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  1. interesting to see the theory that this was Chinese designed growing momentum. if there is any truth to that it could end up with at least sanctions on Chinese imports so increased prices/ delays. if so, wonder if that would cause more company to pop up/ more realistic to be able to make more closer to home specially with the growing 3d printer market...
  2. if you are that concerned hen sure ly the best result is to after this is banned to buy what you are after off your local, if a regular skirmisher there they will know you and validate the sale. helps them with thir income etc. maintaining a record to go elsewhere and buy cheaper isnt going to be the most useful to what will be struggling shops. ( where they can get what you want) lets all jus hope that the rules can now be followed in such a way that this ends as quickly and safely as possible.
  3. that would be very cool... considering getting out my resident evil stuff... coronovirus and such... suppose i could stretch to a guard one at some point
  4. im still at work too, awaiting mortgage to finalise so can move to new house... wife pregnant but shes still at work too. i dont close til gvt tell us to(we work with the home office) but i have a few things i really wanna do if we do close up, my new airsoft mask which is actually loosely based on a plague dr is top of list, updating pagging, inserting and plumbing in fans, possibly adding some form of filter, google lenses more straps etc..
  5. may be a better spot but figured it can be anything really... move if nessiary so assuming this all kicks off... we all need a distraction from such... share what you are working on when on lockdown! preferably airsoft of course but am sure any good distraction will be nice if sites do close etc... iv a unch to work on so if i do and can i will share too if/when i do get to be at home... and hope all keep safe throughout! happy lockdown all lol
  6. i just hate my aug so its not it, that honour would be my ka tommy metal body is great although the hop unit cracked at some point but temp fix works fine. but creaky plastic stock thats of the wrong length to be comfortable. however at one point i completely face planted it at full pelt and was amused it didnt break in two
  7. still dont known how theres not more electric mps, though i suppose the issue is making a battery that fits in with a proper gearbox...
  8. nevermind someone to accept responsibility/ pay insurance for if something goes wrong...
  9. possible to attach or build in a key finder?
  10. also expect all deliry times to expand as this coronovirus is affecting such, definatley will affect customs
  11. try this as i was quite surprised at quality even though mine arrived damaged but i got it for free as a result... https://www.wish.com/search/foam axe/product/584d7a1235a76d0586a87a47?&source=search&position=24&share=web larp foam weapons make great melee weapons for airsoft...
  12. how do you find sites react to the axe? iv a few rs training weapons(notably a gladus) but am aware some site arnt a fan of such (did manage to get an assassins creed foam axe ima use for a while anyway but thought id ask.
  13. has neither time nor money(buying house wife expecting+general chaos. maby next year... lol
  14. always thought a g36 would be a great base for a bolter...
  15. for a while i ran shotty and m4 with sidearm. shotgun in a scabbard was awkward and such but was nice when i decided to change weapons mid play. was as easy to bring both and leave one in spawn though
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