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  1. ghostwalker

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I hope so. The rubber on my kwa erg is in poor shape even though it’s still doing its job really well. It’s just causing some feeding issues from wear and tear. But I can’t find a like for like replacement anywhere. It’s some sort of ‘fang toothed’ mound. But the rubber itself is blue.
  2. ghostwalker

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Laylax Prometheus blue flat hop bucking with the Laylax Prometheus flat tensioner nubs. Also another Alice usgi magazine pouch to go with my tears of the sun look. Needed more mag carrying capacity without breaking the look too much
  3. ghostwalker

    If money was no object what RIF would you buy

    Umbrella armoury krytac lvoa, decent quality set of red dot and flip to side sights and whatever attachments to finish it along side a full set of area amoeba short midcaps.
  4. Does anyone know of a blue hop rubber that instead of a normal ‘mound’, has 2 little ‘teeth’. Like a normal mound with a v shape cut out?

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    2. ghostwalker


      I do wonder what it is as i can't see anything like it online. Probably a really old discontinued one. Just ordered one of the prometheus blue flat hop rubbers with the tensioner kit. See how that fairs

    3. ak2m4
    4. ghostwalker


      that looks right ak2m4. Is there a blue version of it?

  5. Kwa pts erg scout. Whats peoples recommendations for replacement hop rubbers in these? Had heard they could be very picky about them.

  6. ghostwalker

    Gun picture thread

    Another for the . Oh crap i have too much stuff 'Saturday kit prep' folder. Although its apparent i need a whole new loadout to go with the KWA Erg.
  7. ghostwalker

    Gunman Tuddenham Break-In

    Some good news on this http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/guns-explosives-found-brandon-stolen-tuddenham-1-5648443 Most of the stuff was recovered
  8. Well the KWA erg is fricking amazing. Just not so much with the Tears of the sun' loadout. Need more room for mags. New loadout maybe.....

  9. ghostwalker

    Today I did laser pew-pew

    I used to go to the local bowling alley where they had quasar set up in a dedicated zone. Monday nights were the mutts. rock up 6:30 pay a tenner and play until about 11:30pm. They called it shoot til you drop. Absolute mayhem. Kinda went from there to paintball to airsoft as a way to get my tactical kicks after leaving the TA.
  10. Not had a game day called over grumpy folks but have a had a few games cut short as the marshaling team step in to reassert order. Couple of examples and i think both in fairness were heat related. Afternoon game not too long ago. Idea was a domination game running from lunch until day end. Theres firefights all over the place and suddenly all hell breaks loose. One side is trying to push in and take a base, the other is resisting heavily. Assault team is taking casualties, but instead of arm up and walk away. The dead are standing still, then being used as human shields by the remaining attackers. This of course results in the shield yelping about getting repeatedly shot, the defenders screaming for people to get out of the line of fire and take their hits. End result. Game called an hour early and a 10 minute cool off period put in place and some short games run instead. In fairness the site in question has a dog run set up and if you get out of hand your choice is a cool off in the cage or walk off site. Just this last weekend i saw what was...well red mist and a well organized marshaling team. Playing a 23v23 cqb battle. I am pushing one flank and my buddy is firing from behind some containers. A guy moves up towards him and they shoot each other. My buddy calls fair play 50/50. The other guy just flips and start stomping towards him yelling and screaming. Fortunately the marshals are on walkways above the scene and intervene quickly and push the guy away. My buddy was dumb founded. Game end the site owner comes on and gives a dressing down to everyone and warns everyone about unacceptable behaviour. That was followed up by one team being taken onto a seperate gamezone as they had the 'troublesome' players on board (mix of non hit takers and over shooters as well as gob runners).
  11. ghostwalker

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Has become a mute point. Order was cancelled as they went out of stock. Now back to the ‘full seal eye pro’ for under about £40. Decision.
  12. ghostwalker

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    A pair of the FMA SI new version fan assisted goggles. Hoping they don't turn out to be useless at their job.
  13. ghostwalker

    Those 1 in a million shots.

    4 years of airsoft and it’s the first time it’s ever happened. But that probably as that’s been nearly all woodland ball and not cqb. Meh. We live and learn. Might pick up some decent mesh goggles for cqb games as normal goggles and me equal a blind man.
  14. ghostwalker

    Those 1 in a million shots.

    i remember it hitting me and thinking bugger that hurt. Walking back to respawn and thinking it felt a bit sore. Then a marshall noticed and pulled me to one side to try and clean it up a bit and check i was ok. Kinda meh about it now. Really need to double check my glasses for any chips or nicks as it was a fairly heavy crack when it hit
  15. ghostwalker

    Those 1 in a million shots.

    I generally wear ess ice glasses as they are about the only eye protection I have found that doesn’t fog up despite me being a big ball of sweat. Has made me think about eye protection though. As my main hobbies are airsoft and miniature painting. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself had that shot deflected slightly higher.