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  1. Never ever do any arguing in a field, always speak to the ref to sort it out
  2. If you like to fantasise about opening a field like me, you can take a look at r/airsoftfields where I dump my research and notes To find out your first gun you need to first find out: 1. your site and your play style, which might favour certain types or lengths, generally speaking shorter for CQB, longer for outdoor distances 2. your personal preference or aesthetic or ergonomic choices e.g. AR or AK or others To find out, you need to go rent a few games at your site, which is required to get your UKARA anyway
  3. Some video/pictures of the inside (doesn't seem very big) https://www.lcpproperties.co.uk/unit-details/3368/upper-floor https://www.novaloca.com/retail-premises/to-let/walsall/park-place-shopping-centre/72544 https://www.primelocation.com/to-rent/commercial/details/65779732/ Re how economical, since the place is already vacant, I guess for the owner (LCP) anything is better than nothing, on LCP's page it says flexible terms / short term let available so I guess First & Only (seems they run a lot of sites) managed to negotiate something Not sure how much they are even allowed to knock down, judging by the tone of the planning statement it seems they don't intent to alter anything "There would be no alterations either internally or externally to the premise as it is an ideal layout for the proposed use" I wonder with all those glass facade facing the high street (and skylights), how are they going to protect all the glass and how are they going to cover up all the RIFs from being seen, it seems it is a town centre location so there will be lots of random people walking about
  4. Watching with interest The actual application: https://planning.walsall.gov.uk/swift/apas/run/WPHAPPDETAIL.DisplayUrl?theApnID=23/1524 The proposed plan: https://planning.walsall.gov.uk/swift/MediaTemp/76733-421574.pdf The main level says 21,151 sq ft which is about 1965 m2, discounting safe zones etc it will be a bit smaller so it will be a Class S indoor site according to my classification table The linear central corridor with many shops branching from it is far from ideal from a good layout in terms of map design, you can imagine all the shop frontages will become camping spots and there will be a lot of these with no options for going around, it will be extremely challenging if not impossible to design a good map with this sort of layout
  5. I didn't know we had an official body. I thought we were an autonomous collective.
  6. Is having standards a good thing, yes But the thing is, airsoft retailers and field owners are not a regulated profession by any stature, the best anyone can do is come up with something similar to an ISO 9001 so any business can voluntarily adopt it, so they get an excuse to display a mostly decorative badge on their website You can't enforce it
  7. Any facebook group can sell patches and claim to be sending emails and monitoring google, but it takes UKAPU to be claiming they "preserve UK airsoft" by sending some claim forms for you and defend airsoft (what even does that mean) with patch sales. It will take a group of volunteers to begin to think about a new airsoft ruleset, but UKAPU is not it.
  8. Just brainstorming but are there other airsoft bodies in other countries that are somewhat similar to a regulation body in that country? How are they shaped in relation to the triangle of retailers, site owners, and players? Because let's say in the far future airsoft develops an international federation of its own, which is required for olympics (https://olympics.com/ioc/international-federations), it might be helpful to learn from other countries and their associations and it's never too early to start I suppose Back to the UK, I think UKARA at least has a clear purpose and is functional. It seems UKAPU is at least poised to sit in the players corner. At the moment the site owners corner is vacant, because ATB/UKAF does not inspire a whole lot of confidence let alone looking competent enough. I guess in order to research and develop some version of a federation airsoft we will at least need the player's corner and site owner's corner to co-lead the process (probably as a consortium), while having UKARA on the side as support because the growth of the sport also means growth of their profit. Because it needs to be a project that benefits everyone. And if UKAF is non-functioning, it is all down to UKAPU to step up. But they don't seem to have the resources. But I don't think the final result should be a governing body (at least not in the beginning), to even to start, we really just need the rules and definitions of the sport written on a piece of paper. It is largely just a white paper. And the only thing to do afterwards is to wait for fields to adopt and players to adopt and for the hobby to catch up, and hopefully the benefits will be clear enough to become a de-facto adopted format of airsoft, then we can talk about regulating and governing. -- I think we need AI to do the work
  9. Best you can do is do surveys of the rules of every field and publish a white paper on the findings, then you can think about how to draw similarities and think about pros and cons of unifying which rules at what costs and what impact Then you can try to come up with one version of a regularised version of airsoft, publish it, and hope the fields will adopt it the UKARA list of registered fields is a good starting point You can set up a dedicated forum (somewhere outside facebook) and then use it as a base of operation, do a program and recruit volunteers to complete chunks of surveys for you and then have people write the stuff and publish it But surely that is not part of the UKAPU's mission, they have got enough on their plate You need a consortium for airsoft regularisation research (come up with a better name), for the sole mission of coming up with one version of a semi-improved airsoft ruleset, or some sort of standard framework for fields to adopt Later on you can convince some fields for testing and also publish the experiment results and go from there
  10. I mean, their claim of "Preservation of UK airsoft" is obviously a lie, because if it is true, they would have at least some evidence to show for it, but there is zero evidence of this. And UK airsoft is not under any threat that needs any entity to work "tirelessly" to preserve. If they work tirelessly, what exactly are they doing tirelessly?
  11. lol so it's true they do absolutely nothing and then lie about it on their page to lure people to donate? that is fraud, you know
  12. I was referencing the membership "donation" and to their claimed purpose of "Preservation of UK airsoft" and "worked tirelessly to protect UK airsoft form various attempts to ban or overly restrict airsoft by the government and police" which frankly is pure horseshit, excuse my language If I say I "work all day and night keeping bad juju at bay so the world is safe for everybody to live in" and ask people to setup standing orders to give me £3 a year they'd put me away
  13. What specifically is the legal help? It says it only deals with border force seized goods and issues with police, so what exactly do you do to help? Do you submit notice of claim for the person and follow up? And what do you do with the police exactly?
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