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    G&G Predator, ARP556, Raider, WE G17, Cyma AK, Action Army T11, Cyma MP5
    TM FNX45
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    British MTP
    Swedish M90
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  1. So you bought that sight. I had been looking at it too. Certainly looks the part on there.
  2. Well, it didn't take long, but mines had a paint job now.
  3. Haha, snap. Just waiting on some new scope rings then mine may be getting a paint job
  4. Probably not, but I don't drink so it does me lol
  5. I run the Viper Scrote pouch as my dangler as I preferred it to the Viper Vx one shown above
  6. That's a different battery to the one you asked about though? There is a chance that may not fit even with the BEU
  7. I use that exact battery in my ARP556. I do have the battery extension unit as well though. I tried without the extension unit, but it would take a lot of bundling of the wires mosfet etc. I got the Extension unit at the same time I got the Arp, so never worried about buying batteries that would only fit in the standard stock length
  8. Just done my old school mag pulls using paracord, tie wraps, and olive green duct tape
  9. Liking the black and green colour combos going on there
  10. Its my first (and only) TM pistol (so far) but the performance even on 144a is great. Couldn't believe the range I had with 0.28gs. It would struggle up here with a metal slide when the temp drops.
  11. The TM trades don't even say FNC, but I love my FNX
  12. Well, these have arrived And they are fitted. Just waiting on new batteries to fit (hopefully) in the handguards.
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