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  1. Yeah I noticed that, I'm probably going to not use it anymore, we've never had trouble from the neighbours in the past though over this type of stuff. It was just a caution about the patches I was concerned about. I'm sure we can wrap it all up.
  2. I wish I could but I'm 16, which is why I asked is it illegal to change my handguard as I'm upgrading it from an M4 to a MK18, the issue is my handguard is blue at the moment due to the two tone and the handguard I'd like to buy is either black or tan. I wanted to know if upgrading the rifle doesn't count to painting it black as a law. I don't understand if it classes as it, apparently from the comments it does so I'll have to wait till I'm 18 to get a UKARA.
  3. We have our range in our garden specifically for messing around with our gear and rifles. We like to have fun out of games too, especially with FPS laws in the UK we mess with our FPS on the range too. And yes we live in that type of neighbourhood, our neighbours are always at their windows watching everyone not just us, nosey people. And yeah good point about taking the patches off.
  4. True, good point. I've concluded with this topic by sticking to doing my Dutch DSI loadout instead, from what I've seen from so many replies on Reddit and here it's a lot of legality involved over a patch, which I totally understand there are idiots who go out impersonating officers, I've seen it all before. However for me doing an airsoft loadout it seems a bit over the top to deal with as if I'm seen in the garden with the patches I can be reported by my neighbours which is ridiculous, so for me and my friends we're going to stick with doing another country's loadout. Thank you all for your feedback and advice.
  5. I'll just keep my rifle two tone for now then until something is completely confirmed. Best to be safe than sorry.
  6. So let me get this straight, it is okay to convert it for airsoft skirmish use only? Obviously I would not be taking it in the garden or in public unless in the gun case in a vehicle (not public transport), I think that's basic common sense even for TWO TONED weapons honestly, if you're carrying a fully realistic airsoft rifle in public or any you're asking for trouble from the start. I'm more interested in the legal side of it, and no I can't get a UKARA yet as I'm not 18 yet sadly. The reason I'm asking is because the site near me on their website states that owning a RIF at any age including -18 is completely legal, painting the weapon from two tone to black from what I found out is illegal apparently but if I'm upgrading the rifle for skirmish use is that a valid defence?
  7. So I own a KJW M4, it's two toned blue right now (Stock and Handguard), I do not have a UKARA and I noticed that if I paint the gun black it's illegal as I bought it as a IF. I'd like to know if I upgraded the gun like I want to (Purchasing a MK18 Handguard) is that okay? The handguard is in black and of course if I replace the current handguard and stock like I want to it'll make the weapon tan/black, is this legal as I'm not actually re-painting the rifle I'm just purchasing upgrades. I understand that due to this it'd be off limits to go say in my back garden with it unless my neighbours knew which most do not as I live in quite an elderly area. I don't mind this responsibility as I can fire inside and make my own indoor range in my second room, I just want to know if this is legal or not, if it's not then I'm afraid I'll either have to paint the handguard myself (God help me) or leave it all together which would suck. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.
  8. No I totally understand, which is why I might do a Politie DSI uniform after all, they're the closest thing to CTSFO that isn't British. It kind of sucks but I totally understand why these laws are in place, same for the RIF laws on not being able to say go in the garden and shoot targets with a black realistic rifle in case the neighbours think it's real, I know and have encountered people who do genuinely impersonate police officers. But on the other hand it ruins my fun lol, I'm getting a custom patch made with our team name on it to replace the POLICE patch in the CTSFO gear, that should clear up the issues with wearing the uniform.
  9. Not really, thanks for all your advice.
  10. Yeah the only time I'd actually be wearing the vest is in my backyard to train on targets, in my home or at the field. I'd never carry it in public unless it's in a bag with my other equipment. The main concern I wanted to cover was outdated patches. As far as I know the red team CTSFO patches and all the other colours are now outdated as on new photos of CTSFO they all wear grey ones now stating which region they're in, EG: GMP CTSFO to state they're from Manchester and it usually has a number on it to symbolise who is who. So I was wondering is that okay to wear on my grey truspec top? As I'd no doubt be wearing that to travel to the game, or do you guys recommend removing it and only having my union jack on there? This is the patch I mean that's outdated.
  11. I'm doing a CTSFO kit right now, I've completed it and I was reading the law on patches. I read a few reddit posts where people had already debated on the legal side of wearing police patches. I have a friend who also has a CTSFO loadout but doesn't wear the POLICE patch only the CTSFO one, he said he has no trouble as all the police officers he spoke to and knows said that if the patches are outdated then they're fine to use (Our CTSFO patches are the old ones as they have new updated ones now), would you guys agree? I want to be cautious before proceeding with my loadout.
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