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  1. Annnnnnd the Invader Predators are too big and having to be sent back
  2. I wanted to shrink it a little bit, so turned it inside out and washed it at 10 degrees hotter then I should have. Sadly it didnt shrink, but even inside out, it faded where as my jacket is still full colour. The Predators I have ordered are the same size, but has a higher waist, so hopefully will fit better. They sold their last Large this morning so had to plump for XL. My waist is right on the cusp of the two sizes. I have given up on the dye idea and sold the Revenger Trousers to a fellow forumite
  3. Another expensive day of gear purchasing. Invader Gear Predator Trousers in Vegetato (Replacing the Revengers that I faded in the wash :() Viper Security Belt Nuprol Polymer Shotgun Cartridge shell holder MFH South African Combat Vest in Vegetato Picatinny One Piece Scope Mount M-Lok to picatinny adapter. Think I am finally done with my Vegetato loadout.
  4. 5 and 10 rounds a shot? Yes please! Adjustable hop unit as well! presuming it's a single barrel. Look at that spread... FLAK-10 and FLAK-5 Super Shotguns by Airsoft Innovations - YouTube Flak-10 & Flak-5 Gas Powered Super Shotguns | Airsoft Innovations Inc. (airsoft-innovations.com)
  5. I really like the black/blue hue in the photo. My guess is they used Black dye for natural fibers so the poly ripstop squares and stitching still shows. But because of the base brown tan and green the black is sorta blueish. Is that a reasonable assumption in your professional opinion? Or should I go for a synthetic dye? My trousers are 35/65 poly/cotton.
  6. Darn. I figured as much. Thanks for the advice! I think black is the answer 😕
  7. Hello all. Some of you are aware of my new but fading Vegetato trousers. I had put them up for sale but I am having a rethink about what to do with them. I came across these two Variants of Vegetato, the Navy/Blue one and a one off wargames dyed Black one. Here are my trousers. Do you think its possible to get the Blue Navy effect using something like Blue Dylon? Essentually turning the tan/green and brown colours into blue? Should I use a light or dark blue colour? Alternatively I do like the obviously dyed
  8. Indeed. I wonder if Campaign and Delta will operate Saturday/Sundays to make it a double header weekender.
  9. Just tried to open an investigation as UPS CS urged me to. Cant even open one as I get an error message everytime. Have emailed Gunfire to open a dispute. Its only a small order, but it includes 4 sets of 5 PPS shotgun shells which are so bloody difficult to get. I have a new XM26 that I have no idea it works as I haven't any shells for it!
  10. Just spotted Ambush Adventures have acquired their own site. The old Delta Force site in Cobham. Ambush used to run games at the Campaign Paintball site nearby. https://campaign-paintball.com/airsoft-walk-on-skirmish/ Looks like the old Delta Paintball sites are being mothballed as AP acquired the use of the Delta Force site next to them last year (Tower Airsoft) The site, much like the Campaign site is public transportable from London. Get your wookie suits on and equip your Star Wars blasters.
  11. What sort of issues? I have been using Guarder Clears for some time and love them!
  12. It's been 7-8 days since my tracking number updated with anything new :(. Anyone else have this?
  13. Welp. Looks like they put it back up for sale... With the discount code its 188 quid shipped. Still, I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole.
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