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    Ghk G5 with carbine kit
    Well MB12
    And WE Tech Gen3 split slide
    Ares Honeybadger with red dot
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    Crye plate carrier and whatever else I fancy on the day
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  1. Weeman

    Ghk G5 or Vfc Ump

    My G5 is 100% reliable and I used it indoors all the way thru the winter where it was colder side than it was out side GHK all the way
  2. Just waiting for it to arrive back in stock then shipped GHK goodness 😇
  3. Time Left: 5 days and 10 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Here is collector edition of SRCs MP40 in wooden presentation case with all the markings and comes with 2 pouches 3 mid cap mags 1 hi cap , sling Also included is new lipo battery


    Washington, Tyne & Wear

  4. Should be shut bud haven’t checked as I won’t be going anyway so spent today cleaning and prepping guns for storage for a while
  5. Tested it in the garden and neither that or my trmr went off 😭
  6. My go to kit and I’m happy with it in future will go for GHK M4
  7. Hi guys I’m looking to put a laser on my GHK G5 it’s got the carbine kit on so go enough space to put something without it being cluttered, I’m looking for something decent reliable and can hold a zero, grateful for any suggestions.
  8. Not yet bud just indoors I’ll let you know when I do
  9. Weeman


    Time Left: 5 days and 10 hours

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Beautiful Kar98k fine example comes with 3 mags and firing at 465fps been told it has npas in the bolt but tbh I don’t know what I’m looking for so can neither confirm or deny it comes with a G&G sight which seems as if the mount could do with tightening would rather sell face to face so can be shown working which it does so smoothly so if this something you’d want come and get in touch


  10. Yeah I’ve had mine out a couple times now mate and it’s never let me down saying that it’s only in indoor cqb but none the less bang every time
  11. Hi mate would like to buy this
  12. Tbh mate I can’t fault the QC on mine used it today in CQB no mud every throw was a successful detonation so completely happy with the purchase may be a different matter outdoors but probably get pyro for that no fear of disappearing BFGs
  13. Yeah it’s classed as ‘8’ way 7 shots 8th position safety
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