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  1. Try UKMCpro, they’ve always had a big stock of bulldog stuff I think.
  2. Here we have the evolution of my cheapie JG RPK bought off here from Hutt armouries few years ago. Iv had fun learning how to take this all part and work on it modernising it along the way. originally I was just going to replace the externals but straight away I could tell I’d need to upgrade the hop unit as the range was awful. things Iv replaced are JG Stock adaptor, LCT stock, CA upper and RS poly lower hand guard, pistol grip, LCT tactical selector, LCT drum magazine, TWI aluminium rails, combat union hop unit mapleaf macaron 50’ omega nub, CU air nozzle. I’ll upgrade the gearbox internals as and when they go. currently chrono’s 348-351 on 0.2s Lovely MG platform, lighter and more manoeuvrable than a belt fed.
  3. Would this effect compression parts though? would I need new cylinder etc? sorry for all the questions!
  4. Thanks peeps, So, when I took the outer barrel end off (outer 2 parts) there was the smallest amount of wiggle play with the inner barrel like 0.5mm all round. I have wedged a tiny rubber O-ring in around the outside of the inner which now holds it rock solid. Will test again later and see if that has remedied, if not I'm guessing the next easiest fix would be to buy and fit an inner barrel that actually reaches the end of the outer barrel. Current is about 150mm short!
  5. hey Hamster, Have had all my gear out prepping for a game next weekend and gave the RPK a quick test fire in the garden. Something slightly strange is occurring wondered if you had any ideas? when shooting the majority of the rounds go straight and on target but 1 every 20 or so I’d say seem to come out sideways! like 90’ left out of the barrel? I got a cleaning rod out and and cleaned the barrel (it was filthy) but it still does it. Iv removed the flash hider and it’s not so bad but does still come out at a funny old angle now and again? The omega nub looked nice and square seated when I fitted it in. it’s not a massive problem as the majority go on target just every now and then I get a flyer and may hit a friendly stood to my 10-11 o’clock at games! 😅 any ideas? TIA Greg
  6. Who did the work on it? Sounds like a KOA build possibly??
  7. Good price for all that. most comfortable lid Iv used for prolonged nvg use.
  8. So the macaron and omega arrived today and I quickly dropped them in at lunch time. there seems to be loads more adjustment in the hop now and the fps has gone up again too. Not sure if it’s because I did the barrel nut up a bit tighter on the CU or the rubber fits better than the prommy? anyway I can now look to hop .28 or .30s out and touch people. hopefully the build will pass its first test coming up in a few weeks!
  9. “spunktrumpet” 🤣🤣 “While I don't mind the fact that various platforms show Airsoft in a good light and bring new and interesting people to the hobby, this type of shit just makes me want to play less than I already do. Yes you can argue you'll find arseholes in every sport but as a community we should be doing more to shut this sort of shit down.” tbh the team of guys I play with have luckily become associated with another large like minded group of players who are eastern gear enthusiasts so we get 1 or two private games organised every year, we play as nato them as eastern forces. You absolutely clear the diary for these events because you know every person on that field as a friend and they play the game in the same spirit. no cheating, aggro, hassle etc. the rest of the time we have to put of with playing open ticket events where you are literally at the mercy of what knobbers turn up. it’s a shame but that seems to be the way it is now.
  10. For some reason one of his videos labelled ‘most terrifying airsoft injury’ popped up on my fb feed once. had to have a watch. he basically puts his foot down a hole and rips his trousers 🤣 I guess I was hoping for open compound fractures or bunji pit impalement. I played a legion event of all things at lydd training area back in 2017. only went because of the site, Somehow the mod cocked up and didn’t realise legion were a commercial airsoft co or something so it was subsequently closed to airsofters immediately after the event 🤣 I remember seeing half of THG there wandering around like a lost sheep. was a great area. Always nice to play new sites you’re not familiar with!
  11. You never know, it could have terrible air seal issues 🤷‍♂️ i remember long ago having a really heavy spring fitted to a ICS PAR mk3 and locked to semi for a invite only milsim game where DMR could shoot upto 500fps. May as well have been a bolt action because you couldn’t quickly follow up with a second shot 🤣 Running it on a 11.1v You could literally the poor motor/internals trying to pull the spring back like it was loading a trebuchet. couldn’t get it out fast enough after the event 😂

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    Hey everyone, Am looking for the above chest rig. preferably in a green based camo, no MC. let me know if you have and want to offload.


  13. You did indeed, my heart sank when I opened it the first time and the middle bulged out 😩 So I found this amazing v3 gearbox disassembly video on YT which was a massive help, and it pointed out that usually there is a tiny hole in the trigger mech and gb shell but the screw is almost always missing from factory. As I disconnected the jg ebb it just so happened I had x3 of these tiny screws spare. I had to trim it down in length a bit as it stuck through the other side but helped massively hold the plastic housing of the trigger unit it. The main issue I had was the screwdriver only went about 20mm into the spring guide so the middle of the gun spring would try to burst out around the cylinder pushing everything else up. after a couple of goes I found a way to hold it all down and get that poxy shell closed 🤣 Just waiting for the mapleleaf bits to arrive and then field test it in sept. If it’s a significant improvement over my bullgear/purple prommys I may update the fleet of mg’s I have with Combat union/mapleleaf hop/rubbers!
  14. “Sounds like the selector teeth jumped a couple of positions on reassembly, the joys of getting a v3 box into a reciever. Best method is to lie it on its side so gravity hopefully holds it in place for you.“ So you were correct about the selector teeth. I took the gearbox apart again today and noticed the selector teeth were 1 tooth out of line. Sorting this fixed the full auto in both positions problems but raised another issue. In semi auto the trigger would not spring back on its own, you had to push it. As I suspected I hadn’t re assembled the trigger mech correctly and needed to open the gearbox again 😩 God damn that trigger mechanism & trigger spring are fiddly as fk to get right and stay in position whilst closing the gear box 🤬 I got there in the end but I was starting to get emotional 🤣 I was considering upgrading loads of the internal parts but now I think I’ll just leave it until something breaks! Pic of how I’d fitted the trigger spring wrong 😑
  15. interesting. iv always run purple prommys in my mg builds, never had an issue with them before. I’ll order the maple leaf macron with omega nub and compare performance! many thanks for all the advice 👍
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