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  1. Duff

    AEP Lipo Batteries?

    5 minutes providing you don't cut both wires simultaneously like some sort of bellend.
  2. Duff

    Bit of a problem

    Sorry was just trying to be helpful. His thread had gone unnoticed for almost 18hours so I thought I'd try and help by at least bumping it. I wasn't sure if it was due to the line differences, hence why I didn't post with any certainty.
  3. Duff

    firearms ban after prison

    What we do know is the more he was pressed the more he gave up about his friends situation until the point where the actual story was nothing like the original. How bad must it really have been for a 3rd party who describes himself as a friend to the person found guilty is willing to lie on their behalf, chances are he is a bit of a nonce himself. You can white knight all you want but you're protecting a potential pedo scum bag cunt, your choice but if you believe he is innocent with no cause for concern then I would tar ye with the same brush sir. Now let this thread die again like it did before. Everything that has needed to be said has been said, more than once.
  4. Duff

    Bit of a problem

    As I understand it from a bit of Google-Fu, the smaller the line the smaller the PSI variable. 1/4" Macroline is made to operate 500-700 psi with a burst pressure 3-4 times higher. 5/32" Microline can operate from 800-1100 psi with a burst pressure 3-4 times higher. Most 1/8" Polyurethane tubing operates at about 150-250 psi with a burst pressure only slightly over. Hope that's a little helpful.
  5. Way easier to get from London to Berkshire on a weekday than a Sunday (unless you don't mind getting up at the crack.) Hope to see you there.
  6. The marshalls at the Mall are paid to do their jobs. Anyone who has a problem witth their marshalling likely stems from a personal issue as they're very professional and safety orientated and a whole lot of fun. Thursday night's are best in my opinion mainly as there are fewer rentals than a Sunday.
  7. I think there's already a feedback thread for this site, maybe a mod can merge it. This site is the sister site to the Mall in Reading, my regular and that is why it's so brilliantly run. I've been meaning to get to the Lakes this summer and you've prompted me to be more proactive about organising.
  8. Sounds like a good site, but poorly organised. It's a great price but maybe if it cost more less kids would be spunking their giro on it.
  9. Duff

    Advice Needed - retracting sling

    You coukd use an anchor point to clip into. There's is no such thing on the market currently that functions as you want.
  10. Yup, forgot to tag you as well. 🙃 Echo that, was good fun. Happily play anywhere with you lads.
  11. Balls, I knew I'd forget someone! Sorry Ed. I will deffo go to this site again. Spoke to the "dodgey bloke" who seemed very nice and all but I declined politely when he offered to take a look at my M4 for me.
  12. Paint me like one of your French girls! Great to meet @snuff @MisterG @gasman and crew. Will deffo go to this site again. Games felt a little simple for my taste and it was nowhere near as fast paced as the Mall but I did enjoy it despite my AEG being a DICK. Lots of nice greenery though but I think they could do with a few more pro-active marshalls. There were two for the entire day and many a hit was soaked up by some of the opposition. Pretty well organised but I'd lime to see more interesting games that run longer than 25 minutes.
  13. Duff

    Gun picture thread

    Not sure about the holo mount but looks sweet otherwise....
  14. Duff

    Omg how many bbs do you use?

    I've got 3 mid caps and I burnt through them in less than 5 minutes today in a pretty laid back fashion. I was also surprised how quickly I went through 400 rounds I expected to last at least half the game. Silly me...