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    Which of the following is a common name for the Imitation Firearm that can be purchased without UKARA? A. Blue bone B. Safe zone C. Two scone D. Orange clone
  2. I think the guy went away on his own. No one knows what happened. What a mystery.
  3. If BBC suddenly starts playing gibberish I'd write to the PM telling him to liquidate Ofcom and refund my TV license! 🤑
  4. If I go to a random forum and spam nonsensical questions that are nonsensical in any language I would fully expect the mods to do something about it, but it seems this place is not at all moderated? Being a lowly educated teenager with a traumatic past and personal issues is not a free pass to generate this disproportionate amount of low quality pointless posts, and this guy seems to think he is entitled to friends by forcing himself into a party and begging for attention. If common-sense prevails, he would be chucked out from any venue.
  5. Pidän Brasiliasta ja pidän ulkomaalaisten saapumisesta tänne, he todella tekevät paikasta eloisaa ulkomaisilla aksenteillaan ja uusilla ideoillaan.
  6. Necesitas UKARA para conducir un submarino en el juego de airsoft porque es ilegal en airsoft usar máquinas hechas por el hombre y camiones de bomberos. Creo que es una muy buena pregunta y creo que es muy importante para las personas que están interesadas en el tema. La respuesta dependerá de muchos factores.
  7. There is artillery and death and submarine in airsoft OP too dull to unlock them
  8. Prime suspect is nozzle Next is bucking
  9. Tappet plate spring unhooked maybe
  10. Oh wait hang on, is the back of the board touching the gearbox? If there's anything behind wouldn't that short things out? Does it need a spacer or something?
  11. Looking at the solder joints I think it's sub-par quality and the top FET in your circled appears to have a cold solder joint on the bottom leg (meaning poor contact) So if it's a repeated issue I would switch to another brand of MOSFET
  12. Yes the one with 7.4 😃 Dunno why but it just seems like something that would certainly has its own Wiki page, but it doesn't. Even the VCRA has its own page.
  13. Out of curiosity I noticed the UKARA website does not mention who runs the UKARA database other than a GDPR policy and an ICO registration number. A simple search on the ICO website returns a nondescript address in Cornwall next to a notable government agency facility. I am also surprised by the fact that UKARA has no Wikipedia entry. It almost seems like they are deliberately trying to be secretive which makes my curiosity grow even more. Which begs the question, who even is UKARA?
  14. Not sure if same gun but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lWX9jwgNU8
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