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  1. I DMR'd an ICS Par Mk3. Which is great as the ICS comes with a split gear box so you can change the spring easily. If you get the 292 it comes with a really long barrel too.
  2. Confirmed: last game today, Andy has posted on facebook. Developers have speeded up planning etc so building works due to start soon.
  3. Hey dude, What makes you want the Umarex??
  4. 'Andy Stevens who runs a paint ball arena' FFS stopped reading after line two.
  5. So basically there is a huge residential Development of the area going on there and Andy is on borrowed time. It will eventually close as the building approaches the site but don't think it will be for a year or two at least. Having said that, he now had restricted access to the site. Think he can only use it fri,sat,sun so things are definitely speeding up. Any official announcements will be made on their FB page. As with the wing, we will probably get 6-8weeks notice.
  6. Oh that's perfectly acceptable O_O Bit like postmen then FFS
  7. Has anyone had contact with them recently? Iv tried ringing and they don't answer and just says their mail box is full so can't leave message. Website says their email server is down for maintenance and FB iv Pm'd but no reply. Thankfully iv only spent £37 on a wide bore line. Will never buy from again.
  8. when I started out I bought a viper dump pouch fell apart after 6 games, an adjustable holster 2 games and 5.56 triple ammo pouch 4 games. took them all back to shop where they just handed over replacement without asking for receipt/proof of purchase. Along with an eye roll and head shake
  9. ESS Ice, Revision Sawfly for ballistic glasses, or Heroshark (mesh) The ess and revision can be bought from military surplus groups on FB and hero sharks also on FB. Also check out TacBeltsUk on FB as he makes quality lower face pro. DO NOT BUY any viper gear, it's cheap crap. All falls apart. FB groups are a great place to scour for good quality gear at affordable prices. And welcome to the forums BTW!
  10. Real impressed with Justpaintball, my V2 reg arrived this morning after ordering late Thursday night. I got multiple emails advising on order process and free shipping effectively arrived next day. Where as beesting......have taken my money but no email to confirm order as yet : / ordered both parts at same time.
  11. found a valken air rig mini quick detach on Blackblitz website, will add one of them to the order In stock , unlike virtually everything on the beesting website!
  12. Or is a redline Flex connector required? *scratches head* X)
  13. Hey bud, Another question sorry!..... So where is the best place to pick up a male QD connector for my grip line to connect it to my beesting wide bore single QD line when it arrives? Is this the correct one? http://www.beestingairsoft.com/product/male-qd-nipple-18-npt-17mm/ Does all that above make sense?
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