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  1. Anyone had any experiences with https://www.powair6.com/en/ ? They seem to ship from France and have some good stock on Magpul stuff and good prices for UK, especially taking currency conversion into account. However, googling them provides almost no footprint and zero reviews. Anyone here deal with them, or heard of someone who did?
  2. Thanks for the help, rocket 🙂 I'll get it from Brownells.
  3. Going there, buying from another store, and then bringing it in the luggage would be fine, then?
  4. Heya! I'm looking at getting a few Magpul genuine products (including a sling, an M4 stock, and an M4 grip and foregrip), but all the websites I find in the UK have a hell of a premium on it. I was planning on getting it next time I went to the US, but I just found out their official website requires a US billing address (booo) and I'm aware of some weird export regulations on their products. Does anyone know a US website that will send Magpul stuff to London (or a good UK/Europe website with fair prices in for Magpul stuff?)
  5. Having used Fire Support and Patrol Base now, I can vouch for their quality 😁 However, I am looking for a Magpul sling and came across https://www.uktactical.com/ -- are they trustworthy?
  6. I got a new TM M9A1 from Fire-Support, but the safety is unusually hard to operate. Most of the time I need to use both hands to force it down, and if the safety is engaged and the slide is cocked, the slide gets stuck and doesn't move forward all the way until it is disengaged. Every few safety flicks, the safety becomes really smooth and I can easily flip it up and down without it making a weird noise -- but give it a couple more tries and it becomes unmanageable again. I dissembled the slide and it doesn't look like anything is clearly broken -- anyone had a similar
  7. I want to get a short barrel for the MWS compatible with a suppressor-tracer, but there are zillions of options at Fire-Support/Patrolbase/Amazon/et al. Can anyone can roughly point me towards one worth getting? Also, anyone bought at Eagle6.co.uk? They seem to have a lot of TM compatible stuff, and it's almost too convenient to be true.
  8. I'm getting ready for another round of modifications (still can't find a cheap QD mount, so gonna have to get a £40 one 😒) and came across this tool. Anyone used it? Is it worth it, or can you do everything with normal tools easily enough?
  9. Thanks! I'll take a look, then. Gun and accessories arrived, here's my v1.0 😁
  10. Thanks 😁 Does it move around or wiggles, or it stays on solidly enough to not bother ya?
  11. I got an M4A1 MWS arriving Monday, and I am on the lookout for a QD sling mount. Anyone here happens to know if this one is compatible with the MWS? It doesn't seem to have the little central teeth thing that some of the normal sling mounts do, and not sure if that's a problem or not.
  12. As someone who started with GBBs and GBBRs, I say go for it. Enjoy the hobby the way you want to enjoy it.
  13. Thanks, @AK47frizzle! I'm exploring the idea of adding a tracer to that and making it usable instead of a purely cosmetic attachment, so I'll let you know 🙂 (the 3D modelling is easy enough, but this is the smallest one I can find so far and I'm not sure if the top would protrude above the compensator)
  14. If the P90 in question is TM's AEG one and you care about feel, I would stay away if I were you -- it feels so much like a toy instead of a proper gun, in my opinion (more so than other electrics) 😶
  15. I've barely stepped out of the shop after having purchased my first airsoft gun, and I'm already thinking about customisation 😋 I got a TM FN Five-seveN, which I would eventually like to fit with a compensator and laser attachment in the style of Splinter Cell Conviction / Blacklist. The gun does not have a threaded barrel, so the compensator is rail-mounted with an extra rail below it, like so: Given the popularity of the game, I've seen airsoft builds of this pistol (often using custom parts) on the internet, so I know it is possib
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