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  1. I am sure Jason at LongbowBB could sell you one pre upgraded, might be worth a chat
  2. FRV Tailoring are offering 15% off and also a free gift use code BF2020
  3. I've heard nothing but problems aswell but there seems to be spare / upgraded parts around now so decided to take the gamble. managed to get 4 mags with the gun so I am set, JDAirsoft have magazines instock there does seem to be some floating about
  4. Taking my MWS for its first outdoor skirmish this weekend, will it run okay on green gas in 10 degree weather?
  5. Picked up a used VFC MP7 AEG, very impressed with the externals of the gun
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Upgraded Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta Receiver was cracked but has been epoxied (See Pictures) Fitted with Gate Titan Advanced Eagle6 Spring Prometheus Spring Guide wired to Deans Shooting 340 FPS comes with original box & stock and one 82rnd mag can sell with 2x batteries that fit in CTR stock for £20 extra Shipping & Paypal included in price



  7. I am pretty sure you can use the .338 on the .308 muzzle brake but the .338 muzzle brake is sexy af so worth the money
  8. My new SRS A2 16" Running a Vortex Crossfire II 4-12x44 with custom 3D printed sunshade
  9. So I recently got my SRS A2, currently got an SA Fasthop with Chub Nub and running a Rapax 2 Joule spring and getting about 2.1 Joules with 0.43g BB's I've ordered a variable mass piston to get it to the magical 2.3 Joules, anyone else got a similar set up and know what weight they are using the VMP at?
  10. looks like I am going to give this gun a pass for a while then until VFC get there act together and make a V2
  11. JamesWills

    TRMR Multishot

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale is my TRMR multishot Comes with .209 primers and 3D printed primer dispenser can throw in a multi cam grenade pouch if needed Price is including paypal fees and delivery


    Leicester - GB

  12. Hi, I really want the MP7 AEG by VFC but I have heard some mixed reviews on them when they first came out, has anyone got one recently and had any problems or has VFC finally fixed it?
  13. I found that its mostly just a wink wink nothing to see here HK, but always worth ringing the shop up just to check
  14. My TM SCAR H from this past weekend at the FOB really loving the look of this rifle recently
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