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    For sale is my TM Glock 19 gen3 with 3 mags All mags gas tight Pistol is in great condition - only seen maybe 4 skirmishes Price is £140 posted Collection from Leicester for £130


    Leicester - GB

  2. Slightly longer wait for Firesupport CAMOraids are saying a week after release Firesupport are saying mid to late september
  3. Camoraid seems to have the best price that I've seen £479 seems very reasonable
  4. Finally a release date on this now the 18th of August in Japan will probably be in the UK end of August start of September Also prices for the mags seems like it will be around the £30 a mag mark judging from the Eagle6 website
  5. Good luck finding another lower for the 416's, I had mine crack and I tried using epoxy to fix it but its just not strong enough Eagle6 occasionally have them in every now and then but its only in very small numbers and then sell out very quick
  6. Where did you get these extensions from? they look quality
  7. TM tweeted than they have decided a release date or price for this but they will hope to release it this summer and they will make another announcement when this is decided. I can see this being around the £500 - £550 mark there is a lot of firsts for TM with this gun (First NGRS with 3rnd burst and a Mosfet) Whatever the price is I will be getting it, I've been waiting for a decent EBB MP5 for a while now
  8. Welcome to Airsoft, there is a few good sites around Stoke Westmidlands Airsoft FOB is really good site just outside of Stoke and they have really good rental equipment ideal for a new starter
  9. Its definitely giving the Gate Titan a run for its money, nice to have a mosfet that easily connects to iPhone without the need for a £50 Adapter. I will be considering it for my next NGRS
  10. I use an FRV Tailoring padded sling its very good and you can choose between QD & H&K clips
  11. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    ASG USW for sale comes with Holster, Extra mag and Silencer £190 posted to your door


    Leicester - GB

  12. Recently acquired a MK18 NGRS from a friend, since outfitted it with all PTS furniture, angry gun can and PEQ & torch combo I am very pleased with how this has turned out hopefully over lockdown I can get a Gate Titan installed ready for lockdown to be lifted
  13. JamesWills

    Olight Warrior X

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    Olight Warrior X comes with rail mount and pressure pad £70 posted


    Leicester - GB

  14. JamesWills

    Vortex Sparc AR

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    Vortex Sparc AR Mint condition £160 posted



  15. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Regrettably my MWS is for sale I just find myself using my NGRS over this in game Current has installed: SixG Nub G&P MK18 10.5" kit Rear sling plate PTS EPG Grip Clone Magpul CTR stock Clone Magpul Iron sights Comes with: Original M4A1 parts (front assembly, pistol grip and stock) 5 Leak free mags with green gas mod done and silent fill o-rings Postage and PayPal fees not included in price I would guess postage would be about £20 due to size and weight collection from Leicester is an option


    Leicester, Leicestershire - GB

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