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    TM Famas x2/AUG HC/KSG/M9/SW Cm F2000/P90/SVU Umarex Tavor/ARX SRC XM8 ICS CXP15/L85 JG SL8/G36E/MP5
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    French Foreign Legion, Woodland CCE F1/2. Harness and chest rig types.
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    Anything in the SE. Red 1 Chislehurst if I am feeling lazy.
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  1. Decided to take this Instagram lark a bit more seriously. Add me on https://www.instagram.com/asomodai_airsoft/

    If you want to see some of my ugly collection and "Action" shots. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Asomodai
    3. Albiscuit


      Makes a change from 90% of airsofters who blank or blurr their faces like they are in the SF or something :D 


      Always seemed pointless and laughable to me.. Just put on a face mask if your THAT much of a secret squirrel (or so ugly you need to hide) :P  

    4. Georgeturner2001


      It’s for the Impression😂

  2. You will be better off with an AEG for most situations. May I suggest an electric snotty like the TM AA12? Best of both world's.
  3. West London makes it quite hard to get to Woodland sites as the easiest ones in reach of public transport are in Essex. You do not need a UKARA number to play. Only to purchase RIFS. The easiest woodland site to get to in London is Red 1 Chislehurst. Its small but you get what you can take in London.
  4. I really don't agree with that, there is lots of information in those threads. Consensus is that they are only worth it if you gut it and replace pretty much all the internals.
  5. Use the forum search as there has been a couple of threads on the CYMA P90 recently which answers all of your questions.
  6. That's what my M4 started out life as. I didn't think much of it stock to be honest. Now its a beast though!
  7. Got up early to go to Tactical in Croydon as it was the only site I could visit this month because of scheduling. Charged my batteries, all dressed up with bus times in hand, walked to the end of the road and turned back around back into the house and unpacked. 


    Even if I could get there in time the safe zone is too small and I might be setting up on the ground etc. It was the only site I have ever left from early before, 2 and a half hour journey on underground, southern rail, bus and a 40 minute walk. 


    Cant be arsed. Maybe I'll book into Bunker 51 for tonight if I feel like it. 

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    2. Druid799


      Balls to all that travel for a site I knew was crap ! 

    3. Albiscuit


      Havent played in months, and April weekends have already been booked with family and work stuff, I got so desperate I was thinking of a game at Bunker 51 too.. 





      But came to my senses :D  

    4. Asomodai


      @Albiscuit I decided against that too. Though there is talk of a gas and spring night soon which I'll be up for! 

  8. Ahh, old Hockley and the lowest FPS limits in the UK! I have found something that is perfect for your needs and underbudget (Just) https://www.camoraids.com/shop/airsoft-weapons/airsoft-personal-defence-weapon/tm-mp5a5-high-cycle-aeg/ Tokyo Marui MP5A5 High Cycle, under Hockleys FPS limit out of the box at 275FPS, the hop has the TM magic dust, comes with a drum mag as standard and additional high caps are very cheap for Mp5's. Its very fast firing with excellent trigger response. Its quite small and has the retractable stock. I have the Aug High Cycle and it actually has better range then my mates fully upgraded Evo that cost twice as much. The best thing about it is that Camoraids are based on Canvey island, so not far from you. Hop on the C2C to Benfleet and take a bus. Check out the rate of fire!
  9. Wondering if any other AFUK'ers looking at the latest Legion Battlesim, from Dusk til Dawn 12 hours overnighter. Combat throughout the night. Looks pretty interesting and my Battlebuddy is up for it too. Anyone else going? 


    1. Robert James

      Robert James

      Oh wow that looks so fun but I would have just started my training 🤪

    2. Keldon


      Sounds like fun, but not having any nv would sure make it suck. 

    3. lukeB


      I'd be up for that

  10. I used one in my Cyma P90 build. With a ZCI 6.02 barrel and near perfect all guarder air seal stuff it was hitting 334FPS. That was a 260mm barrel. With this G36 it would be closer to 500mm so likely to get over 340FPS.
  11. Bought some other bits. ASG Ultimate M95 AEG spring. I like these as its a weak rated M95, so more like a M92/3? No chance of it being 350 FPS, but can be very close to. Prommy Purple bucking.
  12. Bits for my MG36 build. ASG Ultimate M95 AEG spring. I like these as its a weak rated M95, so more like a M92/3? No chance of it being 350 FPS, but can be very close to. Prommy Purple bucking.
  13. Alas I am trying to buy online so I couldn't trust just photos off of Ebay or Amazon. I am hoping to find someone who has purchased this from a reputable seller and tell me who they were! I am guessing there is nothing off the shelf I could grab? I do not have access to a 3D printer.
  14. Welcome to the JGMP5SD Club. Kinda wish I went with the fixed stock like yours though!
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