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  1. Unfortunately all torch grips on the market require some modification to be "useable" I wasnt massively impressed with the quality of the VFC torchgrip I've got but its 10% of the price of a RS surefire grip
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    Before I buy one brand new anyone got a Magpul MP5 handguard they are wanting to get rid of? Thanks James


    Leicester - GB

  3. Anyone know where I can get a clone Midwest MLOK handguard from?
  4. I would heavily recommend upgrading the hop rubber to Laylax Nineball used my MP5 at the weekend after upgrading it and it shoots lasers incredibly straight and with very good range on 0.28's https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/5274/s/laylax-nineball-air-seal-chamber-bucking-compact-soft-type-for-aep-cmg/
  5. Did the unthinkable and opened up my MP5 and let the Japanese pixie dust out changed the bucking to a nineball purple rubber and also chucked in an eagle6 M100 managed to find a YouTube video of some Japanese guy taking the gun apart and it wasn’t too bad, struggled with removing the fire selector until I realised you have to pull the trigger as you pull it out
  6. I think Airsoft Direct have some instock atm
  7. Would be good to see a guide / tutorial of how this is done I heard it requires a lathe which is hard to get hold of for most people
  8. New little project for me, started to wonder how hard to would be to 3D print my own handguards 1 hour in and I've got the front end modelled up reasonably accurately (I think) going to try an M-Lok rail first and then maybe try an SD style front end
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for a Laylax TM MK46 stock adapter new or used but it good condition Thanks James



  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hi, Please sell me your MK46 stock No buffer tube required Open to all brands Thanks James


    Leciester - US

  11. I imagine its the chip shortage that's causing it, with it being the first NGRS with a mosfet other than the MK46 I assume they cant make enough to meet demand
  12. Not good news for those hoping to get their hands on an MP5 in the next few months
  13. I recently acquired a MK46 and that came with 2 Titan batteries they fit inside the handguard very well https://www.airsoftanonymous.co.uk/products/titan-power-7-4v-3000mah-stick-deans-lithium-ion-battery
  14. Yes I tried fitting an Xcortech XT301 inside but not good way of holding it in place without a custom 3D printed shroud
  15. Anyone upgrade their barrel and hop up yet? Thinking of putting a Laylax 6.03 EG barrel with a Nineball AEP bucking in might also put a new spring in at the same time and try and get it up to the 340 FPS mark
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