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    **offers welcome** **will trade for unique stuff** Hi Everyone, I am Zi from Sweden. I have played in the UK twice when I visited and I am here to sell my pride and joy, KV Kriss Vector by KWA. 1) I am an airsoft collector, this has been fielded three times, well kept and serviced 2) The list of parts is their so I can continue to enjoy it 3) I am selling it off to fund a project List of stuff Below: - Two boxes of o-ring repair kits (brand new) - Airsoft Eguinity piston kit - 6 x Magazine (2 need feed lips, and one needs a base plate, Black Variable sells feed lips and base plate is easy to find - Rare Maple Leaf Barrel Installed with hopup - Rare Hephaestus recoil kit (installed) - genuine KWA vector Piston (hard to find) - 5 charging valves for mags - charging handle replacement - Ace1arms AR style magazine release (installed, see video) - I have the original hand stop, its not installed in the pictures - NPAS (so you can bring it to field limits) - CQB valve (red also can be used) - Original rocket valve available as well - I-23 E-Clip x 4 - F-38 Jet Valve Spring x 2 - D-72 Hop Up Cover x 8 - C-10 Hop Up Tensioner x 4 - Vector Magazine Follower Assembly x 6 - G-103 Screw x 3 - Vector Hammer x 4 - I-4 Roll Pin x 4 - I-20 Hop Up Cylinder Retaining Ring C-Clip x 4 - KWA Vector Impact Hammer Spring x 4 - Vector Jet Valve Pin x 4 - Vector Stock Set Pin Assembly x 2 - G-4 Set Screw x 4 - G-12 Set Screw x 4 - Vector Piston Spring Pin x 4 - KWA Vector Hammer Spring x 4 - E-19 Hop Up Bucking x 4 I also have the original box still! *Buyer pays to ship, the seller pays packing video shot the day of this post - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lMBzkb8kU5fMf8btM19WaR9sNbjiNyst/view?usp=sharing Picture - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FNb4uHmWLeXyjwP76RWLRrW9nfenl6n0/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_tjbECg_6JAlVGsEW1tc36oA3Bvbpe7g/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tGEyI2bNPLlIv1R1Ag2KyVttfpfnzjUh/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/14RaKkjz_yV-zCQhm3X9VU_rAKnQp-h9n/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dHxFOyzKAutOEw0qX5Ctr65sjmg_UpCZ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tCxlgJ8FNhnf6gJbdFexF4FuKXJ8YBTx/view?usp=sharing


    Uppsala - SE

  2. hey can you share a pic buddy. I’d like to see it.
  3. 1) it won’t break down if you maintain it and not use full auto (any gbb wears faster in full auto) 2) this is an opinion but I’ll try and be objective. I have a vector and I have used it with the recoil kit and without. Without the recoil kit it feels like a electric blowback but that is also cool because the vector system manages recoil. After the recoil kit i found it cycled slower (ROF) but had a significant jump in recoil feel. For performance, I prefer it without a recoil kit (stock) 3) I have the vector and other gbbrs, it’s a gem. Only reason I am selling mine is cause I have a project coming up and I am in Sweden (cold) 4) it’s the real Airsoft vector gen 1 gbb. You role up in this on an Airsoft field is like rolling up in a Ford Shelby Cobra. It’s accurate, it’s fun to use and is awesome in cqb. 2 shot burst is awesome as well and pretty handy. Are there better options out there? Yes. Its an acquired taste. Oh and parts are hard to come by. hope that clears it up.
  4. Would you care to trade for something rare
  5. Just be careful people follow the rules. I suggest having some questions up before someone joins. Is this a KWA or krytac group?
  6. You know, I was trying to do it on my phone, I just logged in on the laptop and found the button as clear as day. Sorry for the post and than you!
  7. Hey everyone, silly question, how do you bump an advert after the time lapses?
  8. I respect your input but I believe there is something wrong there. People do care about parts, especially for discontinued guns and parts. I want the person that takes this to really enjoy it and actually skirmish it. It's one thing to be a collector another to be a collector that uses his collection. And with that parts in this package, you haven't to worry, that's what I personally drove me to make a library and pick up parts for it. Anyway, I believe someone will appreciate this. Piece of mind costs money mate and this is what it is!
  9. have you seen the parts list?
  10. Hi Everyone! I have been a proud owner of the KV KWA for a while. I put it up for sale to work on some projects. I am not in a rush to sell it but I wanted the recommendation of this group. Have I posted it at a good price? I just want to be fair you know. Your advice is always welcome!
  11. I still am glad that I got to you in time to do the refund. Cheers mate! #oneteam
  12. always type the site online and then the word scam. I found the site shady when trying to find agreements and shipping details. Especially since they have the feed lips in stock, that alone raised my eye brows. I’m glad your able to get your money back!
  13. Damn it I did not see this quick enough, buddy thats a scam website! I hope you paid via paypal. Damn shame!
  14. Hello everyone, thank you so much for whom ever did this group. Im looking for magazine feed lips and base plates. Please if anyone can help out i would highly appreciate it. By the way I am in Sweden
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