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  1. As someone who started with GBBs and GBBRs, I say go for it. Enjoy the hobby the way you want to enjoy it.
  2. Thanks, @AK47frizzle! I'm exploring the idea of adding a tracer to that and making it usable instead of a purely cosmetic attachment, so I'll let you know 🙂 (the 3D modelling is easy enough, but this is the smallest one I can find so far and I'm not sure if the top would protrude above the compensator)
  3. If the P90 in question is TM's AEG one and you care about feel, I would stay away if I were you -- it feels so much like a toy instead of a proper gun, in my opinion (more so than other electrics) 😶
  4. I've barely stepped out of the shop after having purchased my first airsoft gun, and I'm already thinking about customisation 😋 I got a TM FN Five-seveN, which I would eventually like to fit with a compensator and laser attachment in the style of Splinter Cell Conviction / Blacklist. The gun does not have a threaded barrel, so the compensator is rail-mounted with an extra rail below it, like so: Given the popularity of the game, I've seen airsoft builds of this pistol (often using custom parts) on the internet, so I know it is possible. Does anyone have any idea where one could find compensators and laser sights similar to that, or alternatively, if it's worth finding a place to get them custom made? Thanks! (apologies if this isn't the right forum for it, and I should have posted on "Gas Guns" instead)
  5. Bunker 51, in London. It's the closest to my location (Central London). Thanks for the info, @FreeFrag.UK! I'll keep it in mind -- I got a TM FiveseveN from Wolf today in the physical store (the real steel is made of polymer too, so the ABS construct scratches my need for realism) 😋 In the future when I buy more stuff from online retailers (really like the look of PatrolBase!), I'll keep that in mind even though I prefer the metal versions of the 1911 and M9 🙂
  6. Thanks! Will take a look 😃 In terms of GBBRs, I got my mind set on on the TM M4A1 MWS -- unless I can find another one which is closer to the real steel counterpart. My main immediate concern is a proper pistol, which can't be TM since they do polymers and I really like the metal versions more. I would like a good version of the M9 and the classic (not USMC) military 1911, both as close to the real steel as possible. I play more for fun and because I like the handling of some guns (and often CQB sites), so the performance is not as much of a dealbreaker compared to the real steel aspect 😁
  7. Hello! Now that I'm looking to expand my arsenal, I would like recommendations of some good website shops with a nice range of products and price. I'm London-based, which means my local shop is Wolf Armouries -- as anyone who's been there can attest, they charge a premium on their guns, sometimes coming closer to £100 more on some rifles and pistols compared to other stores (and most of their stock seems to be TM). Are there any good, trustworthy websites you can recommend to shop from? If it helps narrow it down, I prefer full metal, GBB platforms 🙂 Thanks!
  8. 20/20, and I can navigate in the dark without stubbing my toe 😋 I thought that one was metal 😮 I want a full metal handgun, either an 1911 or an M9. What's a HiCapa? Thought that meant the big magazines. So can I get a real laser+torch/strobe combo and just not turn it on if not allowed? Sights-wise, I read Vortex has a lifetime guarantee, which sounds great if the sights get shot during a game 😋 Why would you avoid the flip-to-side one?
  9. Thank you all for the advice 😁 (and the kind words) A couple more follow-up questions: Hi! 😋 What about rifles? I saw tracer units take the form of silencers, but are there real silencer for GBB rifles or they're also cosmetic? In terms of pistols, I'm considering this one, but I heard paint and things can chip easily. Do you happen to have any idea if that kind of finish will fade/get damaged easily over time? Veeery comprehensive answer, Hitman -- I thank you for that, and will use it when choosing my clothing. peaking of stock upgrades, I've been thinking about attachments. Grips and stocks are straightforward enough, I guess -- find something that feels comfortable to you -- but what about lasers and sights? I hear airsoft is not accurate enough to use lasers with -- is that true even after zeroing your sights? Should I get a torch? What about scopes? Are ACOGs useful, or should I stick with a red dot/reflex sight? (I always liked that combined sight that is a red dot in front and a moving scope in the back, but not sure how common those are) Thanks for the insightful advice, guys!
  10. Btw, TacTree is running a 15% off sale this week, and they have some pretty good boots from a bunch of brands (including my 8in Bates one).
  11. Wow, that Lucas guy is a *really* good instructor.
  12. Hey, folks! New player here -- have played before, but only a couple of times overseas and never with my own gear. Looking into getting on it seriously now. I did a lot of research and cross-referencing to narrow down my choices, but since a year of research wouldn't be close to some of you veterans and your knowledge, I would really appreciate some input and opinions 🙂 For reference, I'll probably be doing Bunker 51 in London three times partly due to location and mainly due to the Hire scheme that lets you buy RIFs now and take them home when the UKARA reg goes through. 1. Primary Budget: None, really. As much as it needs to be Platform: M4A1 After reading a lot of reviews/opinions, watching a bunch of YouTube videos, and visiting Wolf Armouries in North London to handle some guns in person, I am heavily inclined towards a Tokyo Marui M4A1. I hear TM is the best brand overall, so that seems like a good starting point. I know the AEG is the recommended for newcomers, but I think I rather go with a GBB. I know the entry costs are higher and you need to refill it with gas, but if I'm spending £500 on a gun, a bit more won't make that much of a difference. I care more about weapon feeling and handling than competitiveness, so the fact GBBs tend to fieldstrip like and mimic the operation of real guns is more interesting to me than 300-600 BBs mags. I also like the idea of having to maintain the weapon -- I used to work on my own car back in America unless it was something that require a proper mechanic, so the idea of taking care of the GBB really interests me. Right now, I'm torn between this AEG: https://wolfarmouries.co.uk/tokyo-marui-m4a1-sopmod-carbine-next-gen-aeg.html And this GBB: https://wolfarmouries.co.uk/tokyo-marui-m4a1-mws-gbb-rifle.html Opinions on the choices, price, better M4s, alternative brands, or anything else are very much welcome. 2. Sidearm I heard GBB is the way to go with pistols. In terms of models, I'm: Really interested in the 1911 / Colt XSE / M45A1 series Kinda interested in the M9 and the Heckler & Koch USP Compact Possibly interested in the FiveseveN, but less so because I like metal instead of polymer I haven't done half as much research on pistols as I have on M4s, so I would appreciate suggestions of brands so I can narrow down my search 😁 I also would like the choice to fit a suppressor if I want to, but dunno if most high-end pistols have that or if that's a feature I must specifically look out for. 3. Mask and Vests I understand lower face masks are recommended in addition to the obligatory eye protection, so you don't get shot in the mouth and lose a tooth. However, I'm not a fan of the general opaque, claustrophobic paintball masks I see a lot of people use, so I wonder if there's any suggestions of workable alternatives. Would a thick scarf around your face work? Maybe a oxygen/gas mask Division-style work? Regarding vests, can I use just normal tactical vests with pouches without any other protection? I hear talks of plate carriers, but that feels like overkill. ---- That's all! I understand it's a lot of questions, so I appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or insights anyone's willing to offer. Thanks! 🙂
  13. Hey, London noob! I'm also new 😁 Where ya thinking of playing?
  14. I had a couple of Trooper and Response boots back when they still made them in the early noughts, and I quite liked their build -- I can't comment on their current quality if it has changed that much since then, unfortunately. I do use Bates boots nowadays, however, and the 8in Shock are rather good.
  15. Jon! Thank you, only got his name in passing 😋 Did you find Wolf a good shop for a first timer? Checked several websites but it's the only place I visited in person of that sort in the UK, so not sure how they rank in terms of price and stock taking that Hire scheme thing into account. Heard bad things about Bunker 51, however 😶
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