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  1. Bloody interrogation to join that facebook group. Cant be arsed with that
  2. kasaran

    G&G 0.33G BIO BBs


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    So i ranted about this on the forum last week. Having decided they are a lost cause for me. Here is the offending article. Most of a bag. Probably around 1800 0.33g bio bbs. BE WARNED they are grey, see the photo Been open since the 3rd and not touched since. £12 inc postage. Im guessing the weight will make it costly.


  3. kasaran

    SVD top rail mount


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    Rail mount for an SVD. Attaches to the weird side mounting thing those crazy russians seem to favour, allowing the use of capitalist optics to be mounted. I brought it to fit on my ASP SVU but being fatter than an SVD it just wasnt going to work well for centreing the scope. I belive there is a photo of this issue knocking around the forum somewhere. Looks to line up ok on my ak74u but the rear sight gets in the way for it to fit properly. £8 all in. Comes in the original box, with the original bubblewrap for added authenticity.


  4. got a bag of grey g&g 0.33's going that ill never use
  5. just looked that up. looks like im getting as bag. outdoor tactical have a few in stock. thanks i should look away from the usual brands then.
  6. Why? it makes no sense, you need to see them in flight to know where your shooting, set up hop and tell that its feeding ok. got some 0.33g bb's for my SVU. G&G. and they are grey, could not see them at all. only knew it was firing by shooting the ground infront of me. why cant they make white (Bio) bb's over a weight of 0.28g
  7. Fair enough. I get the point your making, I do. No ones going to point a tv at a petrol station attendant and demand they empty the till. Buuut for now anyway i like my display.
  8. Well short of here its hardly on public display. And i find it kinda sad that you think you cant have things out in your house on the off chance someone breaks in and robs it. Is your tv in one of those cupboard units from the 70s? So its locked away? 😉 They have always been out. Theres an earlier post showing where they were previously. The new storage soloution was to free up floor space.
  9. Its ok. Everything i own shall from now on be locked away in some sort of safe until my house looks like the inside of a bank vault. 😉 (plus the missus works from home. So its rarely empty)
  10. Ahm. Ladies and gentlemen, I have wanted to do this for a while. Having slaved away for hours, spent enough money to buy another gun (doh) and hired a van to now have my guns stored vertically, it is ready... Behold... [Imagine a thing of beauty like none have witnessed before] Now the thread will make no sense
  11. search function just 502's repeatedly?
  12. My feelings exactly. Wouldnt go with any of my loadouts
  13. Aiming for battlefield orange?
  14. Fair enough. Never brought of em. Was just one of the first hits alongside redwolfairsoft with pictures. I wouldnt want it to arrive with an orange tip anyway. As id fear that might be the case from a US seller
  15. This? https://www.evike.com/products/76910/ im guessing the stupid looking flash hider is removable?
  16. What is the issue with the umarex ones? Id have thought the licenced one would be decent. For the extra funds
  17. im really thinking for cold/night games, as my tm sig at -3 vented something terrible, while my co2 luger worked fine (though with modified fps and fixed hop, its range is terrible). that and an excuse of getting a new toy on that justification
  18. hmmm, call me boring, but.... as cool as the cut frames are, i wouldnt run one myself. Zeroone has good confidence in the WE G17, as the co2 mags (they sell for this gun) invalidate the warranty for the gun...
  19. Not familiar with them? They look to modify guns as opposed to manufacture?
  20. So, been looking at a co2 side arm for a bit. kinda settled on a glock. which would be better, the KJW KP17 or a WE G17. One bonus of the kjw is i can get it with a co2 mag, while the WE would come with a green gas mag, increasing the spend on spare mags. gun price is fairly similarly match mind
  21. Its not like your claiming to be one down the pub while in uniform. Just playing airsoft. Its hardly stollen valour. Dress how you want and undress for public spaces (into civvie street gear ideally). By all this logic im russian half the time.
  22. Saw one fielded by a guy at the woodland site run by firesupport near bourne in lincolnshire. Looked pretty good.
  23. I'm sure Ann Summers will have some stuff you could use in stock. https://www.annsummers.com/special-offers-sale/special-offers-sale-fancy-dress/sexy-cop-fancy-dress/ARRESTING-OFFICER-DRESS.html
  24. 6 rifles and 2 pistols ready for skirmish. With one TM Resident Evil Samurai Edge HD edition M9 pistol that has only been gased and fired once to test on display. Its never been skirmished. I have currently an LMG (a CYMA RPK, I'm waiting on Gunfire to restock, hopefully before brexit) on my want list, alongside a pistol I definately want (kj works co2 Glock 17) and a second pistol for the lols (TM DEagle). But talk to me in 6 months, I will undoubtedly want more. Edit: Probably the G&G Lee Enfield they teased a while back pending price and performance. And Grach MP 443
  25. Not in an airsoft gun. But an e-cig style lipo battery for my torch. Charged it to comeback and find one end had gone all brown and bobbly. Moral is dont buy the cheap pink e-cig style batteries that come with a charger off amazon. I also heard horror stories about airsoft batteries... so i charge em inside a battery bag inside an ammo crate
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