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  1. Time Left: 3 days and 20 hours

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    This is my safe-queen M&P9. I loved the color and the M&P9 platform. I bought this to go against the Glock craze and it was the right thing to do. It first caught my eye through watching YouTube videos from Matthemusketer. It has never seen combat and has been upgraded with a lot of UAC parts. Mostly all parts are fitted and what you see in the most of the bags are replacement parts. There are two Brand new unopened magazines and the kit also comes with 3 tan base plates. the UAC parts are: two custom triggers (they are tunable) 6.01 precision barrel light weight blowback housing custom bucking and pad CNC hop up housing All steel internal parts from hammer to sears steel trigger lever has also been replaced 2 aluminum nozzles (One installed, original nozzle will also come with this package) enhanced recoil and hammer spring most of the UAC parts are discontinued and hard to find. all this retails around 500+ pounds without shipping or import duties. Paypal fees and post to be handled by purchaser.



  2. I don't think someone that has a Uh-1 will swap with you buddy, might be better off selling them off.
  3. That my friend is a real UH-1 Vortex holo
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Title says it all. Buyer pays post and fees.


    Uppsala - SE


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    The tried and tested TM MP7. The title says it all. Not much to explain further. I am letting it go because I have two SMGs now that I love. My DSG scorpion EVO and the new SMC-9. Super reasonable offers accepted. Buyer pays post and Fees.


    Uppsala - SE

  6. You have done so many kinds of build with the KWA, surprised you haven't done the Frankenstein build from Dead Pool 2
  7. Still think the Laylax kit is way cooler!
  8. You really think so? I think it looks mean the way it is actually. But on a krytac, it would be nice to have more room for a bigger battery. I had the limited edition vector, and I would of appreciated it. I saw an MK23 with a scope on it. Although the guy can hit flys and long distances, still didn’t seem way off to me lol.
  9. yes in deed it is! I have seen vectors converted to DMRs. Although they shoot well and have range, it doesn’t look the part. DMRs are high caliber rifle mags like the HK417. This kit hold true to the vector as a cqb platform. Trying to see if I can get it on a KWA.
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    Dead or alive... you're coming with me! This is the one and only KSC Auto 9 C straight from Japan. Originally it was part of a cosplay that I did two years ago. I have never fielded it and shot one mag full of bbs with it just for show. When I was getting into airsoft, this was the first piece I collected. By the way, don't let the whole look fool you. This thing is deadly accurate with a great hopup. The magazines load really easily and feeds great. I think when it comes to Japanese products, they are the best. It has an extended barrel (stock). I installed in it a hardened steel 3 round burst plate. The auto 9 originally comes only full auto and single shot. The burst plate is very rare and so is this pistol and mags. I am selling a bit of me here as I have to let go of it to make room for my son's pieces. Magazines are in their original boxes, never opened, never used. If you would get this together now, it would cost you around 450 pounds if you find it all. Paypal with fees accepted. The buyer pays post. If you want to see a video of it shooting single, burst and auto, I will share it with you if need be.



  11. Ramadan is coming to a close, happy Eid to all. I hope this Eid comes with good news for all and that you all are safe and your loved ones as well. 

  12. Has anyone tried to fit the below parts from Laylax on the KWA Kriss Vector? They most probably might not be bolt on but just want to know if anyone has managed to fit it with any modifications.
  13. And there's always the proof right? But that was funny as hell what you said.
  14. Your over exaggerating, smearing and lying about what happened. I am not using the race card, you blatantly were racist. Saying someone works at a Sperm bank isn't homophobic no matter how you spin it. Saying to someone to go blow themselves up so they can meet virgins is racist. You sir are a racist. There is no race card here. If you haven't noticed I tried to apologize to you and told you that we should talk. And for everyone here, I have friends in the UK, bring the conversation and share it and let people decide if I took the piss out on the UK which I would never ever do. Why? Cause I am not like you. I tried to speak to you, but it seems from this message I am talking to an immature, ignorant, racist and lying man. And that is the end of it. What ever post you have after this will be ignored. I will take the high road as I should of done the last time. Ill let Karma deal with you being that the Muslim population in the world is 1 billion at the moment and the second biggest religion in the UK. I have no problem being called everything you say I am, don't care. At least I am not a racist. End of it. @rocketdogbert sorry mate, I tried. Doesn't seem like this one has one strand maturity or decency to have a social discourse plus hes now resorted to lying about the situation. Anyway this is the end of it for me.
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