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    FAMAS/AUG/T21/X95/KSG/T97/T97B/SOC-AR/F2K/P90/L85/PDR/SVU/ARX160/XM8/SL8/G36E/MK43/M249/AK SLR
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    French Foreign Legion, Woodland CCE F1/2. Harness and chest rig types. KombatUK BTP Black.
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    Anything in the SE.
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    Dagenham, London.

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Asomodai's Feedback

  1. ThisKillaDT left Positive feedback   

    Great coms and fast delivery Thank you

    Asomodai was The Seller

  2. L3wisD left Positive feedback for an advert   

    SHS / Rocket Airsoft High Torque Motor - Short - Brand new
    Fast payment (within about 30 minutes of the advert going live!) and gave me a heads up it arrived safe. Lovely

    Asomodai was The Buyer

  3. Jaffers left Positive feedback   

    Very quick sale, prompt payment. Polite comms. Many thanks.

    Asomodai was The Buyer

  4. MisterG left Positive feedback for an advert   

    ICS CXP Ape - Upgraded. Will post.
    Great seller, good comms, answered all questions. Explained how everything worked and brought round it clear cross London. Hassle free transaction. Would definitely recommend.

    Asomodai was The Seller

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