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  1. Um... there are a few around.
  2. Would it be simplistic of me to say that HPA is far easier to adjust?
  3. And they're the first to say that they are the voice of the people. Yeah right!
  4. You may need an adapter, I can not confirm if you do or don't , which are 3D printed and sold on various websites.
  5. I've been there, that was enough for me.
  6. I'm often around Heathrow, that's a shame to hear and there is so much empty land.
  7. All good points, all the same, I'd like to see someone attempt it. At least we'd see where it fails and what to work on.
  8. When I see an engineering challenge I think back to this video:
  9. First off, apologies for the formatting of my post, I was on mobile Dare I say I was surprised you agreed with me, I'm touched. Parts, it would just be nice to know what works in my RIF. Recently, I send an excited email to a Tech with a list of parts I wanted to put into my sole RIF. All were rejected as incompatible, I felt utterly dejected. Sites, the medic rules discussion was what made this pop into my mind. Same reasoning, if all the money goes back East, then what gets reinvested back into UK Airsoft. Who is even researching BB design? Is that info available before you make a purchase? By standard, I didn't mean a minimum quality, more of a description. So we're all calling things the same name and showing what they are made of, etc. Don't want to show our info, why should I buy it? What is Mr manufacturer hiding? The financials would be a tough sell. Made it a lot better at the same price. I'm not sure who could do that though. Sounds interesting...
  10. Oh boy, where do I start. The very first thing is standardised parts, universal compatibility and the availability of those parts. Then a unification of sites, independence with communication. Serial cheaters get squeezed out, honest players have great games. Ideas are shared, small business thrive. True UK-based manufacturing of RIFs. Top QC, customer service and meaningful updates between releases. Want a RIF that hits up to 100m+ straight out of the box, every single part has to be looked at and looked at again. To quote Any Given Sunday:”The inches we need are all around us.” Like a formula one racing team, if you think you can’t beat your performance next year then just get out, A players always find a way to push it further, faster, higher. So next year it’s 150m, year after 200m. Sure, sometimes you don’t hit your goal, but mentally did you think you could do it? If you don’t, you’ve already lost. So when someone says what I would do with Airsoft, all I see is an entire industry worth of challenges. That doesn’t make a lick of sense does it 😂
  11. lol shame April 1st is so far away, I could have some fun with that idea. Maybe next year.
  12. What more do we need? What don't we need! You could lay out the entire sport and upgrade every part of it two times over. Do you agree that we play Airsoft for the experience, much like most forms of entertainment? Then the real question is this: What do you want to experience?
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