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  1. I’m really sick of my longer barrel G&G m4 and have decided to go for a commando style barrel as well as a modular handguard. Trying to make it look similar to the uksf ones of the 2000s for example in task force black, not period correct of exact copies, just something similar.
  2. I might be going out to South Africa this year, is it a better bet to pick it up there?
  3. I’m looking for a set of Rhodesian bushtroke khakis. That includes the trousers and the shirt. I’m 33 waist and 40 chest. Life long dream to own a pair of those babies and my budget is £120 for both max.
  4. I’m based in London. How much would you do for the launcher and heat shield?
  5. Na, I have a golden eagle m16a2 and I haven’t messed with any of the internal parts. Only thing are the hand guards which will hopefully be replaced with the m203 heat shield.
  6. Kinda like that but with a longer m203, a solid stock and a solid carrier handle. Are you offering? @Enid_Puceflange
  7. Trying to make an m16a2 with m203 and can’t really find any decent launchers or heat shields. No short m203 and carbine heat shields full length. Budget is around £120 max for both. I’m open to offers also.
  8. That’s £50! For a step mate, I’m not made of money. The era is the 1980s for the SAS. So that’s the Iranian embassy siege in 1980, all the way up until 1990. No specific dates really, just correct to the decade. Cheers everyone for doing such a good job 👍
  9. Firstly, really good stuff everyone, it’s really helpful. Any other view on the HK 3 point sling though? It’s a key park of this load-out.
  10. I’m looking for an mp5 that isn’t too pricy but still works well. It has be to as close as I can get to the SAS mp5. If anyone can find an original Heckler & Koch Koch 3 point sling in green then it would make it much appreciated.
  11. Looking for M16A1 upper receiver, with the classic iron sight. I’m open to offers.
  12. I would like to buy a m16 close to Vietnam style or the a2 with the spherical hand grip instead of the triangular one. My budget is from £120-£140.
  13. That looks fucking beautiful. I am probably gonna do what you did, it looks great! Where did you buy the fal carbine?
  14. Ok i’ll Keep it in mind, thanks for looking. All of these are really good ideas and that’s all of you for looking, i’m Still looking for something closer the the SLR form the 70s and early 80s. I could probably stretch my budget to £300 but that’s pushing it
  15. Druid 799 by any chance do you have any photos of this weapon. Does it have a rail or is it just smooth metal. Is the barrel long and is the stock non adjustable because that would be idea 😁
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