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    Becoming an ics fanboi lol
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  1. Hawaiin themed game day this sunday. Camo will not be worn!

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      Think I'd go for the Steve McGarrett look.....


      Related image


      than Hawaii drag queen in a grass skirt....


      Related image


      but to each their own I guess - book 'em Danno

      I can still go tactical if I choose - but look awesome

      and I don't need a grass skirt to look local either.....


      Image result for book em danno meme


      Actually I'm more like that Kamekona guy who keeps changing jobs but is always fucking eating.....


      Image result for Kamekona Tupuola eating

    2. ghostwalker


      With adders and ticks prevelant in woodland. Even in the grass skirt, there will be tan combats underneath lol.

  2. Gonna be ahot day for airsoft tomorrow. Time for a therapy day at Combat Action Games,  to deal with a year old demon.

    1. Duff


      Make sure you stay hydrated and slap some lotion on your bald spots!

    2. ghostwalker


      Hydration bladder on the back of my plate carrier and about the only bit of skin on show is my lower face that likes getting shot at apparently.

  3. 42 today. Ugh. Nevermind. Get to be a big kid, dress up and play war on sunday. Bring it on!

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    2. MisterG


      Lol, you youngsters have a while to go to catch me up 😃


      Felt my age for a couple days after last Sunday's skirmish, now wishing I had booked another for Sunday, didn't think I could cope with 2 in a row, so made other plans.

    3. Lozart


      @ghostwalker @sonofsammo you crazy kids! I'll be 48 end of the month, played with a guy at Ironsight last weekend that was 64!


      Happy birthday by the way @ghostwalker!

    4. ghostwalker


      Thanks guys. I would play everyday if there was a site running everyday oh and i could actually afford to lol.

  4. ghostwalker

    Which BB's?

    I always buy direct from The Draft Club themselves. First time i have seen them go out of stock though (glad i bought 2 bottles 2 weeks back now)
  5. ghostwalker

    Which BB's?

    I only run one type and weight of bb. The draft club .28 bb's. I can honestly say they are the best i have ever put through any of my aeg's or gbb pistols.
  6. ghostwalker

    Can you help me out with pistol holster choice?

    For many more pennies the Warrior Assault Systems universal pistol holster is a good choice too. Not had the chance to compare one to the on tigris one so can't comment on how they compare. sleepy head is sleepy. Just saw you didnt like the WAS one. Apologies. I blame it on being stuck in a 40 degree frying area in a chip shop last night.
  7. ghostwalker

    Gun picture thread

    My current pair of pellet chuckers. My ics cxp mars sbr fet. noting extra other than a small sight and sling. Keeping it very minimalistic as its nice, light and comfortable as it is. My ics cxp ape. Not 100% sure on this. the sight works well enough but not sure it fits the asthetic of the gun. Also feel it needs a little something to give it something to make it pop a bit more. Its a lovely gun but the metal handguard is a pain as it has a bit of wobble in it.
  8. ghostwalker


    For the last 3 years i have the same pair of Haix boots that are issued to our forces. They have been through everything, swampy water, snow upto my knees, sand, mud, 80 degree hot airsoft days. Still pretty much as good as new now. I was dubious at first, but they are some of the best boots i have ever owned.
  9. ghostwalker

    New and want to get into airsoft/team

    Hoopers is great for kit if you want military type stuff. Its located about 5 minutes from the main market. Combat action games shop is at the Dixons centre which is about 10 minutes frrom norwich airport
  10. ghostwalker

    New and want to get into airsoft/team

    Welcome. Being in thetford you have a mass of local sites really. Combat Airsoft in thetford forest. BattleStations CQB at snetterton. then a little further away. Battleground airsoft Combat Action Games Skrimish airsoft. Shops wise. Hoopers in norwich is always worth a shout as he does a discount for ex forces and airsofters. Then there is Combat Action Games shop in Norwich if you want to try a few pew pews. I believe Combat airsoft have a small shop too, but i haven't been to their site in a couple of years so hard to say.
  11. ghostwalker

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Templar assault systems commanders admin pouch. Apparently its for my phone etc. In reality its for patch real estate on my warrior vest. MFH hydration pack because its getting warm and heat stroke/dehydration suck. 6000 .28 The draft club bb's. More pew for the few unfortunates who cross my line of fire.
  12. ghostwalker


    @The broadsman About average for a bricks and mortar store. Generally they stock ICS, G&G and ASG as they are qualified ASG techs. Both sean and sonya are very friendly and if they don't stock it they will try to get it in for you if they can. CAG has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years. A lot of work on the site to improve it and player numbers are regularly 50+. Current prices for walk ons are £15 half day or £25 full day. They have been toying with a mix of normal skirmish days with 7 or 8 games+ through to Milsim light days with objectives, limited ammo and full medic rules.
  13. Every other sunday sucks. No airsoft and a day spent wanting to shoot people. Not good lol

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    2. ghostwalker


      Nah and the girlfriend wouldn't want me lighting up her daughter the day before school goes back lol

    3. padraigthesniper


      If your interested in shooting real guns and live near a place why not give clay pigeon shooting a go. I went to one a few weeks ago it was a load of fun shotguns when shouldered feel so nice to shoot. Its not too bad for the money either but its only like a hour long activity or less.

    4. ghostwalker


      Theres an air rifle shooting club nearby. Thought about trying it but then i remembered. They shoot weekday evenings when i am at work 'le sigh'. Nevermind  Just means i need to shoot more fools on sunday at airsoft...or get shot by...

  14. ghostwalker


    I think stanta got closed to airsofters sadly. But you have Combat airsoft thetford, battle stations at snetterton, Battleground airsoft as necton, skirmish airsoft in norwich and Combat Action Games at Felthorpe. Shops wise you have hoopers in Norwich who offer a 10% discount to airsofters and serving/ex- military. There is also the Combat Action Games shop at the Dixons Centre in norwich too. Btw welcome to the forum and maybe see you on the field at some point if you ever visit CAG
  15. ghostwalker

    Right hand, left eye dominant

    Get a LMG and big box mag. Keep it with stock iron sights and when someone asks how you aim point to the iron sights smile and same im elite u am or explain your using the beating zone method. Who cares if you miss first time when you have another 3499 in the box! In seriousness. Like many folks, im exmilitary and was once upon a time trained to shoot fairly accurately at 400 metres. But that counts very little in the world of airsoft where wind, foliage, quality of sights/bb's/hop and barrel all have a direct impact on the trajectory of the round at ranges of 10-50 metres. So get what looks cool, and walk your fire onto target.