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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi Selling my WE Glock 17 due to some unforeseen circumstances As pictured it comes with Two standard mags and one Raven extended mag. These were all gas tight last time I used them and have been stored with storage gas inside. A Surefire x300 clone which is very bright An Fma kydex style holster (needs the light fitted to hold the gun) with a QLS adapter fitted on the back A cheapo rmr sight. That doesn't really do anything and didn't hold zero after a few games. It looks nice though if you like that kind of thing Has a removable rubber grip on the pistol grip, and some removable sections of grip tape on the lower assembly. Has an upgraded threaded outer barrel Works well and sold as seen, only ran on Nuprol green gas Looking for 100 posted via Parcelforce, payment via PayPal


    Inverness - GB

  2. Time Left: 4 days and 13 hours

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    Hi all I am Looking to sell my G&G Raider etu model, updated ***polymer upper and lower receiver and handguard, but G&G polymer is good*** It's never been skirmished Skirmished but I have two other G&G guns and having test fired it it slings BBs nicely, but has had a couple of paint jobs including the one seen here. It comes with the following: Original box Angled forgrip ZCI stainless inner barrel and has a one piece outer fitted replacing the cheap multi section barrel that was standard Flip up sights Magpul style mlok rail panels 1 x original hi cap mag Has been wired to Deans with quality AMASS connector As said it looks a bit used, but works great. The paint has come off on the right lower receiver in one patch and I can't promise it won't come off in others as it is just a rattle can job, but woukd be easy to respray if you wanted Not sure on chrono figure so will err on the standard as new if 300 to 320 on 0.20g BB Looking for 125 posted via Parcelforce, payment via PayPal only



  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi all I am Looking to sell my Cyma CM077 AK. It's only been Skirmished a couple of times, but does look a bit worn due to having a paint job removed and the guy who did it for me didn't do a fantastic job (he has been punished!) It comes with the following: Original box Cheap Eotech sight Aliexpress Pbs1 style suppressor The original m4 style birdcage flashider Magpul style angled foregrip Has a hinged railed top cover fitted Still wired to mini tamiya - comes with original nimh battery and a 7.4 lipo 2 x hi cap mags Has a ZCI tight bore and a prommy purple bucking fitted As said it looks a bit used, but works great. The front lower handguard moves fore and aft a little but is secure Looking for 125 posted via Parcelforce, payment via PayPal only


    Inverness - GB

  4. Time Left: 2 days and 21 hours

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    Some assorted pouches for sale that are just taking up space for me Will take £30 posted for the lot including PayPal fees or prices as below plus £1 postage each item 1. British Army Osprey SA80 stanag magazine pouch - £5 2. British Army Osprey 9mm pistol magazine pouch - £4 3. Kombat UK medium utility pouch - £6 4. Kombat UK medium utility pouch - £6 5. Condor handheld radio pouch - £5 6. Viper foldable dump pouch - £5 7. Emerson Gear radio Wing pouches. Bungee missing from one. - £5 8. Kombat UK vertical utility pouch - £6 9. Genuine 3 point SA80 sling - £6 10. Miltec 9mm pistol mag pouch - £5 All items are used but serviceable and prices include postage Payment via paypal


    - GB

  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    ASG Hera Arms CQR foregrip. Excellent quality but used ASG foregrip to fit picatinny rail. Gives a few different hand positions and ideal for a space age looking build. Used in one skirmish only before I changed the handguard on my RIF to MLOK Selling for roughly £30 new I am looking for £15 posted. Payment via Paypal


    - GB

  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Excellent condition used Acetech Brighter C tracer unit. 14mm CCW thread. Nice compact unit that has two rows of leds to ensure the BB is brighter. Works with green tracers, I do not know how well it woukd work with red if at all. Comes in box, with spare end cap, charge cable, instructions, and a pistol thread adapter. Selling for roughly £55 Looking for £35 posted. Payment via Paypal


    - GB

  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    For sale is a used but excellent condition Victoptics S6 1-6 x 24 short dot scope. Comes with original box, removable throw lever and removable bubble level. Also a set of 30mm Vector Optics high rise weaver/picatinny scope rings. The scope has an etched reticle and can be illuminated red or green with different levels of brightness. Been used no more than 4 times in skirmishes. Its a great scope, only selling as I need to slim down my collection somewhat and will no longer have use for it. Selling for roughly £90 new, Take it off my hands for £65 posted. Payment via Paypal


    - GB

  8. That's pretty much the correct military way to store an AR 15. You can't safety an m4 unless the gun has been charged. You would normally make sure gun was safe, mag out, empty chamber etc etc, send the bolt forward and fire off the action in semi. Then store it that way.
  9. Wait... So all this time I just needed to strap the battery outside my gun to upgrade it? So glad to have stumbled across that secret
  10. Sadly not worth anywhere near that IMO. Probably due to DCAs high initial retail price, and another case of the Tier 1 Upgrade charge mostly being a labour cost, which can't be passed onto the second hand buyer.
  11. Couple of questionable prices here First up, polymer or metal, even if the metal one, seems a bit pricey for used and with a fucked stock. Owning one of those stocks, it would take some considerable force to crack it like that, makes me wonder how the guns been treated edit : just noticed the missing screw from the handguard, and the forward assist looks a bit off to me. And I didn't originally mention the red barrel And for more than new, a used gun.. But its upgraded Mr (only a different hop unit and inner barrel from the write up)
  12. If so, do they have the front wiring extension still knocking about that I could persuade them to part with? I know I should post a wanted ad, but thought it may be easier to just ask in here than try and come up with a wanted ad that catches the eye for some wires lol
  13. +1 on the Halfords camo. I also sometimes use the Humbrol Matt Acrylic sprays.
  14. Yeah my Romeo 4 is pretty good, and I wondered if it was an out of the warehouse job on a Friday afternoon
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