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  1. Real sword svd are the best but are hard to get hold of and will set you back £550. Cyma Svd you can get for around £240 would need some upgrading though to perform as well as the real sword.
  2. I went clay pigeon shooting for my Mrs birthday. They also do airsoft at that site. One of the marshalls i got talking to, told me to give it a try. I went down for a for a game and rented a gun and i never looked back.
  3. Spartan, warminster, black ops cribbs just outside of Bristol. Theres no where really close to Bridgwater though.
  4. Most common ive seen is Jg g36c and g&g cm16. Both pretty bomb proof.
  5. Gunman Eversley or Ucap sandpit are the best two sites i have played. If you enjoy more tactical open play. Eversley do lots of milsim light games too.
  6. I saw that episode. I instantly said yeah they are airsoft guns when i saw them even before the police arrived. But to the untrained eye i can see why the balifs were mistaken.
  7. It doesnt matter how good one invidual is if the other team is working as a unit and you're the best player in the world you will still get your ass wooped. I'm mainly into milsim these days so always work as a team. Even the odd skirmish i do i try and work with a few players as a team. No lone wolfing policy is crucial to defeating the enermy.
  8. Not really. The main rule is attend at least 1 of our Bolsh bashes a year. We usually have 2 a year. Theres also plenty of other games we play but those arent essential. If you would like to join. Find us on facebook and request to join. You will be asked a few qualifying questions but its pretty straightforward.
  9. . How old are you? Yeah full Russian loadout is required. But its fairly easy to put together something basic. Let me know if you need any advice.
  10. Also part of Bolsh. At our next game we have loads of vehicles planned. Always private games twice a year we do. so the only way you can experience it is by joining.
  11. Once a month or every 6 weeks or so. Trying to pick the good games now and play more milsim as getting sick of skirmishes.
  12. Keep me updated please if there is any updates as im here for another week and a bit.
  13. Ah maybe its because I'm in Thailand at the moment and something is blocking the page. Panic over then.
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