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  1. I put together an “Airsoft Medkit” that’s basically a briefcase filled with tiny plastic shelving units. I can carry all my tools, adhesives, and enough spare parts for a complete internal rebuild of two RIFs. It’s saved my butt a few times. Just make sure you include the essentials; super glue, emergency crackers, a backup to your backup screwdriver…
  2. I run an M170 (SP150) in my V2 DMR @ 2J exactly on .48gs. I run it on XYT 18:1s and a T238 33K @ 11.1v and it has no trouble cycling. You can also pair a good high torque with something like a 20:1 set or even 32:1 if you really wanna be careful.
  3. Bootleg method: micrometer. Turn the BB and keep measuring.
  4. Being from the USA, what would I bring over? Street tacos from Texas is probably No. 1 on the list. But as for airsofty things… you can actually bring a RIF. It just needs to be in checked baggage and inside a case (I believe PIN locked for Airsoft). Heck, it’s legal to bring your real steel pistols and rifles around in checked baggage. I have a TSA approved case for my Sig 365. on the other hand, depending on where they live, I’ll second the motion to find a surplus store. You can get just about anything if you’re in the right spot.
  5. Honestly I'd use the Ifrit with 13:1s and 11.1 or 7.4 and call it a day.
  6. Lower TPA means higher RPM (generally). That SHS "High Torque" (not really) has about 35,000 RPM with an 11.1v, or 66% on 7.4v
  7. I haven't listened to the video yet, as my laptop hates Imgur, but as a note, if that build is running properly, you should be in between 25 and 28 RPS, which is really approaching the PME point. Make sure to check the FPS to see if there's any drop in full auto, or if you have lower RPS than 25! Either one is a sign of PME.
  8. The one question I have (and this is hearsay, so mind yourselves), is that I've heard most airsoft brushless motors actually incorporated a ramping program specifically to slow down the startup, as early models had a habit of snapping their shafts. No clue where I heard this, but maybe something to look out for...
  9. I clean the inner barrels once a year with my tears
  10. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I'll keep the museum and activity ideas close and do some research. I know we're going to be in Inverness, but I think we'll be all around the area for a week or so. We were in the Hounslow area by London-Heathrow for a couple days, and we've actually hopped to Madrid for a bit, but we'll be back in the U.K. in a few weeks. Definitely taking advantage of the food. I come from an area of the USA that offers a lot of culinary variety, but the best part about new countries is always the eating, and London seems to have a lot of great ethnic cuisine. We already grabbed some Indian food the other night, and I suspect there will be more to come.
  11. I'm in London currently, and I'll be back through Scotland in a couple weeks as well as the north of the country. Unfortunately I can't swing any airsoft days, but is there anything else I shouldn't miss?
  12. As a note to the original question... When in doubt, Retro Arms low profile bushings are the way to go. I've run them from 60 RPS to over 2J.
  13. He still hasn't mentioned the Mah and discharge rating, so we really have no clue what kind of amps he even has to work with. If it's something like an 800 Mah 20C that's realistically more like 450 Mah 10C that's only 5A to work off. Most stock AEGs need about 15A. edit I've been through a fair lot of LiPos in the "1450 Mah 30C" range that turned out to be more like 800 Mah 10C when tested. Voltage means nothing.
  14. I should add, all this is discounting the strong tendency of airsoft battery manufacturers to lie about the capacity and discharge ratings they advertise. You could very well be using a battery that has only 60% of it's advertised capacity and 50% of the discharge, thus skewing the apparent performance of your RIF far away from accurate. My personal pack I spoke of in the above post (Kypom 3S butterfly 2200mah) has actually been tested at 2106mah, so the capacity is pretty close to advertised by airsoft standard. And this is by far one of the best packs in this range, which may contribute to a higher apparent "shots per man" rating.
  15. I'm gonna have to tell this one to my father...
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