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    I am selling my main weapon and all its parts due to a recent medical situation leaving me unable to play airsoft for a while, this weapon has been used 5 times in total, started off as a great base weapon achieving 310fps with .25. I've been slowly adding cosmetic parts and a couple internal parts to the AEG with the intent to make it little more powerful and close the spread a little. current FPS 290 after no adjustment, pretty sure after playing with the hope up and rubber it will be back up higher. The current setup on top of the base is a magbull 3in1 hopup. 7.4v lipo, front wired configuration, axe stock, T1 scope and foregrip. weapon has been cleaned everytime after events. gearbox was opened to modify wiring configuration and gave that a clean and re-grease too. Included: Base Weapon (NUPROL Delat Recon Alpha) PEQ battery box for 7.4v lipo 2x NUPROL 7.4v lipo 1500mAh 20C 30A cont. Canted iron sights fitted to the right side of the weapon. T1 scope by Aimpoint NUPROL axe stock (will fit pipe battery's, with rear wiring) MADBULL 3 in 1 Hop-up unit with 60degree rubber Front wired configuration with 16AWG wire. Keymod raill attached with short foregrip fitted. 3x NUPROL Mid-caps (tape attached for tight mag housing grip) 1x NUPROL High-cap 1x Speedloader Spare: Standard Stock 2x keymod attachments. Standard Hop-up with new rubber NUPROL suppressor Standard iron-sights 4x Scope with spare batteries new NUPROL handgrip (needs a little modifying to fit) clear sight protector link here for the base weapon This is a great starter weapon, made for field games, great accuracy using .25's, used once for CQB worked very well. This product is working and after recharging the batteries it will be ready to join the fight!


    GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire

  2. That is pretty, off topic them mobius action cams any good? Yeah I get your point. You need to be able to rotate the weapon and not having a stock helps. So maybe what I need is something with a fully retractable stock of folding stock. Cause I do prefer a stock, I like it pinned in my shoulder and being able to support the weapon when aiming
  3. The only cqb I've done is bunkers or lone buildings, but nothing that is primarily cqb, in those cases I just switch to my pistol. So a MP5k or MP7 is what I'm after cause I like stability, something with a stock, yet short enough barrel to pivot corners easier. At the same time if I can find a short barreled m4 varient system that can be used for the field and cqb, that would be great. You get quite along for £180, I might give that a look in a bit. The reason I say a ris rail for a grip is because all day holding your weapon with a horizontal handgrip causes me cramps in my wrist haha although it is better for stability . A foregrip gives me better manoeuvrability. Im not too bothered about material or it feels like the real thing. As long as its sturdy and doesn't flex.
  4. Cheers buddy, that has just thrown this weapon to the top of the list lol I read a review on it last night and it was just perfect As it stands, the scoreboard: 1.VFC Sig Sauer 2.TM MP7 GBB 3.TM MP5k HC 4.Kriss vector 5.ARP556 6.Nuprol freedom fighter. Cheers everyone for your input
  5. How good is the internals on that base though? I love the m4 stock on it and loads of room to mod. But at the price your talking new gearbox barrel hop up maybe even wiring too. I don't mind forking out like 200-300 maybe even higher if it doesn't need modding
  6. to be fair indoors 270-290 would be great, now i dont know much about modifying these internally so are they easily modified< as in parts easily available and to fit? I seen one image of an mp5k and my heart has been twisted a little
  7. That does sound promising, i usually change batteries half way through the day anyway, i will keep it on my list, cheers. Well the MP7 has always been one of my favorites, and youve just sold it to me lol and for £320, thats cheap. I had an MP5k years ago, although it was very accurate it lacked power, however the Kriss Vector is a a possibility for me if i can dig out the funds for it, cheers. as for the AUG, pretty weapon but Bullpup weapon systems dont feel natural haha This has always been another top choice but the price is way to high for me, cheers though Where the hell has this been hiding, ive never seen this anywhere lol it looks beautiful, its like an M4 and a MPX made a baby. (quick research) just a few questions! have you had this chrono'd yet, what was the true fps? lipo ready? for this price it must come with a mosfet too? have you needed to upgrade anything yet?
  8. I haven't seen one in person so I don't know what the quality is like or how well it fires lol and they are quite pricey so it'll need to be spot on haha So I've been recommended this weapon from a mate and I'm still unsure. So try and sell it to me lol
  9. So I've played a few field games with my Nuprol recon Alpha(and as much as people like to slag of this budget weapon, its never let me down) and I trust the Nuprol recon series! But moving on, I will be playing a lot more indoor CQB style games and I'm going to need a new RIF. My only requirements are: Short barreled 280+ fps Decent accuracy(I'm a semi-auto/precision guy) AEG or GBB A long stock(I'm tall) RIS rail for a sight RIS rail for a foregrip My current thoughts are: Nuprol Freedom Fighter AEG G&G ARP556 AEG KWA MP7 GBB Rather have something that can take stanag mags to save money, unless it's a Mp7 cause that is a pure beauty! Cheers, all recommendations and reviews of my suggestions welcome.
  10. Sorry i was tired haha heat been keeping me up! Would dropping the voltage from 8.4v stock battery's to 7.4v peq batterys effect the performance? Or better yet(cause I wanna mod the hell out of it anyway), what would I need to do to allow the weapon to handle 11.1v lipo? New Higher qaulity gears? New trigger switch?
  11. Played Airsoft as a rental walk-on in lincolnshire when i was younger (loved it!) then unfortunately work took over my life! The past 7 years I have been wanting to rejoin but never found the time. So in May I decided to start going again but this time i knew i would love it so i decided to invest in a few things before my first game (< yeah most will probably judge me on that) My Weapons Nuprol Delta Recon Alpha (two tone (no UKARA...yet!) resprayed it black) (what is everyone's opinion on this weapon?) foregrip and red-dot 1x scope "I see this weapon as a mid-priced budget AEG, its sturdy, high FPS out the box and the consistency/accuracy is perfect iMO, is does have some flaws though, the hop up unit it terrible and the rubber split after a full day" Nuprol's Raven Glock 18c(two tone again, resprayed it green and tan) opinion on this weapons? "itll do! not impressed with this, it just feels cheap and internals rattle too much, however with the hop-up adjusted right it can almost reach the same distance as most cheaper AEG's ive come against" My Loadout 1T fast helmet sprayed it similar to mtp pattern then stuck a green para scrim stretched over it to stop the shine when im hiding in a bush like a little B**** 1T plate carrier (already owned for shooting trips in europe) Those who havent worn plate carriers before and assume you cant feel the bb's hit you, its a lie you can hear the bb's ping of you and because the fake plate is solid you can feel the gentle tap on your chest or back i know the opinions of plate carriers in airsoft is mixed and im not going to say which is better! I chose a plate carrier for sturdiness and having essential equipment on your chest is where it feels natural for me and gives me much more manoeuvrability around my waist! im also using it for more of a realism factor and it looks cool triple m4 mag pouch, rear zip pouch for non-important things, medical scissors(looks cool), tourniquet and glowsticks( for that added realism :') oh and a fanny pack for spare battery speed loader and electrical tape. Issued British Army Battle Belt (already owned for work) pistol holster, medic pouch, dump pouch, grenade pouch, more m4 mag pouches just incase! i run this without a yoke as its so light its not falling off me Clothing issued army MTP trousers, hiking trainer/boots, tan t shirt and a black neoprene face/neck mask Eyewear (in order of worst-first used to good-recently used) Bolle-goggles ( too small and they condensate pretty easily) amazon goggles ( condensate to easily) shooting glasses (feel scared all the time and only fog up wheen breathing heavily) x800 goggles (used by dutch the hooligan, dead on perfect, no problems) So far ive played on 2 weekends at Black Ops Bristol (Cribbs Causeway) been really enjoying, been going with a buddy who has also recently taken up sport again too. After 2 games and a couple things going wrong with my AEG ive invested in a few new things, madbull 3 in 1 hop up unit with spare rubbers, 4x scope, suppressor so i can extend the internal barrel and an axe stock/with a front peq15 battery box, which means im rewiring the gearbox, fortunately the nuprol gearboxes can be wired front or back so didnt need to invest in a new switch. and ive resprayed it again, olive green hand guard and upper receiver, tan inner barrel! Yes - ive already disassembled the gearbox and rewired it! No - i did'nt put it together wrong! Yes - it was very stressful and it works still! However i do need help with this peq box! Q. Battle Axe PEQ-15 battery box. What battery actually fits inside it? i can only assume a LiPo 11.1v battery will fit? Q.Will my base weapon be able to handle a 11.1v LiPo without a mosfet? Cheers IA. I joined this forum to look for other people to play with and to help me out with anymore problems I may encounter. Looking for teaming up in either Gloucester - Bristol area ( happy to travel further if it's worth it) Also looking for teaming up in lincolnshire too! TL;DR started playing again, love it, spent way to much on stuff, worth it! couple of issues. looking for teaming up!
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