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  1. Rocking the KSG with the Mag Adapter in the daylight for the first time. Nice to actually see where the bbs go for a change! Had bags of fun with this. All KombatUK BTP Black kit.
  2. Been invited to a last minute initial test day skirmish at an Urban training centre in Surrey. Time to finally bring out the KSG for some shotty fun! Hopefully this site will be open to the public in the near future. 


    A whole weekend of airsoft for me! This tomorrow and AP on Sunday. I'm in heaven 😉


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. L3wisD


      Oooooh! As an ex-Guildford boy, Surrey appeals to me!


      Where abouts is it?

      Oh wait, do you mean Longmoor?

    3. Asomodai


      @L3wisD all will be revealed 😉 and no it's completely new. 

    4. Druid799


      Private invite to a new CQB site ? Barsteward ! 🤬


      you will burn in Hell for it !

  3. No problem. If he wants something that is fun, lightweight and reliable, then the Tokyo Marui M4 CRW High cycle is what I would I go for. Ridiculous rate of fire.
  4. VFC has some of the best externals out there. Internals can be a bit hit and miss though. I would say there are better all round M4's out there for the price. Krytac, ICS, G&P etc. Maybe a high end Specna Arms might be good, there are some with a Titan Mosfet inside for less money.
  5. You can get a few carbine conversion kits for Glocks. SRU make a few. The FPG uses Glock mags because its essentially a Glock inside.
  6. £20 from Wolf Armories, I think they have a black one left. Its sturdy enough!
  7. @L3wisD Now that's a sexy RDS! Really does suit it nice with those Iron sights. Maybe paint on a dot in the centre
  8. Step one of XM8 DMR build. The most important thing, aesthetics. 5 inch barrel extension from @ak2m4
  9. Is that the hex mesh? Let me know how you get on as I have always wanted some of his kit
  10. Gunfire are selling the Retro Arms one for cheaper. https://gunfire.com/en/products/reinforced-gearbox-skeleton-cnc-v-3-qsc-1152207528.html There is this Specna one but not sure of the material. https://gunfire.com/en/products/reinforced-qd-v3-gearbox-shell-with-microswitch-1152221103.html And an alu Specna arms one for 90 ish. https://gunfire.com/en/products/aluminum-cnc-gearbox-v3-frame-qd-1152221126.html That Retro Arms one looks amazing. Wouldn't mind making a custom G36 build with that.
  11. Anyone know a cheap surplus place that can do next day delivery? Want a summer loadout for Sunday. 

    1. Jelliffe99


      Try ringing Endicotts. They have always been good to me


    2. L3wisD


      Sainsbury's 😎


      Camo shorts & Tan t-shirt.


  12. I am such a clutz and force my way through so much hedge on the average skirmish that I cant help that think everything will fall out.
  13. For my birthday the missus has purchased me another AirsoftPro G36 Hop unit, making it my 4th one and its going in my new XM8
  14. Thanks mate. I have been struggling to get out to new sites recently so things have slowed down. I doubt I'll be doing as many as time goes on. It's a shame as i love going to new sites. I might be doing a new one by the end of the month though.
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