will release the capital back into your company to reinvest into products that will make money( no proint slashing profits on something you know will sell at a good price for you. if you look at some of the american ones youll see this. throw in the chance of getting something good and peeps go mad. after seeing a good sale i regret missing on a site last year has made me check up on it now and then to see if they do anything similar. looking at products increases the chances i will buy and improves your hits etc. also look at how face book pages do giveaways to boost their names... but where id start is your rebranding. good name restyle, get patches made to give away to make your name, get onboard to make your name ...(sponsor a local site/make sure there is a local site) run some events well that make you stand out, sale stalls at such events etc( i know a couple of start out airsoft buisness guys selling out of their boot at sites they play at, fair play will come into this if you do it, you want a good rep on and off the feild)
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