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Bb guns for less mystery box?

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Any one had any experience with the above mentioned retailer and their mystery boxes?

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Thought as much :P

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Got my UKARA 7 days after the recent evike box of awesome. Sad face. With postage and VAT I was saved from a terribad mistake, but there's always next time for an epic fuckup.

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Wouldn't recommend buying from any 'bb gun' retailers. Besides, 'Mystery Boxes' over here aren't worth it, the US retailers seem to do good ones whereas the few companies offering them in the UK had more expensive packages / lower value of contents / lower chance of getting a better prize if I remember correctly.

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I have not nor will I buy a box of unknown crap

I have always known what crap I was buying


I do not need a target, gun and loads of crappy bb's

I will not not be able to hit the target past 15ft anyway coz the gun is so $hit

and that is if the bb's don't jam the gun anyway......


To anybody thinking of taking a gamble may I suggest a few possible considerations for airsofting on the ultra cheap

(please note I don't work for these guys or on commision - still think they are muppets but better muppets btw)


I'd rather take a chance on these than some mystery crap box:





(note busted charging handle)




DISCLAIMER - I'm not saying get the above coz they are best gunz evaaaaahhhhhhh

but merely pointing out if I was gonna take a gamble I'd sooner go for these than figgin' lame ar$e box of crap


use RC10 if it still works to get a further 10% off to sweeten the "risk"


any change left over - then buy crap bb's, lame ar$e target, sling that snaps, springer pistol that breaks first time

(plus when you chuck the pistol down the garden you realise your arm has better range than that springer pistol)


Well - excuse the pun, in fact some Well stuff isn't too too bad often they have some cheapo JG internals

Well - that is what I would consider before signing up for a box of crap and realising the best thing from the mystery box

was in fact the cardboard box it all came in - actually that is a bit harsh - lol

but really reckon in general them mystery boxes should be avoided and know what cheapo crap you can expect to receive

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Unfortunately my brother and I bought one between us when we were first interested in airsoft (pre-first skirmish and UKARA) and it was such a waste.


We got a rubbish two tone spring g36c, a rubbish two tone electric g36 that couldn't throw a bb in a consistently straight line anything over 20 meters, a load of rubbish bbs i wouldn't want to run through my good gun, and a spring pistol that i actually quite like as a gag weapon.


To sum up the experience with 3 words:


Don't. Just...don't.

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