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  1. Tired, bruised, aching all over. I think that’s a sign of a good days airsoft having been had. 

    1. Monkman


      Same, but will keep going as long as I can....Makes me feel alive and still gets the blood pumping!  "They can only take my gun from my cold, dead hands"  :)

    2. ghostwalker


      They ain’t ever taking mine. That’s what super glue was invented for. Though they can take the cxp ape seeing as it stripped its piston just before the final big fight for Main Street at pleasurewood hills. 

  2. Tick tick watching the clock. One more work shift tomorrow then Operation Plastic Storm and 200 players descending on the Pleasurewood Hills theme Park for a day of airsoft. 

  3. Best suggestions for a sub £100 pistol. Preferably suitable for winter too and maybe an extra mag. Thinking the asg mk23. Any other good suggestions ?

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    2. Asomodai


      Go with a CYMA AEP with a Lipo mod. Works all year around with no faffing around with C02 unreliability. MK23 is a good choice for woodland but you wont be able to fire it particularly fast in close combat due to the long trigger pull. At least with the AEP you'll have full auto if you need it. 

    3. PT247


      as Asomodai stated, it is a slow firing gun. If you are indoors cool down won't really be as bad in winter as outdoors so a GBB may be viable. If on a budget have you considered the cost of mags and gas? 

    4. ghostwalker


      I have picked up the asg mk23 with an extra mag to use for woodland. Also replaced the nozzle on my ics ble xae as I think it’s what was causing issues and plan to use that for cqb. 

      Roll on Sunday. Airsoft in a theme park with 200+ players and a death train armed with a mini gun 

  4. After McGyver-zing a mollie holder for my AI burst xl grenade. Time to put it through its paces in woodland airsoft today. 

  5. woo hoo. Missed the last Combat Action Games event at the pleasurewood hills theme park. Not missing the next one in november though. Airsoft in a themepark

    1. Albiscuit


      Ooh any info?

    2. ShirouAshiya


      Check out there facebook page, they update it regularly with events/game-days 

    3. ghostwalker


      As I understand it. It will be in 11-11-18. 

  6. ghostwalker

    Old But New Too.

    welcome to the sticksville airsoft society lol. My top local sites are Combat Action Games for woodland Battle Stations at snetterton for a bit of cqb. I have played combat thetford and i think their days can vary like the wind. But then most sites are like that depending on who and how organised. I haven't played Battleground or tuddenham yet so cant comment on those. Skirmish at plumstead used to be really good but it's changed a lot. Finally there i a small site at RAF WEST RAYNHAM called scorpion airsoft. Want to try it but lately they seem to have a lot of DofE stuff going on and low numbers. So its on the list. Shops wise you have shops at Combat thetford and Battlestations. OR for a full shop there is the Combat Action Games shop in Norwich and Sean the tech there is a top guy. There is also Hoopers surplus in central norwich that is great for kit and surplus and he also offers a 10% discount to airsofters and ex military folks. If you want a in game looksie around some of the local sites. Check out AirsoftCamMan, Killfisher and Airsoft Ed on youtube as they all play most of the local sites.
  7. ghostwalker

    Airsoft site design

    See I like the way Combat Action Games starts the day. Usually the first 2 games are a attack/defend game that gets flipped. It gets new players into the idea of shooting and getting shot and also gives the marshalls a chance to view how the teams balance out. If one team gets absolutely decimated, it results in a few of the more experienced players getting swapped about to rebalance the teams. Then the rest of the day is set out to whatever the theme is. Skirmish, milsim light etc. Its funny though as the winner of the timed opening games nearly always opts for the defend side of games.
  8. anyone recommend a relatively cheap and cheerful rifle torch


    1. Rogerborg


      £10 cheap enough?  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/650nm-Red-Dot-Laser-sight-Combo-w-CREE-LED-Flashlight-Light-Torch-UK-BIG-SALE/113104483369?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649


      Nice and compact, fits on a pistol or a rifle.  On/off switch (no strobe mode or multiple brightness nonsense to get in the way), or an optional momentary pressure switch.  Has a fairly bright torch, or a laser, or even both together if you're feeling kinky.


      Comes with 2 small li-ion batteries (16340's, I think).  You'll need to buy a generic charger for 3.7V lithiums, one with a sliding contact that can charge various lengths of batteries.  Typically sold as 18650 / 18450 chargers.


      But £10 for the basic unit is a decent deal.

    2. Gepard


      I've been using an ultrafire wf-502b for a couple years now. 3 brightness settings plus a strobe. Gets me through the rare night game anyway. Fits in all of my mounts. 

    3. tasum


      I went for your recommendation Rogerborg, thanks to the op and to you for the linky :)

  9. ghostwalker

    Want to get into Airsoft But...

    depending on the distance you want to go. Battlestations activities do saturday games and also have a members scheme that usually runs some saturdays,
  10. ghostwalker

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I hope so. The rubber on my kwa erg is in poor shape even though it’s still doing its job really well. It’s just causing some feeding issues from wear and tear. But I can’t find a like for like replacement anywhere. It’s some sort of ‘fang toothed’ mound. But the rubber itself is blue.
  11. ghostwalker

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Laylax Prometheus blue flat hop bucking with the Laylax Prometheus flat tensioner nubs. Also another Alice usgi magazine pouch to go with my tears of the sun look. Needed more mag carrying capacity without breaking the look too much
  12. ghostwalker

    If money was no object what RIF would you buy

    Umbrella armoury krytac lvoa, decent quality set of red dot and flip to side sights and whatever attachments to finish it along side a full set of area amoeba short midcaps.
  13. Does anyone know of a blue hop rubber that instead of a normal ‘mound’, has 2 little ‘teeth’. Like a normal mound with a v shape cut out?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ghostwalker


      That could well be the beast. It's available through skirmshop too.Might have to order one just incase the prommie flat hop set up doesn't work well

    3. Hudson


      Let me know how it works, if you get one!

    4. ghostwalker


      If its the same one thats already in my erg . Then it is awesome. Barely any hop actually applied and its sending .28's straight and flat for what seems like forever and thats on a fairly worn and battered rubber.

  14. Kwa pts erg scout. Whats peoples recommendations for replacement hop rubbers in these? Had heard they could be very picky about them.

  15. ghostwalker

    Gun picture thread

    Another for the . Oh crap i have too much stuff 'Saturday kit prep' folder. Although its apparent i need a whole new loadout to go with the KWA Erg.