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  1. is silicone grease ok to use for lubricating the slides and moving parts on gas blowback pistols?


  2. ordered a pair of the heroshark hexmesh inserts for my ess advancers as last weekend it was impossible to use them with the humidity and heat,
  3. Finally had a decent pic taken of me in my tears of the sun impression. Still don’t have the correct rifs for it and I can’t get my asg mk23 working properly for love nor money. And with 2 teenage girls now living with me (2 daughters moved up from London)! I don’t see that changing anytime soon lol. But it looks alright.
  4. Like I said in the other thread by pop. Get along to combat action games. Usually a good turn out and always a few new players so you won’t be the only one. Then if woodland isn’t your thing I would highly recommend Battlestations at snetterton if you desire close quarters mayhem.
  5. when being 'sneaky' make sure your movement is slow and low and consider your footing and the direction your moving in. Nothing gives away a position more than quick movement. It's usually accompanied by the sound of every branch in the forest being snapped and trodden on and occasional by the loud thump and swearing of said sneaky beaky going face first into the floor. Also don't take random pot shots, it will only give you away. Make sure you have a high chance of hitting what your going to shoot otherwise its's a long walk back to respawn. If your trying for a direct frontal assault then you need some decent half switched on folk, good communication and some smoke. Move up in 'fire teams' with half the players letting rip at the opfor position to get their heads down, whilst the other half bound forward, rinse and repeat so that both halves support each other. Don't make the bounds too big as you will just get picked off. Smoke can aid this though i personally tend to throw smoke as more of a distraction than for cover as a big cloud of smoke always screams 'shoot me' to me. For even more fun, if you can get a few guys on comms. Mix up the flanking attack and frontal attack. Using the frontal assault to cover the approach of the flanking force. Or you could take my mates approach. Run forward, arms spread wide whilst screaming. I don't know why but he seems to manage to get miles ahead of us by doing that. I'm sure it's just a shock thing, that or the other team are too busy laughing at the site of an overweight raging dwarf running at them.
  6. yep tag along. There's normally a good few first timers and relatively new players most game days. So you wont be alone in that respect.
  7. If your down next weekend at cag you will likely bump into myself as its my usual haunt. There's a good group of folks down at CAG most of the time and Sean is always will to try and help out at the shop when things go crunch in our toys.
  8. So today I got a new sight for my ics cxp ape. The first pic is with the old sight that I didn’t really like. The second is with the spike short dot I got to try and give it a better ‘style’ it’s also a clearer sight picture with the option of magnification etc as a bonus. Apologies for the crappy duvet/bed pics. Weathers not fantastic here at the moment. So no option for more arty farty ones
  9. Waiting on some more Geoff’s bb’s and a one Tigris multicam folding mesh mask to turn up. But today I got a warrior drop down utility pouch to compliment my pathfinder/cpc rig, sight protector and a spike short dot sight that I hope will give my ics cxp ape a better look (hate the sight that’s on it). Before and after pics will go in the gun picture thread.
  10. oh no. That feeling when your amazon delivery is out and you get a notification it’s being delivered by my herpes. 

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    2. Druid799


      Aaaaahh yes my herpes that shining light of courier services ! 

      Had a parcel being delivered by them a few wks ago as I was away over night I logged in and stipulated ‘leave with neighbor’ (I have wonderful retired neighbors , there both deaf as a post and blind as a bat so perfect Airsoft neighbors !) any hoo get a txt saying “left in designated safe place , the porch” only problem there I don’t have a porch , I do have an angled section of roofing that sticks out about 3ft above the front door but no walls to it so definitely NOT a porch , so in the picture he so kindly sent me you can see said parcel leaning up against my front door in plain view for all to see! 🤬🤦‍♂️🤬

    3. Monkman


      Last delivery by Hermes, person turned up in a knackered old fiesta..didn't bother with ringing the bell..found my package thrown over side door to the garden by my garage.  All recorded on cctv.  Complaint sent..not heard a thing back.  (3 months and waiting...guess an apology got lost in the mail..)  :)

    4. Druid799


      I didn’t bother trying to complain to herpes I just put a poor review on millets website when it asked me to review my buying experience AND was contacted by there customer care team very next morning ! After back and fouring with some Doris on there team I got a £10 voucher as an apology for poor customer service .👍

  11. Bit of a mixed bag really. Until recently I played American football. Also in my spare time I like to paint/play miniature wargames, Xbox/pc games and try to get out running or visiting the gym when possible. My other big thing when I can is getting to a concert. Though that’s mostly dependent on the band.
  12. Hi folks and thanks to the admins for allowing this. On September 28th this year I will be taking part in a charity event called ‘britains bravest military challenge’ in aid of ‘Royal British Legion Insustries’. In essence its a fitness event designed to simulate a combat experience organised by RBLI, Be Military fit and Bear Grylls’. All money raised goes to help veterans and their families. About myself. I am 43, was a Royal Green Jacket reservist up until 2004 and the only shape I am in. Is round. But I am training so that I can do this event justice. So the point of this post is to raise to raise awareness and hopefully raise money for RBLI. Oh and if you sponsor me. Your essentially supporting the RBLI and paying to make me suffer lol. My just giving link for the event. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/mark-peel-Britains-Bravest About RBLI https://www.rbli.co.uk/ about the challenge and Be military fit. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.eventbrite.com/e/britains-bravest-military-challenge-battersea-park-tickets-62572560212/amp https://www.bemilitaryfit.com/ to anyone who who does choose to support my efforts. You have my deepest gratitude.
  13. Question to the admins on here. I am taking part in a charity event for the Royal British Legion Industries. Would it be ok to post about it with a fundraising link in the general section?

    1. proffrink
    2. Prisce


      I think the last time someone did something similar they posted a Link and a thread about why and what it was in the Off topic section. 

    3. Jedi_Master


      Yes, I think that would be acceptable.  Create a new topic in the "Off Topic" section, give details of the event and who the charity is for, etc.  Adding a link to the rbli website would be useful for background context.  

  14. Does anyone have any recommendations for a short dot sight. Thinking the asg one. But open to suggestion 

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    2. EvilMonkee


      100% Vision King.  Available on ebay.

    3. Lozart


      Vector Optics or Victoptics.

    4. Jam Sandwich

      Jam Sandwich

      Vision King is good if your on a small budget 

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