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  1. New and want to get into airsoft/team

    Hoopers is great for kit if you want military type stuff. Its located about 5 minutes from the main market. Combat action games shop is at the Dixons centre which is about 10 minutes frrom norwich airport
  2. New and want to get into airsoft/team

    Welcome. Being in thetford you have a mass of local sites really. Combat Airsoft in thetford forest. BattleStations CQB at snetterton. then a little further away. Battleground airsoft Combat Action Games Skrimish airsoft. Shops wise. Hoopers in norwich is always worth a shout as he does a discount for ex forces and airsofters. Then there is Combat Action Games shop in Norwich if you want to try a few pew pews. I believe Combat airsoft have a small shop too, but i haven't been to their site in a couple of years so hard to say.
  3. The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Templar assault systems commanders admin pouch. Apparently its for my phone etc. In reality its for patch real estate on my warrior vest. MFH hydration pack because its getting warm and heat stroke/dehydration suck. 6000 .28 The draft club bb's. More pew for the few unfortunates who cross my line of fire.
  4. Evening

    @The broadsman About average for a bricks and mortar store. Generally they stock ICS, G&G and ASG as they are qualified ASG techs. Both sean and sonya are very friendly and if they don't stock it they will try to get it in for you if they can. CAG has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years. A lot of work on the site to improve it and player numbers are regularly 50+. Current prices for walk ons are £15 half day or £25 full day. They have been toying with a mix of normal skirmish days with 7 or 8 games+ through to Milsim light days with objectives, limited ammo and full medic rules.
  5. Every other sunday sucks. No airsoft and a day spent wanting to shoot people. Not good lol

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    2. ghostwalker


      Nah and the girlfriend wouldn't want me lighting up her daughter the day before school goes back lol

    3. padraigthesniper


      If your interested in shooting real guns and live near a place why not give clay pigeon shooting a go. I went to one a few weeks ago it was a load of fun shotguns when shouldered feel so nice to shoot. Its not too bad for the money either but its only like a hour long activity or less.

    4. ghostwalker


      Theres an air rifle shooting club nearby. Thought about trying it but then i remembered. They shoot weekday evenings when i am at work 'le sigh'. Nevermind  Just means i need to shoot more fools on sunday at airsoft...or get shot by...

  6. Evening

    I think stanta got closed to airsofters sadly. But you have Combat airsoft thetford, battle stations at snetterton, Battleground airsoft as necton, skirmish airsoft in norwich and Combat Action Games at Felthorpe. Shops wise you have hoopers in Norwich who offer a 10% discount to airsofters and serving/ex- military. There is also the Combat Action Games shop at the Dixons Centre in norwich too. Btw welcome to the forum and maybe see you on the field at some point if you ever visit CAG
  7. Right hand, left eye dominant

    Get a LMG and big box mag. Keep it with stock iron sights and when someone asks how you aim point to the iron sights smile and same im elite u am or explain your using the beating zone method. Who cares if you miss first time when you have another 3499 in the box! In seriousness. Like many folks, im exmilitary and was once upon a time trained to shoot fairly accurately at 400 metres. But that counts very little in the world of airsoft where wind, foliage, quality of sights/bb's/hop and barrel all have a direct impact on the trajectory of the round at ranges of 10-50 metres. So get what looks cool, and walk your fire onto target.
  8. Think someone is trying to hint about full face pro. 3 years never a bad head hit. Last 2 weeks, split chin and a hit just below/beside my left eye that left a massive lump and cut.

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    2. ghostwalker


      I just can't make up my mind what to do. Normally wear ballistic glasses but with anything other than a cap they steam up badly.

    3. djben9


      I’ve tried sawflies and they fog as soon as I put them on, currently wearing locust fan goggles but nothing is perfect and everyone will have differing experiences 

    4. proffrink


      I too use Revision Locust goggles and they're the best I've had (but not perfect). Applying antifog at the start of the day and half way through helps. Lots on the forums already about this if you want to have a search.

  9. Coming back to airsoft after 3 years help

    I can’t comment on the value of the guns your trying to sell. But I can on the lvoa. I had a lvoa-c. First off. It’s heavy for an airsoft gun. Be aware of that as it’s a chunk of metal to carry around. However. It is also one of the best out of the box rifs you can purchase. Only thing I ever changed was the stick hop bucking to a guarded clear. It is solid, no wobble in the parts, sounds great for an aeg and has enough room in the stock for most batteries. You could probably park a small car in there with a wiggle. This was mine. Pts cmr rail kit, amoeba stubby grip and amoeba 120rd short mind cap mags. Never missed a beat.
  10. What makes up this Rig

    I dont have a lot of viper kit to really make a call but i guess it depends on how often you intend on playing and what sort of games. If your going to be playing weekly or doing lots of weekend milsim events then i would go for the warrior level stuff as its solid. I have owned some warrior stuff and the only issue i had was with some mag pouches not fitting some of the larger polymer airsoft mags.But that was the old single bungee style mag pouches. If your going to be more of a once or twice a month player and just play the odd skirmish day then you will most likely be fine with the viper stuff. But i know some people despise the viper kit and have had issues with it.
  11. What makes up this Rig

    A lot depends on the brand as much as anything. You could make something similar from all viper tactical stuff using a plate carrier, doouble stack triple mag pouch, 2 large utility pouches and back pack. Or you could do it with the likes of warrior assault systems stuff which would be more expensive. Or go crazy and get crye stuff and sell a few organs to pay for it. Personally i would say warrior stuff as its well built and will last an age. Ricas plate carrier,2 triple pouches, 2 large molle utility pouches, single point bungee sling, elite ops cargo pack. That lot wont be cheap all together though. But it will last. Around £270-£300 new Viper style. Viper elite carrier, 2 triple mag pouches, 2 large utility pouches, single point bungee sling, viper one day modular pack. £160sih new
  12. I need a bit of decision support

    Krytac out of the box will be the best performer but probably weigh the most. You might want to look at the ics mp5's or even the ICS Mars SBR with fet. I own one and its incredibly light, solidly built. Has great trigger response and a decent rate of fire. ALso one of the easiest to tech with the ics split gearbox, internal self diagnostic system. Only thinks i have ever changed on an ics have been the hop bucking and nub and occasionally the barrel but thats like a final fine tuning. I owned a krytac lvoa and i would be hard pushed to take it over my current Mars sbr and believe me that is saying something.
  13. Photos from the field

    Pics from the last couple of game days. Slight changes in gear shown. Top pic. ICS CXP Mars. Bottom pic. ICS CXP Ape
  14. Just ordered some The Draft Club .28bb's for the 1st time. Hoping they are as good as folks say

    1. Duff


      What's the price per on those mate? I use .28 in my trishot and currently on Blaster Devils which are great but always open to other brands. 

    2. ghostwalker


      £10.99 plus postage. But they have a reward points system in place that makes it a little sweeter

    3. L3wisD


      TDC actually make really good Beebs.

      Used to use them exclusively before I moved onto mostly tracer rounds.


      .3s were fantastic

  15. cheaters (rant)

    Did have a funny incident a few weeks ago. I was trying to be all sneaky beaky and work my way in among the enemy line of advance. All of a sudden this guy appears out of nowhere. Looks at me, i clock his armband colour and shoot him with a quick burst from about 10 feet away. he dives behind a tree and shouts friendly (friendly fire is a kill on our site, so i don't know what his game was), He steps out from the tree so i shot him again, pointed to my opposing team coloured armband smile and walk off. I don't think he was happy with me lol.