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  1. Warning points do make prizes

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  2. Taiwangun and them in stock for a silly £23 each but they're all super gone now.
  3. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-m052-40mm-pistol-grenade-moscart-launcher
  4. Having worked in the banking and financial sector for over 15 years, I can garuntee you I understand data protection better than you understand the intricacies of a deep fried Mars bar. Please try not to get upset and belittle someone because they don't agree with you, it does your debate zero favours. @ACA What would you call it?
  5. Ignore him. He's being unreasonable and overly paranoid about personal security as are most posting about data protection. In fact some are being downright pathetic on this matter. Seems you've hit a nerve but I wouldn't worry. Personally I doubt I'd play speed soft. I'd rather play in woodland or a purpose built cqb area. I really dislike inflatable barriers and that has nothing to do with bouncing off one face first aged 6 riding a 25cc dirt bike.
  6. If you can cope with poking yourself in the eye then contact lenses are the way to go. Do NOT get mesh goggles, terrible advice. They're sold without any kind of formal safety rating so that tells something. Personally I prefer a pair of lightweight shooting glasses but as others have said there are hundreds out there. Sounds like you'd be better off visiting a store to try before you buy.
  7. I find peoples reactions to this "data mining" quite laughable. Age bracket and gender, really? What harm is that going to cause anyone. It's not personal data as it's in no way specific.
  8. That's an insane amount of money to spend on a RIF. You could kit out a newbie group of 5 from head to toe including entry level RIFs for that. Sorta money. Very intrigued to shoot something valued that high to see if it's a dream to shoot or a nightmare on your bank balance.
  9. Duff


    Ah this rabbit hole again. Sold. Active. Expired. Seems intuitive to me but couldn't it be interpreted incorrectly? I find the current termsof Uncomplete (not a word btw) and Completed (actually a word but sounds broke) are fine. Except that it's very bad English.
  10. Am I missing something here? Is TAC worth their asking price?
  11. Strip the blue paint first, use Dettol for polymers or white spirit for metals. Soak for about 4 to 6 hours. Old paint should flake and peel away. Then brush lightly with some light grade sandpaper before taking paint to it. Use quick and fluid hand movement adding light 'dusting' layers of paint. Light layers dry quickly in less than ten minutes so you can have it stripped, sprayed and reassembled all in one evening.
  12. I should have included an emjoi cos i was genuinely having a laugh Duck. My mistake. Also didn't tag you mate you just posted. Anyway... Thanks for the info. Sorry if I shat on your saucer. Edit: I've already bought the gun, also confirmed it's the standard mosfet version.
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