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    French Woodland CCE F1/2. KombatUK BTP Black. Tropentarn.
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Bullpups: G&G F2000 ETU Hunter, Cyma F2000 Tactical, Tokyo Marui FAMAS F1, Tokyo Marui FAMAS SV, Tokyo Marui AUG HC, ICS L85, PTS PDR-C, Real Sword T97, Real Sword T97B, S&T Tavor, Umarex MTAR X95, Ares SOC-AR, Cyma P90, Silverback SRS, CYMA SVU and Tokyo Marui KSG. 


Not Bullpups: SRC XM8 Gen 2 DMR, SRX XM8 Gen 2, S&T ARX160, JG G36E, Specna Arms M16A3/M203, Dytac SLR AK74, E&L AK74N, E&L AKM, E&L AKS74U, JLS RX4, A&K MK43 LMG, A&K M249 LMG, Well MB-10 and JG SL8. 


Pistols: Tokyo Marui M9 U.S, Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior, Tokyo Marui DOR HiCappa, Tokyo Marui Gold Match HiCappa, Tokyo Marui Mk23.

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