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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale is my SRS A2 Comes with 5 mags, .338 muzzle brake and .338 suppressor Upgraded with variable mass piston and Faceless mousefart head and when coupled with the suppressor this gun is incredibly quiet Fasthop Faceless VRAG V2 Rapax 2J spring This gun is about a year old but has only been used a handful of times due to sniping not really being for me Comes with all the original parts and camo tape can be easily removed


    Leicester - GB

  2. Anyone with Li-on batteries know if I need to use the Titan charger or can I use my IMAX-B6?

    1. strykerles


      I've used my Imax with a titan li-ion on the lipo setting as it doesn't have one for li-ion. charged fine

    2. EDcase


      I have a genuine B6 and it does have a Li-Ion setting

    3. strykerles


      mines a fake I forgot to add 😂


      EDIT, found the setting :D

  3. Got my handguard fitted now and the space for the battery created max space for a battery is about 77mm long by 40mm wide looks like PEQ style batteries might be the way to go or one of these expensive titan batteries: https://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/batteries-bbs-gas-chronographs-c5/batteries-c62/titan-power-version-7-0-7-4v-3000mah-li-ion-brick-battery-deans-connection-p10821
  4. My VFC Flashlight handguard finally showed up this morning after a month long wait from Bunny workshop Not quite as drop in fit as I heard it was but only a small issue which can be easily solved, the pin doesn't quite push through so I will take a Dremel and just enlarge that hole ever so slightly I am also going to try and take away the 2 lines of plastic inside the handguard to try and increase the battery space so I will let you know how that goes
  5. I found with one of my mags in the first few games the follower would get stuck and wouldn't feed so I just gave the mag a whack against a hard surface and it became unstuck new mags do sometimes require abit of bedding in
  6. After a long time they have finally dispatched it and its on its way to me, I will update when I finally get my package For future purchases just have to bear in mind they may take a few weeks to dispatch it and not communicate anything to you
  7. Anyone ordered from Bunny Workshop before? I placed a order on the 11th of October for an item their website says is in stock, a week passes and no dispatch email so I send them an email asking when it will be dispatched? no response and then on the 21st of October I get an email saying my order is on its way but when I check the tracking number it just says the sender is preparing to post your item. seems like they don't actually have the item and are just trying to keep my money. Should I raise a PayPal dispute?
  8. I am sure rocketdogbert meant well by informing us what he heard, probably just a miscommunication on Wolf Armouries part In other news Bunny workshop FINALLY dispatched my torch grip so hopefully that will turn up in the next 2 weeks
  9. Would be good to know what Dealer gave you this information @rocketdogbert I spoke to the shop I brought mine from and they have asked their agent in Japan who came back with "Regarding MP5A5 Mosfet, We haven’t received any information about the problem from Tokyo Marui and our customers. MP5A5 is designed on the premise of using Tokyo Marui 8.4V NiMH battery or Tokyo Marui genuine Lipo battery, so if your customer uses other batteries, it is not guaranteed." Seems like everything is okay, TM where pretty open and quick to announce the issues with the MK46
  10. I reached out to Airsoft Zone UK where I got mine from, they have contacted their agent in Japan about it so I will let you know if I hear anything
  11. I would have thought that TM would have put something out on twitter about this recall at the least 😐 Hopefully TM will support us UK customers because there really is no good replacement for it unless anyone knows a V2 mosfet that can support a 4 position fire selector? Makes me wonder what batteries the people who's M-SYSTEM caught fire where running, wouldn't be surprised if they where using a 11.1v Lipo
  12. Just ordered myself a VFC torch grip from Bunny workshop $98 with shipping, hopefully it doesn't take too long to get here
  13. Played my first game with mine today @ Warzone Airsoft, the gun ran absolutely brilliantly its surprisingly accurate I ran it on a 20C 1100mah and a 30C 1800mah you can definitely tell a different with the trigger response on the 30C compared to the 20C a lot more snappier If you are looking at getting one I would seriously recommend it, I cant see myself going back to my SCAR or MK18 for a while
  14. I wonder how bad the battery space becomes with the torch grip 🤔 When I go to check out on mlemart the total comes up as £9.80 for the handguard and shipping I wonder if they would notice 😁
  15. Very very tempting, anyone ordered from asiaairsoft before? scratch that didnt see Hitmans mesasge above
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