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  1. Possible but very expensive atm. Maybe make a chrono that captures the BB and then weighs it. You could make a small cardboard box that holds the chrono, funnels the BB to a hidden scale and create a slot for a cheap android phone that can run a simple app that prompts for the speed from the chrono. More than happy to assist.
  2. Almost like you have a whole calendar planned...
  3. Update: "happy to proceed with arranging events over the next 2-3 months" It's good but it's not confirmed dates. We'll put out a facebook post when it's all sorted.
  4. I waiting for a definitive resolution atm, I couldn’t even guess what direction this will all go with so many factors at play. Like many have said, it’s been a blast whatever happens.
  5. Can't wait to have you, it's been so good meeting forum members in person. Thanks, sorting the next few dates in the coming weeks. Opulent, I like that, might add it to the site description. That door will have cover from the hotel and directly in front, the guys are looking at the options. I'll have a look, probably more durable than playing cards. Can't wait to see you back! I'm blown away by the response, really appreciate it all! lol, makes two of us.
  6. Thanks, the guys, Josh, Haydn, Ryan and Kiran, really made the day come together. The lighting options will be increasing, but that's a surprise. I'll pass that on Everyone seemed to be saying the same thing, with more doorways 25 will a good fit but for now, 20 is great. Working on that, got a few ideas that we're pitching. Looking forward to having you back, thanks for coming yesterday!
  7. Unfortunately, Trigger is no longer associated with Erebor or the Black Ops site.
  8. Haha! If I want an MG on a moving platform I’m going to get it directly from Estonia lol. If you know, you know 😉 OP: can you actually make what you talking about? Self-taught tinkerer or qualified engineer?
  9. Hard to have new ideas, you need a lot to play with to do that.
  10. Well, if you get bored, you're welcome to drop by on Saturday just to see the place/hang out with us. Get better soon
  11. 20, yes. I've added quite a few dates for next month, they should all be pretty open... for now. If you have a date in mind I can reserve a batch of tickets locked to a unique code for you and you team.
  12. I have a mate much like you and he seems to get the best out of me when he gives me a hard time. Must be a "rise to the challenge" kind of thing.
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