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    G&G Predator, ARP556, Raider L 2.0e
    WE G17
    ASG XP18
    Cyma CM077 AK
    Action Army T11
    Cyma MP5
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    British MTP
    Swedish M90
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    Tazball Airsoft near Inverness
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  1. Just ordered a new cylinder for my T11 sniper rifle. Went for the Action Army twisted cylinder. The rivets at the back of my existing cylinder have gone wobbly, and I suspect are going to let go some time soon.
  2. Clone Surefire Warden arrived for the arp556 build.
  3. The Action Army T11 performed great last game out. Shame it was so humid and warm that lenses on glasses were constantly covered in moisture. Used the Predator in the afternoon. Hadn't realised It looks so green.
  4. Mp5 speedloader adapter Replica Surefire Suppressor One of those Aliexpress 3rd shift Sig Romeo 5 sights Some patches 1:6 scale model Hk416
  5. The G&G rotary hop units are good imo, not much cheaper than the Krytac one though
  6. Just got a selection of flags for a bargain price. Only had one Previous, Scottish owner.
  7. Oh c'mon now, we have all seen the Haley Strategic and Ferro Concepts versions of some of Vipers more recent lightweight chestrigs 😉
  8. LOL, no pictures of the whole gun since fitting the light and switch, but one not long before.
  9. A WADSN clone Modbutton for the MP5. Neat little solution with the M300 torch
  10. Pre skirmish pic from the weekend
  11. Totally. Just a shame the mag well sling clip on the Cyma receiver isn't that sturdy
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