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  1. I tend to shoot into the garden. I set up a box filled with foam or an old towel. Put at the end of the garden. Then i walk back through the house (my back garden door is in line with the front door/living room door), set myself up just in front of the front door and shoot. The box prevents bb's deflecting into neighbors gardens (only one side as the other is a car park) and by shooting through the house i gain both range and privacy, thus avoiding a call to the police about someone with a gun.
  2. Victory. Finally managed to get the rounded out screw from my kwa erg rail with an extractor. Now to figure out what size this little bugger is 


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    2. ghostwalker


      Honestly. Not a scooby 

    3. RobHedley


      The standard pitch for M3 is coarse which is 1.5mm. If you measure from dip to dip in the thread i.e. measure the very bottom of the thread (the groove) to the very bottom of the next thread along the shaft. From bottom of groove to bottom of groove it should be 1.5mm. Chances are that is a standard thread as the fine thread (which is 1.25mm pitch) are used less all round.

    4. ghostwalker


      checked the measurements with a chart on a supplier and everything seems to match up to being coarse threaded. on a m3 8mm bolt it says there should be about a 0.7mm distance between the threads which there is. So fingers crossed. Ordered 6 in both m3 and m4 sizing's just in case.

  3. i used to run areas amoeba short vn midcaps in mine. Never had any issues with them and looked cool as feck
  4. Any suggestions for removing 'rounded' out and possibly cross threaded bolts from a handguard. It will not budge and not a clue what to do, what size to replace it with if i ever get it out.

    1. rocketdogbert


      What sort of bolts, hex head?


      If so, hammer torx into them to get them out if you don’t have an extractor set

    2. ghostwalker


      Yeah they are the hex/Allen bolts. Figured with no airsoft , it was time to give my kwa erg a good clean up. Discovered the previous owner had Mullered one of the rail screws. Will try a Torx. Have also ordered a extractor set just incase. 

    3. Lasbrisas17


      Look up "Grabit" I had a stripped screw head that I couldnt get out even when supergluing the alan key to the screw. The Bit removed the screw easily.

  5. Hoping to get out for a game on Sunday  before the inevitable lockdown happens. Plan to rock the ics ape and asg mk23 now everything’s working as it should

  6. Hoping o get out for a game on Sunday before the gate comes down on us all. aside from that mostly Xbox gaming, tv series and a mountain of plastic miniatures I have said I will one day paint.
  7. I left for a year and returned. Much the same way and having to restart all over again. been back at it 3 years now and not looked back. Well not unless I get reminded of how much I have spent lol.
  8. TNT barrel and bucking combo for my mk23. now I just need to decide whether to leave the mk23 black or paint it up in some sort of woodland look
  9. Adding my experience to this from last weekend, If you know me, you know i recently switched to some heroshark mesh as i gave up on the fogging issues. Tried revision wipes, all sorts of potions and lotions to no avail. I sweat like Jimmy Saville at children in need and nothing seems to change that. I saw the promo video for this stuff over on facebook and figured what the heck give it a try. I applied some to the yellow lenses of my ess goggles after switching them back over from mesh. Wiped away the excess as instructed and headed off to m local site. A few games in i noticed the tiniest amount of moisture build up on one side of one lense (most likely due to an excessive amount of running during a high tempo attack game). This cleared in under a minute and for the rest of the game day the lenses stayed clear and fog free. Pretty darn good for one single application. Does it work, yes, does the tiny tin seem expensive when you first see it, yes. However if like me, fogging leaves you no options other mesh then its a price well worth paying.
  10. Dtd holster for my mk23 and belt clip to attach it with. Hoping it will just squeeze onto the belt of my Alice webbing. But if not sure I can McGuyver a way around it
  11. Couple from my last game using my atacs ix and warrior gear with kwa erg.
  12. Thinking of jazzing you my ics cxp ape. Can’t decide. Bipod or new suppressor for it. 


    1. Steveocee


      Looks pretty damn awesome as it is dude to be honest. Apologies for not being helpful lol.

  13. I had the same rif. initially thought u was having issues but it turns out the mosfet s don’t like 9.9v life batteries and reads them S low voltage 11.1’s. after a few months I suffered a run away gun with mine, guess some water got in or something. But it shorted everything out. Fortunately between the shop that sold it and ics, everything was repaired and replaced. Other than that it’s been faultless.
  14. Noooo tore my leo kholer atacs ix combat bottoms. Can’t believe it. Fecking tree stumps 

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    2. ghostwalker


      I slid into a bunker and caught my shin on a hidden tree stump. Bruised the leg good and proper but didn’t notice the tear until u got home. Good ‘L shaped’ tear a couple of inches in each direction. Doesn’t look like anywhere has the leo kholer ones in stock anymore either :(

    3. Impulse


      At least that sounds fixable. Any good with a needle and thread? (could sew some fabric on the inside to reinforce it)

    4. ghostwalker


      Can get around one. Just means a weak spot in the trousers from now on. Probably a trip to a surplus store at some point for a new set of trousers and Ubacs of some sort

  15. Dragging my somewhat flu ridden backside out for some much needed airsoft action tomorrow. 

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    2. ghostwalker


      @Monkman it’s kill or cure time. 

    3. KirbyHCI


      "Airsoft site linked to latest coronavirus outbreak"


    4. ghostwalker


      I’m down with that as long as I get the 2 weeks of self isolation. Yup 2 weeks off work with beer, pizza and chill time. 

  16. Never had any issues with geoffs or the asg cursed bb’s. tried Valken and they were horrible. Used rockets but they seem to go a hit and miss in quality. For a while swore by ‘the draft club’ but they went really bad with misshaped and oversize bb’s especially in their .25’s and .28’s.
  17. so far and it’s only from testing at home. They seem solid. Easy to manipulate the controls even with gloves on, comfortable, easy to adjust and feel decent quality too. They do a good job of protecting and dampening sounds whilst the microphones pick up noise extremely well and transmit through the headphones clearly. bonus is they fit under my fma exfil helmet nicely without feeling awkward or uncomfortable
  18. nevermind. Figured it out. The mic has a 2.5mm socket not 3.5 so 2.5-3.5mm converter ordered
  19. @SgtTalbert do you use the set up you mentioned above. Only ask as i am having a nightmare getting the 3.5mm cable to plug into the actual mic handset
  20. Well I got the recommended Howard leights ordered from amazon today. So hopefully they live up to expectation. Might even help me hear something bfg other than tinnitus screeches lol
  21. Cheers. Had heard good things about the Howard Leight head sets. Would rather something reliable and decent over hit and miss. Tried that with throat mics and yet to find a decent set. But moving on from that set up idea.
  22. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. But yes noise reducing headset ideally so the things like the z tac comtacs are no good? Had seen mixed reviews on them and their likes.
  23. Yep you read that right. Ear pro not eye pro. I was wondering what the best helmet mounted ear protection for us poor people is lol. In context I have a fma exfil helmet and I was wanting to get some ear protection, preferably with a mic that could be mounted to the helmet. I know things like the peltor comtac headsets are the mutts. But alas they are out of my chip shop working budget. so what other headsets are out there in the sub £100 price bracket and actually work in a half decent way. for clarity I run a baeofeng bf88 radio (told you I was poor lol).
  24. Hmm ics l85a2 done up in full modern afghan spec. Shot like a frickin laser. kings arms Fal just felt solid as hell. Krytac lvoa s. It was so gorgeous. Sold it as I thought I was quitting for good tm sig p226. Thing worked no matter the weather unlike my current pistols.
  25. Mostly of late it’s this. though I’m leaning towards running just the cpc without the pathfinder if I can figure out where to put everything
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