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    Hey guys, looking to get a dbal iR to run with my NV. Black or tan fine, painted also fine. Let me know what you got.


  2. Assume at this price it’s just visible laser and white light? No IR?
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Make: SSO Gun/Model: Accessories: 1x n/a Condition: Very good FPS: n/a Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: 3x NO Price/Payment: £30+ All in Selling some SSO high quality Russian ripstop clothing combat shirt and trousers. Ideal for cqb load outs, Size wise I’d say these come up a small XL or a generous L the shirt has got zip and Velcro’s fastening and pockets for elbow pads and tbe trousers are button fly with Velcro pockets. Very nice kit to compliment your communist plastic flingers. Grab a bargain with free shipping and PayPal fees paid.


    - GB

  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Make: CYMA Gun/Model: Ak-74u Accessories: 1x high cap Condition: Good FPS: 345 Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: 3x NO Price/Payment: £150 + postage + fee Selling my cyma baby ak-74u. Comes with x1 high cap Has had some internal and external upgrades. Internals done by the cage airsoft. Has Had a service, jeftron mosfet fitted and new spring getting it shooting up to a snappy 345fps. Has also had a zenitco railed lower hand guard fitted for all your tacticool goodies. Have video of it shooting in my workshop. Will try to attach to thread. Iv run it on a 9.6v ni-mh stick battery (wired to deans) that fits nicely under the hinged rear cover. Have spent well over £450 on it in total. Looking for £150 + fees + postage FF3FA583-8C71-49A0-8C78-A9E8409693C4.mov 9E770EB5-E2B4-402B-A244-B84CD2058F9A.MOV


    - GB

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    Selling my LLM01 that Iv had for a couple of year to fund other shiny things! 😁 is fully working with pressure switch. Has a clear acrylic lens protector fitted hence the sniper tape . Can be removed if no longer required. You can select white visible torch, red vis Sibly laser or both. iR (invisible without nvg) pointer, IR torch or both on together. Really good bit of real kit going for good price. Any Q just message me. Postage and PayPal fees on buyer


  6. I DMR'd an ICS Par Mk3. Which is great as the ICS comes with a split gear box so you can change the spring easily. If you get the 292 it comes with a really long barrel too.
  7. Confirmed: last game today, Andy has posted on facebook. Developers have speeded up planning etc so building works due to start soon.
  8. Hey dude, What makes you want the Umarex??
  9. 'Andy Stevens who runs a paint ball arena' FFS stopped reading after line two.
  10. So basically there is a huge residential Development of the area going on there and Andy is on borrowed time. It will eventually close as the building approaches the site but don't think it will be for a year or two at least. Having said that, he now had restricted access to the site. Think he can only use it fri,sat,sun so things are definitely speeding up. Any official announcements will be made on their FB page. As with the wing, we will probably get 6-8weeks notice.
  11. Oh that's perfectly acceptable O_O Bit like postmen then FFS
  12. Has anyone had contact with them recently? Iv tried ringing and they don't answer and just says their mail box is full so can't leave message. Website says their email server is down for maintenance and FB iv Pm'd but no reply. Thankfully iv only spent £37 on a wide bore line. Will never buy from again.
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